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Arianna In A World Without The Internet

Envisioning a world without the internet is a mind-twisting exercise. For one, you wouldn’t be reading this, as Arianna would not have founded The Huffington Post as an online news source. I

If records were tortillas, they'd sound like this

For some reason, they didn’t put salsa on this tortilla.

PewDiePie's response to making $7.4 million is exactly why he's so successful

There are a few things commonly accepted about Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie. He screams a lot. He publishes videos himself playing video games. He makes a lot of money doing so. The latest figure...

This is the tiny computer the BBC is giving to a million kids

Earlier this year the BBC announced that it planned to give one million students across the UK a programmable microcomputer, called the BBC Micro Bit, to help them learn the basics of coding. Now...

Triple your laptop display space with Sliden’Joy | News |

Jumping from a multi-display desktop setup to a laptop can be a bit of a letdown, particularly if you’re rocking more than two displays. Fortunately, someone’s working on a way to double or [...]

Love is roasted: Writer live-tweets couple's terrible coffee date

Toronto-based writer Anne Thériault overheard a first coffee date between a woman and a guy who thinks he looks like James Franco.

DJ trolls EDM crowd with a terrible drop

A clever DJ decides to play a trick on his entire audience.

9 ways to alienate your office crush

Well, your flirting technique may not be as smooth and suave as you thought.

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This App Lets You 'Travel Stalk' Your Friends

It's happened to most of us: You're traveling through a new place, you pick up your phone to casually scroll through Facebook or Instagram, and you notice -- to your dismay -- that you've just missed a friend passing through the same area. Ships in the night!

Volvo Kills the Passenger Seat to Make Room for Baby

“Being able to maintain eye contact with your child from the rear seat… would go a long way towards making life easier for parents taking their small child on a trip, says Tisha Johnson, Volvo’s Chief Designer of Interiors. “Such alternative seating arrangements will become increasingly important as we move towards autonomous vehicles.”

YouTuber PewDiePie Responds To Haters After They Discover He Made $7 Million Last Year

It is unsurprising that Kjellberg is doing so well. By getting in early and grabbing the valuable pre-teen-teen online market he and his team can easily grab millions of bored iPad browsers every day. It will be fascinating to see where folks like PewDiePie end up – whether the “mainstream” media will attempt to pre-empt or consume them when broadcast and movie moguls realize hot dog salesmen from Sweden are eating their lunch.

In These Rustic Mobile Offices, You Can Work From The Woods

The offices are a spinoff of SustainsVille, a five-year-old project that is building a self-sustaining community of tree houses for cultural creatives. "We created a mobile version of off-the-grid work- and meeting spaces," van de Beek says. "This way we can move from one place to another and find the best 'wilderness' spots around to stay for a couple of weeks before heading out to the next pristine natural hot spot. Without leaving a trace, of course."

Logitech Rebrands To "Logi" To Sound More Like "Siri"

So far, Darrell’s bets have paid off, and Logitech—or, I guess it’s just Logi now?—is as profitable as it’s been in seven years. But as he and Curtis assure me, Logi is just getting started. The company has a slew of unannounced new products hitting over the next year that will push the Logi brand into new lifestyle-product territory. While we don’t yet know what these products will actually be—the team has alluded to clothing more than once, although it’s probably too early for that—the products will feature "fearless color," since the brash finishes of the UE Boom have been welcomed by the mass market. Black and silver are no longer the mainstays for the company. In fact, 30% of all sales of a recent Logitech enterprise teleconferencing system were in hot pink.

Secrets From The CEO Who Achieves Inbox Zero Every Day

Lets take the idea "Begin your day by quickly deleting all of the emails that you only need to read but don’t need to act upon", How do you know if you need to act upon something? even if that something is to think about the idea possibly research the topic as you are not as informed as you should be. Also doing this is more likely to contribute to group think vs. hearing from people outside the group who may well be alerting you of both new or missed opportunities for delivering value.

Quip launches a convenient desktop app for Mac and Windows

Quip is announcing today the availability of a new Windows and Mac desktop version of its collaboration-friendly word processing, spreadsheet, and messaging application. Until now the app has only been available through Quip’s website and on iOS and Android.

Apple drops Recovery Key in new two-factor authentication for El Capitan and iOS 9

In early June, Apple said two-factor authentication would be tightly integrated into OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9, but provided little detail as to what that means. The current setup is scattered across sites and methods in order to deliver a second one-time use, time-limited code or other method of verification when a user logs in to an Apple site or on an Apple device with an Apple ID set up for it.

9 Twitter reacts to NYSE, United glitches

Twitter reacts to NYSE, United glitches Cascading effects on American life sent many scurrying to social media in search of levity. Check out this story on

Apple Pay adds 23 regional banks and credit unions to growing roster | Cult of Mac

If you’re a user of a local or regional credit union like I am, you’ll be excited to hear that Apple continues to add smaller financial institutions to its ever-growing list of places that will let you pay for things using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

iOS 8.4 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

A number of tweaks that were working on iOS 8.3 are not working on iOS 8.4 yet, so if you’re planning to install a jailbreak tweak then you should check if it is compatible with iOS 8.4. An incompatible tweak could cause boot loop issues, and in some cases force you to restore your device.

Chinese Ride-Hailing Startup Raises $2 Billion

HONG KONG—Investors eager to catch a ride with Chinese ride-hailing startup Didi Kuaidi Joint Co. helped the company raise $2 billion in a matter of weeks, the largest-ever fundraising for a Chinese technology startup.

Spotify urges iPhone customers to stop paying through Apple's App Store

Spotify is trying to raise awareness around the fact that it's cheaper to subscribe on the web instead of through Apple's App Store. The leading subscription music service plans to email iPhone customers the below note encouraging them, if they haven't already, to start paying at and save a few dollars. "In case you didn’t know, the normal Premium price is only $9.99, but Apple charges 30 percent on all payments made through iTunes," the email blast reads. "You can get the exact same Spotify for only $9.99/month, and it’s super simple."

Computer issues halt trading on New York Stock Exchange

A computer glitch halted trading on the New York Stock Exchange about 11:30 a.m. ET Wednesday.

Hey 'Serial' Lady, Shove Over: 'Re/code Decode' Podcast Debuts With Slack CEO Interview and More!

I’ll be honest, it’s all been motivated largely by rank jealousy of that “Serial” lady and a since-childhood affliction of blabbiness. Also people are really liking the podcast thing these days, as well they should!

Feast your eyes on the new Ghostbusters' tricked-out car

The Ghostbusters reboot director revealed the Ecto-1's new design via Twitter Tuesday night. It's a slightly updated version of the original team's ride, a souped-up Cadillac ambulance-slash-hearse featured in both 1984's Ghostbusters and 1989's Ghostbusters II . There's a rear view of the car, too:

Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens

But what about e-books? We don’t have to fight for our attention with a Kindle—they’re as close to a traditional paperback as technology offers, with a similar layout and image quality that rivals physical books. Yet paper may still have the advantage, simply because of its physical form. In a recent study led by reading researcher Anne Mangen from the University of Stavanger, Norway, 50 graduate students read a short mystery story, either in a pocket print book or on a Kindle. They were then tested for different measures, like emotional response, reading time, and text comprehension. The researchers found almost no significant differences between the paper books and Kindles, save one: people who read on paper were much better at reconstructing the plot of the story. Skimming is fine for email. It’s not fine for some of the important forms of reading.

Microsoft 'restructuring' Windows Phone business, slashes 7,800 jobs

In a memo to employees , Nadella said the company would stop trying to grow a standalone phone business and concentrate on expanding the Windows ecosystem. That means a smaller portfolio of Microsoft phones aimed at specific goals: “We’ll bring business customers the best management, security and productivity experiences they need; value phone buyers the communications services they want; and Windows fans the flagship devices they’ll love,” Nadella said.

Tinder just launched verified profiles for celebrities

Ever swiped through Tinder and been greeted by a celebrity's photo? You've probably just sent it to the left and dismissed it as a spam account. But  the rich and famous are out there looking for matches just like everyone else, and now the company is giving them a way to let everyone know their profile is legitimate. Tinder has officially launched verified profiles today, and just like on Twitter and Facebook, you'll now see a badge attached to high-profile users that designates they're exactly who they say they are.

White House wants to expand people's access to solar energy

The solar industry's apparently doing really well in the US right now, but the White House wants to broaden its reach even further. That's why the administration has launched a new initiative designed to give more people access to solar energy and to create more jobs in the industry. To start with, the government wants to install 300 megawatts of solar and other types of renewable energy in places with federally subsidized housing. Some organizations in over 20 states also promise to conjure up 260 solar projects in an effort to help low-income families.

Private I: Firefox and others deal with unwanted trackers, whether ads or malicious

Even in its best form, there was a dispute in the ad industry over whether Do Not Track meant, “Put a marker that someone shouldn’t be tracked” or “you can track them but you can’t make use of the data in targeting ads to them.” Evercookies and supercookies seem unethical, but may be perfectly legal. All legitimate networks offer some kind of opt-out method, but many work poorly, and you have to opt out often for every browser by network, and sometimes only for a limited period of time. And, as with the Do Not Track quibble, opting out of tracking can mean you’re tracked with a promise to not use identifying information.

Microsoft announces 7,800 job cuts from phone division, writes off $7.6 billion from Nokia deal

“We are moving from a strategy to grow a standalone phone business to a strategy to grow and create a vibrant Windows ecosystem including our first-party device family,” Nadella said. “In the near-term, we’ll run a more effective and focused phone portfolio while retaining capability for long-term reinvention in mobility.”

NYSE halts all trading after "connectivity issue"

The New York Stock Exchange suddenly stopped trading a little before noon in New York on Wednesday, resulting in a more than three-hour stoppage on one of the world's most widely watched exchanges.

Your next selfie could be your last, Russia warns

The "Safe Selfie" pamphlet ( PDF ) released Tuesday depicts dangerous selfie situations in the style of roadside warning signs. In one, a figure holds a selfie stick in front of an oncoming train, above a caption that reads: "A selfie on the railway tracks is a bad idea if you value your life." Other graphics urge people to not take selfies in the company of tigers or while holding a gun. "A cool selfie could cost you your life," the leaflet reads. The ministry has also released a public safety video that includes risky shots taken by smartphone users.

The International Space Station, Venus and Jupiter met above Australia on Wednesday

Punters needed to be outside by 5.30 p.m. AEST onwards. The ISS appeared at 5.31 p.m., very low in the north-west sky. Some time between 5.33 p.m. and 5.34 p.m. it travelled very close to Jupiter and then close to Venus. The ISS then disappeared at 5.38 p.m.

The next 'Star Wars Anthology' flick is a Han Solo prequel

Get ready to add another big Star Wars date to your calendar. On May 25th, 2018, Disney is planning another standalone flick in the universe, this time focusing on Han Solo's early days -- before he ran into Luke, Leia and the rest. It's going to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the pair responsible for the excellent The Lego Movie , with writing handled by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan. Lawrence wrote and directed Raiders of the Lost Ark, and was a co-writer for Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and the next main Stars Wars flick, The Force Awakens, while his son Jon has written for movies and TV shows including Freaks and Geeks and Dawson's Creek . The first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One , is due in December 2016 , with Episode VIII and BB-8 following in May 2017.

WeWork raises a hefty $433M funding round

WeWork started in 2010 and is based in New York. The company has coworking spaces in Austin, Texas; Berkeley, Calif.; Boston; Chicago; Miami; Los Angeles; New York City; Philadelphia; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C. International locations are in Israel, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Wild Wednesday: Chromebooks, Chromecasts and more! - CNET

From the Cheapskate: The planets must be aligned in some weird way, because there are some truly spectacular deals to be had today!

New Federal Government App Solves The Wrong FOIA Problems, Poorly

A representative from the DHS Privacy Office emailed me 3 and 1/2 hours after my request to thank me for contacting the agency, and asked me to "please resubmit your request because it did not contain a request description.” In other words, DHS confirmed that a FOIA request exists, but they don’t know what it was about, exactly. (If I want to try again, I'll have to retype it all and send a new request.) I responded by asking for my FOIA request number so I could pull it up online and confirm it didn't save the text of my request. The DHS rep still hasn't responded, as of three hours later.

Wearables Make Their Move to the Enterprise - Samsung Business

Wearables, those Dick Tracy-like smart watches and sensor bands currently all the rage in consumer circles, are now poised to transform the enterprise with their promise of hands-free, on-the-go work scenarios and real-time data access that will propel business productivity to new heights. Learn how Samsung is leveraging a range of partnerships to make inroads in the enterprise wearables category across a broad spectrum of industries.

Official Star Wars Android and iOS app lets you take a selfie with Princess Leia

On the more playful side, you can take selfies featuring famous characters from the series, and the app will even dress you up in appropriate garb as well.  There’s also a lightsaber training mode, a soundboard for sound effects and a collection of animated GIFs to play around with. You can even theme the app with Light Side, Dark Side and Droid looks to suit your allegiances.

Google's new $15 Ethernet adapter for Chromecast could finally solve your connection woes

We’d imagine the next Chromecast will finally support 5 Ghz networks, but the adapter should at least help mitigate connection woes without breaking the bank too much.  It’ll add to the clutter of wires behind your TV screen, and you’ll need to supply your own Ethernet cable, but for many it’ll be worth it to avoid interruptions during their next Netflix binge.

Babbel raises $22M to help grow its language-learning platform in the Americas

“Babbel sets the standard for online language learning, and its strong international footprint is a reflection of that,” explains SEP partner Stuart Paterson, who also now joins Babbel’s board of directors. “We see significant growth potential in this market and are delighted to support the company as it executes its expansion in the Americas.”

Airbnb’s Secret To Scaling In Cuba

Companies like Fonseca’s are not the only way that Cubans are using Airbnb. One Airbnb host I met in Havana, for instance, has an Italian neighbor who, as a foreigner, is allowed to have an Internet connection in his home. She helps him pay the bill, and he lets her use the Internet. Another woman’s house is managed on Airbnb by a son who lives in Brussels. Some professionals in Cuba have access to the Internet at work, and they, too, can manage their own Airbnb listings without a third-party intermediary to correspond with clients. If they don’t have bank accounts, Airbnb delivers cash to them through a remittance company based in Miami.

Tom Selleck Investigated for Stealing Water for His Estate [PHOTOS]

The rich are taking desperate measures to keep themselves wet during California’s drought: keeping usage data hidden , wasting water in defiance , and even buying extra water to keep their acreage verdant. But stealing water directly from the city? Who would go so low? Tom Selleck, according to a complaint filed against the actor this week.

NASA prepares its Jupiter probe for arrival

It's been a long time in coming, but NASA's Juno probe is finally close to reaching Jupiter. NASA reports that the spacecraft is "on track" to arrive on July 4th, 2016 (how American!), and that the ground crew is tweaking the flight plan to at once give Juno more time and complete tasks ahead of schedule. The ship's initial orbit is splitting into two in order to test instruments before the science gathering starts. Also, it'll take 14 days to complete an orbit rather than the originally planned 11. That will extend the mission from 15 months to 20, but it should both get basic mapping data sooner (8 orbits instead of 15) and offer more leeway in case the Jovian world's magnetism and radiation create havoc. Hopefully, all this extra work will ensure that scientists understand not just the beginnings of Jupiter and the Solar System , but also the behavior of gas giants around alien stars .

The Dirty Secret About Hackathons

Shaw offered to pay for lunch. “Thanks for getting this. I am broke as a joke,” Caprio said. I was surprised: both Shaw and Caprio had been introduced to me as entrepreneurs who had started two companies. Another secret of the tech community: sometimes “entrepreneur” means “runs a successful company” and sometimes it means “more ideas than money.” People inside tech don’t talk about money the same way as people in other industries. Hackathoners chat about tech-company valuations like regular people talk about sports statistics. Instacart is the Startup Bus success story—its founders met through the bus, and eventually started a company together. Instacart is now worth $2 billion, as at least a dozen people told me in Nashville. It’s rumored that some programmers make a living by going from hackathon to hackathon and winning. Personally, I have yet to do anything more than break even on prize money. My fellow buspreneurs and I paid $300 each to ride the bus, plus we were paying for our own food and for five nights of quadrupled-up hotel rooms.

New Brain Scans Show How Dolphins Use Sound to See

Most of us consider vision and hearing to be two separate senses. But dolphins use sound to see, emitting clicks, squawks and whistles to reveal hidden objects. This is called echolocation, and a new map of dolphin brain circuitry hints at how the animals do it.

Meerkat Makes Friends With Facebook’s API, Adds Viewer Cameos And Streaming Storage

Meerkat added the ability to invite your friends, strangers, anyone watching really, to take control of your stream. Called Cameo, the new feature works by firing up a stream and then tapping on the profile of a viewer to invite them to take over. If the viewer accepts, then everyone on the stream will see that person make a cameo appearance on your stream for 60 seconds. Either person can end the cameo at any time within that minute of time.

IGN on Twitter

. @SmiteGame 's Xbox One open beta starts today! Here are some tips to get good:  #Godlike

'Dragon Quest' spin-off borrows a few blocks from 'Minecraft'

Square Enix has just revealed Dragon Quest Builders , a version of its fantasy RPG set in a Minecraft-style world. The company didn't provide many details other than the screengrab above, which bears a strong resemblance to Minecraft 's Lego-like world. However, it did say that it'll be a "block-building RPG" set in Alfegard, the (blocky) 8-bit playground from the original 1986 Dragon Quest NES title. That, plus the ' Builders ' title, definitely makes it sound like the spinoff will marry sandbox-type gameplay with Dragon Quest role-playing. If so, we're not sure if that's a brilliant idea or a cynical money grab, but it'll be coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at an as-yet unknown date.

China's version of Uber just raised a whopping $2 billion

Ride-hailing startup Didi Kuaidi announced on Wednesday that it had raised $2 billion, money that will help the company expand and try to hold off competition from Uber, which has been trying to establish itself there. The company declined to comment on the financials of the round, although a recent Wall Street Journal said that some U.S. hedge funds had bought shares at a valuation of $8.75 billion .

Twitter is beefing up a vital part of its business

Twitter is testing new features that will let app makers use videos to promote their apps on its service, and it plans to broaden the reach for the ads, which have proven particularly popular among the new crop of Internet start-ups eager to stand out from the crowd.

Pinterest taps IFTTT and Polyvore as the first two services to integrate its APIs

Pinterest says it has received many submissions for ideas on how to integrate its API with third-party services, ranging from helping people plan their travels to designing their homes and gardens to even ordering the ingredients on recipe Pins. IFTTT, a web-based conditional platform, and Polyvore, the fashion site, are only the first, as Pinterest tells us additional integrations and apps will start rolling out after today.

Apple releases iOS 9 beta 3 to developers

You may also use the direct download links for iOS 9 beta 2 below (Note that you need to be a registered developer to download these files). You can find the model number on your iPhone or iPad’s back cover.

Manhattan DA: iPhone Crypto Locked Out Cops 74 Times

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the FBI, Justice Department and Manhattan DA’s office all asked for action from Congress to persuade or compel companies like Google and Apple to add law enforcement backdoors into their operating systems’ encryption. But only District attorney Vance put a number to what he described as the growing problem that iPhone security represents for his office’s investigators. Vance testified that in a total of 92 cases involving an iPhone running iOS 8, 74—or about 80 percent of all cases where an iOS 8 phone was involved—had been locked such that law enforcement couldn’t access the phone’s contents, thanks to Apple’s full-disk encryption upgrade, which it put into effect in September of last year. (A spokesperson for the Manhattan DA’s office clarified in an email that those 74 cases took place over the nine months ending on June 30.) 1

Days after Hacking Team breach, nobody fired, no customers lost

"The company is certainly in operation. We have a lot of work to do," he said. "[The hack] was a very sophisticated operation. This wasn't a lone hacker working in an upstairs bedroom. This is a much more sophisticated attack than that. Businesses are frequently the subject of such attacks like this, and sometimes they're successful."

Jawbone Sues Rival Fitbit for Third Time in Two Months

This new ITC claim, which was mentioned as forthcoming in one of the previous suits, seeks a ruling on those charges within 15 months, and a cease-and-desist order, which could potentially come before then. So this lawsuit could move quicker than the other two cases, one filed in San Francisco Superior Court, another in U.S. District Court. The new case could also have a significant impact on Fitbit’s business by blocking the imports of its parts and products.

Judge drops $533M fine against Apple, orders new trial

Judge drops $533M fine against Apple, orders new trial Federal Judge nixes $533M fine against iTunes-related lawsuit, schedules new damages trial. Check out this story on

Judge voids $533 million verdict against Apple, sets damages trial

A federal judge has thrown out a $532.9 million award against Apple Inc and ordered a new trial on damages, in a case where a jury found that the iPhone maker's iTunes software infringed three patents owned by a Texas company.

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