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The Walking Dead’s season 8 trailer is here

The trailer for The Walking Dead season 8 was released today, first shown to the audience in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) seems pretty sure those watching will need...

iOS 11 automatically ignores flaky Wi-Fi connections | Cult of Mac

iOS 11 recognizes dodgy Wi-Fi networks and gives up trying to connect to them, making your internet connection much more stable.

Microsoft's Cortana turns up heat with smart thermostat

Microsoft has unveiled the first smart thermostat that comes with integrated Cortana voice controls, built in partnership with Johnson Controls.

Comic-Con: New 'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer

For Hulk and Thor, looks like "Ragnarok" is the ultimate Marvel buddy movie.

Watch Every TV Trailer from San Diego Comic-Con Right Here

Trailers for The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and more!

Delivery guy clearly DGAF about your packages

Well, at least it was fast.

Baby destined for an HGTV career absolutely loves shopping for paint

Somebody come take a look at these colors.

Stephen Colbert visits Russian hotels in hopes of finding Trump's 'Pee Pee Tape'

Get ready to be soaked with golden information.

'Minecraft' wizard recreates Doomfist from 'Overwatch' without any mods

Doomfist arrived in 'Minecraft' before 'Overwatch.'

New 'Crash Bandicoot' bonus round looks like hell

The long-lost Storm Ascent level is here to test your sanity.

Elon Musk Gets 'Approval' for NY to DC Hyperloop

Elon Musk says he received 'verbal govt approval' for The Boring Company to build a Hyperloop that would rocket you from New York to D.C. in 29 minutes.

Delta now lets you use your fingerprints as your boarding pass

The airline has rolled out its biometric boarding pass program at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). To be eligib

'Game of Thrones' Comic-Con trailer teases Daenerys and Jon's meeting


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How dangerous are the threat of kill chain attacks on IoT?

IoT devices including wearables, TVs in the boardroom, and security cameras are all easy targets for kill-chain intruders; the IoT device owner is not necessarily always at fault. For the manufacturers of IoT devices, security mechanisms are usually an afterthought — many companies employ weak security practices like having little to no encryption for information and coding passwords directly into the device. In fact, last year, 80 Sony IP security camera models were found to have back doors, which could give hackers easy access to extremely private security footage.


Dump the snake oil and show security researchers some respect | ZDNet

Heading into Hacker Summer Camp, I've seen a significant amount of public relations outreach. In my unique position as a ZDNet contributor and a chief marketing officer, I see both sides of this. We give the pitches, we get the pitches. The piece that has stood out to me is how flippantly, at times, marketers will treat research in their promotions. They almost seem to regard a race to be first as more important than revering the research. I'm the first person to want the big story -- the "air cover" as we call it -- and the brand development. However, that should never come at the cost of the research, or the researcher. Here's why:

The makers of Roomba could one day sell maps of your home

Using regularly updated data from a patrolling Roomba, for example, smart speakers could better adjust to a house's acoustics, or a smart thermostat could take your home's square footage into account for more accurate heating or cooling settings. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Zuckerberg's understanding of AI is 'limited'

Comic-Con: 'Black Panther,' 'Infinity War' rocked us at the Marvel panel

All the latest news on "Ant-Man," "Captain Marvel," Thor, Hulk, "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War" and more came at us fast at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Marvel panel.

New patent reveals Facebook is exploring a modular phone

Still, it's hard not to get excited about Facebook exploring consumer hardware. With all the brainiacs Facebook has housed in its Building 8 division, we imagine they'll come up with something awesome in the near future. Whether it's a modular phone remains to be seen, but we'll be here when they finally decide to announce it.

Dropbox CTO Aditya Agarwal is leaving

“We have come a long way since then,” Agarwal said in a Facebook post. “We have over half a billion users today. We have hundreds of thousands of business customers who are using our products to make their teams and companies more productive. We have expanded our product line through SmartSync, Dropbox Paper and more. We have 12 global offices with over 1500 amazing Dropboxers. These are the hallmarks of a company that is built to last.”

Spicer resigns: A look back at his spiciest moments

Scaramucci said Friday that White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders is succeeding Spicer as press secretary, who will leave the job in August. Scaramucci said he had great respect for Spicer, according to The New York Times, and said "I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money." Huckabee, reading a statement from Trump, quoted the president as saying, "I wish (Spicer) continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. Just look at his great television ratings."

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We spotted Tesla's Model 3 in the wild a week before its official launch

Tesla has a lot riding on the Model 3. The company is hoping the vehicle, which will have a starting price of $35,000 will be the first electric car to appeal to a mass audience. In anticipation of the car's launch, investors have bid up Tesla's stock; it's up more than 50% in the last year.

Negan has a new pet...

This World of Warcraft villain had an ice cream stand in the interactive zone at SDCC. I am guessing he sensed all the undead attending Comic-Con.

Video: Edge computing explained

Unsure what exactly edge computing is? Here's a quick rundown.

A tiny satellite filmed a rocket launching 48 more tiny satellites into space

On July 14, a company called Planet Labs launched four dozen tiny satellites into orbit — all at once — and recorded part of the feat from space using a similar tiny satellite.

Microsoft Paint is getting killed off in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The era of Microsoft Paint appears to be coming to an end with the upcoming release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The image-editing application is officially being classified by Microsoft as a “ deprecated feature ,” as noted by The Guardian . That means that, come this fall, Paint will “not be in active development and might be removed in future releases.”

Forget Elon Musk's ban — let's put our energy into building safe AI - ReadWrite

Imagine any one of history’s dictators with a large nuclear arsenal. If their vengeance weapons were nuclear tipped and could reach all points of the earth, how would they have shaped the rest of history? Consider what Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible, and Genghis Khan would have done, for example. Not only were these malevolent humans, they actually rose to be the leaders and kings of men. Has technology already developed to a point where a mad man can lay waste to the planet? With nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the answer is sadly, yes. We already live with the existential risk that comes from our own malevolence and the multiplicative effect of technology. We don’t need AI for that.

Drone owners in the UK will soon have to register their flying machines

UK authorities are planning to introduce a drone registration scheme to improve the safety of its skies, with drone owners also having to take part in a safety awareness course before they can start piloting their unmanned aerial vehicles.

When is the time to jump in on industrial augmented reality?

While some AR applications will run locally, some with the cloud and some with other company ERPs that can be batched and put off until a Wi-Fi connection is available, the ultimate goal is to have the offline AR world connected with live features like remote assistance and other capabilities that consolidate all relevant information sources into one device. IoT has aided in this effort, converting any space — manufacturing and service plants, warehouses, data centers, refineries, and offshore platforms — into a bandwidth consumer for all the devices connected. It has effectively moved connectivity from solely an application to the key for company growth.

Nokia 8 launch set for August 16

The first flagship smartphone to bear the Nokia name in years looks like it’s nearly here, after an invite for an event on August 16 was sent out to media - and we expect to see the Nokia 8 launched there.

Microsoft Paint isn’t dead yet, will live in the Windows Store for free

As Paint hasn’t been marked as removed in Microsoft’s support articles, this means it will act like Internet Explorer in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. MSPaint will still be part of Windows 10, but Microsoft will be promoting and encouraging end users to opt for Paint 3D instead. Microsoft hasn’t provided a timeline for when Paint will be available in the Windows Store, but its appearance in the Store will likely trigger the removal part of Microsoft’s support for the app within Windows 10 in the future. Don’t worry just yet, you can continue making crappy artwork just like everyone has with Paint for the past 31 years.

A Wisconsin company will let employees use microchip implants to buy snacks and open doors

A Wisconsin company called Three Square Market is going to offer employees implantable chips to open doors, buy snacks, log in to computers, and use office equipment like copy machines. Participating employees will have the chips, which use near field communication (NFC) technology, implanted between their thumb and forefinger. It’s an extension of the long-running implantable RFID chip business, based on a partnership with Swedish company Biohax International. The vending kiosk company, also known as 32M, will “chip” employees at a party on August 1st. (According to an email to The Verge , chips and salsa will be served as snacks.) Around 50 people are supposedly getting the optional implants.

Top 50 Hidden iOS 11 Features

There’s a new option in Safari’s Share sheet called Markup as PDF. It will convert the current page and will let you mark up using the same screenshot tools. This works on both iPhone and iPad. But you don’t have to markup. You can use this as a quick shortcut to convert the page to PDF. Then tap on the Share button to send it to any app. This is much faster than the convoluted Print way in iOS 10.

Mini's plug-in Countryman hybrid packs thrills into a compact cruiser

That setting lets the conventional engine do most of the work, and switching into the Green driving mode helps the battery recharge; it look a little over two hours of commuting to recharge the dry cell. The downside is, the hybrid Countryman has a fuel tank that's about two gallons smaller than the normal model, so in trying to recharge the battery, I've been topping up the gas more frequently than I expected. When the battery has sufficient power, though, kicking the car into MAX eDrive is good for a laugh. From there, you can use just the electric motor until you hit 78 miles an hour.

America Is Breaking Ground on an Enormous Neutrino Experiment Today

Construction is only beginning on the experiment, but its outcome will be truly massive: four containers holding a combined 68,000 tons of liquid argon cooled to negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit, almost a mile underground. Neutrinos interact incredibly weakly (they don’t interact with the Earth or your body, for example) and require these sensitive detectors to spot. Essentially, neutrinos from the source in Illinois will hit the liquid argon, knocking off electrons that drift into sensors on the container’s edges thanks to the presence of an electric field—the detectors register these electrons as a signal. But that sensitivity means the researchers might also pick up false hits from other particles coming from space, which is why the detectors need to be so deeply buried.

Perspective | The death of reading is threatening the soul

When asked about his secret to success, Warren Buffett pointed to a stack of books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will…” Charles Chu, who quoted Buffett on the Quartz website, acknowledges that 500 pages a day is beyond reach for all but a few people. Nevertheless, neuroscience proves what each of these busy people have found: it actually takes less energy to focus intently than to zip from task to task. After an hour of contemplation, or deep reading, a person ends up less tired and less neurochemically depleted, thus more able to tackle mental challenges.

iPhone 8: Here's everything we think we know so far | ZDNet

There have also been a few leaks from case makers, but I find that case makers can be very hit and miss. Because case makers are prepared to pay for leaks in order to find out what a new iPhone will look like and get cases out before the competition, there's an entire industry out there of people why try to profit off this by offering fake designs.

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TigerVPN grants full online security forever - for less than $50

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How to Manage Your Facebook Ad Frequency : Social Media Examiner

While there isn’t a magic button that will automatically pause your ad campaign after your frequency reaches a certain point, there is an option to optimize your ad delivery to Daily Unique Reach. This means Facebook will serve your ad to the maximum number of people within your selected audience, but no more than once a day. Your daily frequency is limited to 1 per day, and it applies to all placements, including the right column.

Chips, meet beer: Connected coasters give brewery a new way of talking to drinkers | ZDNet

To gain reliable insights into the effect of the campaign, Thinfilm and Coronado used 20 boxes containing 2,500 coasters each. Each coaster had a one-week lifecycle, and each box had a 35-day average lifecycle. The coasters were distributed in batches over the course of a month to allow the brewery and Thinfilm to measure the data over time for the best results.

Comic-Con: The high-fashion cosplay of Her Universe fashion show

The fashion show contest was judged by the attendees and they also had a panel of six judges: Cindy Levitt (senior vice president of Merchandise and Marketing at Hot Topic); Hannah Lee-Kent (Her Universe winner in 2016); Jesse Thaxton (award-winning fashion and costume designer); Camille Falciola (Entertainment department at Universal Studios Hollywood); Yaya Han (professional cosplayer) and Nicole Mynott (editor for Disney Style.)

Travel Experience Incubator Challenge seeking startups with innovative ideas

One of the reasons for the challenge is because a new Accenture study shows that millennials are twice as likely to switch hotel providers. The travel industry needs to transform in order to provide more personalized experiences to appeal to this market. The incubator is intended to develop solutions to appeal to a broad audience including leisure and business travelers.

Pic2Recipe: This AI system can give you a recipe after seeing a picture of the dish - Video | ZDNet

Pic2Recipe: This AI system can give you a recipe after seeing a picture of the dish

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3 steps to take before creating a timesheet in Microsoft Excel

Proper preparation can make creating a timesheet in Excel much easier. Here are three considerations to make before you begin the process.

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Push for self-driving car rules overlooks lack of federal expertise in AI tech:

Artificial intelligence, analytics help speed up digital workplace transformation | ZDNet

Gaining competitive advantage and improving business processes are among the top goals of digital transformation strategies, according to the report, "The Digital Workplace Report: Transforming Your Business," which is based on a survey of 850 organizations in 15 countries.

Welcome to Outer Space View

We did a lot of troubleshooting before collecting the final imagery that you see today in Street View. The ISS has technical equipment on all surfaces, with lots of cables and a complicated layout with modules shooting off in all directions—left, right, up, down. And it’s a busy place, with six crew members carrying out research and maintenance activities 12 hours a day. There are a lot of obstacles up there, and we had limited time to capture the imagery, so we had to be confident that our approach would work. Oh, and there’s that whole zero gravity thing.

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Microsoft uses domain names in legal battle against Russian hackers

Australia Releases Trove of Scientific Data from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search

It can be hard to look for the bright side in a tragedy. But resolving tragedies often requires an immense amount of human effort, and that effort results in new knowledge. New genetic forensics techniques emerged from the identification of 9/11 victims, for example. Another tragedy, the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 three years ago, is starting to yield its own benefits to the scientific community.

Game companies are forerunners of the next wave of business tech innovation - TechRepublic

Our main advantage is that we are not part of a large corporate structure and are not reliant on external funding from publishers. This is what actually allowed us to realize Albion Online. The game's concept is extremely innovative, and larger companies tend to perceive this as a risk rather than an opportunity and hence would not even attempt it. From our point of view, the opposite is true: Rather than trying to compete in the MMORPG space with "just another World of Warcraft clone," our goal is to fill the Sandbox MMORPG niche, which, as we see it, has been lacking great releases over the past 10 years. This is not for lack of ideas, though. Sandbox MMORPGs are probably the hardest type of game to make; it takes a lot of endurance, innovation, and trial and error. Smaller independent developers often lack the time and funding to make this work. In our case, thanks to having collected $9 million from our founders and additional funds from friends and family, we have managed to grow from a small indie developer to a medium-size one, giving us enough power to take Albion Online across the finish line and beyond.

Lyft will develop its own self-driving car tech to battle Uber

This doesn't mean that Lyft is abandoning its (current) bread and butter, though. Vincent says that there will "always" be human driven vehicles, but a ride will be analyzed to see if it'd be a better candidate for an autonomous trip instead.

Results are in on strange space signal, and it's not aliens

But this is really just a reminder that it's very difficult to prove a negative, i.e., it's easier to confirm there's a signal coming from a certain star system than to declare there definitely isn't such a signal, especially when we know a signal like that would take at least 11 years to reach us.

LA Dodgers organist plays 'Numb' in touching tribute to Chester Bennington

Los Angeles Dodgers organist plays 'Numb' in touching tribute to Chester Bennington

When a teen couple joked that they bought a house, Twitter dragged them hard

A young couple from Texas received quite the backlash after posting a photo pretending to be home owners. Natalia Kaiser, 17, and her boyfriend, Joe, took a pic in front of his aunt's house because they were wearing matching shirts.

The Moto Z2 Force may disappoint you

Although last year's Z Force was supposed to be the more heavily specced phone of the Moto Z lineup, the Z2 Force could fall short on specs, especially in the US. The global version of the Z2 Force is reported to get 6GB of RAM, says VentureBeat, citing leaked Moto marketing material, while the US version will be stuck with 4GB. The US version is also said to get 64GB of internal storage while the Chinese version gets 128GB.

Halle Berry chugs an entire freaking glass of whiskey at Comic-Con

Since she had to live up to her reputation as being completely hardcore, she couldn't just pass on the giant shot. Instead, Berry downed the entire glass in seconds — eight seconds to be exact.

Video: Why millions of Atom-based Windows 10 PCs won't get updates - TechRepublic

Bill Detwiler and Dan Patterson discuss why Microsoft's decision to withhold updates from Intel Clover Trail PCs illustrates the pitfalls of the operating system as a service model

iPhone 4S Owner Sues Apple After 'Defective' Battery Allegedly Starts House Fire

A woman from Wisconsin and insurance company State Farm are suing Apple for $75,000 , claiming the tech giant sold her a “defective” iPhone 4S that caused a fire in her home—not unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Razer reportedly plans to build a phone for gamers, but needs more money

Razer is interested in building a smartphone for gamers, according to a report from Bloomberg . The company is planning an IPO in Hong Kong later this year that could value its business at $5 billion. It will reportedly use some of the funds to build its smartphone.

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56 Take that Milwaukee. Pokemon Go is protected free speech
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60 ​Google's Motion Stills GIF-making app arrives on Android | ZDNet
61 With hundreds of choices, how can you pick an IoT platform?
62 Our Sweet, Stupid Boy Sean Spicer Is Hiding Among the Bushes in the Sky Now
63 YouTube kills the video editing tools you never used
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65 Spicer resigns: A look back at his spiciest moments
66 The fastest bikes at the Tour de France, raced by the world's fastest cyclists
67 The Essential Phone is coming 'in a few weeks'
68 Some Verizon customers say they're not getting the speeds they're paying for
69 First Silk Road. Now AlphaBay. What's next for the dark web?
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71 Most weapons on the dark web come from US, study finds
72 Amazon discounts are misleading you, consumer group says
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