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Google Play Family Library lets up to 6 people share any app, movie and more

Pay for something once, share it with your family

Virgin America’s app lets you stream city-themed Spotify playlists

Spotify and Virgin America partner up to offer travelers city-themed playlists that match the destinations they're flying to.

‘Yakuza 5’ and ‘Rebel Galaxy’ among the free PlayStation Plus games in August

Open-world crime game Yakuza 5 and space shooter Rebel Galaxy are among the free games offered in August through PlayStation Plus.

Square Enix's first Apple Watch RPG is stylish yet dull

Square Enix's attempt at an Apple Watch-exclusive RPG is a colorful clicker.

This flower smells like a rotting corpse, and you can watch it bloom live right now

For 10 years the New York Botanical Garden has devoted time and resources to the Amorphophallus titanum, a single towering flower that when in bloom smells like a rotting corpse. Today garden...

Guy lip syncs his heart out while his unimpressed mom drives

Get this guy on Lip Sync Battle!

Ballsy Swedish engineer builds a homemade flying chair, tests it in his driveway

Swedish engineer Axel Borg, a.k.a. the brains behind YouTube channel Amazing DIY Projects, has built his own homemade flying machine.

Colbert recaps his Republican Convention shenanigans with handy highlight reel

In celebration of the RNC's orange manatee.

Microsoft says its new camera app is even better than Apple's

Microsoft today launched its new camera app for iOS, and the company claims it's even better than the one Apple builds into iOS.

Inside the Mind of Werner Herzog, Luddite Master of the Internet

What happens when the legendary German director is hired to make a promotional film about the Internet? You get a true document of the modern age.

Apple and Oracle vets’ Upthere raises $77 million to put a new spin on personal cloud storage

Upthere isn't your parents' personal cloud storage service. The team behind the service, which is coming out of beta today with $77 million in financing from..

Dropbox news AdminX tools make collaboration less of a chore

Dropbox is making admins' lives easier with its new AdminX tools. A team folder gives admins much more granular control over who has access to which files.

Robot helps babies at risk for cerebral palsy crawl

The University of Oklahoma has designed a robotic onesie that's supposed to help babies at risk of developing cerebral palsy.

Parents, Rejoice! Here Are Netflix’s Kid-Friendly August Additions

There's a whole lot of family-friendly goodness hitting Netflix next month.

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Apple celebrates one billion iPhones

"iPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history. It's become more than a constant companion. iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day," said Cook. “Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone. We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day."

Facebook smashes earnings

Once again, the company is particularly strong on mobile, where it saw 1.03 billion of its DAUs and 1.57 billion of its MAUs. No surprise, about 84% of Facebook's advertising revenue came from mobile.

This is why the Pokemon Go Plus wearable has been delayed

Update: The Pokémon Go app isn't ready to support the Plus wearable yet and that's why the launch has been pushed back until September. A Nintendo spokesperson told TechRadar, "The delay is due to the preparations for the Pokémon Go application update in order to optimize Pokémon Go Plus.

Microsoft Made the Easiest Photo App in the Universe

If you’re willing to sit around poking at your phone settings, there are a million photo apps that’ll help you get professional-looking results. For the rest of us who are far too lazy to do this, Microsoft just made a slick new photo app that does all of the tinkering for you.

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[TECH NEWS] GM hints at autonomous Bolt EV coming to Lyft:  #Tech #News #IoT

Forbes Welcome

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Apple Just Pulled A Netflix And Bought 'Carpool Karaoke'

“We love music and ‘Carpool Karaoke’ celebrates it in a fun and unique way that is a hit with audiences of all ages,” Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services, said in a press release. “It’s a perfect fit for Apple Music ― bringing subscribers exclusive access to their favorite artists and celebrities who come along for the ride.” 

Google beats, stock pops

Google's "other revenues," where it lumps  together its cloud business, Play store revenues, and hardware sales, were $2.17 billion, up 33% year-over-year . That's better than the 24% growth it saw last quarter. The company has said that it ultimately sees its enterprise business as being more important than its advertising business, so that increased growth is a good sign. On the company's earnings call, CFO Ruth Porat confirmed that cloud and apps drove most of the growth of other revenues.

Donald Trump Just Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton's Emails

During a news conference in Florida today, Donald J. Trump—a man who is running for what is arguably the most powerful job in the world—challenged Russia to hack into opponent Hillary Clinton’s email.

Amazon beats expectations with $857 million in profit spurred by Prime and AWS

Amazon  (AMZN) today released its earnings statement for the second quarter of 2016. The results: $857 million in net income, or $1.78 per diluted share, on $30.40 billion in revenue. Analysts were expecting $1.11 per diluted share on $29.55 billion in revenue.

'Yakuza 0' is coming to brutalize your PS4 in January 2017

Travel back to 1988 to the streets of Kamurocho on January 24, 2017 with the latest entry in the Yakuza series. It's a prequel to the previous games in the series, so if you've yet to try one of them out this is one of the best ways you could get acquainted.

6 Ways to Market Your Business on Twitter

Marketing is something that has become increasingly easy over recent years due to enhanced technology, yet increasingly difficult at the same time, due to a greater level of competition. No matter what steps you take to make your business more of a success , you can bet that there are other, similar companies doing exactly the same thing, which means that rather than getting one step ahead of them you merely stay neck and neck.

How to Get Extra Space on Any USB Drive

Most of your digital files are probably stored up in the cloud these days, but the humble USB stick still comes in handy every now and then. It’s a simple way of getting data from one computer to another or just keeping a backup of important files. If you’re struggling to cram all your files onto one USB drive, here’s a quick trick that can free up several gigabytes of extra room.

Rich People Get Free* Houses in Silicon Valley

Are you a fresh-faced brogrammer with no money to spend on a house, but have a promising job at a company like Google, Twitter, or Facebook?

Trump says he hopes Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails

Donald Trump says that if Russians were behind the security breach that made tens of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails public, he hopes they’ve also hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. In a press conference, Trump responded to a question by saying that "it’s probably not [Russia], nobody knows who it is." But he gleefully expounded on the implications of a Russian hack. "If they hacked, they probably have [Clinton’s] 33,000 emails. I hope they do," he said, as quoted by Talking Points Memo . "They probably have her 33,000 emails that she lost and deleted."

Amazon sets third straight record profit, stock barely moves

Amazon had $857 million in net profit, its fifth straight profitable quarter, an anomaly for a company known for investing in growth over profits. Operating income came in at $1.3 billion, nearly triple last year's $464 million.

Facebook smashes earnings

Once again, the company is particularly strong on mobile, where it saw 1.03 billion of its DAUs and 1.57 billion of its MAUs. No surprise, about 84% of Facebook's advertising revenue came from mobile.

Trump wants Russia to hack the US government

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing," Trump said today, reports The New York Times . "I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press." By "find," it's pretty clear Trump was advocating for another hack to uncover more emails, specifically those from Hillary Clinton's private email server when she was Secretary of State. Regardless of whether those emails were on a private server or not, hacking emails sent while she was Secretary of State would amount to hacking the US government. The emails in question were deemed personal and private and deleted by Clinton.

My Amazon Echo Refused to Tell Me About Amazon's Record Profits

Thursday, Amazon announced its second quarter sales, reporting a net income of $857 million, which makes the $92 million the company earned in its second quarter in last year look like pocket change.

Tesla Unveils Gigafactory As Production Ramps Up - InformationWeek

The partial opening of Tesla's Gigafactory will give the electric car manufacturer the ability to make the majority of components under one roof, including lithium ion batteries.

This is why I'm still wary of the Internet of Things

The idea of a connected home, which lets me control every lightbulb, appliance and service running in my house from virtually anywhere, is certainly intriguing. But years after we first began hearing about the Internet of Things and saw loads of products arrive in stores, the concept is still fraught with problems.

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[TECH NEWS] U.S. health policy can't stop wearables data-bleeding:  #Tech #News #IoT

Photos: The tech behind the 2016 Democratic National Convention - TechRepublic

Big data, social media, and even VR make up the election tech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Amazon Web Services posts $2.88 billion in revenue in Q2 2016, up 58% from last year

Ecommerce company Amazon today disclosed that its Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud division generated $2.88 billion in revenue in the second quarter of this year. That’s 58 percent more than AWS generated in the second quarter of 2015. And it’s the most revenue AWS has ever captured in a quarter.

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Smart cities and data overload: how SSD storage may save the day!  #IoT #Tech

The Speedtest Chrome Extension Tests Your Internet Speed without Leaving the Page You're On

Chrome: The Speedtest web site has long been the go-to method of quickly testing your download speeds, but if you find yourself doing it a lot, you might want a more accessible solution. The Speedtest Chrome extension does just that.

Apple Maps will help you find open parking spots | Cult of Mac

To give Apple Map users more data about parking lots and garages around the world, Apple has partnered up with Parkopedia which provides detailed info on more that 40 million parking spots in 75 countries around the world, making the hassle of parking a bit more bearable.

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These are the 10 emerging technologies you need to know about right now -

Microsoft Pix wants to use AI to improve your iPhone photos - TechRepublic

Microsoft Pix can also take any physical motion captured in the burst of photos and apply it to one of the stills to create an image with looped motion, called a "Live Image." The current generation iPhone already includes the "Live Photos" feature that captures a GIF-like image, but this seems to be a bit different in that it stabilizes the surrounding image and only animates sections of the photo, like a river flowing in the background. Google Photos also has a similar feature where it uses intelligence to combine photos it thinks were taken in sequence to make a moving image through a feature called "Motion Stills."

Apple remains optimistic after a tough Q3 2016

“We do continue to invest significantly in R&D,” Cook said. “The growth rates are still large on a year over year basis…. The products that are in R&D, there is quite a bit of investment in there for products and services that are not currently shipping or derivations of what is currently shipping. So I don’t want to talk about the exact split of it, but you can look at the growth rate and conclude that there’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing beyond the current products.”

Daily Deals: Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, Undead Nightmare, Dell XPS 8900 - IGN

Today is the day to conquer that list of shame. There are tons of awesome games at great discounts today, including Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which is not only the best looking game on the PS4, it's arguably one of the best overall. Also, Naughty Dog's indisputable classic The Last of Us Remastered is only $15 as well. There are tons of discounted games on Xbox One and PC as well as PS4, so make sure to scroll through and start checking them off your backlog.

Will Smith Made the Best Possible Choice During Suicide Squad Filming

Getting my tattoo from [co-star] Margot Robbie. We were hanging out one night at dinner, and we said, “We should all get matching tattoos.” And she was like, “Yeah, let’s do it.” She came in on one of the shooting days and brought her tattoo gun in her trailer, and we all filed in and gave each other tattoos. Will [Smith] didn’t [get one], but he was definitely down with it. Mine is on my ankle. It says SKWAD.

Legendary for a reason: Falcon Northwest's iconic Mach V still slays

The Falcon Northwest Mach V we received is very near the most extravagant example of the breed. It arrived not only with a custom paint job, but also a ten-core Intel Core i7-6950X processor, twin GTX 1080s, 128GB of memory, and a 1.2TB solid state drive. It’s no surprise that all this rang up to $8,787, almost $200 more than Digital Storm Aventum 3 we just reviewed – and that rig had a full liquid cooling loop. As we tested it, the Mach V is among the most expensive desktops available.

Dyson’s First Robovac Sucks Up All Your Dirt and Cash

Of all the robot vacuums I’ve tested, Dyson’s 360 Eye is the first that will genuinely clean your floors as well as a manual vacuum cleaner can. That being said, it won’t completely eliminate vacuuming from your weekly chore list. It will save you a lot of time, though, which is what Dyson is really selling here for $1,000. The company’s first robot vacuum feels a little light on features given the steep price tag, but through software updates and improvements to its app, eventually you could, one day, never need to touch a vacuum ever again.

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Xiaomi’s first laptop is a Macbook Air rival that’s as cheap as $540

The laptop comes in two sizes — 13.3-inch and 12.5-inch — running Windows with a full-HD display, full-metal body and type-C USB charging and two USB slots. There’s a full-sized keyboard with Apple-esque keys that are individually backlit. The company’s ‘Xiaomi Sync’ software is pre-installed to pair data from a Xiaomi smartphone, and you can unlock the laptop using a Mi Band wearable.

Hacking a Celebrity's Phone in the 1930s Was Actually Similar to Today

Pretty soon Loy changed her home phone number, which stopped the phone calls at home, and Paramount Studios and MGM started to screen outside calls better. But once the FBI finally tracked down one of the people who made threatening calls, they learned the weakness in the system: the caller was able to bluff his way into getting Myrna Loy’s home phone number by calling the studio and posing as a friend.

Yahoo launches its revamped Messenger app on Mac and Windows

Yahoo — which was just acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion — today announced that its revamped Messenger messaging app is now available on Mac and Windows. The releases come more than six months after the redesigned Yahoo Messenger arrived on the web, iOS, and Android.

Apple supplier LG Display spends another $1.75B on flexible OLED production

LG Display on Wednesday announced plans to spend 1.99 trillion won — about $1.75 billion — on a new flexible OLED production line, which could potentially help the company vie for Apple iPhone orders.

Welcome to Zuckerworld: Facebook’s really big plans for virtual reality

Here in this gadget maze are the offices of Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell. Luckey, now 23, has been the boy-inventor face of Oculus since it first blew the media hive mind in 2012. But Facebook would like to rewrite this founding story and make it less boy-in-a-garage and more nerd-supergroup, so it’s made him available only in a group interview, and not for photographs. Luckey betrays no anxiety about such revisions. Sitting in Mitchell’s office—which has its own name, Nothing to Announce at this Time—Luckey wears a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals. He has all the poise and confidence one would expect from a home-schooled millennial with an awesome name, on whom everyone wants to hang the invention of virtual reality.

There's an important reason why you should read one of Elon Musk's favorite books

I discovered this book in high school, not long after everyone else I knew had disappeared down the J.R.R. Tolkien hole (I don't like any of Tolkien's books, but that puts me in a distinct minority).

Facebook passes 1 billion mobile daily active users

In its second quarter 2016 earnings announcement today, Facebook revealed it now has 1.71 billion monthly active users (up 15 percent year over year) and 1.57 billion mobile users (up 20 percent year over year). The company also shared that it now has 1.13 billion daily active users (a 16 percent bump year over year) and 1.03 billion mobile daily active users (a 22 percent increase year over year), a new milestone.

Here’s What We Know About Russia and the DNC Hack

If the allegations do prove correct, this is an unprecedented step for Russia. Hacking is nothing new, but publicizing documents to attempt to sway an election certainly is. Putin would clearly prefer a Trump presidency. The billionaire Republican candidate is a longtime admirer of Putin’s, and has publicly stated that he wouldn’t necessarily defend NATO allies against a Russian invasion. To top it all off, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, formerly worked as an advisor to Viktor Yanukovych, the Russian-backed President of Ukraine before he was ousted in 2014.

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Our robot overlords are already among us! AI adoption coming quickly to enterprise sector:

RedTube, which helped kill porn mags, launches a porn mag

The big challenge for RedTube Magazine will be that almost everyone has access to the internet wherever they go. In every adult's pocket is a digital device that can bring up almost anything your heart (and other things) desires in a matter of seconds. Given that you can pinch-to-zoom any lurid detail that you wish in this new world, is the notion of printed and laminated material going to cut it?

This 30 second video is the perfect introduction to the internet

This 30 second video is the perfect introduction to the internet

Apple Pay notches 3 of every 4 contactless payments in US, says CEO Tim Cook

Launched in 2014 , Apple Pay lets you use an iPhone 6 or higher or an Apple Watch to pay for items on the go at supported merchants. For folks with Android phones, the alternatives include Samsung Pay and Google's Android Pay. Those services are all part of a larger movement -- factor in similar offerings from the likes of Walmart -- to make buying goods with a phone as second-nature as taking selfies.

Flagship 'Dota 2' tournament sets cash prize record

When purchased, Battle Passes grant players access to different rewards and features, like exclusive quest lines, treasures, and cosmetic items. Twenty-five percent of all sales go to the prize pool, with Valve contributing an additional $1.6 million. For helping to beat last year's $18.5 million record, all Battle Pass owners will receive three treasure chests that include different in-game items, like the rare Monarch Bow and Rainmaker.

What is LeEco, and why is it buying Vizio?

Vizio, meanwhile, now has a greater opportunity to expand outside of the US. "One of the things that excited us most about the acquisition is LeEco's global resources and their global access, and their desire to continue to push that even further than it is today," says CTO Matt McRae, who also sees potential for LeEco's content strategy to improve Vizio's products at home. "Content is a big part of what we think is important moving forward. Not just on the TV — across the screens — but specifically across the living room. So content integration is a lower-hanging fruit. Some of the backend integration could be as well. LeEco has this huge global CDN [content delivery network], as they discussed today."

Researchers Just Solved One of the Big Paradoxes About Jupiter's Atmosphere

There’s a mystery above Jupiter. The planet is five times farther from the sun than Earth is—and yet has similar atmospheric temperatures to our own. So where’s all that extra heat coming from? It turns out, Jupiter may have a second heat source in its Big Red Spot.

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