PewDiePie's response to making $7.4 million is exactly why he's so successful Video Description

There are a few things commonly accepted about Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie. He screams a lot. He publishes videos himself playing video games. He makes a lot of money doing so. The latest figure is $7.4 million, which comes by way of  Swedish newspaper Expressen (via Engadget and Fusion ). That shouldn't be too surprising — Kjellberg is the king of YouTube, after all. When we nominated him for The Verge 50 this past December, he had 32.6 million subscribers and 6.9 billion views; less than a year later, he's now up to 37.7 million subscribers and over 9 billion views. Assuming the $7.4 million figure is accurate, that comes out to less than 20 cents per subscriber.

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