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Finally, a 'Game of Thrones' wedding where nobody dies - CNET

Dressed as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, this couple celebrates an epic "Game of Thrones"-themed wedding. And not a single drop of blood was shed.

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Frontman for pop supergroup The Black Eyed Peas (selling 33MM albums and 58 million singles worldwide), is a multi-faceted musician and entertainer.’s latest album #willpower has already charted a top 10 hit single and will feature artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Nicole Scherzinger, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Baby Kaely and Miley Cyrus.  Throughout the course of his career, has won 8 American Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and 1 Billboard Music Award.  Bring the action.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

How 13-Year-Olds Really Use Snapchat

The great thing about this app for a teenager is that parents have no idea what it is, how to use it and, best of all, they can’t comment on the photos you’re sharing with your friends. Most parents probably do not even know how to use the app overall. Kids love privacy, especially when they are in their teen years. This app gives us a way to send messages, with no fear in our minds that our parents will ever see it. That is the best and worst part about Snapchat.

'Things Tim Howard Could Save' Meme Saves the Internet

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

4 Household Items to Help Clean Your Phone

Your phone manufacturer will probably have its own cleaning tips, but here are four household items that can help beat the germ buildup on your cellphone.

Why One Of Google’s Wildest Designers Left For A Bank

One thing that seemed clear in my conversations with Zimmer and Makoski was that everything was on the table. Zimmer wants to shake up the banking industry, an industry he admits is behind the curve on user experience in the digital realm. An openness to new ideas and the potential to make a tangible impact within a company that drew Makoski to Capital One over offers from more obvious recruiters like Apple and Samsung. Might he create new software? Sure, he said. Could his team pursue new hardware--which would be relatively unheard of for a bank in the age of iPhones? Also a possibility, he said.

A Robot Valet Will Park Your Car at This German Airport

The robot valet is even connected to the airport's flight data system, and by checking customer trip data with the database, Ray knows when the customer will return for the vehicle. A traveler can note any itinerary changes in a parking app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Why Thousands Of Men Like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Are Getting Throat Cancer

It is not a matter of Journalism to speculate and gossip, or, at least, if should not be, unless you are a gossip columnist and not an editor on medicine and science. You have no idea, really, what the “probablilities” of this particular case are for HPV+ throat cancer. Once you put an assumption or a “probability” out in the press/media, you have created your own narrative and planted conclusions in the minds of the consumers of media, that never really go away. It simply is not your business or any one else’s business to publish a person’s health status or diagnosis based on assumptions, and, even if you had found out for certain, from a source other than Dimon or his designated and authorized representative, you are not justified in printing it. Forbes is not the coffee room at work or the privacy of your home. It is all over everywhere. It was irresponsible and disrespectful of you and your attempts to justify sound very immature.

Will the rich live to 120 and the poor die at 60? – Linda Marsa – Aeon

By the time people are 70-80 you are a more complete person with experiences, wisdom and knowledge. It's unfortuante this is the time our frail bio deteriotes. Use your imagination. Look at it in terms of years and don't think about a body that ages and withers away, don't think about it in short human perspective or society's dim depressing lense of time. When you just look at it in years compard to cosmic time 120 years is not long in 13.7 billion years of the Universe. 120 years is nothing. We should dream for a thousand. We just need to change our perspective. I don't want to hear from anyone about where would we put everyone. This always comes up and it's stupid. Aubrey de Grey has smashed on the ridiculous excuses for why longevity is not a good thing. We humans always figure it out. Space is really big people and when people live longer they will have less children. I personally think a couple billion people living for a really really long time and only bringing in a certain amount of humans each year is better than flushing everyone on the planet down the toilet every 100 years and restarting the process.

Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Thinks His New Stirling Engine Will Get You Off The Grid For Under $10K

Kamen’s contribution has been in engineering his Stirling with the most high-performance materials. He started off using skilled welders to put together key parts of the engine made out of exotic alloys. More recently he’s figured out how make those pieces with even more precision using 3-D printing. Crane says a key element in Kamen design was the perfection of a little plastic membrane that looks like a condom. The Beacon, which weighs about 1,500 pounds and is the size of a washing machine, also includes a battery system, which can be integrated with other distributed generation systems like solar panels.

Control your computer with a smile - CNET

Though Parshionikar is a mechanical engineer now working full time on face-control products for computers, he says he cannot take credit for the idea. "It started with my son's science fair project, when he was an eighth grader. He came up with the idea: 'You know Dad, how can you control a computer using your head?' And it felt like a great idea."

The $30M App That Rewards You For Just Browsing

First-mover advantage is nice, but it’s been a struggle for Roeding. He’s fending off new rivals–especially since Apple Apple last year introduced iBeacon, a Bluetooth signal that allows messages, like flash sales and discounts, to be sent to nearby phones. Shopkick had been working on a version of Bluetooth but decided to bundle iBeacon into its own tech, creating ShopBeacon. The result: a device that only sends signals to shoppers actually in the store (instead of a parking lot or somewhere else in the mall) and tells them to open the app to receive targeted messages if they’ve okayed push notifications. Within three months Roeding had a trial of ShopBeacon in Macy’s ahead of Black Friday. The retailer loved it because once you’re in the store you’re likely to buy something. “The conversion rates are very high,” says Roeding, anywhere from 20% to 95%. “That’s the opposite of online shopping, where conversion rates are terrible”–maybe 3%.

Moog’s New Theremini Looks Like a Spaceship, and Sounds Like One Too | Gadget Lab | WIRED

The Theremini ($319) is the latest instrument from Moog Music. The new design is not only retro-beautiful, but it injects some welcome playability into the almost-100-year-old concept. The classic theremin sound is still there, but you can now dial in pitch control. On a standard theremin, moving your right hand towards the antenna would result in a clean glissando sweep, and ever-moving-upwards note. With the Theremini’s pitch control turned on, you get a nice stair-step, so the sound advances up the scale one note at a time without all those messy notes-between-notes. Which particular scale it snaps to—major, minor, dorian, mixolydian, pentatonic, “Gypsy,” “Ryukyu”—and which root note is used gets dialed in by the performer and displayed on the LCD on the front. The level of pitch control is up to you. Same with the oscillator filter control and the built-in echo effect.

Why The Amazon Fire Phone Could Be A Smartphone Game Changer

When rumors started swirling that Amazon planned to unveil its own smartphone, there was an Internet-wide groan, and collective eye-rolling. The consensus seemed to be that the smartphone market is already saturated, and we simply don’t need any more players in this arena. Well, Amazon did unveil its own smartphone— the Fire Phone —and it is the first device in a long time with the potential to disrupt the smartphone status quo.

Epic hacker projects compete for a trip to space - CNET

That's the basic idea behind the Hackaday Prize , which is offering just such a trip for the grand prize winner that comes up with the best new piece of open-source hardware. It's not much more complicated than that, and the only real caveat seems to be that the project be hardware based, apps aren't going to cut it on their own. Entries also have to include documentation -- as Hackaday says "Openness is a Virtue" -- such as lists of parts, schematics, images, and videos.

Graphic Designer Scott Stowell: Why You Should Take On Projects You Don't Know How To Do

This is really more relevant to design than to other fields. How is someone who has no experience in say, private equity or marketing analytics going to 1) first get those jobs 2) do those jobs very well? The first hurdle is definitely huge, if not, almost insurmountable. I just don't see a lot of people in this world, particularly HR managers and recruiters, willing to take a chance on others who are passionate the work their companies are hiring for but have little direct experience. We definitely need a mindset change for us to be able to dabble in work that we don't quite know how to do but have the grit to take the problem by its horn and ultimately solve it.

Facebook’s Emotion Study Follows Efforts on Voting and Organ Donation | MIT Technology Review

With emotion-triggering effort, Facebook pushes beyond data-driven studies on voting, sharing, and organ-donation prompts, to make people feel good or bad.

Uber's Newest Tactic: Pay Drivers More Than They Earn

Hi Johnny, we’ve covered in the past how drivers are the ones who get hurt when fares are slashed. And in this case, with this most recent price cut, Uber is actually not taking 20 percent at all — it’s paying drivers 5 percent more than riders are paying. (That’s the same as taking 80 percent of what the fare would have been.) But I hear your frustration about how driver take-home pay is very different than driver net pay, after paying for gas, insurance, and car maintenance — that makes an enormous impact on driver livelihood, especially if drivers work in metro areas far from their homes. I meet a lot of UberX drivers in SF who live in Concord or farther, for example.

What Do a Tesla, Xeon and Mac Pro Have In Common? Tech Products Still Made in the U.S.A.

As Americans prepare to celebrate the 238 th anniversary of our founding document, there’s hope for a renaissance in technology manufacturing in the land of opportunity. It seems overly optimistic looking at the economic data since it shows the last decade hasn’t been kind to domestic computer and electronics manufacturing, with employment off over 20% from its pre-recession peak and shipments down a staggering 62%. Employment is still trending down, but production has bottomed the last few years; however after a generation of domestic offshoring and the rise of a myriad of foreign technology powerhouses, it would be easy to assume the business of building electronics had left the U.S. for good.

Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Winner Tim Draper Won't Say How Much He Paid

On Friday, the U.S. Marshals auctioned off the nearly 30,000 Bitcoin seized from infamous online drug bazaar Silk Road. The Marshals planned to sell them off in nine blocks to different bidders, but one bidder wound up beating out the competition: venture capitalist Tim Draper, for whom VC-ism runs in the blood (his grandfather and father were successful VCs, with a big win in an early investment in Skype, and his son runs a tech incubator). During a press conference Wednesday, Draper refused to reveal how much he paid for the Bitcoin — valued at about $17 million the day of the auction — stating only the obvious, that he “paid more than the other people in the auction.” According to a Marshals spokesperson, 45 bidders had made 63 bids.

7 Years of War in the Middle East, Captured on Camera | Raw File | WIRED

Modern warfare is murky. There’s nothing like the assassination of an archduke that signifies a clear beginning, or a surrender aboard a battleship to signal the end. For many in the United States, the war in Iraq appeared to end when the last soldiers left in 2011. But with the rise of the ISIS insurgency and the impending arrival of 300 U.S. troops, it’s becoming increasingly clear our involvement there is far from through.

WIRED Summer Binge-Watching Guide: Breaking Bad | Underwire | WIRED

Season 5: Episode 14, “Ozymandias” Breaking Bad isn’t just about one man’s descent from good into evil, it’s about how even people who do villainous things defy simple duality—how easy it is for both good and bad to coexist in the same skin. The question of whether he is truly Walter White or his alter ego Heisenberg was never the right one; he’s always been both. There’s a phone call in this episode between Walt and his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) here was widely seen as a metacritique of the most virulent Skyler haters, but it’s a metaphor for Walt himself: a mixture of truth and lies, heroism and villainy, and a loathsome demonstration of pride and ego that also serves as a gesture of atonement for the same. It’s perhaps the most tragic, complicated moment of a tragic, complicated man. Which parts are lies and which parts are the truth? Nobody seems to know for sure: not the audience, not Skyler, not Walt himself.

4 Designs That Reimagine The Farmers Market

The farmers market challenge is part of an ongoing Pop-Up Project Design Competition that will focus on a different small project each year. “The idea is to pick something that’s fairly small and feasible on a small budget to build, so you can physically experience it and not see a prototype or some 3-D rendering on a website,” Dufresne says.

Don’t Worry, Facebook Still Has No Clue How You Feel | Business | WIRED

That’s because Facebook’s experiment depends on “sentiment analysis”—algorithms that analyze text in an effort to tease out the emotions behind the words. Marketers have become especially excited about sentiment analysis in recent years because social media provides so much fodder for analyzing how consumers are feeling about a particular product. But even today’s most sophisticated tools, while fascinating and increasingly powerful, still offer only ham-fisted approximations of anyone’s emotional leanings. Computers, it turns out, still have a long way to go before they can really figure out how you feel, and that means Facebook’s ability to understand and influence on your feelings is limited, too.

WWE: Emma Fired, Then Rehired - IGN

So Emma was jobless for small moment there this afternoon. It still remains to be seen if or how she could be punished on WWE TV or backstage (lose a ton of matches or not be featured at all or given an actual shoplifting gimmick, etc.), but for now she's got a paycheck.

Microsoft's wearable will reportedly feature iOS compatibility, launch in fourth quarter 2014

The really intriguing, and yet not surprising aspect to the report, though, is that Microsoft will be looking to offer cross-platform compatibility right out of the gate. Unlike Samsung’s wearables that only work with Samsung-branded devices, or Google’s new Android Wear that only works with current (and future) Android-based handsets –or even Apple’s rumored iWatch, which will conceivably only work with Apple devices–, Microsoft wants to support not only Windows Phone, but also iOS and Android.

Ask The Experts, The Crowdsourced Edition: Your Answers To Popular Reader Questions

I am 28 years old and I'm doing well professionally, I make a good salary and I've been pretty successful, but I don't feel like I'm living up to my potential. I feel stuck in a job that doesn't interest me. For the last three years I have felt like I am not doing anything worthwhile, and I don't have a connection to anything I do. I want to do something that makes the world a better place but I don't know what that is. I daydream about creating the next big thing that will change the world but I don't know where to start. I follow all of the new big startups, and I am particularly fascinated by peer-to-peer sharing economy but I don't know how to make that work where I live (India). I know I'm young and early in my career, but l feel claustrophobic about all this and I have a lot of pressure to get married. I feel like I haven't really started my life or career yet. Where do I start?

Automotive Grade Linux Released for Open Source Cars | Open Source Application Software Companies content from The VAR Guy

The Linux Foundation and its partners participating in the AGL project hope the solution will help to ensure that the "connected" cars of the future use open source software to deliver the next generation of entertainment, navigation and other tools for use inside vehicles. "Openness and collaboration are key to accelerating the development of a common, standard automotive platform so the industry can more quickly achieve its vision of delivering the connected car," said Dan Cauchy, general manager of Automotive, The Linux Foundation.

Mortal Kombat X Gets Badass New Character Art - IGN

Since Mortal Kombat X was announced with a breathtaking trailer last month , we've had the opportunity to find out much more about the game with each passing day. We got a chance to go hands-on with the bloody brawler at E3 and walked away incredibly impressed , which in turn led us to explore how developer NetherRealm has managed to bring the series back from the brink .

Why you should know about Digital Ocean if you don't already

Speaking of DigitalOcean,   our guest this week is that company’s CEO Ben Uretsky who comes on to argue that even many  developers would rather buy “Droplets” of compute/storage/networking resources all at once, rather than slap together AWS components as needed. Apologies in advance for the construction noise near the end, but DigitalOcean is New York City based, and finding a quiet room in the Big Apple is like lassoing a unicorn.

PhRMA Wants US To Use TAFTA/TTIP To Stop EU Releasing Basic Drug Safety Information | Techdirt

A letter from the U.S. pharmaceutical association (PhRMA) to the TTIP chief negotiator for the United States, Douglas Bell, states: "The disclosure of confidential data from clinical and pre-clinical study files and patient data puts at risk the health system and the well-being of patients." Why more transparency should harm the health systems, the lobby group doesn't explain, but it makes clear to the negotiator how he should conduct the negotiations with the EU: the publication of commercially-sensitive data from a market authorization, the PhRMA letter said threateningly, is not only contrary to the rules of the American FDA, but also to the internationally-accepted intellectual property rights of the World Trade Organization, the so-called TRIPS Agreement. "PhRMA and its members call on the U.S. government to influence the EU at all levels in order to eliminate this problem."

Salesforce Mobile Reports And Dashboards Provide In-depth Knowledge On The Fly | TechCrunch today announced a new mobile reports and dashboards tool that runs on their mobile Salesforce1 platform. The goal of the product is to give salespeople access to information on the go, presented to them in a customized fashion to meet the unique needs of each individual user.

EVERCORE: Apple Is Now Selling Phones At A Faster Rate Than Samsung

In a note where Cihra ups his Apple price target, Cihra raises his Q2 iPhone estimate to 35 million units. If Apple hits that number, then sales would be up 12% on a year-over-year basis. That growth rate is slower than the overall smartphone market, but it's better than Samsung.  Cihra is estimating Samsung sells 81 million phones in Q2, which would only be a 6% bump on a year-over-year basis. (Of course, Apple's growth is greater because it's coming off a smaller base — Samsung is still adding more total phone sales than Apple is, based on these numbers.)