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Call of Duty's new 'Zombies' mode stars Jeff Goldblum, Heather Graham

Treyarch offers Zombies fans a first look at 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3''s latest version of the studio's signature survival mode.

Digiboo Zones wants to disrupt Redbox with ultra-fast movie downloads in airports

With airport Wi-Fi typically slow, the chances of downloading a movie before your flight boards is slim. Download service Digiboo wants to change that, and is placing Digiboo Zones in airports…

Meet the first astronauts for NASA’s commercial space flight program

NASA has named the four astronauts who will embark on the first test flights of SpaceX and Boeing's commercial crew spacecraft. Astronauts Bob Behnken, Eric Boe, Doug Hurley and Sunita ("Suni")...

Fresh from Comic-Con: New 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' teaser

The new teaser shows stars a small army and a fearless Katniss Everdeen.

T-Mobile widens roaming as it becomes the third biggest carrier

T-Mobile Simple Choice now covers calling, texting data in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.

PewDiePie's response to making $7.4 million is exactly why he's so successful

There are a few things commonly accepted about Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie. He screams a lot. He publishes videos himself playing video games. He makes a lot of money doing so. The latest figure...

Star Wars' best ships — and R2-D2 — have been recreated as drones

Update July 9th, 2015: YouTuber Otto Dieffenbach has uploaded footage of an R2-D2 drone. I've included it below. Last month we saw a Millennium Falcon-inspired drone, and today we get footage of a...

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Office 2016 for Mac brings the first overhaul of Microsoft's tools on OS X in 5 years

However, the update doesn’t just mean a new version of Microsoft’s Office tools for Mac users and then nothing for another five years; it also brings a pledge of “at least quarterly” updates, according to Richard Ellis, UK lead for Office at Microsoft.  This should mean more bug fixes, more optimizations and regularly delivered new features as part of the incremental update strategy.

Report: Facebook May Launch Streaming Music Service

It’s Facebook’s plans to build on this with a Spotify-style audio streaming service that are making waves within the music industry, even though the launch date and specifics of the business model and payout formula have yet to be nailed down. Sources have told Music Ally that an audio service is very much on Facebook’s roadmap, but that both the social network and rightsholders realise that it has to get the monetised-video service right first.

Meerkat Makes Friends With Facebook’s API, Adds Viewer Cameos And Streaming Storage

Meerkat added the ability to invite your friends, strangers, anyone watching really, to take control of your stream. Called Cameo, the new feature works by firing up a stream and then tapping on the profile of a viewer to invite them to take over. If the viewer accepts, then everyone on the stream will see that person make a cameo appearance on your stream for 60 seconds. Either person can end the cameo at any time within that minute of time.

Flying with UberCopter: Because driving from Nice to Cannes is for peasants

If you’re going to the French Riviera to frolic with celebs and take selfies with Kim Kardashian and drink no bottle of rosé that costs less than €200, then obviously you have to arrive in style.

First look: OS X El Capitan brings a little Snow Leopard to Yosemite

OS X releases of the modern, post-iPhone era are either "feature" releases or "consolidation" releases. All new OS X versions leave their mark on the operating system, but feature releases usually make bigger changes, and consolidation releases go about tweaking and polishing those features so that they feel more complete. Leopard had Snow Leopard. Lion had Mountain Lion (and Mavericks, a sort of in-betweeny odd-version-out released after Jony Ive's takeover of software design and before his team was able to apply that design to OS X). And now Yosemite has El Capitan.

Aw, NASA probe spies Pluto's 'heart' as flyby begins - CNET

Pluto, the focus of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, has a softer side in the form of a distinctive heart-shaped feature on its surface.

21.5 million social security numbers affected in federal data breach, says US government

According to the Wall Street Journal , the hackers – which US officials believe were working for China- were able to access 19.7 million background investigation forms from the Office of Personnel Management, each of which includes a multitide of personal data. The number is  much larger than the previous estimates of ‘only’ 4.2 million files.

TWC robo-calls customer 153 times, now owes her $229,500

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein was clearly not impressed by TWC's defense. The defense argued that TWC somehow wasn't liable under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a law specifically designed to curb robo-call harassment like this. Judge Hellerstein stated that "a responsible business" would have bothered to actually track down Perez rather than keep calling the same number over and over. As such, he fined Time Warner Cable $1,500 per call for a total of $229,500. "Defendant harassed plaintiff with robo-calls until she had to resort to a lawsuit to make the calls stop, and even then TWC could not be bothered to update the information in its IVR system," Hellerstein wrote. There's no word yet on whether TWC will appeal the ruling.

Apple releases iOS 9 beta 3 to developers

You may also use the direct download links for iOS 9 beta 2 below (Note that you need to be a registered developer to download these files). You can find the model number on your iPhone or iPad’s back cover.

iOS 9, OS X El Capitan to beef up your Apple account security - CNET

Apple is touting the new system as more secure than the current process. Presently, Apple uses something called two-step verification if you need to access or verify your account. This process relies on Apple's Find My Phone and Find My Mac features, while the new two-factor authentication is part of the OS itself. The current process also uses a four-digit code to verify your account, while the two-factor authentication will use a stronger six-digit code. And once the code is passed to any devices running iOS 9 or El Capitan, that device automatically becomes trusted, meaning no further verification will be required. Your account credentials will also be better protected as Apple has said that the new authentication "uses different methods to trust devices and deliver verification codes."

11 Amex launches fast digital checkouts but don't call it a mobile wallet

Amex launches fast digital checkouts but don't call it a mobile wallet You've heard an awful lot lately about digital wallets. American Express wants you to think of the Amex Express Checkout digital commerce solution launching today for card holders as the anti-wallet. Check out this story on

NBA's Bonner Hates 'To Make Excuses,' Blames Phone For Bad Season

"[H]ere's my theory on how I got it," Bonner continued. "When the new iPhone came out it was way bigger than the last one, and I think because I got that new phone it was a strain to use it, you have to stretch further to hit the buttons, and I honestly think that’s how I ended up developing it."

Woman Robocalled by Time Warner Wins $230,000 Judgment

If a business wishes to contract around that rule with its customers, it may, but the risk of error falls on the caller, so it should take care to ensure that it is calling the right people with information they actually want to receive… Whether the agent’s call were answered by Ms. King or her voicemail, the agent would quickly realize the mistake and fix the company’s records so that the machine would not contact her anymore. The responsible company will reduce its exposure dramatically by taking proactive steps to mitigate damages, while its competitor, who unthinkingly robo-dials the same person hundreds of time over many months without pausing to wonder why it cannot reach him, cannot complain about much higher liability.

Campaign aims to shrink porn stars, inject them into another person - CNET

And yet I can't help but be fascinated by a concept that marries the mad science from a favorite Rick Moranis franchise from my childhood ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) and a really underrated and bizarre Martin Short and Dennis Quaid movie ("Innerspace") from the same era with, uh... porn. It's a really unnerving combination of childhood nostalgia and bizarre sci-fi premise with the just flat weird and creepy perved-out notion of microscopic people having sex while floating around inside the body of another person.

Apple’s iOS 9 Consumer Preview Is Here, But Tread With Caution

Apple itself offers plenty of warning it its beta software program agreement, one worth reading carefully before downloading any software. In the agreement, Apple says, “Once you load such pre-release software onto your computer and/or device, you may be unable to revert back to the pre-loaded commercial release of the Apple software you were using prior to” the beta. Apple continues to say that apps and services you rely on may not work, data may be lost and test devices “may not be capable of being restored to their original condition.” Needless to say, Apple also states it won’t pay for any damage incurred as a result of participating in the beta.

Tinder's Newest Feature Makes Dating A Celebrity Easier Than Ever

Ever spotted a celebrity's face on Tinder and wondered if it’s a fake? Now you don’t have to worry anymore.

Google Releases A Second Build Of Android M Just For Developers

Back at Google I/O in May, Google announced “Android M”, the latest version of its Android operating system. Almost immediately, they released a preview build for developers to tinker with. It was a bit buggy, sure — but it let developers test their apps and get to know the new OS before everyone else got their hands on it.

Software glitch grounded all United flights for nearly two hours this morning

"Automation issues" grounded literally every United aircraft this morning before the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center removed the ground stop around 9:45AM Eastern Time. "Automation issues" is another way of saying that United is having trouble with the back-end software and hardware that it uses to coordinate flights at the several hundred airports it serves. Before it lifted, the grounding ended up affecting "mainline" aircraft only, meaning that United partners — the companies that operate regional United Express aircraft — were free to depart.

How Gaming’s Breakout Gay Character Came to be - IGN

“There’s a tendency for every character’s ‘default’ to be straight, white, and male in our industry – and nobody questions that default”, explains series creator and writer David Gaider. “No character ever has to justify why they’re straight, white, and male. The moment you make them anything else, you suddenly need reasons why that’s okay…or do you? A certain amount of deliberateness is required to challenge the idea of a default, and while it feels a bit unnatural to do so, it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a way to create without unthinkingly doing things the same way simply because that’s how you’ve always done them.”

Microsoft's mobile future hinges on success of Windows 10

SAN FRANCISCO Microsoft Inc's future in mobile devices likely hinges on the software maker's ability to convince developers to create apps for the phone version of Windows 10 after its ill-fated Nokia acquisition helped trigger 7,800 layoffs.

The Largest Government Hack Ever Is Way Bigger Than We Thought

When the Office of Personnel Management began investigating a data breach, it was already a dire situation, with 4.2 million federal workers’ information stolen. Then things got worse. And worse.

22 1.5M raised in seed funding for GitLab to accelerate growth and expand operations | GitLab

It is our goal to become the default solution for anyone building software and working together. The excitement and passion of our community has convinced us that open-source is the way forward. We want to accelerate our growth and expand operations so we can reach more people and build an even better GitLab.

Meizu MX5 Preview - CNET

The 16GB version of Meizu's MX5 will retail for 1,799 yuan in China, which converts roughly to $290, £190 and AU$390. The 64GB version will be a little more expensive at 2,399 yuan -- that's $385, £250 or AU$515 -- which isn't too bad, as you're getting four times the storage for less than $100 more. But if you're thinking of getting one, the bad news is there's no word on an official release in either the US, UK or Australia. If you're in China, you should be able to get one now, but otherwise it will likely be on Meizu's online store soon.

24 First Look: Office 2016 for Mac unifies Windows and Mac experience

First Look: Office 2016 for Mac unifies Windows and Mac experience Five years after the last major release of Office for the Mac, Microsoft on Thursday unleashed a fresh new version for the Apple computer crowd, Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. Check out this story on

Ole André Vadla Ravnås - Frida: The engineering behind the reverse-engineering

Ever wondered how to build your own debugger? Did you complete that assembly tutorial as a teenager, but never found any real life use for low-level programming? Need to learn more scary-sounding technical jargon to crank up your pay grade? If you answered "yes" to zero or more of the above, you might be interested in what we have to offer. In this talk, we dive into the engineering principles behind Frida, a multi-platform scriptable dynamic binary instrumentation toolkit. We explain the basics of operating system processes, together with the relevant native OS APIs. We show how to use these APIs to probe state (memory, registers, threads) of a target process, and how to inject your own code into the process. If time allows, we'll show how Frida performs its dynamic instrumentation by rewriting binary code, in memory, while the target process is running.

Google is facing a fight over Americans' 'right to be forgotten'

After Europe, it might be America’s turn to enjoy the ‘ right to be forgotten ‘. A consumer advocacy group in the US is urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate why Google hasn’t extended this option to users in the country.

Microsoft shrinks smartphone ambitions with mobile restructuring

In an email to employees, Nadella said that the company was moving away from being a phone manufacturer and towards creating a “vibrant Windows ecosystem” that includes a group of first-party devices. As a result, the company will be dismissing around 7,800 employees, with the majority of job cuts impacting people in Microsoft’s phone hardware business. The restructuring also included another aftershock from the Nokia acquisition: Microsoft will take a massive $7.6 billion write-down on the acquisition itself along with a restructuring charge of between $750 and $850 million.

IBM's New Chip Is Four Times as Powerful as Today's Best Silicon

The company claims that it’s made possible by using silicon-germanium in the manufacturing process rather than pure silicon. The new material choice allows transistors to switch faster and also use less power—in turn allowing them to sit more densely on a chip. Indeed, IBM suggest that processors with more than 20 billion transistors should be a possibility—about four times that of today’s best chips. It’s worth noting that the chips are in advanced research stage, as opposed to being consumer-ready, but that doesn’t detract from the announcement.

New official pic for 'Sherlock' Victorian special: Watson's stache is back! - CNET

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman show off their stylish vintage threads and hairstyles from the upcoming "Sherlock" special. Here's hoping there's a grisly Victorian murder to keep the lads busy.

Spotify tells iOS users how to avoid iTunes charges and pay less

Spotify isn't happy that its iOS customers have to pay an additional $3 for a premium subscription if they make the purchase through the App Store. That's why it's planning to send them instructions on how to apply for a subscription straight from the company's website. The Verge got its hands on a copy of the letter, wherein Spotify made clear that "the normal Premium price is only $9.99, but Apple charges 30 percent on all payments made through iTunes." That ups the total to $12.99, which is only $2 away from Apple Music's six-person family plan. That email, if you haven't gotten it yet, contains links that make it easy to cancel Spotify's auto-renew on iTunes and redirect you to the service's website. You'll have to wait until your current month ends before you can re-subscribe, but after you do, you can enjoy the same service without Apple's added fee.

LinkedIn now has 1M publishers, with more than 130K posts per week

LinkedIn now has 1M publishers, with more than 130K posts per week

Device metrics - Google Design

Select a device to view detailed information, recommended material design measurements, and values for portrait and landscape orientations.

One Man’s Quest to Save the Most Colossal Fishes on Earth

Up until fairly recently, these fish were dominating lakes and rivers across the planet, including the US—and they were going almost totally unnoticed. Even Arizona, not a place known much for its water, has its own variety of giant fish. Cutting through the state is one of the mightiest waterways on Earth, the Colorado River, and Hogan knows its power intimately: While on a survey of one of the Colorado’s tributaries as an undergraduate, a flash flood swept through, trapping his party in a canyon for two days. Swimming in these waters is a little-known giant: the Colorado pikeminnow. Minnows may be typecast as the runts of the fish world, but this pikeminnow can grow to 6 feet long—back in the early 20th century, when the fish wasn’t yet endangered, anglers were using rabbits as bait to snag it.

Barnes & Noble Closes International Nook Store

The Digital Reader found an interesting email sent to international Nook users about the Nook app for Windows. Essentially it informs international Nook users outside the US or the UK that their content will be removed from Windows machines and their money refunded.

Google now uses an artificial neural network to fight spam, debuts Gmail Postmaster Tools to cut false positives

Google today announced it is now using the same artificial intelligence developed for Google Search and Google Now to fight spam. This is on top of the machine learning the company already uses to train Gmail’s filters (every time you click the “Report spam” and “Not spam” buttons, you’re teaching Gmail what does and doesn’t matter).

Facebook lets you avoid the algorithm and control your own news feed

Why this matters: Until now, Facebook has relied extensively on its own algorithms to decide what users see, drawing on their histories of likes, comments, and other interactions. But machine learning doesn’t always work perfectly, and can leave people with News Feeds that they’re less likely to interact with in the first place. Users have always wanted ways around the algorithm—just look at the number of people trying to sort their feeds chronologically —and the new preferences are one way to add greater flexibility.

Microsoft wraps up revamped Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft did not disclose pricing for the individually-licensed version of Office 2016 for Mac that will ship in two months' time. Those licenses require customers to pay up front, but they are allowed to run the suite as long as they want without further fees. Current prices for a non-subscription license to Office for Mac start at $139.99 for a one-license copy of Home & Student 2011, which omits Outlook. The single-license Office & Business 2011, including Outlook, costs $219.99.

United routes root of outage to router

A WSJ spokesperson issued the following statement via email when asked whether the outage was linked to the NYSE network problems and the United Airlines network connectivity issues: “Earlier today, the home page experienced an outage for less than an hour beginning at approximately 11:45am ET. The site is back up and running with full functionality and the cause is being investigated.”

Slack now lets you use emojis to acknowledge or approve a message

So this is where emojis come into play: Emoji reactions say a lot more than a simple acknowledgement and users can craft the message to whatever they want. Simon Vallee, Slack’s product manager on team files, says they got the idea for use of emoji a while back, but started exploring it more seriously about six months ago. Since that time, his team has been “refining the details and making sure we fully understood the social implications of what is a pretty core change to the Slack messaging experience.”

Engadget on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Cisco to Invest $1 Billion in U.K. Tech Industry Over 5 Years

U.K. startups will get $150 million through Cisco’s venture capital arm and via acquisitions. The investments will focus on cybersecurity, the Internet of things — devices and services in homes and businesses connected to the Internet– and so-called “smart cities” — the use of technology to enhance quality and performance of urban services.

T-Mobile Stops Extra Charges for Calls, Texts to Mexico and Canada

T-Mobile US Inc. is dropping all charges for calls and texts to and from Mexico and Canada, its latest move to tempt subscribers away from bigger rivals and one that takes aim at international roaming charges, a highly lucrative part of carriers’ business.

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition set to release in August

Due to release in August, Risk: Game of Thrones Edition  was created by USAopoly in partnership with HBO, and should provide a similar experience to what fans of the original have grown to know and love. Only, instead of real-world continents, players will trade territories on one of two maps that, together, comprise GoT’s known universe.

It's NASA versus sci-fi in 'Fastest Ship in the Universe' smackdown - CNET

The second category on the chart measures the speed of spacecraft in terms of Cs , or the speed of light (one C would equal 186,282 miles per second). Of course, the faster-than-light ships in this section are all fictional, as NASA hasn't quite figured out how to propel us faster than light just yet. The "Star Trek" ships are well represented here -- including the Borg Cube -- as are spacecraft from "Star Wars." But none of them hold the title of "Fastest Ship in the Universe."

Amex Negs Digital Wallets To Build Its Own Checkout, Pairs With Stripe To Spread It Wide

“We’re partners with Apple Pay and our customers love Apple,” she said. “What they are doing at the point of sale is very exciting and we want to be a part of it. And when we talk more broadly we are comfortable and excited to be with all wallets, not one exclusively. We will have to see how merchants integrate them and what consumers want. For us it’s all about differences and differentiation in the future.”

This new app lets people explain slang using 10-second videos, and it gets pretty goofy

But SayWhat , which functions as the goofy union of Vine and Urban Dictionary, aims to solve this problem. The app is essentially a repository of slang centered around upvotes, like Urban Dictionary, but the definitions aren’t text — they’re ten-second videos.

Apple invents continuous handwriting input method, magnetically linkable earphones

A pair of Apple patent filings published Thursday reveal ongoing work on perfecting the mobile computing experience, including an intuitive continuous handwriting recognition system and a pair of earphones that snap together magnetically for easy stowage. Source: USPTO Apple's " Continuous Handwriting UI ," as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, details a novel handwriting recognition and input method that appears custom built for business professionals and students. While existing handwriting input methods exist, including limited language-centric tools built in to iOS, most apply unintuitive interfaces that interrupt a user's normal writing rhythm. The root of the problem lies in timing, specifically when a UI should clear a handwriting input area of previously entered text. Apple's invention describes a designated handwriting input area that allows users to write continuously without stopping, just as they would with paper and pencil. In one embodiment, the system automatically recognizes and clears handwriting dynamically, while another method partially fades previously entered text as a user writes.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

8 sales automation apps that will bring your leads to life

Pipeliner is another in the line of CRM systems that comes with sales (and marketing) automation features baked in. The way this cloud app works is by allowing your business to pre-design messages appropriate for all stages of the process, and then enabling automatic sending of these messages. This saves the sales force the time it takes to compose messages or wait for marketing to approve the copy they are sending out.

IGN on Twitter

Ben Affleck to reportedly star in, direct, and co-write standalone Batman movie  #SDCC

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89 Cloud-based Physical Security Startup Octopus Raises $2.5M From Singulariteam
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