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Toll Brothers Launches Kitchen VR App For Luxury Home Buyers

American luxury home builder Toll Brothers has launched a VR app that lets home buyers view their all 360 degrees of their kitchen.

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Everything you want to know about the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is now a known quantity – we have information about the different kit options available at launch, as well as interior and exterior measurements, and car performance and cabin comforts. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the whole point was to make car that is “the best car, hands down,” for “anything close to the same cost,” and it makes a strong case for that on paper.

Tesla Model 3 Launch: Live Coverage

Do not underestimate how big a deal the Tesla Model 3 could be

Apple removes VPN apps from the App Store in China

The Chinese government’s crackdown on the internet continues with the news that Apple has removed all major VPN apps, which help internet users overcome the country’s censorship system, from the App Store in China.

I Drove a Tesla Model 3. Here’s What You Need to Know

On Friday night, as the Model 3 launch fanfare continued, the factory wasn’t producing much more than noise, as employees gathered to watch their CEO hand over the key(cards!) to 30 staff members. They'll be driving guinea pigs, helping shake out the car's bugs. But once the party ends, Tesla will be back to work building these cars. "We’re going to go through six months of manufacturing hell" to manage expectations, says Musk, who believes the company will pump out 500,000 vehicles next year. So, enjoy the party, folks, because come Monday, it’s back to work.

HTC Launches Standalone Vive VR Headset In China

“Snapdragon 835 is designed to deliver superior VR experiences without the need for wires or a separate PC,” said Hugo Swart, senior director of product management at Qualcomm. “We are thrilled to work with HTC’s Vive team as they utilize our rich feature set to create exciting, new VR experiences in the first truly mobile VR headset of the Vive ecosystem.”

Tesla's Model 3 doesn't come with a key

To be clear, this is not the same as the "keyless" systems, which require some kind of key fob, and it's not the app-enabled remote starting some automakers offer. No, the Model 3 doesn't require any kind of "key" or physical object other than your smartphone.

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Here’s how to watch Tesla’s Model 3 event live

Roomba creator says it ‘will never sell your data’ after talking about selling your data

Angle isn’t backing off of the idea that Roomba data could be used to enhance smart homes, which is what he originally thought the data would be sold for. But he’s positioning it in a much more palatable way this time: saying that, if customers want that feature, it would be entirely their choice to share it with other apps and devices. It wouldn’t be used “as a data asset of a corporation to exploit,” he says.

How Microsoft plans to turn Azure into an 'AI cloud' | ZDNet

But next year, Microsoft plans to make this kind of FPGA processing power available to developers who will be able to use it to run their own tasks, including intensive artificial-intelligence ones, like deep-neural-networking (DNN).

These were the best hacks at Black Hat and Def Con this year

Each year, security researchers and hackers bring their exploits and discoveries to share with the common aim of making the world more secure. But if you weren't in Las Vegas for the heat and hacking, we've got you covered.



Tesla Model 3 Launch: Live Coverage

Do not underestimate how big a deal the Tesla Model 3 could be

Sega's new Genesis retro box: opening up the Flashback

Some of the many, many games included. There are 85. but only 57 are actual games for Sega systems. And of those, 45 are Genesis games.

Amazon’s earnings miss means Jeff Bezos is no longer world’s richest person

The one area that will be interesting to watch is cloud computing. That’s where Amazon and Microsoft are both fiercely competing with one each other to win over businesses that are increasingly looking to the cloud for hosting and computationally intensive tasks like training and operating artificial intelligence software. In that realm, Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud platform, continues to make impressive gains. AWS posted operating income of $916 million this most recent quarter, a 28 percent jump from a year ago, on sales of $4.1 billion. Though it lags behind Microsoft’s overall “Intelligent Cloud” division, which recently posted $7.4 billion in sales and an annual run rate of nearly $19 billion, AWS remains a market leader in key segments like cloud hosting .

The Best Gaming Desktops of 2017

Most gaming systems will come preinstalled with a single midrange or high-end graphics card; higher-priced systems will naturally have better cards, since purchase price typically correlates with animation performance and visual quality. Our gaming desktop reviews will let you know if there is room in the system's case for adding more graphics cards, in case you want to improve your gaming performance in the future. Most boutique manufacturers, however, will sell systems equipped with multiple-card arrays if you want to run the best-looking and best-performing games right away. (Nvidia has deemphasized, if not discouraged, using more than two of its current-generation cards at the same time, though it's still possible to have three or four AMD cards in your computer at once provided you have the proper power and heat management. AMD calls its multicard system CrossFireX and Nvidia calls its solution Scalable Link Interface, or SLI, but in practice both work the same.)The most pivotal decision you'll make when purchasing a gaming desktop is which 3D graphics subsystem to use. Integrated graphics are fine for casual 2D games, but to really bring out the beast on 3D AAA titles, you'll want one or more discrete graphics cards.

Weekly Roundup: New and Noteworthy Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week (July 24)

This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.

Here’s what it’s like to drive the Tesla Model 3

Aside from the drive, it’s worth spending a bit more time on the cabin and interior, since it’s so unique: This version had the upgraded glass roof, which is definitely a welcome addition and helps with the overall feeling of expansive interior space. But there also just is a lot more roof in the cockpit – I’m fairly large at around 6’2″ and 200 lbs, and I tend to feel cramped in most vehicles that aren’t SUVs or trucks. Not so for the Model 3.

Google’s Quantum Computing Push Opens New Front in Cloud Battle

Quantum computers are bulky beasts that require special care, such as deep refrigeration, so they’re more likely to be rented over the internet than bought and put in companies’ own data centers. If the machines end up being considerably faster, that would be a major competitive advantage for a cloud service. Google rents storage by the minute. In theory, quantum machines would trim computing times drastically, giving a cloud service a huge effective price cut. Google’s cloud offerings currently trail those of Inc. and Microsoft.

Top 19 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for iPhone

A billion people across the planet use WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and everyone in between. But while many of us use WhatsApp, most of us haven’t even scratched the surface of this simple looking, but immensely feature rich communication app.

Stop mosquito bite itch with these home remedies

The second line of defense is having a reliable remedy to stop the itch before you scratch the bites into oblivion. Here are nine ways to stop mosquito bite itch with items you likely already have around the house.

Robot reveals first images of lava-like nuclear debris at Fukushima | ZDNet

There's been increased interest in using robots and robotic guidance systems to aid in nuclear accidents and other emergency situations that present higher than acceptable risk to human rescuers. Aside from bots like Little Sunfish and a scorpion-shaped device developed by Toshiba-- which had to be abandoned in the reactor--the Fukushima disaster inspired the DARPA Robotic Challenge, during which teams of engineers from around the world developed humanoid robots to perform complex real-world challenges.

22 Elon Musk hands over first Tesla Model 3 electric cars to buyers

Until now, Tesla has operated as a niche producer of luxury electric vehicles, with a charismatic, showman chief executive who regularly interacts with fans on his Twitter account. Now loss-making Tesla is trying to move into a different league, building vehicles in high volume for customers able to pay only a few thousand dollars more than the average price of a conventional car or truck sold in the US.

Excel errors: How Microsoft's spreadsheet may be hazardous to your health | ZDNet

Millions of Excel spreadsheets are used in medicine, science, economics, and finance. Yet up to 90 percent have serious -- even life threatening -- errors. Here's what you need to know and how they could improve Excel.

6 Location-based Social Media Monitoring Tools

Geo-specific social media monitoring tools are different from the conventional keyword-based monitoring tools in many respects. For one thing, these tools offer a clear picture of what’s happening at a particular location, which helps you reach out to local audiences. Plus, they allow you to connect better with your community by engaging with local social media influencers and leveraging local hashtags .

The PC is here to stay - just like Microsoft Paint | ZDNet

Over time, new things certainly become easier and easier to do on mobile devices (the Virgin Atlantic app makes checking in easier, for example) while some things can only be done on mobile: try ordering a Lyft or signing up for an account with one of the app-only banks on a PC. But you can't always do everything in apps; the Virgin Atlantic app doesn't have a button for claiming missing mileage, but the website on my PC does.

Amazon wants to install delivery lockers in your apartment building

This week, Amazon unveiled The Hub. Similar to the Amazon Lockers that have popped up in supermarkets and convenience stores around the country, the Hub is a delivery locker meant for apartment buildings and housing complexes. Amazon

Samsung Bixby Voice: An interactive, sometimes confusing personal assistant | ZDNet

It's a different kind of assistant, created to help you complete tasks on your phone without ever touching your phone. For example, you can tell Bixby voice to open Samsung Gallery and play the newest video in your library. It can -- and will -- do that. Siri opens the Photos app and then asks you to pick the video you want to be played. Google Assistant doesn't even open the Photos app. Instead, it provides web search results.

Obama cybersecurity czar: We gave Trump a head start

What do most Americans misunderstand about the US military and national cyberdefense? Daniel: Cyber is one of those issues where it doesn't behave according to the same rule set about objects in the physical world. There's kind of this idea that we can do cyberdefense like we do missile defense. Like we can watch for malicious activity coming in and we can stop it before it gets to the United States, and that's just not how cybersecurity is going to work.

Charter Rebuffs Sprint's Merger Proposal

Charter Communications Inc. isn’t interested in a merger with Masayoshi Son’s Sprint Corp. following a published report that the Japanese billionaire was seeking such a deal, according to a person familiar with the matter.

I Drove a Tesla Model 3. Here’s What You Need to Know

On Friday night, as the Model 3 launch fanfare continued, the factory wasn’t producing much more than noise, as employees gathered to watch their CEO hand over the key(cards!) to 30 staff members. They'll be driving guinea pigs, helping shake out the car's bugs. But once the party ends, Tesla will be back to work building these cars. "We’re going to go through six months of manufacturing hell" to manage expectations, says Musk, who believes the company will pump out 500,000 vehicles next year. So, enjoy the party, folks, because come Monday, it’s back to work.

31 WIRED on Twitter

. @elonmusk says “demand is not a challenge for the Model 3” but even without success, it’s already done its work 

Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up?

Luigi Zingales, director of the university’s Stigler Center, likes to remind people that the reason Google and Facebook were able to succeed is that the U.S. in 1998, under Bill Clinton, sued Microsoft Corp. for tying its web browser to its Windows operating system to undermine rival Netscape. A trial court decision that Microsoft should be broken up was overturned on appeal (though not the court’s finding of monopoly), and ultimately the case was settled by the George W. Bush administration. But it slowed Microsoft’s ability to dominate the internet. Zingales says today’s monopolies are yesterday’s startups, and a healthy system needs to make room for newcomers.

How to Get an Ivy League Education--for Free

One of the better known online learning platforms, Coursera partners with ivy league schools like Stanford and University of Pennsylvania to offer top quality courses for free, or at least at more affordable rates. More than 20 million people are taking Coursera courses through these ivy league and other upper crust schools.

Hasbro Comic-Con exclusive toys up for grabs!

So what do you need to do to enter to win* this convention-exclusive swag worth $160? Read our rules carefully, accept our terms and conditions and fill out the form below. Remember that you can increase your chances of winning by using the personal link you will get after your done with the registration process. You will get up to 10 extra entries for each friend who registers for the giveaway using your link.

This Public Speaking Habit Is Annoying Your Audience

Finally, as a practical matter, pacing often causes line-of-sight issues for certain audience members. While that will depend on the shape of the room, the last thing you want to do is move around so much that some people need to lean over or crane their necks to see you—or just can’t see you at all. In general, the rule is, “If you can’t see me, I can’t see you.” So before you start your presentation, make a mental note of the sight lines in the space, and decide how and whether you’ll want to move around.

Google to train 10M Africans in online tech skills, 100K as software developers

Google CEO Sundar Pichai outlined the firm's plan to train 10 million citizens over the next five years, including training software developers in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Unethical Breeding Is Creating Serious Health Problems for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are among the most popular breeds in the world, but their numbers have started to decline. New research suggests the decreasing demand for German Shepherds may have something to do with the breed’s propensity for health problems—likely the result of selective breeding for cosmetic traits.

A foolish petition to open source Adobe Flash | ZDNet

He continued, "Open-sourcing Flash spec would be a good solution to keep Flash projects alive safely for archive reasons. Don't know how, but that's the beauty of open source: you never know what will come up after you go open source! There might be a way to convert swf/fla to HTML5/canvas/webgl/webassembly, or some might write a standalone player for it. Another possibility would be to have a separate browser. We're not saying Flash player should be preserved as is."

FDA Considering Forcing Companies to Reduce Nicotine in Cigarettes to Non-Addictive Levels

“The overwhelming amount of death and disease attributable to tobacco is caused by addiction to cigarettes—the only legal consumer product that, when used as intended, will kill half of all long-term users,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in an agency statement. “Unless we change course, 5.6 million young people alive today will die prematurely later in life from tobacco use. Envisioning a world where cigarettes would no longer create or sustain addiction, and where adults who still need or want nicotine could get it from alternative and less harmful sources, needs to be the cornerstone of our efforts—and we believe it’s vital that we pursue this common ground.”

We finally know what the inside of Tesla's Model 3 looks like, and it's stunning

After the dash, the most striking feature is undoubtedly the nearly all-glass roof that extends all the way back to the rear of the of the car. Tesla has said this is meant to help the relatively compact Model 3 look and feel bigger from the inside.

North Korea Releases Video of Latest ICBM Test

North Korean state TV just aired footage of yesterday’s missile test, which has been confirmed by South Korea and US forces as an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM. Early figures show that this is North Korea’s longest range missile to date.

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Adobe Flash Is dying - here are the viral classics it brought to life

Nokia received $2B from Apple as part of settlement agreement | ZDNet

The deal has significantly increased Nokia's licensing income, Pullola said this week. "Furthermore, reaching an agreement quickly without continuing costly litigation enables us to save considerable OpEx, and that adds to the value of the deal from our perspective," Pullola said. The Finnish company had expected to spend approximately €100 million annually on litigation fees related to the Apple dispute.

Apple is reportedly making a huge concession to the Chinese government

BEIJING (Reuters) - Apple Inc is removing virtual private network (VPN) services from its app store in China, VPN service providers said on Saturday, accusing the U.S. tech giant of bowing to pressure from Beijing to comply with stringent cyberspace regulations.

The Essential Tools Inside a Pro Travel Photographer's Bag

Whatever you pack in your own travel photography bags, Ozturk and Brentano both suggest you keep it as light as possible. See the best sites around the world often means a ton of walking, hiking, backpacking, and possibly even climbing. They stick to mid-range camera bags, which, when full, weigh around 25 pounds tops. But if they need to go super lightweight, they get their bags down to 5 to 10 pounds, so keep that in mind when you start packing. In general, Ozturk recommends you ditch the original packaging and bulky cases—like memory card or battery cases—whenever you can. Pare down, carry less, and carry thin.

Best shows on Netflix (July 2017): 50 great Netflix TV series

When it comes to superhero movies, Marvel are bossing DC thanks to the rich tapestry it has weaved with its cinematic universe. Its TV shows, as fun as Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter are, haven't had the same success as DC's The Arrow or The Flash. Thankfully Daredevil has come along to change all this. Released in one binge-watching dose, Daredevil is superb television, regardless if you are a superhero fan or not. Matt Murdoch's (Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Cox) rise from blind lawyer to vigilante is brutal and steeped in realism. The reason it works so well is that it doesn't shy away from being violent - each crack and crunch is a world away from Ben Affleck's terrible movie version. And special mention has to go to Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, his best role since the tortured Private Pyle.

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YouTuber who exposed ethical diamond scam is now being sued

How to Deal With Your Facebook Addiction

Mark Griffiths says, “The number of people genuinely addicted to Facebook are few and far between.” Griffiths was co-author on a study of 5,961 adolescents published earlier this year in PLOS ONE about problematic social media use and found that only 4.5% qualified as being “at risk.” But many of us do use the platform in a negative way, where we engage in lengthy arguments, scroll social media to procrastinate from work or avoid engaging with loved ones, or get upset about the news we read, the comments people leave on our posts, or even the number of likes we get. It can be hard on productivity, relationships, emotional wellbeing, and even physical health if you’re skipping workouts and making unhealthy food choices because of so much time spent on social media.

For Beach Picnics, Bring Foods You Can Eat With Toothpicks

A beach picnic always sounds delightful but, unless you want soggy sandwiches and a mouthful of sand, some planning is required. After a life of living only in states that have a coast, I have developed a successful strategy for keeping sand out of my food and mouth.

Terminator speaker with Alexa absolutely will not stop

Come with me if you want to live with a Terminator head in your living room.

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58 This feature could make the Galaxy S8 Active extra tough
59 Raspberry Pi: 14 million sold, 10 million made in the UK | ZDNet
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63 A cozy home theater for Batman, Peyton Manning and Scarface
64 Congress advised it has authority to undo any transgender military ban
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79 John McCain, ever the political dramatist, has always understood the value of TV comedy
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82 This Beyoncé-themed baby shower puts all your basic showers to shame
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89 Turns out, the alt-right really loves Scaramucci and his potty mouth
90 The 28 Worst Stephen King Deaths, Ranked
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