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Nucleus is an Alexa-enabled touchscreen intercom

It will be available today through Amazon and Lowe's.

Apple should stop selling four-year-old computers

One thousand, five hundred and fourteen days. Or: four years, one month, and twenty-four days. That’s how long it’s been since Apple released the last MacBook Pro to come without a Retina display....

Suicide Squad Kinda Sucks. But Hey, So Does 2016

In a summer that's kind of sucked, the latest DC Comics adaptation fits right in. But maybe not in the way you'd think.

This Guy Made One of the Year’s Best Albums From YouTube Sounds

A new doc examines how the Range, aka James Hinton, takes amateur musical performances and uses them to create shimmering, spectral electronic-pop songs.

'Harold Halibut' brings back stop-motion video games

It's proof that game development doesn't always have to be high-tech.

Listen to the full 'No Man's Sky' soundtrack on YouTube

65daysofstatic has uploaded the lot.

Tinder swipes too much personal information, says E.U. lawmaker

Some mobile apps' terms of use breach European Union privacy laws, according to Marc Tarabella, a member of the European Parliament.

'Prey for the Gods' is a modern 'Shadow of the Colossus'

No Matter Studios wants to build on the PS2 classic.

Dropbox's Paper Is Now Open To Everyone And Available On Mobile

The collaboration tool is now available for anyone to use, and has new iOS and Android apps.

The Roomba 960 is iRobot's cheaper app-driven robot vacuum

It's WiFi-connected like the top-end model, but packs an older motor and smaller battery.

‘Snowden’ director Oliver Stone will scare you into turning off your phone with new PSA

Snowden director Oliver Stone has made a PSA encouraging moviegoers to turn off their cell phones by discussing third-party spying and tracking.

Three Dads Share What It Was Like Taking Parental Leave For The First Time

At first, these Buffer dads planned to take only a week off when their kids were born. Here's what they learned by spending more time away.

This weird video appeared on YouTube before the Trump Tower climb

"The reason I climbed your tower was to get your attention."

Trump’s Second Amendment Line Probably Won’t Land Him in Jail

Did he just say what you think he said? It appears he did.

Abe Davis

One of the most important ways that we experience our environment is by manipulating it: we push, pull, poke, and prod to test hypotheses about our surroundings. By observing how objects respond to forces that we control, we learn about their dynamics. Unfortunately, regular video does not afford this type of manipulation - it limits us to observing what was recorded. The goal of our work is to record objects in a way that captures not only their appearence, but their physical behavior as well.

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the tiger sleeps tonight… The Jungle Book, the faithful videogame adaptation of Disney's beloved tale, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount. Grab this together with the other two Disney classics for a 33% discount.He may look incredibly scrawny, but Mowgli is

Small Data vs. Big Data: Back to the Basics - OpenMind

Ahmed Banafa has extensive experience in operations and management, as well as a research background in a variety of techniques and analysis. He has served as a reviewer and technical contributor for the publication of several business and technical books. His experience in higher education includes serving as an instructor in business and technology at several universities and colleges, including the University of California, Berkeley; California State University-East Bay; San Jose State University; and University of Massachusetts. He is the recipient of several awards, including Distinguished Tenured Staff Award of 2013, Business Program Instructor of the year for 2013, 2014 and the Parthenon award for best instructor in 2012, 2010 and the 2003, and Certificate of Honor for Instructor from the City and County of San Francisco. Banafa is included in the 2000–2001 Who’s Who in Finance and Industry

Facebook is stepping up its war on clickbait in the News Feed

Two years ago, Facebook  made an initial effort to eliminate the News Feed's surplus of "clickbait" — a hard to define but almost universally despised form of online content that leaves readers feeling tricked, cheated, or otherwise dissatisfied. But people have continued to complain about many of the articles they see in the News Feed, Facebook says, and so today it's adjusting the feed again. Over the next few weeks, Facebook will implement changes meant to reduce the distribution of headlines that withhold information or attempt to mislead the reader.

New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages

AVeryConcernedCitizen wrote: So isn't this more of a JavaScript issue than a HTTPS issue? Specifically, isn't the true culprit here the newly approved JavaScript API's?Wouldn't the quickest fix be to have browsers reject the Fetch and Resource Timing APIs until those APIs can be updated to prevent this attack? I don't think the APIs can be updated to prevent this attack, since the core problem is with HTTPS itself. As I understand it, the APIs are used as tools to more easily fetch information (which is important functionality for developers) and to determine the size and timing of resource retrieval (which is also important for developers). They don't have gaps or exploits that are enabling this attack - they're functioning exactly as intended. The issue (at least from my understanding) is that commonly used HTTP compression enables users to determine whether guesses that they make at a value are accurate by examining the size of the resource that's returned, as larger packages imply an incorrect guess. Browsers could disable the APIs, but then they're mostly just removing a legitimately useful tool - something that allows developers to gauge resource size and transfer times - to try and monkey-patch a deeper issue.

Donald Trump did not actually watch an Iranian recording of that controversial money transfer

"Now, here's the amazing thing: Over there, where that plane landed, top secret, you don't have a lot of paparazzi. You know, the paparazzi doesn't do so well over there, right?" Trump said, seeming to refer to Iran and not Switzerland, where the footage was recorded. "And they have a perfect tape, done by obviously a government camera, and the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane. Right? That means that in order to embarrass us further, Iran sent us the tapes. Right? It's a military tape, it's a tape that was a perfect angle, nice and steady, nobody getting nervous because they're gonna be shot because they're shooting a picture of money pouring off a plane."

Hulu is ending its free streaming service, Yahoo will pick it up

Hulu's free service will go offline in the next few weeks. Going to an entirely paid model puts Hulu directly in line to compete with Netflix and HBO. Hulu recently brought on Time Warner as an investor , adding to previous owners Comcast, 21st Century Fox and Disney.

The Network Behind Arthur Is Mad About Your Memes

Arthur memes are all the rage online as of late, and while the good people of Twitter and Tumblr are delighting in repurposing screenshots from the classic children’s show, the network behind the series, WGBH, is not too happy with what’s going on.


Intel's Basis has just sent an email to customers who own a Basis Peak smartwatch with some bad news: it's being recalled . In mid-June, Basis admitted that its flagship (and only) smartwatch had the chance to overheat, and then asked them to wait for a firmware update. Ultimately, a firmware update couldn't have been issued that wouldn't have compromised the user experience, and as such, the company is asking for every single Basis Peak to be returned for a full refund -- it will even handle the shipping.

This may be our first good look at the new iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re curious what it all means, we’re still leaning on rumors. Some believe the dual camera set-up will allow us to snap both wide-angle and pixel-dense images at once, while some think the cameras will serve as a Lytro-style method for allowing us to switch focal points after the picture has been taken without losing image quality.

How to Use the Twitter Dashboard : Social Media Examiner

If you’re using Twitter for a business of any size, you’ll want to check out the new features Twitter Dashboard offers.

Gwyneth Paltrow joins Apple’s reality TV show “Planet of the Apps”

The idea with “Planet of the Apps” is to give viewers – including aspiring developers – a first-hand look at today’s app economy. It’s likely that look will be a highly positive one in the long run. Sure, the app developers will face challenges, but will their apps ultimately fail as most do? We don’t know until the show debuts, but that doesn’t seem like the sort of thing Apple would want to air.

A Nostalgic Virus Is Infecting Windows Machines

“In short, a network service with no authentication was exposed to the internet... We were able to grab data from this network service to obtain source code and passwords that led us further into the infrastructure of FOSSHub and eventually gain control of their production machines, backup and mirror locations, and FTP credentials for the caching service they use, as well as the Google Apps-hosted email.”

Here are leaked photos of an iPhone 7 running rarely-seen internal Apple software

And now, a group of Chinese leakers have posted photos and video what looks like a fully functional iPhone, booted up, running testing software called Switchboard.

Formlabs raises $35 million for its 3D printing system and teams with Autodesk

Formlabs announced that it has raised a $35 million Series B round of funding that will be used to grow its 3D printing platform. The company’s latest investment comes from new investor Foundry Group and includes participation from previous funders DFJ Growth, Pitango Venture Capital, and Apple’s former head in Europe Pascal Cagni.

The US is set to auction off about $1.6 million worth of bitcoin

The US is set to auction off about $1.6 million worth of bitcoin

Forbes Welcome

"Self-esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it."

New iPhone to Have Dual Camera but No Headphone Jack

Apple Inc. is preparing to unveil successors to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as early as next month with more advanced photography capabilities and upgraded hardware in a design similar to that of last year’s models, according to people familiar with the matter.

Lyft now lets riders add an extra stop to their trips

Area 404: How Facebook's New Hardware Lab Is Propelling It Into The Future

Absolutely. The microscope is one of a group of very expensive, precision machines that are part of Area 404, Facebook’s brand-new hardware lab, 22,000 square feet of pristine space under bright lights dedicated to helping the company design, prototype, test, and even build hardware for projects as diverse as its Aquila Internet connectivity drones, Oculus VR, its data centers, and other systems.

1Password launches new individual subscription model

It’s not clear if the legacy apps will be discontinued at any time, so if you’d rather not pay monthly for the service, we suggest buying them now and paying upfront. If you like the idea of a subscription service, Agile Bits is giving away six months for free as a promotion for this plan.

Kim Kardashian needs to replace her Blackberry phone. CNET comes to the rescue.

Kim Kardashian told us (the internet) that her beloved BlackBerry Bold just died. We have a few suggestions on which phone she should buy next.

For Elon Musk, star-touched vision and messy reality collide

For Elon Musk, star-touched vision and messy reality collide A fatal crash, Tesla production snags and an unusual deal with SolarCity raise questions about the bounds of Musk's futuristic reach. Check out this story on

Why Americans are wary of using technology to ‘enhance’ humans

These are but three of many enhancements scientists and bioethicists say could arise from biomedical technologies now under development. They were chosen to capture the range of enhancements on the horizon. All are tied to breakthroughs unfolding in labs, such as CRISPR for gene splicing or the Human Connectome Project for brain science, and these developments are intensifying debates about the uses of emerging technologies. None of the techniques behind these ideas is being used for “enhancing purposes” today, although all exist in some form of development for therapeutic or medical applications. They each raise potentially enticing prospects: What if we, as a society, could virtually do away with illness? What if humans could all raise their thinking capacity manyfold? And what if synthetic “super blood” could boost physical prowess to “superman” and “superwoman” levels?

What I learned after taking over a 13-year-old's Snapchat account

My 13-year-old sister was headed to camp for two weeks. In fear that she would not be able to get on Snapchat everyday, she enlisted both my other sister and me to take over her account (asking both of us to do it increased the chance that we won’t forget).


zabbixctl is tool for working with zabbix server api using command line interface, it provides effective way for operating on statuses of triggers, hosts latest data and groups of users.

Watch This Crazy Bird Race Cars at Ludicrous Speeds

A motorist in the Netherlands captured remarkable footage of a dove as it flies alongside vehicles at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour. Incredibly, this daredevil of a bird was able to fly with highway traffic for over 12 miles.

ICYMI: One Pen to rule all and video you can manipulate

ICYMI: One Pen to rule all and video you can manipulate

How the Events of Suicide Squad Affect the DC Movie Universe

Metropolis got the brunt of it in Man of Steel but now, a second city in the DC Extended Universe has been decimated. We didn’t see a lot of how the city’s population felt about this supernatural, superhuman occurrence but considering how Batman reacted to the destruction of Metropolis, but chances are it’s not going to garner metahumans as a whole any good will.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart team up for a dope dinner party series

Snoop added that the innovative new show will be quite the treat. “My homegirl Martha and I have a special bond that goes back. We’re gonna be cooking, drinking and having a good time with our exclusive friends. Can’t wait for you to see how we roll together!” Snoop said.

Lyft is adding the ability to make multiple stops on a trip

Once upon a time, Lyft customers who needed to make multiple stops during a trip needed to explain this to their drivers using spoken words. Starting this week, such verbal interactions will be a thing of the past, thanks to a new feature offering riders the ability to input an extra destination within the app.

Playing The Long Game Inside Tim Cook's Apple

Cook has built on that gift in a way that suits him. Apple’s CEO is a deeply grounded man who has not been blinded by Jobs’s brilliant legacy. Jobs only came to appreciate the incremental nature of innovation during the second half of his life; you get the sense that Cook understood and loved process from birth. This focus on detail is often mentioned as a weakness. But, in the five years under Cook, Apple’s revenue has tripled, its workforce has doubled, and its global reach has expanded rapidly. That’s a remarkable record. Cook has shown a great capacity for getting improvements from every corner of the company, and for then deploying those gains across a wider canvas of software, hardware, and services than Jobs ever had at his disposal. He will never be as flashy as Jobs, but he may just be the perfect CEO for the behemoth Apple has become.

This carrier still boasts the fastest network in the nation

These kinds of tests -- others, like one from RootMetrics , crown Verizon the overall winner and Speedtest by Ookla found Verizon and T-Mobile in a dead heat for download speed -- are critical because they may sway consumers when they're choosing between carriers. You've undoubtedly seen countless ads touting "the most reliable" or "fastest" networks. The results also help T-Mobile's attempt to chip away at the perception that Verizon has a superior wireless network.

How Data Visualization Can Improve Your Workspace - InformationWeek

JLL, a professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate, is turning to data visualization to help improve the way its clients work. The company's CIO for corporate solutions tells us the story behind the firm's new analytics platform.

Qualcomm Firmware Vulnerabilities Expose 900 Million Devices, Including Security-Focused Smartphones

Check Point researchers remind us that Android’s biggest security flaw is in the way the operating system is patched. When a vulnerability is found, it has to go through the entire supply chain before it reaches users. The update has to first be delivered by Qualcomm to a manufacturer such as HTC. Then, it may have to go through carriers before it finally reaches users. However, for most devices, that update either doesn’t arrive in a timely manner, or it doesn't land at all.

What the broadband home of the future may look like

What the broadband home of the future may look like Short promotional film from CableLabs touches on mixed reality, holograms Check out this story on

Guardian Tech on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Basis Peak fitness tracker recalled due to overheating issues

The company, which was acquired by Intel in 2014, noted that it received reports of faults in only 0.2 percent of all devices sold. In spite of its best efforts, Basis wasn’t able to come up with a solution to the issue and is recalling the whole lot as a result.

'Hey Siri' site is ripe with tips for more fruitful queries

Apple offers its own webpage with categories of questions, commands and tasks that you can direct toward Siri. The company also provides a list of commands and questions you can ask Siri. Simply activate Siri and ask "What can I ask you?" In response, Siri conjures up a list of its own categories, such as Apps, Calendar, Maps, Contacts, Settings and Web Search. Tap on a particular category, and Siri offers examples of questions you can ask it.

How Many Famous Movie Props Can You Spot in This Epic Battle?

The filmmakers from Sneaky Zebra are back with a sequel to a 2013 short film called Prop Wars , where countless movie replicas are used in an epic battle between a group of friends. Prop Wars: Prop Harder draws its inspiration from countless blockbusters including Tron: Legacy, The Force Awakens, Men In Black, Evil Dead , and even the endless Marvel movies, but half the fun is trying to spot the less-obvious references and nods.

The Electric Skateboard Company That Would Take Over the World

Ulmen says he’s OK with that. Longboards are just the first idea of many. More and more people are starting to change they way they move around the world. It’s familiar territory by now: We’re moving to cities; we’re ditching our cars; we’re more connected than ever. “It is the logical conclusion of the liberation of computing,” says Carlo Ratti, a designer and architect at MIT. The real-time data that comes from connecting everyone and everything, Ratti says, made Uber possible, makes self-driving cars possible, and will make room for new forms of transit that don’t look like cars at all. “With autonomy and shared ownership, this form factor will become one instance of many,” he says. “With advances in robotics, new machines that empower the human body can be built.” In 2015, California passed a law officially legalizing motorized skateboards, outlawed since 1977 (when the only available products were gas-powered and considered unsafe). Kristin Olsen, then Republican leader of the California State Assembly, introduced the bill after touring the offices of Intuitive Motion, whose ZBoard is one of Boosted’s biggest competitors.

Join our Tech and Design Summer Bash under the Manhattan Bridge!

The evening will kick off with a musical performance by Madame T and the Starlights: a set of whistleblowing train songs, sizzling summer swing and a journey of high camp performance that will make you want to dance and swoon.

Matt Navarra LIVE Chat on Product Hunt

Social Media Director for The Next Web

How Massachusetts's New Pay Law Will Help Close The Gender Wage Gap (And How It Won't)

The outcome of the presidential election may not even make a huge difference in the overall progress of equal pay legislation, Baer says. Since momentum is picking up at the state level, "it will likely become increasingly hard for politicians of either party to push back on equal pay policies." And if Massachusetts proves the bellwether on these new provisions that it's been on others, there may come a day when all U.S. workers will get to say what they think they're worth, not what their past employer does.

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Xbox One S review – a beautiful upgrade, but only for 4K fanatics

There's Something Strange Happening at the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

It seems counter-intuitive, but the bottom of Greenland’s thick mantle of ice is often tens of degrees warmer than the surface because it receives a small but steady input of geothermal heat from deep within the Earth. For years, scientists have recognized that the ice sheet’s tepid underbelly is probably thawing, and that this could have implications for how quickly the rest of Greenland goes. But until now, that hypothesis has only been backed up with data from a few isolated drill holes.

Your TV picture may be clear, but settings are opaque

The television has gone through many changes since its inception: from being a piece of furniture in your home, to  going with you to the beach , or being just another device you connect to your Wi-Fi network. This week,  Walt reviewed the 55-inch LG OLED B series TV after his Pioneer Elite 50-inch plasma finally died, so Walt and Nilay discuss the many (sometimes unnecessary) features of the smart TV, and the television industry today.

An Olympian says he racked up a $5,000 phone bill trying to play 'Pokémon GO' in Brazil

In theory, "Pokémon GO" is a game that's free-to-play, but not if you don't have a good international data plan set up. Kohei Uchimura, a Japanese gymnast competing in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, found that out the hard way.

Aladdin, The Lion King, The Jungle Book 16-Bit Platformers Now Available on PC - IGN

The 16-bit era releases of Aladdin , The Lion King , and The Jungle Book are all now available exclusively on, DRM free, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Each game will normally cost $9.99, though GOG has discounted them for launch to be available for $8.99. All three can be purchased together in a special bundle for $19.99.

In defense of bubbles

If we should find a way to stop bubbles, if we were to put the genie of irrational exuberance back in the bottle, the winners will be whoever are the incumbents at the time and the losers will be all those who could benefit from another great breakthrough in infrastructure like railroads, canals and the Internet.

AMD Radeon RX 470 review: A great graphics card with a wonderful, terrible price

That said, there are definitely some key additional tweaks. The RX 470’s base clock speed of 926MHz is far below the RX 480’s 1,120MHz; its memory is slightly slower at 6.6Gbps effective versus 7.0Gbps on the RX 480; and the RX 470 has a 120 watt TDP, 30W less than the RX 480’s. There’s also surprisingly no reference 8GB memory option for the Radeon RX 470, though AMD says it “encourages [hardware partners] to differentiate” if they see a market for 8GB versions. But for the most part, AMD’s new card sticks pretty close to the RX 480’s central design. Maybe that’s why the card’s priced just $20 lower than a 4GB RX 480.

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83 People are finding some truly crazy-looking creatures in 'No Man's Sky'
84 Paris Agreement on climate change could go into effect this year
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