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The rise and not-quite-fall of Pokemon Go

App tracking companies say the game peaked early, but it's still crazy popular.

Soccer star Ronaldo shows how topless shots go viral

In a new ad, the Real Madrid star gets locked out of his hotel room in his undies. Social media notices.

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Elon Musk just gave us our first real look at the Tesla Model 3

If all goes according to plan, Tesla will hand over the first 30 Model 3s to customers at an event on July 28. Then, production will ramp up to 100 cars in August, over 1,500 in September, and 20,000 per month by December. By next year, Tesla hopes to pump out 500,000 cars (of all models) annually.

5 ways to win loyal customers - TechRepublic

Selling tech is tough, and customers have more choices than ever. Here are some strategies to gain their loyalty.

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

“Anthony Levandowski led Uber’s self-driving car program for over a year after stealing 14,000 confidential Waymo files. While Uber has decided it is now advantageous to disavow him, the truth is Uber supported Levandowski’s 5th Amendment claims to avoid self-incrimination well into this litigation and continues to obstruct the production of key documents every step of the way. We initiated legal action because we came across evidence showing stolen Waymo files made their way into Uber’s technology, and despite Uber’s attempt to distract with constantly changing storylines, Waymo has continued to build its case with more evidence uncovered during expedited discovery. We look forward to sharing this evidence in court.”

VentureBeat on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

How much power does your smartphone charger waste? | ZDNet

How many smartphone and tablet chargers do you have? Ever wonder how much it's costing you to leave them plugged in 24/7, or whether you should unplug them when they're not in use to save a few dollars?

RED Unveils Android Phone With Holographic Display

But if you just want to buy the phone as a curiosity to display holograms, it will come preloaded with the Red Channel interface, a selection of holographic content that includes movies and games in the .h4v file format. Red Channel will also let you upload your own .h4v files.


With the launch of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16237 to the Fast Ring yesterday, Microsoft wheeled in numerous fixes and new features. At the same time, the company also announced that the second Bug Bash for the next big update to Windows 10 is about to take place. This is the last Bug Bash that will take place before the release of the final version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it will see an intense period of testing with the help of Windows Insiders. Things kick off on Friday, July 14 and continue for more than a week. Of course, the whole idea of the insider program is to help Microsoft to home in on bugs and get them fixed before software is released to the masses, but the Bug Bash steps things up a notch. Participants will be asked to take part in quests to check specific elements of the operating system as Microsoft draws closer to pushing out this latest feature update.

Meze 99 Neo, a luxury headphone for an affordable price

To finish up I pulled out a set of Meze 99 Classics for a round of comparisons as I listened to Wilco's front man Jeff Tweedy's new solo outing, "Together at Last." Tweedy, armed with just an acoustic guitar, harmonica and a pocketful of great Wilco tunes, were more you-are-there transparent on the 99 Classics, while the 99 Neos sounded thicker, making Tweedy's vocals overly-rich. These are fairly subtle distinctions, with the two headphones sharing the same sonic DNA.

Google's Cloud Spanner: how does it stack up? | ZDNet

Here's the lowdown on Google's globally-distributed operational database -- Cloud Spanner -- along with comparisons to its counterparts, and non-counterparts, on the Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms.

This is your brain on hate

Fight or flight is a wonderful thing if it helps you escape a bear by climbing a tree. But there's a reason your body produces small amounts of cortisol and only briefly. Prolonged exposure to cortisol and the other fight-or-flight hormones, like adrenaline, can lead to sleep problems, weight gain, digestive difficulty and anxiety. After all, cortisol is meant to disrupt your normal body functions in extreme situations.

How to move or copy an Excel sheet between workbooks - TechRepublic

While moving a whole sheet may sound complicated, there's actually a built-in feature in Excel that can make it fast and simple. Here's a look at how to do it.

6 smart doorbells to watch over your front stoop

Ring's $249/£195/AU$325 doorbell is a pricier DIY buzzer. But there's a big potential benefit -- this hardwire-only model is slimmer than most smart doorbells we've tested. That means it's way more likely to fit on that narrow doorframe where your existing wired buzzer is currently installed.

Keep your whole house cool with these 5 tips

Unchanged filters are often clogged with debris, slowing air flow to a trickle. This causes your home to cool slowly and your AC to run longer and harder than usual. The extra load strains internal HVAC components as well like blower fans and cooling (evaporator) coils. Ultimately if pushed too hard for too long, these parts will not function properly or fail entirely.

Our 26 favorite Apple memes - TechRepublic

Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

Six ways your iPhone or iPad could get p0wn3d: What to watch out for and how to stay safe | ZDNet

The iPhone and iPad's sandboxing have a much stronger track record. That's because users have become used to sandboxing. As soon as apps became available for the iPhone, they were locked in their own little execution space, and prevented from touching other apps. So while Windows users are pushing back (and few developers are offering Windows sandboxed apps), iOS users just happily use the millions of apps that are in the iOS App Store.

Five ways to improve your Wi-Fi performance | ZDNet

It's a little thing, but putting your router in the right place can make a big performance difference. Generally speaking, you want your Wi-Fi access point (AP) in a high, centralized location. That's why many offices place their routers in the ceiling. You'll also want to keep your AP away from walls.

7 startups that were massively funded that died in 2017

For every billion dollar unicorn, there are endless numbers of start-ups that have passed into the ether — laying off their engineers in matching, branded t-shirts; closing down their game rooms filled with ping-pong tables; and leaving heartfelt goodbye notes for customers on their soon-to-be defunct websites.

Castlevania on Netflix falls one whip short of a good crack

Castlevania  feels like neither an incredible video game sequence nor like a fully earned, backstory-heavy companion to the classic vampire-hunting adventures. There is certainly enough enjoyable stuff here—cheesy, laughable dialogue, whip-wielding action, and gorgeous artwork—to be edited down to a single episode. I wish Netflix recognized that, because the season ends with three mysterious heroes (maybe) about whom I want to know more: Belmont, whose family legacy is still unclear; Sypha Belnades, the magic-casting female badass who lights up the few scenes she's in this season; and Alucard, whose brief hint of "bad guy with a hint of goodness" appeal is well-captured by his voice actor.

Google is funding the creation of software that writes local news stories

Google’s Digital News Initiative has committed £622,000 ($805,000) to fund an automated news writing initiative for UK-based news agency, The Press Association. The money will help pay for the creation of Radar (Reporters And Data And Robots), snappily named software designed to generate upwards 30,000 local news stories a month.

Account Executive - SendBird Jobs on AngelList

SendBird is a startup specializing in messaging and chat API for mobile apps and websites. We graduated from Y Combinator in 2016. Our CEO was a former #1 pro-gamer in Korea and sold his 1st company to a publicly-listed Japanese social app company. Our team is composed of former Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, McKinsey, and Samsung. We are rapidly scaling our US operations.

Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Your Old Tech

In the pre-Cloud, pre-affordable-SSD era, chances are you had a whole stack of ready-to-burn discs somewhere on or near your work area. Perhaps you have some CD cases still around? Perhaps you also enjoy golf? If you find yourself in this particular Venn overlay, then you might follow this Instructable's directions for turning your old CD case into a DIY golf target.

Google Photos' new shared libraries are now live

Although we are both equipped with an iPhone , I take many more photos than my wife, which makes me the photo keeper of the family. When the occasion arises to show a photo of one of our two kids to a friend (that we have not already posted to Instagram), she asks me to dig through the photos on my phone and find the requested image. Now, thanks to new shared libraries from  Google Photos , I no longer need to serve as the family's photo retriever.

'Hidden Galaxy' reveals itself in lovely Hubble image

The European Space Agency notes , "the galaxy sits near the equator of the Milky Way's galactic disk, where the sky is thick with glowing cosmic gas, bright stars, and dark, obscuring dust." IC 342 is a hotbed of activity, with forming stars, gas and dust melding into a spiral shape around the galaxy's bright center. The Hubble image is a zoomed-in look at this central area.

Some new Surface Pro users reporting hibernation problems | ZDNet

Microsoft is investigating problems reported by a 'small group' of customers affected by random and unwanted hibernation issues with its newest Surface Pro device.

The Best Gaming Headsets of 2017

Most high-end gaming headsets claim to offer some form of surround sound, but this isn't accurate. The vast majority of surround sound headsets still use stereo drivers (often a single 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The surround aspect comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that tweak how the headsets mix sound between your ears to give an impression of 360-degree audio. It's an artificial effect that wouldn't provide a true surround sound image even if the headset had individual drivers for each channel; there simply isn't enough space for the sound to resonate to produce the impression of accurate directional audio. However, it can add some immersiveness and improve your ability to track the direction sounds come from, from left to right.

Tesla Projected to Win U.S. Electric-Car Race

Getting there won’t be easy or a straight shot: Tesla shares have declined every day this week, wiping out some $9 billion in market value, on signs that Model S and Model X deliveries have plateaued just ahead of this month’s introduction of Musk’s more-affordable Model 3 sedan. What the report captures, however, is the longer view: that Tesla will be able to distance itself from established automakers and dominate many of the world’s biggest markets for battery-powered vehicles.

Video: Cisco launches Kinetic IoT operations platform - TechRepublic

Kinetic is an IoT operations platform that pulls data from IoT devices at the edge of a company's network. Exxon Mobile uses Cisco Kinetic to connect its deep-water drilling platforms; as a result, information that used to take two weeks to ship to Houston, TX daily is delivered in two seconds.

NASA Is Moving Ahead With an Ambitious Plan to Deflect an Asteroid

A mission to demonstrate an asteroid deflection technique just got a NASA promotion to the design phase. Called DART, the plan would see a refrigerator-sized spacecraft smash into a non-threatening asteroid, causing it to move ever so slightly from its original orbital path. The project is seen as an important first step in developing a planetary shield against incoming asteroids.

Who needs more than one speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are getting better all the time, but so are stereo speaker based systems for music. For movies no sound bar, even ones with separate surround speakers can approach the sound quality of a top notch AV receiver matched with five or more speakers, and a subwoofer. Sorry, it's not even close.

10 essential elements of change control management - TechRepublic

Some changes are of the "fail forward" type where they cannot be reversed, so the backout plan may be as complex as rebuilding the entire server after an irreversible code change. Consider worst-case scenario situations and increase the odds in your favor by determining whether you need spare equipment or alternate systems on hand, or whether you can take a snapshot of virtual machines involved in the change (if applicable) to quickly revert to their prior state. Even copying critical files elsewhere for safekeeping or performing a full system backup can be a lifesaver.

CopyCat Android malware infected 14 million devices, rooted 8 million last year | ZDNet

In order to achieve root status, the malicious code uses six different vulnerabilities for Android versions 5 and earlier through an "upgrade" pack pulled from Amazon web storage. Some of the flaws the malware tests for are extremely old and the most modern ones were discovered over two years ago -- and so should your device be patched and up-to-date, CopyCat should not be a worry.

Opinion | One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix

In actuality, the real thing doesn’t look so good. I’ve spent the last year researching the future of the corporate campus — not with the goal of accommodating the desires of all those curious tourists, but through the lens of urbanism. The project has explored how the Bay Area’s workplaces might become more socially, economically and sustainably efficient, but also how applying new ways of thinking about the design, form and location of these buildings could help create a sense of place. It’s become somewhat urgent — the world’s leading innovation region is seeing many warning signs that its continued success is not a given . (Some companies are offering employees thousands of dollars to “delocate” from the region and move somewhere more affordable.)

Just look at all these Microsoft Surface Pro clones - Video | ZDNet

They laughed at the original Surface RT. But Microsoft persisted, refining the Surface Pro's features and engineering away its flaws through multiple iterations. The proof of success? Just look at all the Surface Pro clones.

The Best Fidget Spinner iPhone Apps and Games for iPhone

No matter if you think they’re a toy, a fad or something that actually helps you deal with anxiety, there’s no denying that fidget spinners are all the rage right now. And it’s natural for the real world to bleed into our screens. Thanks to a plethora of new apps, you can now spin the fidget spinner on your iPhone’s screen. Here are the best fidget spinner apps and games.

Windows 10 tip: Shut down OneDrive completely | ZDNet

In Windows 10, OneDrive is built in. The connections are so tight, in fact, that OneDrive has its own node in File Explorer, with no obvious way to remove it. But the options to disconnect OneDrive are there if you know where to look. Here are the full instructions.

Congress Close to Approving a New Space Army

While fighting climate change and providing health care are both just too economically burdensome for America, members of the House believe there’s still enough cash to fund a space army that would fight off... the space enemies?

The Verge on Twitter

In our new video series #NextLevel , @LaurenGoode will give you a look at the experiments that'll change your life in the near future

Westworld Site Update Hints at the Nightmare to Come in Season 2

Westworld is gearing up for season 2, and a new promo gif for San Diego Comic-Con is bursting at the seams with hints and secrets for what we can expect next season. Though it doesn’t look like anything to me.

TechCrunch on Twitter

Come volunteer at TC Sessions: Robotics in Boston on July 17!  #TCRobotics

The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

Any smart security system worth its salt offers components that work together in a seamless environment and can be manipulated using customized rules. For example, you can create rules to have the lights turn on when motion is detected, have your doors unlock when a smoke alarm goes off, and have a camera begin recording when a sensor is triggered. Some systems store recorded video locally on an SD card or a solid state drive, while others offer cloud storage. Locally stored video is a good choice for do-it-yourselfers on a budget, but you have to be careful not to overwrite video that you may need later. Cloud storage makes it easy to store and access recorded video, but it can cost hundreds of dollars per year depending on your subscription.

How to create a Linode cloud instance of Linux - TechRepublic

As you might expect, there's no way of accessing your image via the web-based interface. Most of these images are server-based and don't include a GUI, so access is limited to secure shell. If you click on the Remote Access tab, you will be given a public-facing IP address you can use. Copy that IP address, open up either your Linux terminal (or your Window's ssh-enabled gui tool) and log in. For those using the Linux terminal, the command to log into your Linode image will be:

US Tangles With the World Over Climate Change at G20

Negotiations over the wording of the final communiqué from the G20 meeting of the world’s wealthiest nations carried on late into Saturday morning. The sticking point? Disagreements over the US’s preferred phrasing for the group’s position on climate change and renewable energy. Bafflingly, the US wanted to state that it will help other nations with access to fossil fuels.

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Getflix and chill for life - it’s only $35 right now

Rumored Disney-themed Cards Against Humanity pack will ruin your childhood

It's rumored that the company behind the infamous card game will release a Disney-themed expansion pack for those who can't get enough of princesses, talking animals, and that Moana song that's still stuck in your head eight months later.

The Best Laptops of 2017

Walk down any laptop aisle and you'll notice that the selection of laptops has become dramatically thinner and sleeker. Each of these wafer-thin systems represents a new vision for ultraportable computing: a no-compromises laptop light enough that you'll forget it's in your briefcase, with a long-lasting battery that will keep you working even when no power outlet is available. Fast storage, whether by way of a full 128GB or 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) or, more affordably, 32GB to 64GB of eMMC flash, give these ultraportables the ability to resume work in seconds after being idle or asleep for days. Intel's marketing focus has migrated to the convertible-hybrid laptops and detachable-hybrid tablets that it refers to as 2-in-1 devices (see the next section for more information), but ultraportables are still a distinct category.

Facebook is building a 'village' of 1,500 apartments

A company representative told CNET that the apartment units and retail would be open to all prospective tenants, and not just Facebook's employees. The office space, however, would be for the social network's use alone.

Single again, and looking for the best unlimited data plan?

Here's my situation: I never had to think about cell phone data and internet until I got divorced.  Now I'm on my own and have to figure out the best plan for my budget. I've hopped around with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, and now I have Sprint.  I use my phone as a hotspot sometimes, and I usually use a total of 10 gigabytes of data a month. So I think I need more data. What's the best plan I can get for one person? Right now I'm paying $127 a month for service, which seems too much!

Prisma’s new app turns your selfies into chat stickers

The finished sticker can then be sent as an image in iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, or Skype by default, but you can ultimately send the finished product to anything else that accepts images from the iOS Share Sheet. The best way to use Sticky AI is to save the custom sticker to the app, where you can then access it as a native iMessage sticker for a much more seamless way to place it in chat conversations. Is Sticky AI necessarily useful? Hard to say, but if you’re interested in adding some selfie stickers to your group chat, it does seem to be one of the easier ways of making them that I’ve seen so far.

Facebook and Google join net neutrality 'day of action'

Having both big internet players stepping up to the net neutrality debate could be crucial to avoiding an FCC -led crash and burn. While neither company told Forbes what their specific plans were, both Facebook and Google confirmed participation in the event. We've reached out to both and will update this post when we hear back.

Trump plans to halt entrepreneur visas

The details: The rule, called the International Entrepreneur Rule, is scheduled to go into effect July 17. U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services will take a procedural step to postpone that implementation date as soon as Monday, according to sources. In addition, the agency is expected to start the formal process to eliminate the rule. A USCIS spokesperson said the rule is "under review." More details on the rule here.

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