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Snapchat lets you add links, voice filters, and backdrops to Snaps

Snapchat is breaking its long-standing 'no links' rule today while also providing some novel new creative tools to keep it one step ahead of Instagram. The..

In the age of streaming TV, who needs title sequences?

The Sopranos kicked off a fancy title sequence revolution. But is it time to whack them?

Christopher Bailey just quit his job at Burberry, to focus on his job at Burberry

It turns out Christopher Bailey wasn't cut out for running both the creative and the business sides of Burberry aft

'Spider-Man' Tom Holland reacts gleefully to memes about Tom Holland

With fame comes memes.

There's a FIFA simulator in 'Destiny 2,' apparently

This is the best pointless minigame out of all the pointless minigames.

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Flying to the US from Dubai or Turkey? You can now use your laptop again on the plane

The US government put the ban in place  in March, claiming specific intelligence threats indicated that large electronics could be used to conceal bombs. The ban applied to airlines flying from eight Middle Eastern and North African nations to cities in the US and meant that any electronics larger than a phone had to be stored in the hold.

Baidu’s global alliance to accelerate AI adoption in self-driving cars

Baidu, the operator of China’s largest search engine, said it has formed what it claims to be one of the world’s largest and diversified open autonomous driving alliances with more than 50 partners as the company ramps up its efforts to accelerate the commercialisation of artificial intelligence.

'Assassin's Creed' is becoming an anime series

Less than a year since the release of the Assassin's Creed film adaptation, Ubisoft is set to revisit the world of its hit game franchise in the form of an anime series. Producer Adi Shankar claims the show will be his next project, after Netlifx's Castlevania -- making him the go-to guy for animated video game adaptations.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks universal basic income is a 'bipartisan idea' worth exploring in the US

Mark Zuckerberg has increasingly become a vocal advocate of universal basic income, the economic system in which all people are given a free paycheck from the government, no questions asked.

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NotPetya hackers demand $256,000 in Bitcoin to cure ransomware victims

Apple launches sixth betas of iOS 10.3.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.6

One week after the last set of releases, Apple has made available the sixth beta of iOS 10.3.3 and macOS 10.12.6 to developers for testing.

Black Apple AirPods are available now, but not from Apple

Apple's standard white AirPods go for $159, and aren't (yet) available in any other color. They're still backordered for six weeks at, but Best Buy is shipping them sooner. The ship time for a pair of BlackPods is two weeks.

Hyperloop: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

The transport system would carry passengers and freight on board a vehicle travelling at up to 760mph. These fantastically high speeds would be made possible by two key differences to modern trains. The vehicle would be raised above the track, using either magnetic levitation or a cushion of pressurized air, removing resistance as the wheels turned. Secondly, the vehicle would travel inside a tube where most of the air had been pumped out, massively reducing the speed lost to friction.

Hey Siri, what's taking Samsung's digital assistant so long?

The delayed launch of Bixby comes at a time when virtually all of the major tech companies are rolling out their own voice-activated digital assistants. Everyone from Apple to Google to Amazon sees speech as the next significant way to interact with your devices and is keen to develop a relationship with you. The hope is your loyalty to an assistant like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa or Samsung's Bixby will better tie you their products and services.

Everything You Need to Know About Phone and TV Display Tech

The technology powering the display on your phone, or even your TV, is a lot different than it was even ten years ago. More colors, more pixels, and a whole lot more acronyms and complex terms that mean something—even if you have no idea what that something is. Display technology in 2017 is a complicated business, but if you understand some basic concepts and a few of the acronyms everything starts to be about as clear as that sweet iPhone display you might be reading this on.

How Western PR Firms Quietly Push Putin’s Agenda

There is, however, a second front in Russia’s effort to shape the hearts and minds of U.S. citizens, and it’s received almost no attention in mainstream U.S. media outlets since the election.

Geely's Volvo to go all electric with new models from 2019

STOCKHOLM All Volvo car models launched after 2019 will be electric or hybrids, the Chinese-owned company said on Wednesday, making it the first major traditional automaker to set a date for phasing out vehicles powered solely by the internal combustion engine.

What is Amazon Prime Day and when does it start?

It is the latest event in Amazon's bid to turn its customers into paid-up Prime members and it's aiding this with a £20 discount on new memberships until July 3, meaning Amazon Prime will cost £59 to join for a limited time.

The 15 cities with the most trees around the world

To find out, MIT's Senseable Lab  partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to create Treepedia , a site with interactive maps that show the density of greenery in major cities around the world.

Branson Targets Space by Mid-2018 as Virgin Begins Powered Tests

Richard Branson ’s Virgin Galactic is poised to resume powered test flights more than 2 1/2 years after the fatal breakup of its experimental rocket plane, with the billionaire entrepreneur aiming to make the first trip into space himself by the middle of next year.

Whatever your ailment, there could soon be a robot to fix it

The tech is currently in trial stage, but one hope is that it will be used in rural areas of China, where the mortality rate from stomach cancer is three times that in cities, due to lack of specialist facilities. The Leeds researchers are also collaborating with a team at University College London to develop image recognition software that will be able to recognize lesions on behalf of medical staff.

In China 5G trials, ZTE hits massive 19 Gbps network speeds - TechRepublic

One of the most prominent tests was the eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) test, conducted at sub-6Ghz. In the test, ZTE was able to offer 28 streams to users through the 3.5 GHz pre-commercial base station, the release said, ultimately achieving the new 19+ Gbps record. In the release, ZTE said this could be used to help connect some of the densely-populated urban areas in China.


Virgin Galactic set to start powered flight tests, aims for 2018 commercial trips

After current glide-only tests wrap up, powered tests will begin at a pace of one every three weeks, reaching higher altitudes until eventually climbing to the edge of space by November or December of this year. If all goes well, Branson himself is set to be among the first tourists to space in 2018 around mid-year, and then by the end of 2018 he hopes to begin offering full commercial flights for paying passengers.

7 React libraries your programmers should know

Bit  is a powerful tool that lets you use any component found in any application or repository in any other application or repository. It adds a thin virtualization layer on top of your source files which helps to create, manage and reuse components wherever they are needed. It also lets you use individual components without having to pull in entire libraries. It automatically parses the docs and runs tests for your components anywhere using any framework, making it a great tool to work with for React component. In the Bit community hub you can also find components from nearly any React UI feature you will need.

Why arguments for private cloud cost competitiveness are 'almost always false' - TechRepublic

Golden calls out a number of factors—from hardware and software infrastructure, to bandwidth, to energy, to labor, to the cost of capital—and every single one favors public cloud in terms of cost. Using hardware as an example, Golden noted: "Providers buy in much larger quantities than almost every IT organization, so receive volume discounts. Moreover, most of them have moved to internal design and direct purchase from Asian ODMs, so they avoid paying the profit margin imposed by a systems vendor. And for sure, none of the webscale providers buy 'enterprise-grade' equipment, unlike most enterprises."

Japan's population is falling faster than it ever has before

The number of births in Japan fell 2.9% from the previous year to 981,202 today, the lowest since comparable data became available in 1974. People at or above the age of 65 account for 27.2% of the total population, the highest ratio on record, while those 14 or younger make up just 12.7%, the data showed.

Fender partners with Apple for Apple Music curated playlists featuring its guitars

Guitar manufacturer Fender has become the latest major brand to become an official playlist curator for Apple's services, with five unique playlists accessible via Apple Music featuring notable artists and songs spanning more than seven decades that showcase the firm's instruments. The Fender playlist page provides five different playlist themes, with each spanning rock and roll, country and western, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B genres. The company claims the playlists are wide-ranging, featuring music from classic rock icons and emerging artists, along with more experimental guitar works. The "Roots, Rock & Twang - A Mix" playlist will blend Americana, Country, and Rock tracks into a single list, with "Shuffle - Today's Hits" offering more modern tracks. The "Best of the Rock You Need to Know" list features rock and blues-style tracks said to energize the listener's day, with those wanting to hear more acoustic guitar tracks able to listen to "The Best of Everything Acoustic" list. Lastly, the "Best of Under the Radar" playlist will collect together tracks from up and coming artists and bands that the guitar producer favors, most likely those using its products for music creation.

Amazon teases early Prime Day deals for Alexa shoppers

"This is going to be the most exciting Prime Day yet for voice shoppers," said Assaf Ronen, Amazon's vice president of voice shopping, in a release. "Prime members have asked, 'Alexa, what are your deals?' more than 3 million times since we launched Alexa deals last year, and we're thrilled to deliver even better deals this year."

U.N. survey finds cybersecurity gaps everywhere except Singapore

GENEVA Singapore has a near-perfect approach to cybersecurity, but many other rich countries have holes in their defenses and some poorer countries are showing them how it should be done, a U.N. survey showed on Wednesday.

Darknet 101: Your guide to the badlands of the internet

Buying drugs, guns or the hacked personal details of millions of unsuspecting people -- welcome to the darknet, where everything is off the grid.

Questionable report claims Apple shipping 'influx' of next-gen iPhones with Touch ID on back

Confusion and misdirection for Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup continues to persist, with the latest claimed leak dubiously suggesting an "influx" of iPhone units with rear Touch ID sensors have been shipping. But there is plenty of reason to be skeptical about the latest claims. Via Benjamin Geskin. Parts leaker Benjamin Geskin shared the details on Twitter on Wednesday, but even he showed skepticism toward the latest details. The image shows a pallet of smartphone front panels, featuring slimmer but not edge-to-edge bezels. A note accompanying the image claims to be from a shipping company employee who allegedly does safety inspections on batteries. The person says they opened the box in question during a customs and safety inspection, and that the units were en route to Apple. "Lately we've seen a huge influx of the iPhones with the Touch ID on the back, probably a few pallets per day," they wrote. Geskin suggsted on Twitter that he does not believe the handsets pictured will be Apple's "iPhone 8." Instead, he tweeted a mockup of what he believes will be this fall's flagship "iPhone 8," featuring a truly edge-to-edge display.

Nvidia jumps after announcing an AI partnership with Baidu (NVDA) | 07/05/17

The partnership doesn't stop with cars, though. The two companies will also be collaborating on improving Baidu's AI research capabilities. Baidu will deploy some of Nvidia's server hardware in its data centers. Nvidia's hardware should help researchers process data from images, speech text and video faster than before, according to the joint press release.

Tesla reportedly described as a ‘predator zone’ by female employees

For its part, Tesla is aggressively rebutting the claims made by Vandermeyden and other female employees. First, the company denies the meeting at which women described Tesla’s factory as a “predator zone” was a result of the essential oils invitation; the meeting, which was convened by a group called Women in Tesla, was already on the schedule.

Ukraine scrambles to contain new cyber threat after NotPetya attack

KIEV The Ukrainian software firm used as part of last week's global cyber attack warned on Wednesday that all computers sharing a network with its infected accounting software had been compromised by hackers.

Microsoft employees are bracing for layoffs to be announced Thursday

The employees who commented on Blind did not know how many total jobs would be cut. Not all of them who have meetings scheduled Thursday believe that they personally will be laid off. Some believe that they will be transferred to new roles within Microsoft.



Top 17 Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone

You’ll see a little three dotted button at the end of the toolbar, right next to the Send button. Tap it and Facebook Messenger will show you a list of apps specifically made to interact with Messenger. You’ll find all sorts of crazy and fun apps here. For creating GIFs, videos and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll need to download these apps to be able to use them. But once downloaded, they integrate seamlessly with Messenger.

Use Sugru to Keep Your Expensive Gaming Equipment Safe From Kids' Sticky Hands

Kids and electronics usually don’t mix. I have more than one broken headphone jack and a missing iPod thanks to my siblings. With my family visiting this week, my younger sister will be looking for something controller-shaped to play with and promptly demolish. So I’m prepping my living room’s game controllers for the reckoning with some Sugru , the silicone and rubber adhesive putty that lets you customize basically everything you own.

4 text-to-speech apps that will read online articles to you - TechRepublic

Speech Central works on more platforms than any of the other apps here, with apps available for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android (although the app is available from Amazon, not the Google Play store). It also supports the ability to read text from other formats, such as Word, PDF, and more. On iOS, the app supports the system voices, although you can adjust the voice pitch, as well as the default 1x speed to be slightly faster or slower.

Google’s AI powerhouse DeepMind is opening its first international lab in Canada

Although it was bought by Google in 2014, AI firm DeepMind has always been true to its British roots — expanding its offices in London, working closely with UK institutions like the NHS, and even teaching in the country’s universities. Now, though, the company is opening its “ first ever international AI office” — in Edmonton, Canada.

Don't Let Unpleasant Sensations Take Control of Your Mind

Of course, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t address things that bring you discomfort. You don’t have to grin and bear pain “just because.” This is about self-awareness, and a oft-needed reminder that whining, complaining, and snapping at others is not beneficial to anyone, no matter what state you’re in. When you stub your toe on the couch, there’s no point in punching the cushion. When you feel tired or hungry, there’s no point in being grouchy with the people you care about. And when you feel cold, there’s no point in complaining about it endlessly. Go put on a damn jacket. Be strong, learn to endure, and let your rational mind stay in charge.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

AOC and Porsche designed a monitor with no hanging cables

AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche are collaborating on monitors. The companies designed and manufactured two new Full HD displays — the 24-inch PDS241 and the 27-inch PDS271 — with their single cable as the selling point. That cable, which is routed through the stand and comes out the back, combines the power and HDMI inputs in one place. I suppose a single cable looks better than a bunch of them hanging off the display, but is this necessarily the pinnacle of design? Nah, probably not.

Newly discovered photo suggests Amelia Earhart survived crash-landing

The photo, found in a long-forgotten file in the National Archives, shows a woman who resembles Earhart and a man who appears to be her navigator, Fred Noonan, on a dock. The discovery is featured in a new History channel special , "Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence," that airs Sunday.

Windows 10 tip: Customize your Precision Touchpad settings | ZDNet

If your portable PC includes the latest touchpad technology, you have a huge array of customization options. Here's how to make yourself more productive with mouse gestures, taps, and swipes.

Why enterprises are finally paying up for big data security - TechRepublic

Even as data becomes critical to today's enterprise, securing it keeps getting harder. As Monash highlighted in his post, "technology trends have created new ways to lose data." The cloud is complicit in this compromising of data, with enterprises needing to secure and move data from third-party servers to their own, or to other public clouds. As Monash pointed out, "it is an extremely common analytic practice to extract data from somewhere and put it somewhere else to be analyzed. Such extracts are an obvious vector for data breaches, especially when the target system is managed by an individual or IT-weak department."

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An Assassin’s Creed series is in the works from Castlevania producer Adi Shankar

Shankar announced on Facebook that Ubisoft tapped him for the job. “I'm happy to let you guys know that I've selected my next project!” he said. “I played the first edition of Assassin's Creed the year I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. At that moment I knew absolutely no one in the industry and could never have imagined that one day Ubisoft would ask me to take the world of Assassin's Creed and create an original story set in it as an anime series. If anyone tells you not to follow your passion in life they are wrong.”

Will Pop!_ OS strengthen or harm System76? - TechRepublic

Is Pop!_ OS going to be a System76-specific distribution that will empower programmers? If so, what about those within their user-base who have never written a line of code in their lives (and have no plan to)? Will they feel like they're getting an operating system that goes above their heads and, as a result, turn away from System76? I have to think that the System76 user-base isn't comprised completely of programmers, members of the scientific academia, 3D modelers, etc. I am not a programmer and work primarily on a System76 Leopard (and love it). Some consumers simply want to buy a piece of hardware for average usage. Some users might want to fire up the GIMP (it's not installed out of the box) and create some groovy graphics.

U.S. government could back Apple’s tax battle against E.U. | Cult of Mac

The demand for money was made last year, after the E.U. ruled that Apple has taken advantage of illegal state aid in routing its profits through Ireland. It seems that the U.S. government doesn’t see entirely eye-to-eye with Europe, though.

This Is The Current State Of The American Workplace

 a record 47% of the workforce says now is a good time to find a quality job, and more than half of employees (51%) are searching for new jobs or watching for openings. That may be due in part to lack of enthusiasm for their current job. Only one-third of U.S. employees said they are engaged in their work and workplace and about one in five fault their managers for failing to motivate them. But they also say that their employers aren’t really giving them compelling reasons to stay, with 91% reporting the last time they changed jobs, they left their company to do so.

Alibaba made an Echo competitor called the Tmall Genie

China’s Alibaba is among the largest internet e-commerce sites in the world (right up there with Amazon). So it’s not too surprising that today the company announced the Tmall Genie , an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker.

Spike, the giant stag beetle is the true Picasso of the insect world

is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Justin Trudeau met the Queen of England to the internet's delight

The Canadian Prime Minister travelled to Scotland Wednesday for a private audience with the Queen herself at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg. It looks like he had a grand ol' time chillin' with the Queen.

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55 Simon Stålenhag’s next book of retro sci-fi art is now on Kickstarter
56 This Is Why It’s Not Always Bad To Have The Same Job Title For Two Years
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58 Cool Off With These 18 Horror Movies Set in the Freezing Cold
59 Trump Supporters Cry Bias After NPR Tweets the Declaration of Independence
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61 New Microsoft tool aims to make teams more efficient by learning how they spend their days
62 A template for investor/founder sexual harassment policy
63 Chinese bike-sharing startup Ofo raises $700M led by Alibaba
64 Worldpay says agreed to be taken over by Vantiv in $10 billion deal
65 Lyft is now doing over 1 million rides per day
66 NVIDIA will power self-driving cars in China
67 Chance the Rapper wrote a poem for his Tiny Desk Concert debut
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71 Cosplayers dress up as a literal video game menu and it's amazing
72 U.S. card firm Vantiv goes global with $10 billion Worldpay buy
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86 Guy Upgrades Toy Firetruck To Start Blazes Instead of Putting Them Out
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