Inside the Mind of Werner Herzog, Luddite Master of the Internet Video Description

Herzog moved quickly, interviewing dozens of experts and regular citizens impacted by the Internet. The film celebrates a number of technological triumphs—including self-driving cars, soccer-playing robots, and crowdsourced molecular research. But much of the movie is meant to unsettle. At one point, Herzog visits the family of a girl decapitated in a car accident who were inundated by lulz-seeking trolls mocking their loss. (“I have always believed that the Internet is a manifestation of the Antichrist,” the girl’s mother says convincingly.) He interviews the residents of Green Bank, West Virginia, a town with no cell phone towers that has drawn a community of people whose “electrosensitivity” led them to pursue an Internet-free existence. He visits an Internet-addiction treatment facility, where he hears, thirdhand, about a couple whose baby died while they played videogames. (Herzog, who insists he is not a journalist, does not judge or question the veracity of any of these accounts.) Herzog retained final cut while granting McNiel veto power, a privilege McNiel used only once, to excise some of the more horrifying troll comments, a decision Herzog now says he agrees with.

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