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The Importance of Passion in Entrepreneurship

Stephen and Azalina love beer and cooking, respectively. Hear them talk about how their passion drives everything in the next episode of Setting Up Shop.

Hey Jude, Nice Moves. Law Dances Up a Storm for Johnnie Walker Blue

Is that Jude Law twerking in a new Johnnie Walker ad? Why yes, it is.

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NIS America to pay agreed pledge for GaymerX2 [Update]

I would like to give an updated statement on the events that have unfolded over the past 24 hours. We, GaymerX, received an email from NIS America in regards to the sponsorship, which read as though there was a budget misallocation and that they would not be able to complete the terms of the sponsorship. This has been explained that that was not the case, however, they agreed that it was worded poorly and could understand how I could misconstrue the intent of the letter. I apologized to them for escalating it to the press in the manner I did - as I have no intention of causing the NIS brand harm, and was only looking to defend our company and make sure that we were going to get paid. I realize that it would have been much better to have more back and forth on the subject before going to the press and that my reaction, while in defense of the company, was extemely severe given the circumstances. I want to publically apologize for any pain or distress I may have caused NIS America or their team - they have been very genuine and sincere in fixing the issue and have confirmed that payment will be made in full.

Palantir Acquires Social Analytics Specialist Poptip - Digits - WSJ

The acquisition by Palantir, which specializes in large-scale data mining for the FBI, the CIA, and Wall Street firms, reflects the growing value of Twitter’s data as an indicator of social trends. Palantir is known sniffing out money trails, but the acquisition suggests that it’s seeking better ways to understand unstructured data (such as the language in a Twitter post) and to boost its profile among a more mainstream sort of potential clients.

9 Tips for Selecting and Implementing an ERP System

Experts in ERP and change management share their tips on how to choose and deploy an ERP system to maximize your monetary and time investment. Plus steps you can take to improve the chances of workers will actually use the software.

Google adds Hangouts feature from Google+ to its business apps - CNET

The company said anyone with a customer account with Google Apps -- the search giant's service aimed at enterprise users -- will now be able to use the feature, which lets multiple users in different locations chat over a video feed at one time. Google Apps customers will be able to use the service even if they don't have a Google+ account.

Founders On Depression | TechCrunch

I think my plan for dealing with depression if it comes back is very simple: do whatever it takes to never let it cripple me the way it did in high school. That may seem overly simplified but it’s the truth. If my writing and painting doesn’t work the way it does now to help me feel less stressed and more productive, then I will seek out the help of someone who can help me see the world in a more positive way. This may be a counselor, or a family member. I know that the people I love–my friends, my family, my girlfriend–always want to see me at the best I can be, and would always do whatever it takes to help me feel that way. To me, it’s very simple: do what it takes to find happiness. You end up asking yourself one question: am I going to roll over and die? No. Then that just leaves the option of figuring out how you will help yourself to see life in a more positive, opportunity-filled way.

Netflix starts paying AT&T to increase streaming video speeds

Similar to the deals struck with both Comcast and Verizon earlier this year, Netflix has agreed to a paid, peering contract with AT&T that will provide faster streaming speeds for Netflix subscribers. While the details of the contact were not released, it’s likely that Netflix paid a sum of money to AT&T that’s similar to previous deals with other providers. While the details of the contract were solidified during May 2014, AT&T is finally starting to increase speeds as of late July. Assuming the increased speeds work well, Netflix subscribers should experience less buffering and potentially increase the picture quality of television shows and movies .

Destiny: The Endgame is Only the Beginning – IGN First - IGN

“We want to have activities that occupy the range of challenge for you,” Smith says, changing gears slightly. “So if you're a fresh level 20 you can play the Nightfall daily activity at level 22 and it's going to be hard. It's going to be challenging. But you can get through it, maybe. Maybe if you have some friends. The weekly Nightfall activity is something that pushes all the way out as far as the leveling allows you to go in Destiny. So it ends up occupying at the far end of the spectrum: this extremely high gameplay investment challenge. Like it's both the toughest guys we can throw at you that's going to require the best gear, and it's going to have a bunch of modifiers on it that make it even harder.”

ASNE: Two-thirds of U.S. newspapers employ women in top editing jobs

The year 2013 was another gloomy year for newspaper women and men. The overall count of full-time daily newspaper staffers dropped to about 36,700 from about 38,000 last year — down about 3%. If there is a silver lining, it is that the rate of job loss slowed from the previous year, when it was down about 6%. The high-water mark for the ASNE census was 56,900 full-time newsroom staffers in 1989 — fully 20,000 more than today. This year marks the first time that ASNE has tried to identify women in the very top tier of newspaper leadership. And it comes in the wake of the firing earlier this year of the nation’s most prominent female editor — Jill Abramson of The New York Times — for issues related to “management in the newsroom.” (She was succeeded by an African-American , Dean Baquet; 15% of the papers surveyed told ASNE they had a minority journalist in one of the three top editing jobs.)

Yelp Swings To Profitability In Strong Q2 With $88.8M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.04 | TechCrunch

Today after the bell Yelp reported its second-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $88.79 million, and a profit of $0.04 per share. The company had net income of $2.7 million in the period, up from a $878,000 loss in the year-ago quarter.

The Value of Meaningful Connections

The internet isn’t a meritocracy, where we can just do good work, put it on a website and hope others will find it and buy it. Nothing will do this for you — not social media, not Kickstarter, not Medium, not Amazon, and not your blog .

Blockify - Reduce your PHP web development time by 50%

The blocks themselves are called in with a single line of PHP and are configurable with plenty of options to help get the look and feel you're going for. Content can be added by passing data into the block manually, or automatically from your favorite CMS.

5 Laws of Social Media Marketing

This states that if you don’t take yourself too seriously and find humorous ways of spreading the word about your brand, your brand WILL go viral. So, devote yourself to creating interesting and fun content. It could be in the form of videos, interactive, light-hearted Q&A sessions, and “state of the organization” addresses… whatever appeals to you as a brand. For instance, once a month you can schedule an interactive session using Google Hangouts or do a webinar. Here, some of your brand ambassadors can engage with your audience and they can ask questions about whatever your business offers.

This is Bolt, Instagram's new messaging app

"We're going to other regions soon, but are starting with a handful of countries to make sure we can scale the experience," an Instagram spokesman tells The Verge. "Instagram has 65 percent of its users overseas, so an international launch, while different, is actually not all that out of order with what we do." The spokesperson elaborated that the three countries were chosen for their geographical diversity, but also for their tight-knit communities, which Bolt hopes to piggyback on. Bolt, like Taptalk, only lets you send messages to one person at a time, which makes it most useful for sending quick photos or videos to a small number of people. The favorites bar at the bottom of Bolt only holds four friends, after all, though you can add up to 20, a list of which you can access with a swipe.

Indian E-Commerce Giant Flipkart Raises Massive $1B Round | TechCrunch

Flipkart , the largest e-commerce company in India, announced on Twitter that it has raised a massive $1 billion round. The round was led by Tiger Global Management and Naspers, with participation by GIC and existing investors Accel Partners, DST Global, ICONIQ Capital, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Sofina. The tweet confirms reports several days earlier in the Economic Times that company had secured that amount in funding at a reported $7 billion valuation.

Set up and manage email on Amazon's Fire Phone - CNET

The first time you launch the Email app on your Fire, you'll see a prompt asking you to enter your email address. Once you do, Amazon can determine the proper settings for your email provider. Providers such as iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, and Yahoo are supported with little extra effort required for setup. Next you'll enter your password, and after verifying your account info, the app will display a success message. For some services such as Google, the Fire will automatically sync your contacts and calendar on the device.

Martha Stewart is hooked on drones - CNET

The lifestyle goddess muses about the wonder that flying machines have brought into her life -- and could bring into yours.

Why a deep-learning genius left Google & joined Chinese tech shop Baidu (interview)

Despite lacking the visibility (in the U.S., at least) of Google and Microsoft, in recent years Baidu has done a lot of work on deep learning, one of the most promising areas of artificial intelligence (AI) research in recent years. This work involves training systems called artificial neural networks on lots of information derived from audio, images, and other inputs, and then presenting the systems with new information and receiving inferences about it in response.

BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform

The result is not only a decentralized architecture for Bleep, but also one that could be used by other SIP-compatible clients as well. “As long as the messaging application is using SIP it should be straight-forward, in theory, to switch over from a server-based client to our platform,” explained BitTorrent’s Director of Communications Christian Averill. The company hasn’t set a timetable for integrating third-party services, but Averill said it is open to talk to companies interested in using its P2P technology for messaging.

Opt Out of Amazon Prime’s Free Two-Day Shipping, Earn $1 Video Credit

Once you've filled up your cart, head to checkout and you'll see a new shipping option called "FREE NO-Rush Shipping." Pick this option and your item(s) will take around a week to get to you—there are reports of shipping times as short as three days—but you'll earn an Amazon buck to spend on movie and TV purchases in the Amazon store. The option is now available to all Prime subscribers, so if you don't need your order in a hurry, you can earn some free movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure.

Lords: right to be forgotten is wrong, unworkable, unreasonable (Wired UK)

The right to be forgotten is an interpretation of Article 12 of the Data Protection Directive, laid down by European Parliament in 1995 and relating to the protection and processing of personal data. For close to two decades, the law was not interpreted as having a "right to be forgotten" clause. But when one Mario Costeja González found that the first Google search result of his name related to a 1998 story about his property being repossessed, he demanded Google remove the link. Since the report was no longer representative of his financial situation, González declared it an invasion of privacy -- Google was highlighting a thing of the past, not allowing him to live it down.

Ferrari’s 458 Spider is a masterpiece that belongs in your art collection

It’s not hard to find a fast car, or a beautiful car. Finding a car that will be both of those things 10 years, 50 years down the road, though … that’s more difficult. The Ferrari 458 Spider is one of those cars. The 458 Spider is a work of art, both to behold but also drive. I truly believe that while so many other supercars will fade from memory, the 458 Spider will remain a pinnacle, a bright spot, in automotive design.

Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The “Pinterest For Creatives” | TechCrunch

Pinterest has acquired Icebergs , a “ Pinterest for creative types,” which offered an online collaboration service that allowed users to organize their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others. The Barcelona-based company was founded last year, and had a team of just over a half-dozen in both Barcelona and London.

Iceberg rescues Titanic: Content marketer launches fund for investigative journalism

Contently, a New York-based startup that specializes in content marketing, has launched a non-profit foundation that will use some of the revenue from its marketing business to fund investigative journalism

Taptalk’s Official Response To Its Clone ‘Instagram Bolt’ | TechCrunch

“F*ck Retakes”. That was Taptalk founder Onno Faber’s reply when I asked for his reaction to Bolt, Instagram’s new standalone app . Bolt lets you send photos and videos with one-touch by tapping a friend’s face…just like Taptalk . And those faces are lined up on the bottom half of the camera screen…just like Taptalk. But that doesn’t seem to have dampened Onno’s spirits. Here are the Taptalk messages he sent me back.

Google seeks public opinion on 'right to be forgotten' - CNET

With so many individuals and experts getting involved in this public discussion, will Google find the help it seeks to better make the appropriate decision on each takedown request? That remains to be seen. The search giant certainly seems to want to extend the debate, if only to show the European Union publicly that it's trying to grapple with a ruling with which it simply does not agree.

What's The Current State Of The American Dream? (Infographic)

A recent study shows we're less hopeful about achieving the "American Dream," but that the dream itself is shifting into something new.

Destiny Beta Played By 4.6 Million Gamers

“This is the biggest beta of this console generation by a wide margin and the largest console beta ever for a new video game IP to date,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “Hosting a beta at this scale is an incredible feat, so we’re thrilled to see the phenomenal response. But the beta is just a taste of what’s to come. We’re counting down the days to our launch day, September 9th.”

The Xbox One Will Be China's First Major Home Console Since The PS2

Microsoft is going to be able to start selling the Xbox One to the more than one billion people living in China starting on September 23. The company announced launch plans at a press event in Shanghai.

Square's New Device Will Read Microchip Credit Cards

As one of the largest consumer markets in the world, the U.S. has been the last to adopt the EMV system (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), which uses microchips in lieu of magnetic strips for tighter security on the holder’s personal information. However, all that is set to change in October 2015, when most U.S. banks will begin issuing EMV cards--and Square is thinking ahead now.

SDCC 2014: New Interstellar Trailer from Christopher Nolan - IGN

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con over the weekend to debut the second trailer for their upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar . And now the preview has made it online. Take a look:

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Which Will Greatly Expand Cortana’s Footprint | TechCrunch

What matters in the above isn’t the feature set per se, but the rapidity with which the update has been developed and slated for release. It also underscores the fact that Microsoft is not backing down from its larger Windows Phone strategy. Given that the company recently closed on more than $7 billion of Nokia assets, that’s not a shock, but it is useful to understand from a strategic perspective.

BitPay cuts transaction fees on starter plan, making bitcoin payment processing free (and unlimited) for merchants

“If you’re a merchant payment processor, like Braintree, you can only go so low because everything is determined upstream from you by Visa and the issuing bank,” Gallippi said. “The beauty of bitcoin is that it’s a decentralized payments network, and it doesn’t have interchange so there’s a lot of efficiencies you can get out of the system. We’re able to leverage that and have the decentralized network do all of the transaction validating for us. All we really have to do is build the software tools for our merchants.”

Twitch tries out live concerts with free house music performance tonight

The Aoki concert  will begin on his Twitch page tonight at 10PM ET . Twitch doesn't say if there'll be more concerts to follow, but it's apparently seen some interest from the music industry in using its platform. Concert streaming services have come and gone in the past though, so it makes sense for Twitch to step into it slowly. Fortunately for Twitch, it already has a large community, and that community is apparently looking for shows. Twitch says that part of the reason that it's testing the waters with this Aoki concert is because a recent poll of its users found that 80 percent said they were interested in watching live concerts.

Virgin Mobile intros a blank-slate smartphone plan you can customize any way you like

Next month, Virgin Mobile USA will offer a new, prepaid smartphone plan that is really dozens of different potential plans rolled into one. It can be an emergency plan with just the bare minimum of minutes necessary to keep your phone number active. Or it could be a data-centric plan loaded up with gigabytes.

FreedomPop's free data and voice are now available on tablets

Many people can't really justify buying a cellular-equipped tablet -- why pay for more data when your phone probably does the trick? FreedomPop is undoubtedly aware of that thriftiness, as it just started offering its namesake free service on tablets. Whether you buy one of the carrier's pre-supplied tablets or bring your own, you'll get the same gratis 500MB of LTE data, 500 messages and 200 voice minutes as a phone customer . That may not make sense at first, but FreedomPop reckons that it's important for apps that ask for a phone number. It's much easier to hail an Uber car when you can supply some digits, for example. It could also serve as a backup if your phone's battery dies, or if you're nearing your limits on a capped phone plan.

36 The tech firm helping a tough area

Eimar Day from foreign exchange company Monex Europe is on Wake Up to Money , looking at Wednesday's news the US economy is growing at 4% a year. She's not convinced it's all that great: "Most of it was rebuilding inventory. There's an armchair labour market in the US. People who have just given up looking for work. The unemployment rate is 6.1%, which gives a glowing image of the US economy, but the economically inactive do not show up in this data."

New Report: Snowden Revelations Hurt U.S. Companies - Digits - WSJ

The report documents a slew of proposed laws in foreign countries that would make it harder for U.S. firms to do business there. More than a dozen countries, including Germany, Brazil and India, have introduced or are debating rules that would require data to be held on servers in country and would limit the flow of information. Many are citing NSA spying as a reason to expedite these proposals. The European Union has proposed stricter domestic privacy legislation since the revelations. If the law passes — the EU is expected to vote on it next year — the resulting fines and penalties could cost U.S. firms billions of dollars.

The Best And Worst Paying Jobs In Design

Coding and designing are two separate skills. Both take full-time hours. Even if one designer could code at the same level as a developer, (s)he'd still have to spend the same amount of hours designing and then the same amount of time as a developer coding. So, projects would have to be cut in half, as workload has now doubled. It's still two jobs, two full-time jobs, even if someone has the skills for both, that doesn't mean the project requires less labor.

39 Android ID flaw exposes smartphones

The app impersonates 3LM software - many manufacturers add their own skins to Android to customise their devices' user interfaces and functions. In the past, HTC, Sony, Sharp, Motorola and others did this by using extensions created by a now defunct business called 3LM. By masquerading as 3LM's software, malware could take full control of the relevant devices and both uninstall their existing software as well as adding spyware, viruses and other damaging content of its own

This Clever Transforming House Has Three Rotating Rooms

The rooms rotate on a mechanism that's similar to the kind below moving exhibitions in museums or swiveling shipping containers at ports. This particular system was fabricated in Germany as the client had contacts there from his job importing large industrial CNC milling machines.

Hangouts Now Works Without Google+ Account, Becomes Part Of Google Apps For Business And Gets SLA | TechCrunch

Google had given us early access to its blog post about today’s announcement. In it, the company specifically referenced that anybody with a “Google account” could now use Hangouts with needing a Google+ profile. The final copy of the blog post changed that language to “any Google Apps customer account. ” We regret the error.

'Mario Kart 8' couldn't save Nintendo from a $97 million loss

Mario Kart on the Wii U is really good. Unfortunately it's just one game -- and it looks like it won't be enough to rescue the Wii U's sales. Nintendo apparently agrees, stating that its 9.9 billion yen loss was due to a lack of hit titles outside of the flagship racer. Matter-of-factly, Nintendo said:

23 Office Accessories for the Resident Workplace Weirdo

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

The 8 Best Sprites in Videogame History | Game|Life | WIRED

Classic gaming consoles could only keep track of a few moving images at a time. Super Mario, the turtle he’s stomping on, the magic mushroom he collects—each of these is a single sprite. On the Nintendo Entertainment System, sprites could be a maximum of 8 by 16 pixels, and could only have four colors each (one of those being a transparency).

3D Blu-ray support arrives in latest PlayStation 4 update

PlayStation 4's latest firmware is available to download and install now, bringing 3D Blu-ray support to the system as promised. If you're hoping for the same feature on Xbox One, it's due to hit in next month's system update . Today's PS4 update also means users can choose to automatically download "Featured Content" from the PlayStation Store - according to Sony Europe's Chris Owen that includes things like demos and time-limited trials, and no charged content. Also, system messages that were in the top right will now appear in the top left, and most importantly of all, the sound quality on 1.5x DVD and Blu-ray playback is improved. Finally, we can all move on! [Image: Fox]

Twitter may be considering a Facebook-style feed -- but would that help its growth or derail it?

Just because it implements some kind of algorithmic curation or filtering doesn’t mean Twitter is going to turn into Facebook overnight, of course. The company might confine that kind of approach to an updated or improved version of the “Discover” tab — which is designed to appeal to new users and increase engagement, but so far doesn’t seem to have had much impact. Or it might use algorithms in order to create beginner streams for new users, as a way of helping with “on-boarding,” while allowing existing users to remain unaffected.

Wii U gets way creepier with Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a survival horror game that focuses as much on insanity, loneliness and isolation as it does on external enemies. Directly influenced by classic survival horror and psychological thrillers like Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, Lone Survivor offers players many different ways to approach situations they encounter in the game. Avoid combat, or tackle your foes head on. Seek out companions or escape alone. Maintain your own sanity or risk falling into madness – Lone Survivor is a game that’s all about choice.

Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act

Now that you've signed up for email or text message updates about the Health Insurance Marketplace, you're one step closer to getting the health coverage you need. We'll send you tips and alerts that will help you stay on track to get health insurance that fits your budget and meets your needs.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

On being wrong

Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we're wrong about that? "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility.

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