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Apple’s new USB-C fast charger for iPhone leaks out early

Pictures of Apple’s rumored USB-C fast charger for iPhone have leaked out ahead of its official debut. The images claim to show a prototype version of the 18W adapter, which is expected to ship with Apple’s new iPhone lineup later this year. It’s likely the device will also be included with new iPads.

Are ESP and Psychokinesis Really Possible?

Ahead of a big science conference in Northern California, we speak with Dr. Dean Radin, who after years of study came to believe that there might be something to psi phenomena.

Review: BattleTech is a brilliant display of turn-based aggression

Finally! A BattleTech game that makes me feel like I'm a kid playing with dice and miniatures again. This is turn-based strategy at its finest.

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Facebook Acknowledges It Shared User Data with 61 Companies | Hacker News

I actually dont think so. Faacebooks major competitive advantage is their data NOT being in other peoples hands. You can mess with the data, target people based on the data, etc, IF you do so from within facebooks environment. The last thing they want is data leaving their ecosystem. They made Graph Search and Dev waay too powerful, and people stared using it, before facebook caught on to how much data was leaking. Their intent was never to lose control of the data, because that makes what they offer less valuable. reply

3 Best tech deals for the Fourth of July

If you're among the many MacBook fans put off by the new touchbar, lack of HDMI and move to USB-C, this old-school, port-heavy model from a few years ago could be just the ticket. With a Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and a 256GB HDD, it won't even feel dated.

HTC is falling to pieces thanks to Apple | Cult of Mac

HTC, once among Apple’s top rivals in the smartphone market, is laying off a quarter of its workforce. This is just the latest step in the slow collapse of the Taiwanese company.

5 Trump asks FCC to block China Mobile’s U.S. entry due to security concerns

( Reuters ) — The U.S. government moved on Monday to block China Mobile from offering services to the U.S. telecommunications market, recommending its application be rejected because the government-owned firm posed national security risks.


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7 Tesla lagging on Model 3 production, workers say

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla Inc is not producing enough Model 3s per shift to reach the 5,000 per week target that Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said it would reach by Saturday, three line workers at the company’s Fremont, California, assembly plant told Reuters this week.


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Google's Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says

Apple Maps is getting a complete redesign

The Apple Maps overhaul has been a long time coming, TechCrunch reports it's been in the works for years, and it should be a welcome change for iPhone users. For Apple, it also gives them the opportunity to make a mapping app that actually has a shot at being on the same level as Google Maps.

Investors get next peek at Apple earnings on July 31 | Cult of Mac

One of the biggest things investors will be looking at is Apple’s guidance for the next quarter. The 2018 iPhone lineup might come out within the last week or so of Q4. If Apple predicts that revenues will come in a lot higher than last Q4, that could be a good sign that three new iPhones are launching soon.

Some Samsung users say their phones randomly sent photos to contacts

13 Comcast aware of nationwide outage impacting its internet, video and voice users | Hacker News

Best current info is as follows: There is a fiber cut somewhere between NYC and Chicago. At the same time there is also a fiber cut between Ashburn, VA, and locations in South Carolina. The cut is somewhere in NC. Copy and paste from Level3 notification system: " * CASCADED EXTERNAL NOTES 29-Jun-2018 15:13:37 GMT From CASE: 14815828 - Event Field Operations dispatched to the estimated failure location and upon arrival was advised by local law enforcement there was a truck that struck a utility pole, which then fell across the street and struck another pole, which then tore down the aerial fiber lines. In addition to the fiber lines being down, live power lines are down as well. OSP will be dispatching a fiber repair and construction crew to the site; however, until the local utility company has completed their repairs and deemed the area safe, fiber repairs cannot begin. * CASCADED EXTERNAL NOTES 29-Jun-2018 19:21:05 GMT From CASE: 14815828 - Event The OSP has contacted the personnel transporting the replacement fiber, and they advised they remain en route, and on schedule for their ETA of 20:15 GMT.

The NES Classic is back. Here's where to get it.

We will see if Nintendo has learned its lesson from when it first launched the NES Classic in extremely short supply, forcing would-be buyers to get consoles from resellers for jacked-up prices . After several months of failing to meet fans' demands for the console, Nintendo discontinued it without showing any intention of bringing it back.

15 Valve Creating its Own Version of Steam Spy

Back in April, Valve made Steam accounts much more private and reduced the amount of data shared publicly, effectively killing the popular Steam Spy service. But now Valve is set to replace Steam Spy with a new set of tools for developers.

Facebook bug temporarily unblocked people from 800,000+ block lists


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18 Here are the best products of 2018... so far

SimpliSafe's install-it-yourself security system got a much-needed makeover this year, but the price is just as affordable as before. With reliable performance, an Alexa integration that lets you arm the system with your voice and 24/7 professional monitoring available for less than the competition, our top home security pick is better than ever.

Founder to CEO (Matt's Book for Startups)

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Scale: API For Human Intelligence

Our team has built the simplest API for human intelligence. AWS changed the game by removing the need to run your own infrastructure, which enabled a new generation of software companies. We want to do the same by removing the need for you to run your own operations team.

iPhone X vs. OnePlus 6: Photo samples

By contrast, the iPhone X has more saturated colors, especially with the blue car and the red door. Some people may prefer this look compared to the results from the OnePlus straight out of camera.

Close-up with the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Designed for photographers and videographers, SanDisk's speedy new rugged mini external SSD is water-resistant and comes in capacities up to 2TB.

Here's why AI-powered robot managers might work at your office

Employees may be more ready for the artificial intelligence (AI) apocalypse than expected, according to a recent report from Oracle and Future Workplace. The vast majority of the 1,320 HR leaders and employees surveyed—93%—said they were ready to take instructions from robots at work, due in large part to their growing use of the technology at home.

Lyft pulls an Uber and acquires Motivate, a bike-sharing company

As part of the deal, Lyft will now own Motivate's technology, including its apps, bike-tracking services, customer support, and bicycle maintenance systems. When Motivate's bicycles will become available on the app to Lyft customers was not immediately clear.

Microsoft plans to take on iPhone with folding dual screen Surface | Cult of Mac

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a mysterious new Surface device codenamed Andromeda. The device has supposedly been in development for the last two years and features a dual-display design that can fold to fit into your pocket.

26 OnePlus 6 in red may be coming soon

If you're looking to buy the OnePlus 6 and you like the Lava Red variant of the OnePlus 5T, it may be worth holding off buying the phone to see if it happens. That said, the Lava Red OnePlus 5T sold out quickly so you may have to act fast when it's official.

TickTick is the best task manager [Cult of Mac’s Essential iOS Apps #33]

Another great feature of TickTick is Siri support (this requires a premium subscription). Adding a task by voice can be done in one of two ways. The main way is by asking to create a reminder in TickTick. The other way is to use the stock Reminders app and allow TickTick to intelligently import from Apple’s app. To make it even better, TickTick can automatically remove any tasks from Reminders after import, allowing it to fully replace the stock app.

Nine-lens smartphone from camera maker Light may launch this year

“I’m not that happy with the L16 as a camera,” O’Kane wrote.”But for Light, the real value of the L16 is not as a standalone product. Rather, it’s a demonstration of certain technologies and ideas, all of which could make a lot more sense in smartphones.”

Fortnite’s Playground could return this week, but don’t get your hopes up

Epic has promised that Playground will return this week, and in a new update published today, it says “recent tests look promising.” But we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.

30 Delayed 'Fortnite' Playground practice mode is finally online

Playground is basically an instance of the Fortnite map that will host up to four players at a time. You'll get an hour to practice all your building and tactics before the deadly storm starts shrinking during the final five minutes of the match. You'll be able to shoot your teammates in this mode, too, for a little friendly competition, and you'll get unlimited respawns when you're shot. Resources are also more plentiful, and you'll be able to gather them at 10 times the normal rate. There are a ton of llamas, chests and ammo boxes scattered about, as well, to keep you well-stocked as you play.

5 ways to screw up as a woman in technology – Zornitsa Tomova – Medium

Lesson 1 comes from the experience that pushed me towards the entrepreneurial path 5 years ago. I was writing my thesis for my MSc in Engineering Business Management and I needed to find a company to do my case study, and fast. My father got me in touch with an ex-customer of his and we arranged for a 1-day workshop for exploring business opportunities using some creative problem solving techniques I specialized in. When that day came, I found myself in a room with 14 managers, all men of average age of 45. I hadn’t slept all night and it was my first time doing a workshop like that — I knew how it should work in theory, but I’d never even seen anyone else do it and was scared as hell. I had no idea of the water power plant turbines business they were in and almost no practical business experience. To say I felt intimidated and out of place by the sight of the room is an understatement. Who was I, a 23-year-old university student, to be advising those guys with 25+ years of experience? I got myself together somehow and dived in.

Tesla’s Engineering Chief Is Out After Taking Leave of Absence

Tesla Inc.’s engineering chief won’t return from his leave of absence, a person familiar with the situation said, as the auto maker heads into a pivotal period to prove it can sustain production of the Model 3 sedan.

A Cyber-Security Expert Trolled the Trolls. Then One Killed Him.

TOKYO — Around 10:50 p.m. on the night of June 24, a very pale and thin man with glasses parked his bicycle and walked into a police station in Fukuoka City’s Higashi ward carrying a large bag. He told the police there, “I’ve killed a man.” In the bag was a seven-inch blood-stained knife. There was blood on his shoes.  Later at police headquarters he would explain that he had killed a cybercrime expert who called him out as an internet troll. He admitted to taking online anger into the real world with a vengeance.

YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode is live for all US Android users

YouTube has confirmed that picture-in-picture mode — previously a paid-only feature — has now rolled out to all U.S. YouTube users on Android on supported devices. The feature, which works on Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, had been slowly rolling out to non-Premium subscribers since this April we understand, and the full rollout completed on Monday.


Apple is planning to improve it over the years to come while Google is far ahead already, not sure how Apple plans to compete it. Plus Google has far more reachability in many countries and local places. And also Apple relies on foursquaare to get pics while Google has own sets.

36 How autonomous flying taxis could change the way you travel

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

37 AT&T raises DirecTV Now pricing by $5 per month

Following last week’s launch of its low-cost streaming TV service, Watch TV, AT&T is now raising prices on its original over-the-top offering, DirecTV Now, by $5 per month. That means instead of starting at $35 per month for its basic “Live a Little” tier with 60+ channels, the new service will start at $40 per month. The other tiers are going up by $5 per month, as well.

38 Amazon's biggest Prime Day sale starts on July 16th

And, of course, Amazon's latest partnership is being brought into the Prime Day fold. Whole Foods Market will have a bunch of deals available on its most popular products, and those shopping with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa will get double the cashback from July 14 through 17. Prime Day kicks off around the world (and for the first time in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands and Luxembourg) on July 16th at 3 PM ET.

Android P Beta 3 is rolling out now

Don’t expect much in the way on consumer-facing features, as Google finalized all the APIs with Beta 2. Instead, Google says Beta 3 focuses on “the latest bug fixes and optimizations for stability and polish,” which suggests this should be pretty close to what we’ll get with the final version of Android P when it launches in the fall.

The EU’s disastrous copyright reform will sabotage internet culture

Fortunately, the campaign in Brussels is not over yet. Another crucial vote will take place in the European Parliament on July 4-5. The voices of European users, creators, and small companies have been largely ignored, but there’s a final chance to show EU lawmakers that we don’t want to cede the internet to giant rightsholders and large platforms.

Nut milk continues to be big business

Two years ago it was almond milk. More recently it became oat milk. Who knows what the milk alternative of the future will be? Whatever it is, these various milk alternatives continue to bring in the dollars, so it’s not terribly shocking that the companies behind these products are wooing investors.

42 Probe into Facebook's data breach broadens: Washington Post

(Reuters) - A federal investigation into Facebook Inc’s data breach with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica has broadened focus on the actions and statements of the tech giant, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the inquiries.

How quantum computers will change everything without you noticing

Today, it’s impossible to imagine living without Google Search, but could you really pitch it as a billion dollar idea thirty or forty years ago? Do any of us even remember the first time we Googled something? Chances are you won’t notice as quantum computers get started changing the world. But the results of the technology will ripple through most fields and affect almost everything and everyone.

Coinbase’s cryptocurrency custodial service is open for business

It is not known whether Coinbase has secured the SEC license yet, but the company has announced it will ‘leverage the expertise and systems’ of its partner Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC), a SEC-registered broker-dealer for Coinbase Custody for now.

UK government food agency is putting meat on the blockchain

The ARCHANGEL project is a prototype, running on Ethereum , that seeks to transform record keeping on a macro scale by maintaining trust in archives over long periods of time. Just like the FSA’s platform, it is to be completely resistant to fraud and other tampering by automatically generating audit trails for each digital record.

500px no longer lets you sell photos directly or publicly license them

Over the weekend, 500px shut down its Marketplace , which was set up in 2014 and allowed members to license their photographs for commercial use through its platform. And with that, users have also lost the ability to share their work with content creators to remix and use in their own projects under Creative Commons licenses.

This hotel chain is using biometric data to find you the perfect vacation spot

[Photo: courtesy of Le Club AccorHotels] Members of the press got a preview of the tech last month in a fully immersive experience, and it was—not to use too technical of a term—super cool. After strapping on a stylish headband that monitored alpha and gamma brain waves, and wrist cuffs to monitor heart rate and skin response, there was Ferrofluid to play with, a waterfall that would allegedly determine whether you love tranquility or adventure, motion-tracking that figures out whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, and pillars straight out of the Fortress of Solitude that gauge your affinity for either modern or rustic environments.

Report: Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder among the top-grossing apps on iOS

That’s the takeaway from App Annie’s latest report , which looks back on the last 10 years of Apple’s App Store to determine the most popular and profitable iOS apps and games of all time. Out of the 4.5 million apps that have been released on iOS, games account for 31% of downloads, but three-quarters of spending as people try to improve their clans and honor their kings. Apple’s App Store also generates more money than Google’s version, even though it’s installed on fewer devices. The bulk of that spending comes from the U.S. market, with 40 billion downloads raking in $36 billion.

49 Speedrunners raised $2.21 million for Doctors Without Borders

Last year, the event raised $1.7 million for the same charitable organization; it also raised $1.2 million in 2016 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This year's Summer Games Done Quick was held at a hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, and ran from June 24th through July 1st with more than 2,200 attendees. The organization has raised in totality more than $16 million for charities that also include the Organization for Autism Research and CARE.

Facebook shuts down tbh and other apps over 'low usage'

Some of Facebook's mobile app efforts fare better than others , and that's clearer than ever right now. The social network has announced that it's shutting down teen polling app tbh , caller ID tool Hello and fitness tracker Moves based on "low usage." It's scrubbing user data for all three within 90 days, but the apps will likely stop working before that. Facebook will deprecate Moves and its programming kit on July 31st, while Hello is facing a similar fate in "a few weeks."

51 This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren't completely shit
52 Nvidia will reportedly unveil its next generation of graphics cards next month
53 NASA Juno spacecraft offers another incredible image of Jupiter
54 Today in Apple history: Apple admits Antennagate is a thing | Cult of Mac
55 Instagram tests letting you ask questions in Stories
56 That 'Fortnite' cheating app is probably hiding malware
57 Everything MoviePass does just makes things worse
58 Twitter
59 1 Cool Thing: Pocketalk Universal Translator
60 Michael Dell will give up his power to never be fired after Dell becomes a public company again
61 AT&T promised lower prices after Time Warner merger—it’s raising them instead
62 Twitter
63 The Justice Department and FBI’s probe into Cambridge Analytica is now looking at Facebook, and the SEC and FTC are getting involved
64 Twitter
65 How France beat Russian meddling (and we could, too)
66 Hackers took over the Gentoo Linux GitHub repository
67 Report: Microsoft really is working on a 'pocket-sized' folding Surface
68 EFF and human rights groups sue to have FOSTA declared unconstitutional
69 The 10 best political jokes of 2018 (so far)
70 Test firing a new rocket engine (and watching it explode)
71 A massive cache of law enforcement personnel data has leaked
72 Comcast went down all over the U.S.
73 British divers at heart of Thai cave rescue among best in world
74 4 tips for making data cleanup easier and more efficient
75 China urges the United States to be fair to Chinese companies
76 DeepMind, NHS use anonymized patient data in AI to avoid regulatory hurdles
77 Ask Smithsonian: What's the Deepest Hole Ever Dug?
78 Japan's World Cup-predicting octopus. Killed. For food
79 Bare Metal K8s Clustering at Chick-fil-A Scale – Chick-fil-A Tech Blog – Medium
80 The 10 Most Pirated Movies
81 'Dead' woman wakes up in a morgue. Why does this keep happening?
82 British divers make contact with missing Thai football team
83 What’s in a Word? Yes you CAN use challenging vocabulary in a picture book! • by Natascha Biebow
84 Startup Battlefield returns to Sub-Saharan Africa this December
85 Would You Like to Tour the Tomb of Nefertari? Grab Your VR Headset and Explore!
86 Here's why the NSA just deleted all of the calls and texts it collected since 2015
87 "Stylish" browser extension steals all your internet history | Robert Heaton
89 Please stop asking me to use the app • r/beta
90 Uproar as Uganda telecom companies implement social media tax
91 The Hidden Cost of Touchscreens – Amber Case – Medium
92 Facebook is buying UK’s Bloomsbury AI to ramp up natural language tech in London
93 Lyft is taking on Uber not with cars, but with bicycles
94 How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls
95 A Buddhist temple in Beijing built a robotic monk to spread the word
96 It's official: Amazon Prime Day starts July 16
97 Public Attitudes Toward Technology Companies