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Samsung ads continue to diss iPhone to distract from weak S9 sales | Cult of Mac

When a product isn't doing well, one marketing strategy is to sling mud at the competition. That's why all Samsung's latest ads don't focus on its own

Today in Apple history: iBook G4, the world's last iBook, goes on sale

On July 26, 2005, Apple debuts the last iBook before switching to the MacBook product line. Here's a look at the opaque white iBook G4.

Samsung's teaser for the Galaxy Note 9 is a horror movie for geeks

Battery dying? In the midst of an important chat? THE HORROR!

Samsung's unbreakable OLED panel gets certified and shown off in video

A new unbreakable display from Samsung was just certified. Click here to check out the video to see just how much of a pounding it can take.

What the world would look like if we controlled it with a cursor

Really cool!

Roseanne Barr apologizes to Valerie Jarrett (kinda) before saying she needs a new haircut

Barr also had a contract clause which allowed her 24 hours to correct any mistakes.

Stealth horror game 'Hello Neighbor' arrives on mobile devices

The mobile 'Hello Neighbor' stealth game is half the price of the console version and you can get the first part for free.

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Samsung Made an Unbreakable Smartphone Display

The new display is a combination of flexible OLED panel and fortified plastic cover, with certification from Underwriters Laboratories backing up the unbreakable claim. It's so strong, no damage was visible after 26 drop tests from a height of 4 feet.

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Spotify hits 83 million subscribers

Spotify said 180 million people now use its service at least once a month, up 30 percent from a year earlier. That also matched the upper limit of its guidance from May. Unlike Apple, Spotify has a free tier that lets anyone listen to music with advertising. Apple has never disclosed a monthly-active-user stat. Almost all people who use Apple Music are paid subscribers.

Congress seeks more info on Amazon's facial-recognition tech

Yesterday, the ACLU published a report showing that Amazon's Rekognition facial mapping software could have some serious problems with accuracy. A test scanned every current member of the House and Senate and compared them to a database of 25,000 mug shots -- and matched 28 of those lawmakers with various mugshots. It hasn't taken long for some politicians to craft a response. Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Representatives Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL 4th district) and Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA 11th district) sent a letter to Amazon and Jeff Bezos asking for more information on Rekogntion, specifically concerning its sale to law enforcement agencies.

5 Amazon’s Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress with Mugshots | Hacker News

This is a long, horrific read about exactly that, resulting in the execution of an almost certainly innocent man. > Many arson investigators, it turned out, had only a high-school education. In most states, in order to be certified, investigators had to take a forty-hour course on fire investigation, and pass a written exam. Often, the bulk of an investigator’s training came on the job, learning from “old-timers” in the field, who passed down a body of wisdom about the telltale signs of arson, even though a study in 1977 warned that there was nothing in “the scientific literature to substantiate their validity.” > In 1992, the National Fire Protection Association, which promotes fire prevention and safety, published its first scientifically based guidelines to arson investigation. Still, many arson investigators believed that what they did was more an art than a science—a blend of experience and intuition. In 1997, the International Association of Arson Investigators filed a legal brief arguing that arson sleuths should not be bound by a 1993 Supreme Court decision requiring experts who testified at trials to adhere to the scientific method.

Supposed 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Dot appears in leaked images

The device appears to have the same four buttons as the current-gen model -- an activation button, a mute button and two buttons that turn the volume up and down. There also appear to be four tiny, tell-tale microphone holes beside each button, and probably one in the center as well, though it's hard to tell. At a total of five, that would be less than the seven microphones found in the 2nd-gen Dot. There's no view of the jacks in the back, but it would be unimaginable if it didn't also include the same aux out jack as you'll find on the current Dot, since that jack is one of its key advantages over the rival Google Home Mini .

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Dashlane 6 is the all-in-one solution for identity protection

Version 6.0 is an all-in-one solution for online risk prevention, identity monitoring, and identity restoration. Its revolutionary Identity Dashboard makes it easier than ever to find out how you might be vulnerable, and the steps you can take to bolster your security.

IBM's Watson recommended 'unsafe and incorrect' cancer treatments - STAT

nternal IBM documents show that its Watson supercomputer often spit out erroneous cancer treatment advice and that company medical specialists and customers identified “multiple examples of unsafe and incorrect treatment recommendations” as IBM was promoting the product to hospitals and physicians around the world.

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Coinbase made cryptocurrency gift cards available in Europe so retailers would accept bitcoin. But are bitcoin investors still holding on for dear life or willing to cash out for a few Uber rides and some Nike shoes?…

Trump threatens to “look into” Twitter for shadow banning Republicans

In recent days a number of Republicans have pointed out that they failed to appear in Twitter’s auto-populated drop-down menu when users typed in their names, reports The Hill . For what it’s worth, Twitter has acknowledged the issue and says it’s working on a fix. Of course, this issue, though legitimate, isn’t technically shadow banning, as New York magazine has pointed out . But don’t tell Trump that.

Apple releases new Mojave and AppKit design resources for Mac, Apple Watch

In an attempt to make it easier to design apps for the Apple Watch and Mac, Apple has updated its Human Interface Guidelines with new templates for the new operating system versions it will release in the fall.

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16 Facebook plunge puts Amazon investors on guard

The social network’s dismal forecast followed a disappointing report by fellow FANG company Netflix on July 16. The so-called FANG stocks, which also include Google-owner Alphabet, have been central to Wall Street’s rally in recent years, and any serious weakness in their revenues and profit expansions could make future stock market gains more difficult.

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Mueller reportedly wants to question Trump about his Tweets

If Trump's tweets are fair game in the Mueller investigation, they should provide a huge amount of fodder for insight into Trump's motivations and obsessions. Whether Trump will sit down with Mueller to really explain what he meant during all of those early morning tweet storms remains to be seen.


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Raspberry Pi gets supercharged for AI by Google's Edge TPU Accelerator

The caveat is that the Edge TPU Accelerator would be bottlenecked by the USB 2.0 ports found on Raspberry Pi models. That slowdown would likely be exacerbated by the Pi's reliance on a shared bus for USB and Ethernet.

U.S. Senator wants the government to stop using Adobe Flash ASAP

Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to officials at three government agencies requesting an official plan to stop using Adobe Flash before its too late.

Republicans, Trump Slam Twitter Over Account 'Shadow Banning'

The company's quest to fight trolling on the platform resulted in it hiding searches for GOP members' accounts. Even President Trump weighed in on the controversy, saying his administration would investigate.

Lenovo's Smart Display takes smart speakers to the next level with touchscreen

The single speaker has decent range, too. Side-by-side with the Echo Show, the Smart Display sounds a lot clearer. Music sounds less muffled, and the bass isn't as distorted at higher levels. On the Show, the speakers crackled as they tried to push more air. The only edge the Show has over the Smart Display is that it's capable of louder sound. But that's not really much of an advantage since it's rare you'll ever crank these kinds of tabletop smart devices to full volume.

Place your bets: Will Jony Ive say 'aluminium' at Wired's birthday bash? | Cult of Mac

Wired magazine is turning 25 years old and to celebrate they’ve invited Jony Ive to come to an event to talk about the crazy changes technology has been through over the last few decades.

How to back up your Outlook PST files

The free version of the program performs an incremental backup each time, backing up only changes made to your Outlook data. With the enterprise version, you can opt to create a full backup copy periodically; this option can be helpful if you ever need to recover an email or other piece of information from an older backup. To set this in the enterprise edition, check the option to Automatically Create New Backup File. At the corresponding screen, set the frequency for each new full backup file, the number of backup files to keep, and the limit for deleting older backup files ( Figure D ). Click OK to close the Schedule window.

Apple Watch sales are up but it's losing marketshare | Cult of Mac

Fitbit and Garmin are capitalizing on the wearables trend and diversifying their lineups to appeal to specific use cases. As a result, Apple Watch’s market share shrunk even though it sold more watches in Q2 2018 than it did during the same period last year.

27 Twitter says supposed ‘shadow ban’ of prominent Republicans is a bug

The bug in question is why users couldn't search for the accounts. "Our usage of the behavior signals within search was causing this to happen & making search results seem inaccurate," Beykpour continued on Twitter. A fix should currently be in place, so you should be able to search for these accounts as much as you want now.

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I believe there's a typo in the article - it says of a loss of 120 million, yet it's considered bigger than the ones suffered by Intel and Microsoft, which lie in the billions?

FretBud is the simplest, most useful guitar-scales app ever | Cult of Mac

If you’re learning to play the guitar, then you will constantly be looking up two things: Scales and chords. After you get a bit further into it, you’ll add arpeggios to that list. And you will keep referencing them for years, becasue there are a zillion way to play each chord, scale, or arpeggio on the guitar. And here’s the problem. Reference materials for these three essentials are a pain to use. Either you spend more time clicking around an app than you do practicing, or you have to keep a ton of PDFs around, and try to keep those organized. Now, though, a super simple (maybe too-simple) app finally ge ts it right. It’s called Fretbud, and I love it.

Atlassian and Slack | Hacker News

Atlassian and Slack

31 Comcast profit tops estimates as internet customers grow

(Reuters) - Comcast Corp ( CMCSA.O ) on Thursday reported a quarterly profit that beat Wall Street estimates as it added more high-speed internet customers, part of a push to diversify away from the shrinking U.S. pay-TV market.

Here’s almost every wallpaper Apple has ever made for Mac and iOS | Cult of Mac

Do you want a blast of Apple nostalgia which takes you back to an earlier time in macOS or iOS history, but don’t want to go as far as actually using older hardware? If so, then you’re in for a treat, thanks to a new archive of classic Apple wallpapers which just popped up online.

Apple’s Search Ad campaigns expand to new countries | Cult of Mac

To help with this, Apple introduced a program called Search Ads a few years back to help highlight individual apps through advertisements. Apple is now rolling out its Search Ads service to new countries, bringing the total number of supported markets to 13.

34 Amazon's face ID tool mismatched 28 members of Congress to...

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A facial recognition tool that Inc ( AMZN.O ) sells to web developers wrongly identified 28 members of the U.S. Congress as police suspects, in a test conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the organization said on Thursday.

Surface by the numbers: How Microsoft reinvented the PC | ZDNet

After a disastrous launch and a big writedown, analysts were ready to write off Microsoft's Surface division five years ago. But instead of disappearing, the Surface division has been a surprising success.

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Introducing Telegram Passport

Meet Telegram Passport – a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Upload your documents once, then instantly share your data with services that require real-world ID (finance, ICOs, etc.).

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The best and worst US states for protecting online privacy

What pushed California to the top was its passing of the "toughest privacy and data protection law in the nation," according to the report. The state's Electronic Communications Privacy Act protects all of residents' cloud data, metadata, emails, text messages, and similar types of data. The report noted that though many states have passed laws that protect some of those forms of data, California was the only one to protect all, which gave the state a score of 75%.

Business travelers beware: Ride sharing apps carry serious security risks

Car sharing applications can eliminate the stress of owning a car and having to pay for its maintenance. These apps are meant to make users' lives easier and transactions more convenient. One study, however, found that 13 common car sharing apps have flaws that serve as a risk to manufacturers and users.

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout explodes with Cruise chaos

And what running and jumping it is. I'm not sure there's anything to quite compete with the realisation that it was actually Cruise clinging to the side of an actual skyscraper in Ghost Protocol or to the side of an actual aeroplane in Rogue Nation , but the relentless breathless action scenes still set the standard for big, loud set pieces. It's definitely worth seeing Fallout in IMAX format, or even in a 4DX theatre -- one of those rollercoaster-style theatres with seats that tilt and vibrate while jets of air and misted water are sprayed over you. Mission: Impossible - Fallout was my first experience of 4DX, and I can't decide if it's the worst thing that's ever happened in the history of cinema or the perfect way to watch this kind of ridiculous adrenaline ride. Randomly flashing strobe lights are annoying and your seat jostling you at inappropriate moments is distracting, but when slower movement is twinned with subtle onscreen camerawork it's surprisingly effective at drawing you into the moment.

44 You may be accidentally investing in cigarette companies translations are made possible by volunteer translators. Learn more about the Open Translation Project .

Power could be shared wirelessly between future MacBook and iPhone

Apple has come up with one possible solution to the problem of an iPhone running out of battery while the user's on the move, by taking advantage of wireless charging to transfer power from one mobile device with a fuller battery to another.

Microsoft acknowledges price increases coming for Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise users | ZDNet

Microsoft will be making some pricing and naming changes as of its October 2018 price list that will affect some Windows 10 and Office 2019 customers. Here's what's in store.

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Epic Nerf Unboxing & Demo: Thunderhawk, Evader & Infinus

Had eNerf of us yet? Thought not. 😉 We're live unboxing three new mega nerf rifles, the Thunderhawk, Evadus and Invictus. These things are badass Nerfery. These aren't your kid's toys of yesteryear. Note: The Invictus comes batteries not included. Wah, Wahhh! Thunderhawk - SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Series--- Awesome Tech you can't buy Yet: Innovators: Connect my Crib: FOLLOW US!

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51 Shadow banning: What it is -- and what it isn't
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57 Hacking campaign combines attacks to target government, finance, and energy | ZDNet
58 After Qualcomm-NXP deal scrapped, China says still open to talks
59 YouTube offers an imperfect solution to Facebook's Alex Jones problem
60 How to see Friday's 1 hour, 42 minute total lunar eclipse
61 These InfoWars videos banned by YouTube are still alive on Facebook
62 Apple Shipped 3.5 Million Apple Watch Units in Q2 2018
63 “BoJack Horseman” heads to Comedy Central in first-ever deal for Netflix
64 Why Do the Biggest Companies Keep Getting Bigger? It’s How They Spend on Tech
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67 Windows 10: How Microsoft will stop software updates from ruining your day | ZDNet
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69 Top 5 technologies US cars still lack
70 'Forza' loot crates won't be around much longer
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75 Caviar will cover medical costs for injured couriers
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77 At Target, engineers drive IT decision making | ZDNet
78 How AI, the cloud, and Big Data are transforming the pharmaceutical industry - Video | ZDNet
79 Alexa Cast lets you send your Amazon Music playlist to Alexa devices from your phone
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83 The difference between Linux hard and soft links
84 Up way too close with the giant sexy Jeff Goldblum statue
85 Infographic: Is a mobile app or a mobile website better for your business?
86 Uber Tips for a Smooth Rideshare
87 Big data architecture: Navigating the complexity
88 This cheeseburger has wheels of camembert instead of buns and we're done here
89 Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC
90 Comic-Con 2018: Check out the booths on the show floor
91 "One Step Closer" --Machine Scientists Mimic Nature's Self-Assembly
92 Folding, rolling or packing cubes: What's the best way to pack a suitcase?
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