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Michelle Obama lights up Trump at the DNC without once uttering his name

At the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night, marquee speaker Michelle Obama managed the

Scientists create glasses-free 3D for the movie theater

You wouldn't have to don awkward eyewear to watch the latest blockbuster.

Microsoft is using AI to give Office spell-check on steroids and much more

Microsoft is announcing a whole slew of updates throughout Office, using the cloud and artificial intelligence to help you work more efficiently across Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Word Word is getting two big updates. The first makes both researching and citing sources a lot easier from within word. Open the ‘References’ tab, tap on ‘Researcher.’ …

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus dummies shown off in new photos and videos

This Fall, iOS users (and likely some Android converts) will have a decision to make: iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? These images and videos can help you decide.

'Second Life' removes support for Oculus Rift

Linden Lab says 'good VR' may not be possible in its virtual world.

Determined rescue cat will climb the stairs no matter what it takes

Go, Scooter, go.

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Apple Music exclusive streaming venue for 'Carpool Karaoke' spinoff

The Carpool Karaoke segment introduced to the U.S. on The Late Late Show With James Corden is being spun off from the parent show, with the new show streaming solely to Apple Music subscribers. "We love music, and Carpool Karaoke celebrates it in a fun and unique way that is a hit with audiences of all ages," said Apple's head of software and services Eddy Cue to the Hollywood Reporter . "It's a perfect fit for Apple Music." The show will be produced by CBS Television Studios and will run for 16 episodes, with new episodes debuting weekly. No premiere date has been announced. Carpool Karaoke reiterates a sketch that Corden performed for charity in 2011 on British television with George Michael. Corden is not expected to be the star of the Apple Music spinoff, with the Apple Music show focusing more on stars' interactions with fans. Videos from The Late Late Show With James Corden 's Carpool Karaoke segment have amassed significant YouTube traffic. Corden's episode with singer Adele has garnered 119 million views, and the segment released on July 20 with First Lady Michelle Obama has collected 32 million views.

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Europol and IT Security Companies Team Up to Combat Ransomware Threat

No More Ransom, so is the Ransomware Threat. The European Police agency Europol has joined forces with police and cyber security companies to launch a worldwide initiative to combat and tackle together the exponential growth of Ransomware used by cyber criminals. Europol announced today the initiative, dubbed NO More Ransom, that has been backed by technology giant Intel, cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab and the Netherlands police, aiming at decreasing an "exponential" rise in Ransomware threat. Ransomware is a piece of malware that typically locks victim's device using encryption and demands a fee to decrypt the important data. The estimated number of ransomware victims tripled in the first quarter of this year alone. "For a few years now ransomware has become a dominant concern for EU law enforcement," said Europol's deputy director Wil van Gemert. "We expect to help many people to recover control over their files, while raising awareness and educating the population on how to maintain their devices clean from malware." No More Ransom This No More Ransom initiative informs the public about the dangers of ransomware threat, how to avoid falling victim to it and how to recover data without paying money to cyber-criminals if a person or company falls for one.

BlackBerry announces the DTEK 50, an Android Alcatel clone

The phone is named after its DTEK software, which monitors when your system could be at risk. It will also alert you when applications take photos or videos without your knowledge, turn on your microphone, send a text, etc.

Researchers Just Figured Out a New Way to Keep Apples Fresh for Weeks

A team of researchers used a specially designed plasma tool, based on one that had been used in hospitals to disinfect wounds, to wipe out the bacteria on the surface of the apple. They found that, when given a blast with this tool, the apples stayed fresh for considerably longer. Their results are published today in a paper in Physics of Plasmas.

Twitter now has a dark mode

Just swipe from the left to bring out the navigation menu, and click on the Night Mode switch. Your AMOLED screen will thank you. No word on  iOS for now, but we imagine it’s a matter of time.

Investigators say driver in fatal Tesla Autopilot crash was speeding

The National Transportation Safety Board today issued the  preliminary report of its investigation into the May 7th accident which involved a Tesla Model S operating in Autopilot mode. The crash resulted in the death of the driver, Joshua Brown, who was 40 years old. The agency found that Brown’s car was traveling nine miles over the posted speed limit at the time of the crash, and the report also includes the first officially released images of the accident.

China’s LeEco to buy U.S. electronics company Vizio for $2 billion

(Reuters) — China’s Le Holdings Co, also known as LeEco, said on Tuesday it would buy U.S. consumer electronics company Vizio for $2 billion.

Apple earnings, iPhone update - live blog

1:42 p.m . Even with slumping sales for the iPhone, investors seem happy with Apple's results, since the company beat estimates. Analysts had expected sales of $42.1 billion--Apple came in at $42.4 billion, and earnings per share of  $1.42 a share, up from the estimated $1.38 a share.

Apple plans to invest in augmented reality following success of Pokémon Go

This year is the first year that Apple has separated the services from the devices in its financial reporting – a shrewd move by Cook that illustrates that the company can still make more money from people who aren’t upgrading their devices. Cook said he expects the Services division to be “the size of a Fortune 100 company” next year.

Solar-powered plane completes first ever round-the-world journey

The Solar Impulse’s journey has been fraught with delays since its inception, however, given that its first round-the-world attempt was originally scheduled to take place by 2012. The aircraft managed some smaller-scale jaunts over the years of testing, including a San Francisco to New York trip back in 2013 that took two months and a handful of stopovers to complete.

Amazon begins testing delivery drone fleets in the UK

In collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Amazon will test drones that fly beyond the operator’s line of sight in rural and suburban areas, their ability to identify and avoid obstacles, and even trips involving fleets of automated drones handled by a single person.

Apple crushed expectations across the board and the stock is way up

5:55 : Cook on R&D growth: "The balance of the company we're managing more flattish, the products that are in R&D, there is a quite of bit of investment, for products and services that are not currently shipping or derivations of what is currently shipping. You can look at the growth rate and conclude there's a lot of stuff we're doing beyond the current products."

Apple Q3 beats Wall Street estimates, despite falling iPhone sales | ZDNet

Wall Street was expecting the company to report $1.39 per share on revenue on $42.1 billion.

Apple narrowly beats revenue expectations in the third quarter

Apple's quarterly earnings report prior to this one  was a particularly rough one , during which the company saw its year-over-year revenue decline for the first time in 13 years. Much of that was attributed to a slowdown in iPhone sales and the fact that Apple hasn't release a must-have new product in awhile. Because of last quarter, expectations were set very low for this one: Apple at the time projected another revenue decline for the third quarter, a 15 percent year-over-year drop.

The Best and Worst Stuff in the New Ikea Catalog

In the last few years, Ikea has shrugged off its false perception of a purveyor of cheap furniture and started selling some truly stunning stuff . For 2017, the Swedish flatpack furniture maker mixes classic and modern designs. But for every good-looking piece, there’s a terrible one that some poor college student is going to get tricked into buying.

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Adobe brings Lightroom to the living room with an Apple TV app

Lightroom for Apple TV doesn’t support Siri search to let you find photos by voice. Instead, you navigate your collection using the remote. The All Photos view lets you see each image with all the latest edits. The Collections view is Adobe’s version of photo albums. The Filmstrip view lets you peruse your collections to find the photo you want. And you can zoom in to 200 percent to see luscious details on your largest screen.

Runkeeper’s Running Groups is a virtual running club for you and your buddies

Running Groups is a great feature, for sure, but one potential issue is that friends often don’t use the same running apps — I use Runtastic, and others may use Nike+ or Endomondo or any of the countless others. This is one issue Runkeeper is looking to tackle — by offering a truly social feature, replete with messaging and shared targets, it hopes to serve as the social glue for running buddies located in different locations and encourage people to “lure” their friends over from other apps.

Olympics Committee Says Non-Sponsors Are Banned From Tweeting About the Olympics

The US Olympics Committee has gone off the deep end, when it comes to intellectual property. It’s willing to sue anyone to protect their trademarks, even when the use is no real threat. But the committee’s latest claim is an entirely new level of absurdity.

Twitter pegging revenue hopes on $10bn live video market

Shares plunge 10% as revenue falls short of analysts’ estimates amid modest gain of 3 million users

You have 3 days to not be dumb and upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 has been available just under a year now, meaning its initial free upgrade promotion is running out.  After 5:59 AM ET on July 30, you’ll have to pay a heft $120 if you want to upgrade. It’s unlikely Microsoft will offer another free promotion anytime soon, if ever.

Facebook Is Building Apartments Anyone Can Rent—But There's a Huge Catch

But there’s a catch. As Facebook slowly wades into the real estate development business, the company is pushing an aggressive PR agenda to convince people that Facebook does not exacerbate income inequality in areas where it develops real estate. Facebook has pledged that 15 percent of the new units it creates will go to low- or middle-income families. Which is great until you realize that 85 percent of the building will probably be ridiculously expensive and probably populated by local tech bros.

PlayStation's Adam Boyes now runs the 'Killer Instinct' studio

As to why Boyes is coming aboard? Iron Galaxy founder Dave Lang says it's all about helping the company spread its wings. Boyes can "expand and evolve" the studio's publishing work, freeing Lang and new Chief Product Officer Chelsea Blasko (an Iron Galaxy veteran) to focus on in-house game creation. You might just see the company become a bigger player in the game business.

Report: Nintendo NX is a tablet with detachable controllers

At home, users will be able to plug the device into a docking station and play games on the big screen, but the outlet's sources say the console will be marketed with the hook of "being able to take your games with you on the go," basically unifying Nintendo's home and portable markets with one device.

Facebook open sources its 360-degree video camera

Facebook said from the start that it would open source its Surround 360 camera this summer, and it's following through on that promise. You can now visit GitHub to learn how to build the camera, install its software and (naturally) tweak both the hardware and software to meet your needs. Just keep in mind that this isn't exactly a homebrew project -- you'll need about $30,000 in parts to build the official version. It's more for video pros that want to produce 360-degree content without having to turn to pricier, pre-packaged offerings like Nokia's Ozo . Still, it's worth exploring the source if you want to either see how Facebook's VR cam works or design a lower-cost alternative.

27 Forbes Welcome

"You want to be original, you want to be yourself, and whether that’s accepted or not accepted, that’s not as important as being you."

We now know why Verizon bought Yahoo: mobile video

With Aol’s portfolio of advertising and video acquisitions, and impressions delivered from Yahoo properties, the vision actually starts to look like a real possibility. Of course, nothing is a given online. While Yahoo could prove to be a big win if Verizon is able to turn it into another Aol-esque redemption story, even a big winner doesn’t mean it’ll ever be on a competitive level with Google or Facebook.

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30 Vizio acquired by Chinese tech company LeEco for $2 billion

Chinese electronics firm LeEco is buying American TV manufacturer Vizio for $2 billion. The acquisition was announced during a press event this morning in Los Angeles, giving LeEco an instant foothold in the US television market. Under the deal, Vizio will be operated as an independent subsidiary, with the company's current management team staying in place and working out of its offices in Southern California. Vizio's data business, Inscape, will be spun out into a privately held company, with LeEco owning 49 percent. Vizio CEO William Wang will serve as chairman and CEO of Inscape, owning the remaining 51 percent. The LeEco deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Arizona's 102-year-old delegate, older than women's right to vote, cast votes for @HillaryClinton #DemsInPhilly

Twitter's growth remains flat as its profit continues to dip

Apple Sales Top Estimates as Consumers Warm to Cheaper iPhone

A slump in iPhone sales eased in the third quarter, helped by demand for the new SE model, a low-end device aimed at consumers in China and other emerging regions. With the iPhone accounting for almost two-thirds of sales, Apple has been weathering a slowdown in the global smartphone market, and Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has sought to emphasize surging revenue from services, such as the App Store, iCloud storage and Apple Music, as a way of making up for cooling device sales.

Apple buys Carpool Karaoke series, will distribute it on Apple Music

Apple and CBS today announced that it has agreed to exclusively license the Carpool Karaoke series, which was originally part of The Late Late Show With James Corden on CBS. CBS Television Studios will produce the show along with Fulwell 73, and it will appear on Apple Music. There will be 16 weekly episodes of the show, according to a statement.

Apple Q3 2016 Earnings

For a third time this call, Cook mentions the deployment of AI technology. It feels a bit defensive, as Apple's Siri has been compared unfavorably to Google and Amazon when it comes to robust, helpful assistants like Now and Alexa. Cook, keeping privacy in mind, thinks Apple has a big play to make on this down the road.

Visit this site before you pay hackers a ransom for your files

It may not always be possible to recover your files using these methods, but it’s certainly worth checking No More Ransom before you do; not only will you avoid spending your own hard-earned money, you’ll also be able to avoid funding hackers who don’t deserve a single penny.

Watch the tearful moment between Larry Sanders and his brother Bernie

As the roll call votes rolled in Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders and his brother — yes, he has one — shared a profoundly moving family moment.

Awesome Star Wars Fan Film Imagines an Empire That Never Stopped Fighting After Return of the Jedi

Like how some soldiers never stop fighting a war well after it’s ended, this short film Call of the Empire, by Trevor Kerr , imagines a world where remnants of the defeated Empire are still waging war against the Rebels after the Battle of Endor. It’s like seeing a glimpse of what might have happened in a galaxy far, far away, a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi .

Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t pronounce Pokémon but he still thinks it's incredible

"In terms of AR and the Pokeman phenomenon, it's incredible what's happened there. I think it's a testament to what happens with innovative apps and the whole ecosystem and the power of a developer being able to press a button and offer their product around the word. This certain developer has elected not to go worldwide yet because of the pressure on their servers. [Laughs.] But I'm sure they will over time. It also does show, as you point out, that AR can be really great. We have been and continue to invest a lot in this, we are high on AR in the long run, we think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity. So we're investing, and the number one thing is that our products work well with other developers' products, like Pokeman, and that's why you see so many iPhones in the wild out there chasing Pokemans.

LinkedIn acquires sales presentation app maker PointDrive

LinkedIn today announced that it has acquired PointDrive , a provider of sales presentation tools, as part of efforts to empower more salespeople across its professional social network. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but most of the PointDrive team will be joining LinkedIn’s engineering, product, and sales teams.

There's Something Very Strange Surrounding This Galaxy

Meet the Eye of Horus. It’s a newly discovered galaxy system that’s hiding something incredible in those fuzzy swirls of light circling it: a way of looking back into even further and older galaxies.

This Graffiti’s Only an Illusion If You’re in the Right Place

For permanent murals, Varini will paint directly on a building’s facade. But for À Ciel Ouvert , he relied on large pieces of painted aluminum, which he applied to the building like giant metal stickers. That aluminum will come down in October. Until then, Varini says, “maybe people don’t understand exactly what I’m doing, but they are experiencing something new.” Even for those familiar with La Cité Radieuse, searching for Varini’s colorful shapes will help them see it from a different angle.

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Amazing Spider Silk Continues to Surprise Scientists

We already know that spider silk is something of a wonder material , but scientists are still discovering more awesome things that it can do. An international team of researchers has found that spider silk shares a useful property with semiconductors—except rather than exploiting this to manipulate electrons, it can be used to manipulate sound and heat.

Are You Investing in Personalized Marketing?

Large, sweeping marketing campaigns are officially out. If you aren't currently investing in personalized marketing, then you're missing out on the new wave of digital marketing and may actually be teetering on the edge of irrelevancy.

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[TECH NEWS] Selfridges experiments with an "IoT zone" at its flagship store:  #IoT #News

Will the Black Lives Matter moms help Hillary Clinton win?

Their presence at the convention is designed to show Clinton's solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, in stark opposition to some of the voices heard at the Republican event last week. But just how helpful will their inclusion be for Clinton to secure the African-American vote, and the vote of young people sympathetic to the cause, in November?

Hear Us Out: You Can Totally Make a Latte Without Milk

In an upside-down bottle, ketchup sits immobile at the bottom like a sticky solid. Striking the bottle sends a shockwave through the ketchup and switches it into momentarily acting like a thick liquid that can then flow out of the bottle. Once it’s on your plate, the ketchup is no longer under any pressure, and it returns to acting like a sticky solid—even staying there if you briefly turn your plate upside down. (Don’t try this wearing nice pants.)

Brand new Peanut M&M's flavor is sure to delight caffeine lovers

Thanks to a 2015 campaign which allowed fans to choose their dream Peanut M&M flavor, Mars, Inc. is giving the beloved candy classic a twist by introducing a brand new Coffee Nut flavor.

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