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20 adoptable senior dogs in need of a new best friend

Don’t make us play Sarah McLachlan.

This might be the most unique 'Bohemian Rhapsody' cover ever

Is this the real life? Or is this just the most unusual cover we've ever seen?

Fortnite for Android will reportedly be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at launch

Fortnite fans might have to be patient for a while yet before they can play the game on Android as it's expected to be exclusive to the Note 9 at launch.

What we know about how Russia combined cyberwar and infowar in 2016

A white-hat hacker explains how a Kremlin-backed campaign of hacking and propaganda helped pushed the American people farther apart.

This robotic arm for multitasking can be controlled with thoughts | ZDNet

Researchers developed a robotic arm that lets users multitask while controlling the device with their thoughts.

'Fortnite' will bring back guided missiles in a softer, gentler form

The legendary (or infamous) 'Fortnite' guided missile is back -- but not as you remember it.

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11 Reasons to Stop Looking at Your Phone

With great power comes great responsibility, however, and scientists are starting to learn that spending so much time staring at our phones is actually doing some damage to our physical, social and intellectual lives. In this feature, we'll run down the main reasons you might want to give your phone a break for a bit. Is this enough to convince you, or do you think it's all overblown? Let me know in the comments.

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What Is 5G?

The speed of a wireless network is tied to how much spectrum you can use for it. Because T-Mobile is only using an average of 31MHz of spectrum at 600MHz as opposed to the hundreds of MHz that millimeter wave networks will use, its low-band 5G network will be a little bit faster than 4G, but not multiple gigabits fast. It will still have the low latency and many connections aspects of 5G, making it usable for gaming, self-driving cars, and smart cities, for instance. In cities, the millimeter-wave network will be super-fast.

MoviePass outage: Read the full apology from CEO Mitch Lowe

Some of the feedback we've received from you about Peak Pricing is that more of you are using e-ticketing in our app. When you go to a MoviePass e-ticketing theater, you are helping theaters who are actively working with us to ensure that MoviePass remains the best low-cost option. Peak Pricing has also begun driving traffic to weekdays and off-peak hours, which is vital to the entertainment ecosystem and to the health of theaters across the country. Similarly, we are hearing loud and clear from studio and independent distributor partners who support the MoviePass model that our app placements are driving more of you to enjoy their films over others in the marketplace.

5 Try Google's latest autocomplete fail: 'Sit on my face'

I was SMSing our babysitter with the default Android SMS app; I typed "Hey! Are you free to sit" and autocomplete came up with "on my face." Needless to say, I have never entered that string into my Android device. (This is not a joke)

The Lenovo Yoga 710 2-in-1 is on sale for just $550

The caveat: Is a 15.6-inch laptop suitable for a student? If most of the work is being done around the house, then absolutely. That's not to say the Yoga isn't portable; it's reasonably backpack-friendly at 4.5 pounds and 0.7 inch thick. But I think a college student, someone who's always on the go, might be happier with a 13.3-inch machine that's a bit smaller and lighter.

The Galaxy S9's battery life isn't as good as we had hoped

Finally, you see the battery gains and losses from our tests compared with last year's Galaxy S8 results. The Galaxy S9 died sooner than last year's Galaxy S8 (a change of -3.1 percent) and the Galaxy S9 Plus yielded 4 percent better battery life over the Galaxy S8 Plus; an improvement, but not the knockout we had hoped for.

These countertop appliances take new approaches to cooking

The Suvie is designed for meals that contain a protein, a starch, a vegetable and a sauce. The top two compartments for your protein and vegetable are surrounded by a metal jacket that holds water. You place your food in the appropriate containers at the beginning of the day, and fill the water reservoir. You schedule the time you want your meal to be ready on the appliance's touchscreen or on its app. The water from the reservoir transfers to the jacket and cools it down, which refrigerates the food.

Longest total lunar eclipse of the century to turn the moon red this month

Whatever your favored explanation, it's happening this month and it'll last for a whopping 1 hour and 43 minutes. But there's a catch: It'll be visible only in parts of South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The map below from NASA provides an idea of where to plan your travel for the best blood moon viewing.

Apple Watch Series 4: Rumored specs, price, release date

The Apple Watch has had nearly the same look for three years: a bit bulbous, with rounded square edges. The changes in design reported so far don't clearly indicate how much thinner it would be, or even if the watch could get larger. Maybe, like iPhone design refreshes, the Apple Watch Series 4 will end up staying similar in size but gaining extra performance, battery and screen size.

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How to apply an Excel validation control that protects a specific limit

Data validation is one of Excel's most powerful tools, allowing you to set limits for input. For instance, you might limit dates to a specific period or integers to an upper and lower limit using the built-in settings. What you might not realize is that you can enter custom formulas when the built-in settings aren't adequate. In this article, I'll show you how to put this feature to use by accommodating a budget limit.

AI may soon save a ton of cute (and ugly) animals from drug testing

As cold-blooded and inhuman as it may sound, animal tests are an integral part of modern-day drug and chemical compounds development and approval procedures. And with good reasons. Scientists can’t still reliably predict the properties of new chemicals, let alone how these compounds might interact with living cells.

2018 iPad Pro might make a change you'll hate | Cult of Mac

Today’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro is 9.8 by 6.8 by 0.24 inches (251 by 174 by 6.1 mm). The replacement will supposedly measure 9.4 by 7.0 by 0.24 inches (248 by 179 by 6 mm). There’s no explanation why this version is slightly wider, so this might be a mistake.

Discover the spectacular movie magic you're not meant to notice

Alexandre Lafortune: In a superhero movie, we know the characters and the magical effects are not real, but they're a part of the reality of the movie, and, as a result, they're accepted by the audience. But the visual codes for magical effects and for realistic effects are different. With realism, you have to stick to certain rules that the audience is used to. On top of that, we also must balance this with the director's vision. In Sicario: Day of the Soldado, the challenge was to create effects that are true to the real world and also fit into the movie's own violent, gritty universe. This required its own set of aesthetics.

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom | Cult of Mac

Think about how nice it would be to dim the lights without having to get out of the tub. That’s one of the promises of the Adore Bathroom lighted mirror as it can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

Lord of the Rings TV Series Taps Star Trek Writers for Amazon Adaptation - IGN

"[Adapting Lord of the Rings has] been a very thoughtful process… it's such a vast world, there are so many different ways to go with that project, and thanks to Sharon Tal Yguado [Head of Amazon's Event Series Division], she led the charge on bringing so many different people to pitch us... there was a lot of time spent talking about ideas and different takes. We’re very excited to bring Payne and McKay on to move to the next step of this development process," Salke explained at Amazon's TCA presentation.

The Best Desktop Computers of 2018

You'll find a wide selection of Intel and AMD processors in this category, from the budget Intel Celeron and Pentium CPUs, up to the slightly more expensive (and much more powerful) Intel Core i3 or i5 and AMD Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 processors. You should look for at least 4GB of RAM (almost all desktop-size machines will have at least this much), though you might have to make do with 2GB if you're limiting your search to very compact, extreme-budget sub-$300 machines. As for storage, a paltry 32GB of eMMC flash storage is found on the least expensive desktops (these are all compact budget models, usually far smaller than a laptop), but a 1TB hard drive is more prevalent as a baseline for larger desktops and a better option for most users.

A runner’s guide to the Apple Watch

Once you have stride and distance figured out, you'll need to make sure you're getting an accurate reading of heart rate. The Apple Watch uses heart rate (along with other metrics) to calculate calories burned, and the gadget can be used to help keep you in check during training or in a race. But the heart rate sensor has to be in direct contact with your skin to get an accurate read, which means you may have to tighten up the band before you go on a jog to make sure the Apple Watch stays in place when you're swinging your sweaty arm up and down. Just don't overdo it and cut off circulation to your hand -- and maybe loosen it back up once you're done.

How to work with zip files in iOS 11

Mobile users may be unsure how to handle zip files on their iOS devices, but there's no need to fret. There are ways to utilize zip files on an iPad or iPhone running iOS 11. With some third-party tools, you can even create zip files.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies credits scene tees up an epic return

The scene begins with the credits distorting into a "home movie" of the original Teen Titans series, with a portal opening in the middle of the screen revealing the team looking out from it. Robin then tells his team "We may have found another way back."

How to install and configure Squid proxy server on Linux

Clearly some of the above reasons are perfectly fitting for a business and some, well, may not fall in line with your best practices. Regardless, knowing how to install and configure a proxy server is a must-have skill for a network administrator. So, let's take care of that. I will demonstrate installing the Squid proxy server on Ubuntu 16.04 server .

The best travel gadgets and gear

Here's the good news: With a few exceptions (such as hair dryers) nearly all portable electronic devices these days -- from laptops to phones to all manner of accessories -- will work everywhere in the world. If the device says "100-240 volts, 50-60Hz" -- and nearly all of them do -- you're good to plug it in nearly anywhere. All you need is an international outlet adapter, which are widely available in airports and drugstores. But you'll save money if you get one before your trip.

For Facebook and Twitter, reality is hitting hard

Just as Facebook and Twitter face slowing user growth after attracting nearly half the world's population to their respective services, coordinated campaigns of harassment and abuse have begun to show their effects. User counts are dropping and stock prices are in freefall.

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You can get up to 200eth ( your investment multіplіеd x10 ) ! If yo­᠌u're Ia­᠌te f­᠌or th­᠌is ev­᠌ent, yo­᠌u'II ge­᠌t you­᠌r invest­᠌men­᠌t b­᠌ack at on­᠌ce!

Cult of Mac Magazine: MacBook Pro’s thermal throttling is fixed, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine : Apple issues a software update (and an apology), and YouTuber confirm that the 2018 MacBook Pro’s high-profile problem is a thing of the past.

Apple's next iPad Pros tipped to get smaller and lose the headphone jack

The report also claims the next batch of iPad Pros are going to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack so everything has to go through the Lightning cable, which again wouldn't be a huge surprise and would follow what Apple has done with the iPhone. If you haven't bought some AirPods yet, now might be the time.

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lmao kinda like your record label providing your lawyer.. i mean it’s fine and dandy while you’re both on the same side but 🌚 that’s not usually when you need the lawyer

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How to protect your company from tax season phishing scams

For example, if an employee named Ray Donovan sends a W-2 form from his corporate email address ( to his Gmail address (, UEBA can determine that it's highly likely this information is being sent to the same person and will not send a critical alert nor block the transmission. It helps if Ray has a history of sending himself emails of this nature so UEBA can mark that behavior as normal.

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Google pledges to foil phishing attacks with new Titan Security Key

Liam Tung is an Australian business technology journalist living a few too many Swedish miles north of Stockholm for his liking. He gained a bachelors degree in economics and arts (cultural studies) at Sydney's Macquarie University, but hacked (without Norse or malicious code for that matter) his way into a career as an enterprise tech, security and telecommunications journalist with ZDNet Australia. These days Liam is a full time freelance technology journalist who writes for several Australian publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald online. He's interested primarily in how information technology impacts the way business and people communicate, trade, and consume.

Apple wants to turn all its devices into wireless chargers | Cult of Mac

What if your every Apple device could wirelessly charge almost every other one? Engineers came up with plans to put wireless chargers in MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones so they could charge each other, or an Apple Watch.

A beginner's guide to AI: Natural language processing

When computers process text or audio from humans, they’re just looking at data. You can whisper “I love you” or drop an F-bomb, the machines just see 1’s and 0’s. In order for AI to understand what you’re saying, turn those words into an action, and then output something you can understand, they rely on something called natural language processing (NLP), which is exactly what it sounds like.

Venmo has no good reason to make user transactions public by default

"I used Venmo's public API to pull in all public transactions of 2017 -- a total of 207,984,218 transactions," he said in an email. "By looking through them, I learned a scary amount about Venmo users. I was able to follow a drug dealer's sales, watch a couple fight viciously on Valentine's Day, and learn exactly how many mangos a Santa Barbara, CA food cart sells each week."

These InfoWars videos banned by YouTube are still alive on Facebook

But three of the four videos are still alive and well on Facebook. It’s a timely demonstration of Facebook’s policy on fake news and other disinformation, on which it doubled down yesterday: It will not remove content that is merely false–the content has to threaten violence or violate some other part of the platform’s community standards in order to be taken down. Apparently at least three of the Jones videos weren’t threatening enough to be removed from Facebook.

How Fortnite approaches analytics, cloud to analyze petabytes of game data | ZDNet

Architecture is critical. A company like Epic--like other gaming companies--provide good lessons for enterprises. Why? One million customers can show up at a first day product launch. Growth isn't organic in many cases and can be just one big burst. Vogels noted that AWS' architecture team gets involved with customers like Epic early. "We make sure everything is tested with best practice from day one and have the solutions architects involved. We also learn where the customers sensitivities are," said Vogels. There's also something to be said for an architecture that can serve as a base for higher level functions. "Analytics may not be something a company like Epic thinks about from day one," he said.

“Netflix of gaming”? Microsoft might finally crack the code

Gamers still won’t have to depend on the cloud, as Microsoft is reportedly working on a more traditional console as well. Sams has previously reported that both systems could arrive in 2020, and are being developed under the codename “Scarlett.” The idea is to have Scarlett devices running the same games, whether they’re running on the more powerful console or streaming from remote servers. Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s working on a streaming service and new consoles but hasn’t provided any details.

39 CBS probes misconduct allegations against CEO Moonves amid legal...

“Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely,” Moonves said. “But I always understood and respected – and abided by the principle – that ‘no’ means ‘no,’ and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career. This is a time when we all are appropriately focused on how we help improve our society, and we at CBS are committed to being part of the solution.”

This is how you can personalize marketing campaigns — without violating GDPR

GDPR — no other four letters are giving tech companies a bigger headache this year. So many articles have been written about it, you might wonder why you should read this one.

What online activists need to know about going viral

But these initial outcomes provoke the elites into action, resulting in countermeasures – such as increased surveillance to track activists. For example, some governmental authorities intensified internet filtering, blocked access to several websites, and decreased the speed of the internet connection to slow down social activism. These measures prompted self-censorship among activists and a loss of interest among the public in relation to the cause and contributed to the ultimate decline of social activism over time.

Facebook follows YouTube in suspending Alex Jones

The approach that we’ve taken to false news is not to say, you can’t say something wrong on the internet. I think that that would be too extreme. Everyone gets things wrong, and if we were taking down people’s accounts when they got a few things wrong, then that would be a hard world for giving people a voice and saying that you care about that. But at the same time … I do think we have a responsibility to make sure that those aren’t hoaxes and blatant misinformation.

The best programming language for data science and machine learning | ZDNet

According to a recent survey by KDNuggets , Python is the undisputed leader in use for data science and machine learning. Some often cited reasons for this preference are the wide choice in libraries and the fact that it's considered an easy language to work with.

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Google's AR design guidelines aren't complete shit, but should be better

When Google and Apple announced their mobile augmented reality (AR) platforms last summer, they rocked the 3D world. Almost overnight, Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit shifted the center of gravity for 3D UX design away from headsets like the Oculus Rift , HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR toward already ubiquitous mobile devices.

How Sellers Trick Amazon to Boost Sales

The digital giant battles click farms, reviewers-for-hire and other scams as merchants try to outsmart its product-ranking system.

Lego's new 6,020-piece Harry Potter Hogwarts set is spellbinding

I think we can safely say that this is one of the more impressive Harry Potter Lego sets to date, but one that comes at a cost. The Hogwarts Castle set can be all yours when it hits shelves on September 1, for the steep price of $399.99.

MoviePass never had a chance

To understand MoviePass, you first have to come to grips with its business model. It’s easy to assume it made money by getting people into the door at a theater, but in this case, the reality is far more complex. Getting users through the door, paradoxically, actually cost MoviePass untold millions. As it turns out, $10 a month isn’t anywhere near enough to run a profitable business when you’re shelling out far more for tickets than you’re getting in return by those subscribing. Even at scale, this is a one-way trip to financial ruin.

The New York Times copies BuzzFeed with its new customizable cookbook

This new product allows anyone to build his or her own recipe book. People can choose seven chapters–ranging from “vegetable sides” to “sheet-pan wonders”–and then can choose eight recipes for each of those chapters. Once all the categories and dishes are chosen, the Times lets them write their own dedication page, and then, it’s off to the printing press. The newspaper says there are nearly 350,000 recipe-combination possibilities.

Inside the weirdly mundane green rooms of esports players

If you were expecting tables covered in cocaine residue and M&M’s bowls with the brown ones carefully extracted, get ready to be disappointed. The player’s lounge was strangely wholesome, and felt more like a sixth-form common room than a hangout for professional athletes of the 21st century.

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