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Doomfist finally arrives as Overwatch’s newest hero

Overwatch’s latest hero has just been announced, and it’s none other than Doomfist, a character players have been eagerly anticipating since his first mention dating all the way back to the game’s o...

Sony Adds PS4 Games to PlayStation Now Library

The new additions span a variety of genres — everything from first-person shooters and fighting games to racing, action-adventure, and real-time strategy titles.

TV news anchor just can't take it anymore

He's so over it.

Angry bear charging a car is a good reminder to leave bears alone

'It was one of the scariest moments of my life.'

Muji is opening a minimalist hotel in the most Muji way imaginable

Since sleeping in Muji stores is discouraged, the Japanese homewares and stationary chain, cherished by lovers of earth

We Watched Every “Fast & Furious” Movie To Better Understand Michelle Rodriguez’s Point

The star talked about opting out of future installments if the series doesn’t “show some love to the women of the franchise” in future installments, prompting responses from Vin Diesel and director F. Gary Gray.

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Qualcomm asks ITC to block import and sale of Apple iPhone, iPad

As its legal fight with Apple intensifies, Qualcomm on Thursday said it plans to file a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission seeking an import and sales ban on iPhone and iPad models that allegedly infringe on six patents. The chipmaker claims Apple's handsets and tablets encroach on owned intellectual property covering advanced smartphone features like carrier aggregation, graphics processing and signal amplification, the Financial Times reports. The IP is distinct from a set of standard-essential patents at issue in the company's ongoing court battle with Apple over royalty payments. Qualcomm plans to level the ITC complaint on Friday, and looks to obtain a "limited exclusion order" against newly built iPhone devices. In addition, the firm also seeks to halt sales of devices already within U.S. borders through a cease and desist order. "This is a pretty straightforward case: we've got six patents that we are confident they are infringing," said Don Rosenberg, general counsel at Qualcomm. "We are obviously very concerned about the fact that Apple has unilaterally decided it doesn't have to pay for property it takes and uses.

You can now send photo and video replies to Instagram Stories

Now that Stories are huge on Instagram, the company is doing all it can to maintain its incredible growth. Today, it is added the ability to send photo and video replies to your friends.

SoundCloud Cuts 40% of Staff in Push for Profitability

SoundCloud Ltd. is cutting about 40 percent of its staff in a cost-cutting move the digital music service says will give it a better financial footing to compete against larger rivals Spotify Ltd. and Apple Inc.

RED is making a $1,200 smartphone with a ‘holographic display’

High-end camera maker RED has just announced a premium smartphone called Hydrogen One, and the headlining feature is something the company is referring to as a “holographic display.” A buzzword-filled press release for Hydrogen One says that the 5.7-inch display somehow uses nanotechnology to “seamlessly [switch] between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games.”

Samsung expects its record-breaking profits in 2017 will continue

After stumbling in 2016 Samsung appears to be back on track in 2017, as it just announced projected earnings for the second quarter that would show its highest operating profit ever. The company won't provide a detailed breakdown for a few more weeks, but it's estimating an operating profit of 14 trillion Korean won ($12.11 billion US). Analysts cited by Bloomberg and Reuters believe the figures got a boost from the well-received Galaxy S8 , as well as the RAM, processors and display components Samsung makes.

Facebook and Twitter are offering Fox millions for World Cup highlight rights

Amazon has reportedly talked to Dish about breaking into the wireless business

Amazon could help bankroll a network Dish is building focused on the "Internet of Things," and could possibly offer its Prime members an option to pay a little more per month for a connectivity or phone plan, the Journal reported on Thursday, citing one person.

Microsoft to Cut Thousands of Sales Jobs

CNBC reports that cuts will affect "less than 10 percent of the company's total sales force," or up to 3,000 jobs. About 75 percent of the layoffs will take place overseas, meaning the company is planning to cut up to around 1,000 US-based employees.

France to Ban All Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2040

Getting to 2040 without a single gas/diesel vehicle on the road is certainly possible, but only if it is well planned. The remaining 22 years until the proposed ban comes into force needs to be split and demands made on the car industry every few years. If that happens, then France could have only zero emission vehicles on its roads well before the 2040 deadline.

Ava DuVernay will write and direct a Netflix miniseries about the Central Park Five

DuVernay’s five-episode project will focus on each of the five teenagers and the systemic racism in our criminal justice system that often leads to wrongful convictions. The series will span from 1989 to 2014, when New York City finally settled a lawsuit first filed by the men in 2003.

US judge allows Twitter lawsuit over surveillance to move forward

SAN FRANCISCO - A U.S. judge ruled Thursday that Twitter could move forward with a lawsuit that aims to free technology companies to speak more openly about surveillance requests they receive from the US government.

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New "Hearthstone" expansion leaks, "Knights of the Frozen Throne"

13 You can now tip your Uber driver in the app

Starting today, Uber’s new in-app tipping option is being rolled out in 100 cities in the US and Canada, including major markets like New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. After downloading an updated version of the app, riders will be asked whether they’d like to leave a tip when rating their driver at the end of a trip. Likewise, drivers will be prompted to choose whether they want to accept tips after updating their own apps.

Google adds G Suite security tool to protect data from third party apps | ZDNet

Following this year's Gmail phishing attack, Google introduces a way for its enterprise customers to better secure which third-party apps can get access to user data.

Qualcomm wants to ban iPhone imports with new Apple lawsuit

Qualcomm's latest move in its rapidly escalating legal battle against Apple is bold. It filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), saying that the import and sales of some models of iPhones is "unlawful" and is requesting that the commission "bar importation of those iPhones and other products." According to Qualcomm, those devices "infringe one or more claims of six Qualcomm patents covering key technologies that enable important features and functions," and constitute "unlawful and unfair use of Qualcomm's technology."

Symantec to Buy 'Browser Isolation' Firm Fireglass

Fireglass's isolation technology uses virtual containers processed remotely that are destroyed after each Web session so that any malicious Web content and malware never touch the endpoint or systems. "It's actually a browser implementation and the end of the browser connection is in a safe place in the network. It renders content and then gives the screen to the browser at the endpoint. It looks the same, behaves the same, but the computer isn't running JavaScript, etc.," Symantec's Clark says.

Microsoft says it plans to cut thousands of jobs, mostly from sales teams, starting today

Microsoft says it plans to cut thousands of jobs, mostly from its sales teams outside the US, starting today

IBM: 73% of CEOs predict AI, cognitive computing to play 'key role' in future of business - TechRepublic

According to new IBM research , released Thursday, more than 73% of CEOs predict that cognitive computing, or artificial intelligence (AI), technologies will play a "key role" in their business's future. The press release announcing the findings also noted that more than 50% of these CEOs plan to adopt these technologies by the year 2019.

iFixit kit helps with that tricky Retina MacBook Pro battery swap

The kits are available for ten different versions of the model released between 2012 and 2015. And they make it possible to remove and replace the laptop's battery, which Apple glues into place. To get around the glue problem, iFixit developed a chemical solvent that can dissolve it and the kit comes with a syringe to use for application. Other tools provided in the kits include various screwdrivers, tweezers and spudgers. Depending on the MacBook model, the battery replacement could require between 32 and 73 steps to complete and could take between 20 minutes and three hours.

Blocks - Create 3D models in VR - Google VR

With Blocks, you can create models in VR. That means no more mind tricks to create real, volumetric objects on a 2D surface.

Judge says Twitter's lawsuit over national security letters can move forward | ZDNet

Following the Edward Snowden revelations, Twitter filed a suit in 2014 challenging the legal limits on the information companies can share regarding national security letters (NSLs). Currently, companies may only disclose a range of NSLs they have received (such as within zero to 499 in a six-month period). Twitter wants to disclose the specific number they've received.

10 time-saving tips to speed your work in Excel - TechRepublic

Table objects treat data as a unit and consequently, take care of a lot of things automatically—reducing the amount of time you need to interact with the data. When you convert a data set to a Table, you get automatic filters and formatting. Excel knows you're working in a Table, so pressing Tab cycles through the Table for effortless data entry. With a quick click, you can add a totaling row to the bottom of the Table. Headers are always visible, regardless of how many records you have. When you extend the Table by adding a column or a row, the Table extends formulas and formatting. Charts based on Table objects update automatically when you change the source data. You can accomplish all this manually without a Table, but a Table eliminates these tasks.

'Game of Thrones' Is Now Available Through Hulu Thanks to HBO Add-On

You now have one more way to watch Game of Thrones . Just ten days before the premiere of HBO’s most popular show, the network has made a deal with Hulu and will offer its content and services as an add-on.

Microsoft launches Workplace Analytics for Office 365 to boost employee productivity - TechRepublic

Workplace Analytics can be added onto any Office 365 enterprise plan. It looks at metadata from an organization's email and calendar in Office 365 in an effort to provide insights into how employees spend time and get work done, the post said. The data is de-identified to protect each user's privacy.

Fast Company on Twitter

Official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business.

10 tips to help you get the most out of Google Chrome - TechRepublic

Most system administrators deploy Group Policy Objects (GPO) to control and limit user activity on Windows-based PCs, according to TechRepublic contributing writer Tim Lange. GPO is a valuable tool because it provides control into the operations on the workstations with ease. Using Google's Chrome MSI installer and GPO template can help admins automate widespread installation and control of Chrome. In this article, Lange takes you through the steps to do so.

New emails show how mistrust and suspicions blew up the relationship between Uber's Travis Kalanick and Google's Larry Page

"There is no substitute for these depositions, which would resolve some key unanswered questions. For instance: why, after Google learned of the alleged downloading of 14,000 files, did Mr. Page not alert Uber's then-CEO to that fact when they spoke? Simultaneously, Google was rejecting a partnership with Uber, choosing instead to compete. This—and the lack of evidence supporting Waymo's case—begs the obvious question: was this lawsuit actually motivated by the downloading of the files, or was it an attempt to slow down a competitor?"

The next 'Super Mario' game will be the first in the series to ditch the 'Game Over' screen

"High scores," for instance, are no longer commonplace in every game. The concept of "lives" has also largely fallen off. Given the long history of "Super Mario," some of those tropes are expected in the series — which is why it might rub some folks the wrong way that Nintendo is killing the "game over" concept in "Super Mario Odyssey." Nintendo has, in recent years, been accused of making its games too easy. In the "New" Super Mario game series, for instance, there are functions built-in to outright skip difficult areas — these are entirely optional functions, largely created so that young children will have an enjoyable time playing.

T-Mobile just raised the price of its best ‘unlimited’ data plan — here's what you need to know

Either way, the price hike makes T-Mobile’s plan less competitive next to its peers. On its own, the One plan is less expensive than similar “unlimited” offerings from Verizon and AT&T, but limits all video streamed over its network to a 480p resolution, which is less than HD. It also does not let you access LTE data if you want to use your phone as a mobile internet hotspot; the plan caps you at slower 3G speeds instead.

Samsung's Smart TVs stream your Steam games with no extra hardware

Valve announced its partnership with Samsung at its Steam Dev Days conference in October. The app was then quietly rolled out in the US last month, with a global release planned for later this summer. But if you're still unsure about forking out for a Samsung 4K TV, you can just grab the regular Steam Link on the cheap for $50.

31 Instagram bug makes user accounts appear to be deleted

Over the past 24 hours, Instagram users have been unable to log in, blaming the service for possibly deleting their accounts without providing any real explanation. Reports of these incidents filled Twitter and Facebook. When Instagram tweeted this today, users flooded the account demanding to hear why their Instagrams were randomly shut down.


OneDrive users around the world have been upset to discover that with its latest update, Microsoft's cloud file syncing and storage system no longer works with anything other than disks formatted with the NTFS file system . Both older file systems, such as FAT32 and exFAT, and newer ones, such as ReFS, will now provoke an error message when OneDrive starts up. To continue to use the software, files will have to be stored on an NTFS volume. While FAT disks can be converted, ReFS volumes must be reformatted and wiped. This has left various OneDrive users unhappy. While NTFS is the default file system in Windows, people using SD cards to extend the storage on small laptops and tablets will typically use exFAT. Similarly, people using Storage Spaces to manage large, redundant storage volumes will often use ReFS. The new policy doesn't change anything for most Windows users, but those at the margins will feel hard done by.

Jawbone to Be Liquidated as Rahman Moves to Health Startup

Jawbone co-founder and CEO Hosain Rahman has founded a new company called Jawbone Health Hub that will make health-related hardware and software services, according to the person. Many employees of Jawbone moved to the new firm earlier this year, the person said. Jawbone Health will service Jawbone’s devices going forward, said the person.

TV networks hide bad ratings with typos, WSJ says

"With participation and input from clients, Nielsen maintains a rigorous set of policy guidelines for how network clients can and should receive program and commercial ratings credit for their programming. Nielsen takes these Policy Guidelines very seriously and if we find a network working in contrast to this agreed-upon policy, we address the issue in a direct fashion as a way to maintain fairness and balance over all of our clients and the industry as a whole. We have many touch points with clients throughout the season to ensure guidelines are being adhered to."

Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security Dept. and F.B.I. Say

John Keeley, a spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute, which works with all 99 electric utilities that operate nuclear plants in the United States, said nuclear facilities are required to report cyberattacks that relate to their “safety, security and operations.” None have reported that the security of their operations was affected by the latest attacks, Mr. Keeley said.

Watch Trump get owned in brutal handshake diss from Poland's first lady

Things seemed to be friendly enough, until it came time for the handshakes. (It's always the handshakes.) And let's just say the Polish first lady didn't seem too jazzed to make the U.S. president's acquaintance...

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Inspiring the next generation of girls in tech: A pre-publication of 'Project Prep'

Elon Musk makes surprise visit to Australia ahead of a major energy announcement

Elon Musk has arrived in Adelaide ahead of what’s expected to be a major energy announcement for South Australia.

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Electric cars will dominate the roads by 2040 according to new report

We Finally Have an Update on Horror Master John Carpenter's Spooky New TV Projects

We’ve known since late 2015 that esteemed genre director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, They Live) has been working on several small-screen projects. Today, we got an update on exactly what televised awesomeness we’ll be seeing from him—and one project involves his favorite holiday.

How Can I Turn Small Talk Into a Conversation?

Dear Lifehacker, I hate small talk. I never know how in-depth I should go into a conversation and I'm just not that into talking about the weather. With the long weekend coming up and lots of social obligations, I'm wondering, how can I turn all that small talk into an actual conversation?

How to blacklist spammy phone numbers with Android Nougat - TechRepublic

I don't know about you, but I get a lot of spam phone calls and messages. For the longest time, I've searched for a reliable way to block phone numbers on my Android device. It's been a doable task, but not always intuitive or user-friendly. With the release of Android Nougat, blocking numbers is not only possible, but easy. Let me show you how this is done.

Hackers are targeting nuclear power plant operators in the US

The severity of the attacks remain unclear, as does the motive for the cyberattacks. Hackers may be interested in stealing US infrastructure trade secrets, or in causing disruption to the operation of energy facilities. It’s also not clear whether more than one facility responsible for a nuclear power plant has been successfully breached, or if employees of Wolf Creek are the only victims thus far.

Open Channel: How Would You Cast Your Dream Superhero Film in the '80s, '90s, or Beyond?

Here’s mine: Since the latest X-Men movie completely failed to capture the 1980s, I’d love to see an actual X-Men film from the 1980s. Only, it’d be like Breakfast Club , but with mutants. Michael J. Fox would play Ice-Man, with Johnny Depp as Pyro, his arch rival. Molly Ringwald would play Rogue, and Christina Applegate would cameo as Dazzler because she represents everything glorious about the 1980s. And Clint Eastwood would play a gritty Old Man Logan who’s keeping the kids in mutant detention at Xavier’s mutant school. Lessons about life are learned, presumably.

Apple to Launch Three New iPhones in 2018 with OLED Display

If Apple does end up making the switch to OLED panels across its entire iPhone lineup by 2018, Samsung will likely end up receiving more orders from the company. The Korean company already has a monopoly on OLED display panels, and to further brace for the OLED demand, it is already working on expanding the production capacity of its OLED factories.

Tesla's Value Drops $12 Billion Ahead of Model 3 Rollout

The Model 3 is the linchpin to Musk’s growth ambitions. Becoming more of a mass-market carmaker will require overcoming the routine manufacturing issues that have handicapped output of the Model X at a time when American consumers are hungry for sport utility vehicles. So-called legacy automakers also won’t go down without a fight -- Volvo this week said it’ll have five electric models in its lineup by 2021 and that all of its new models will have hybrid or fully electric powertrains from 2019.

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Google is expanding its DeepMind AI division with research office in Canada

Poor dog got terribly stuck just trying to climb up to sit by his human

Poor dog got terribly stuck just trying to climb up to sit by his human

London VC That Backed Gwyneth Paltrow Raises $150 Million

Felix Capital Partners , a London-based venture-capital firm that’s backed Gwyneth Paltrow’s fashion brand Goop and online food service Frichti, raised $150 million to expand its portfolio focused on Europe and the U.S.

Snoop Dogg just dragged Rob Kardashian hard for those Blac Chyna pictures

The moral of the story is probably the first thing Snoop said, and the point where he should have stopped: What happened between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna should have stayed between them, and the internet at large does not need to be involved.

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55 New Particle Discovery Reignites Decade-Old Physics Controversy
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70 Nutanix solidifies hybrid IT play with acquisition, Google Cloud partnership - TechRepublic
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74 Continental rolls into BMW's self-driving consortium
75 How the new Spider-Man fits into the Marvel universe
76 I Would Totally Read the Harry Potter Fan Fiction Written by a Neural Network
77 Qualcomm Officially Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Apple, Seeks U.S. iPhone Import Ban
78 Riverdale's Betty and Veronica Are Taking on Gotham's Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
79 A Pedal-Powered Elevator Will Make You Less Guilty About Not Taking the Stairs
80 What We Do and Don’t Know About the Safety of Marijuana in Pregnancy
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83 SoundCloud, the ‘YouTube for audio’, cuts 173 jobs, closes San Francisco, London offices
84 Dude posts 'brilliant' Chipotle hack and gets mercilessly dragged on Twitter
85 'Pokémon Go' celebrates its first birthday by giving Pikachu a hat
86 Microsoft to lay off 3,000 people as it tries to boost Azure
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88 Red announces $1200 Hydrogen One smartphone with holographic screen coming in 2018
89 American Gods' Slow-Motion Shots Turn Blood and Gore Into Stunning Works of Art
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93 Artist Recreates His Trip to Tokyo Through 30 Charming Short Animations
94 The Nintendo Switch Online app will launch alongside Splatoon 2 on July 21st