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What happens when internet subcultures get discovered by the masses

The unseen aftereffects aren't always positive.

Samsung can’t believe Apple Pencil doesn’t work with iPhone | Cult of Mac

The latest in Samsung's "Ingenious" negative marketing campaign has a customer confused that the Apple Pencil can't be used on the iPhone.

'Downward Dog' is the TV equivalent of an emotional support animal

Find yourself a soul that never stops seeing you for the goodest boy that you can be.

All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are coming to IMAX

'Iron Man', 'The Incredible Hulk', and 'Captain America: The First Avenger' will get supersized for the first time.

‘Sea of Thieves’ could learn a thing or two from ‘No Man’s Sky’

'No Man's Sky' has finally redeemed itself. Could 'Sea of Thieves' do the same?

Asking questions to images with deep learning: a visual-question-answering tutorial

In this deep learning tutorial, we'll build Visual Question Answering (VQA) model that allows people to ask open-ended, common sense questions about the visual world.

Watch the launch of NASA's Parker Solar Probe tomorrow at 3:33 AM ET

NASA's mission to "touch the Sun" will launch in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

'Doom Eternal' doubles the (destructible) demons

Welcome back to Hell.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: A cheat sheet

The first and most obvious difference between the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Note 8 is that the Note 9 is the first smartphone to top 1 terabyte of storage. Even the smallest amount of storage available has doubled to 128 GB. The Galaxy Note 9 is available in two sizes: 6 GB RAM with 128 GB of internal storage with up to 512 GB of external storage available through a MicroSD, or 8 GB RAM with 512 GB of internal storage with up to 512 GB of external storage available through a MicroSD.

Raspberry Pi challengers: The newest boards you can buy

The NanoPi K1 Plus is less powerful than many other computers in this round-up, and is akin to a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a slightly slower CPU and double the memory. The NanoPi K1 Plus is more comparable to the Pi 3 B+, and as such is a machine suited to software and hardware development. However, worse driver and software support than the Pi means this board is probably one for technically savvy users only, who are prepared to devote time and effort getting it up and running.

Apple Rehires Tesla's Senior VP of Engineering

Doug Field is a very experienced engineer, having enjoyed spells at Segway from 1999 to 2008 as VP of design and engineering as well as becoming the company's CTO. Then Field joined Apple in mid-2008 as VP of product design before moving to become VP of Mac hardware engineering in 2011. He then left to join Tesla in 2013 and has spent the last five years overseeing engineering with a particular focus on the Model 3 .

Spotify may let free users skip as many ads as they want

Since last month, Australian Spotify users have been using the Active Media feature , which lets them skip as many ads as they wish, whenever they like, even without a paid subscription or illicit apps that offer pirated versions of Premium. But everyone else on the free tier may not be left out of the unlimited ad-skipping party -- Spotify aims to offer the feature to users everywhere eventually.


Qualcomm, Taiwan reach settlement on $773M antitrust fine

The chipmaker is facing one less lawsuit now that it has agreed to invest in Taiwan in exchange for the dismissal of a large fine.

Why 'Fortnite' bypassing Google Play could be a security nightmare

Epic Games’ free-to-play multiplatform game just crossed the billion-dollar threshold thanks to in-game purchases where players pay upgrades to customize their characters. Epic has to share 30 percent of those purchases made on iOS devices with Apple due to the terms of the App Store. That 30 percent revenue cut is the same for Google Play. With the option on Android to release its app without going through Google’s official channel, they also skip having to give Google a slice of the in-game purchase pie.

8 Facebook pages with large U.S. following to require more authorization

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc ( FB.O ) will introduce an authorization process for users who manage Facebook pages with a large U.S. following, it said here on Friday, seeking to make it harder to administer a page using a fake or compromised account.

Fortnite challenge guide for season 5, week 5

What’s great about this challenge is that you don’t need to use a different rift each time to complete it. So, if you want to get it out of the way quickly, find one and skydive straight back down to it, then use it again and repeat the process until you’re done.

Avengers: Infinity War - Gag / Blooper Reel - IGN Video

Watch the full gag and blooper reel for Avengers: Infinity War, which is now available on Blu-ray and digital.

11 Lawsuits accuse Tesla's Musk of fraud over tweets, going-private...

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc and Chief Executive Elon Musk were sued twice on Friday by investors who said they fraudulently engineered a scheme to squeeze short-sellers, including through Musk’s proposal to take the electric car company private.

This McDonald's is as pretty as an Apple Store | Cult of Mac

People dropping into the new Apple Store in Chicago might be surprised to find that it’s actually a McDonald’s. This fast-food chain’s new flagship restaurant bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s retail stores.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL vs Moto Z3: What's the difference? | ZDNet

See how Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, compares to its stablemate, the Galaxy S9+, and two other premium Android devices, the Pixel 2 XL and Moto Z3, spec by spec.

iPhone X smokes Galaxy Note 9 in speed tests | Cult of Mac

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 has lost to the iPhone X in speed test, even though the smartphone packs one of the best processors and more RAM than any of Apple’s phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch review

Bixby, which is Samsung's AI voice assistant, it supposed to replace S Voice on the watch, Samsung said at its Note 9 press conference. The company didn't have a lot of details on how it would work, but it should be able to mirror the commands you issue to your Galaxy smartphone and, soon, the Samsung Galaxy Home speaker. 

Red Dead 2 Gameplay: Can You Find Every Horse? - IGN Video

Let's count all the pretty horses in the gameplay reveal.

Russell Crowe gets annoyed with all those LinkedIn requests, too

Crowe is one of Hollywood's most recognizable names, so it makes sense he might not feel the need to network, make connections online, and maintain a professional image on LinkedIn. But that doesn't stop LinkedIn from sending him an overwhelming amount of requests.

Trump says he will have dinner with Apple CEO Cook on Friday

“Looking forward to dinner tonight with Tim Cook of Apple. He is investing big dollars in U.S.A.,” said Trump, who is on vacation at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Paper is the best art app [Cult of Mac's Essential iOS Apps #47]

For the past several years, the iPad has served as a tool to digitize the analog world. Board games are now virtual, books are electronic, and with the art app Paper by FiftyThree, your sketches and artwork are turned digital. Thanks to the incredible touch interface of the iPad and Apple Pencil, the app makes your device feel like its analog counterpart.

Taiwan lets Qualcomm off majority of big $773 million fine | Cult of Mac

“This settlement directly addresses concerns raised by the TFTC, regardless of disputed positions, and builds on our foundation of collaborative, long-term business relationships in Taiwan. We are happy to reaffirm our commitment to licensing our valuable intellectual property under principles of fairness and good faith. With the uncertainty removed, we can now focus on expanding our relationships that support the Taiwanese wireless industry and rapid adoption of 5G technology.”

Photos: 20 best resources for learning how to code

Developers don't necessarily need a four-year degree to get into coding. Here are 20 tools to help you learn, exercise, and polish your coding skills.

22 Twitter

Kathryn Watson / CBS News: Law firm serves Wikileaks a lawsuit via Twitter on behalf of the DNC; a federal judge approved the move after attempts to serve the lawsuit via email failed


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Face ID can't stop boom in fingerprint-scanning displays | Cult of Mac

Apple may have opted for Face ID over in-display Touch ID for the iPhone X, but plenty of lower cost handset makers aren’t in a position to use facial recognition in their handsets — and they’re embracing in-display fingerprint sensors as a result.

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26 Capcom made a ridiculous typewriter keyboard for 'Resident Evil 2'

As Kotaku notes , it's fully functional. You can scroll up and down a page and adjust volume by turning the paper knob, and the return lever works as the Enter key. It has all the traditional keys as well, including a stand-in for the Command/Windows key. Capcom's images even show a 10.5-inch tablet sitting where a piece of paper might, if you really want to commit to illusion.

27 Twitter

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Today in Apple history: Dev defends I Am Rich, his totally useless $1,000 app | Cult of Mac

The app also prompted early questions about whether Apple should allow a “try before you buy” policy for the App Store. Apple didn’t seriously consider such a policy, although the concept fuels the plethora of free apps that offer in-app purchases.

Google Boots Open Source Anti-Censorship Tool From Chrome Store - TorrentFreak

A browser extension that acted as an anti-censorship tool for 185,000 people has been kicked out of the Chrome store by Google. The open source Ahoy! tool facilitated access to more than 1,700 blocked sites but is now under threat. Despite several requests, Google has provided no reason for its decision.

30 Twitter

The only thing I needed to know is that it's using Bixby instead of Google Assistant. Samsung got into the digital assistant game too late and Bixby is horrible. Although, Samsung makes the best phones by far. The Note 9 looks like a beast and it has a headphone jack. 💪

31 Hackers at convention to ferret out election system bugs

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Def Con, one of the world’s largest security conventions, served as a laboratory for breaking into voting machines on Friday, extending its efforts to identify potential security flaws in technology that may be used in the November U.S. elections.

5 things to know about soft robotics

From search and rescue to self-repair, soft robotics is paving the way for safer, more flexible robots that can make lots of applications possible.

7 Minutes of Doom: Eternal Gameplay - IGN Video

We take a look at gameplay of Doom: Eternal showed off at QuakeCon!


i thought the blue fire in general was dumb... also, the killing of viserion was incredibly anticlimactic. s7 was ass compared to every other season. i hate having to say that because some of the most important narrative revelations happened in s7, but the quality was shit.

Doom Eternal: release date, trailers and news

While Bethesda have clarified Doom Eternal will be a direct sequel to the previous entry, the Eternal branding makes us think there may be more of a stress on online components – especially since Bethesda's Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises have been branching out in this direction.

Electronic health records: A cheat sheet for professionals

Here's an overview of what business and IT pros need to know about EHRs (electronic health records), the standard in medical documentation. HIPAA, securing patients' data, and more topics are covered.

macOS Mojave: A guide for IT leaders - Tech Pro Research

macOS Mojave offers security and performance enhancements, as well as new features and applications. This ebook runs through the highlights and business benefits of Apple’s latest desktop operating system. From the ebook: In June, at the 2018 WWDC conference in San Jose, CA, Apple leaders unveiled Mojave, version 10.14 of its macOS operating system. The name is an obvious break from the mountainous nomenclature the company has used for the past few years. Apple senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, said in a keynote address that the design was inspired by the desert at night. For starters, Mojave has a Dark Mode that makes the background of windows and folders dark. This also works with the Xcode developer environment, providing a more pleasant contrast for coding. Dynamic Desktop is another design aspect of Mojave; it causes the background to change according to what time of day it is. Organization begins with the desktop as well. A new feature called Desktop Stacks will automatically take any file put on the desktop and drop them into a stack of similar file types—such as images, PDFs, and spreadsheets.

Cracking Voice Authentication for Fun and Profit

It turns out that there are two huge open-source datasets for use in text-to-speech, Blizzard and LJ Speech. When the pair tried training first on one of these models and then switched to their own data, they hit the jackpot. "It's like training the model with Blizzard teaches the model to speak," said Seymour, "and training with our data trains it to speak like the target." Training the model took a day or two, but the result consistently passed the test, breaking into a test account using text-to-speech.

21 Amazing Airbnb Rentals You Should Book Now

Don't stay in a boring hotel on your next trip. Airbnb has some truly amazing (and strange) listings. These are a few of our favorites.

I tried the Amazon Plants Store and got covered in wet dirt

That was a week ago. Today, the pothos's leaves are no longer wet and the caked-on dirt has dried and begun to fall away. Unfortunately, the floor near my desk is now covered in that mud, a sin for which I have yet to atone. I'll be frank: thanks to the haphazard manner in which it was packaged and shipped, the pothos is too dirty to be an indoor houseplant. I plan to wash it in my shower. What could go wrong?

Re: Desktop app notification: Move dropbox location dropbox stops synchronizing in November

Hi everyone, on Nov. 7, 2018, we’re ending support for Dropbox syncing to drives with certain uncommon file systems. The supported file systems are NTFS for Windows, HFS+ or APFS for Mac, and Ext4 for Linux.


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No, troll, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not owe you a debate

“Ben Shapiro isn’t interested in discussing any of this seriously. Just look at how he distorted his questioner’s response about moose: he says ‘Why aren’t you a moose?’ and when she replies ‘That’s different,’ he interjects ‘That’s right, men and women are different.’ She clearly said that species and gender are different (which they are, in that there’s a good argument for revising one of the categories but not for revising the other). But he tried to convince his audience that she had essentially conceded his point, by seizing on and spinning the word ‘difference.’ (We call this ‘sophistry’ rather than ‘logic.’) At every turn, Shapiro shows that he simply wants to make his questioners look foolish, rather than present the facts fairly.”

44 Twitter

Also exposes them and reminds us they are out there. They do the most damage from the shadows. Knowing how they think and why they think it is the best way to understand them and how to defeat them

Samsung's Galaxy Watch looks like a real watch

Considering Samsung accidentally leaked its new smartwatch on its own website , it's not a surprise that the company announced the Galaxy Watch at its event today. It will come in two sizes: 42mm ($330) and 46mm ($350). The 46mm watch will come in Silver, while the 42mm will be available in Midnight Black and Rose Gold. You can pre-order starting August 10th on; the watches will go on sale on August 24th.

Samsung Galaxy owners can download the Android Fortnite beta right now

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney revealed the exclusivity deal at Samsung’s Unpacked event, where the company also revealed its new Galaxy Note 9. He also announced that Note 9 and Tab S4 users would have exclusive access to a skin called “Galaxy.”

Speedier broadband standards? Pai’s FCC says 25Mbps is fast enough

Specifically, the 25Mbps/3Mbps standard is used to judge whether home and business broadband technologies such as cable and fiber provide "advanced telecommunications capability." The FCC's annual assessment also evaluates deployment of mobile broadband, but the FCC hasn't chosen a single speed benchmark for mobile access. Pai's FCC previously concluded that "adoption of a single speed benchmark was unworkable given the inherent variability of the mobile experience," and yesterday's notice seeks comment on whether to maintain that approach.

What 5G wireless devices will do that 4G cannot | ZDNet

In the world's metropolitan centers, 5G engineers promise that mobile devices will bring their users the functionality of workstations from wherever they sit. But getting users the necessary bandwidth may be a challenge even after 5G premieres, which is one reason why these devices may not end up behaving like ordinary smartphones.

49 Twitter

Lol. Fb got caught selling info and tried spinning it that it was the 3rd parties fault. Now they aretrying to make it look like new safety feature but really it's allowing fb to gather more info. #fakebook

Microsoft's AI can convert images into Chinese poetry

While traditional Chinese poetry is constructed with strict rules and patterns (e.g., five-word quatrains are required to contain four sentences and each sentence has five Chinese characters, also words need rhymes in specific positions), modern Chinese poetry is unstructured in vernacular Chinese. Compared to traditional Chinese poetry, although the readability of vernacular Chinese makes modern Chinese poetry easier to strike a chord, errors in words or grammar can more easily be criticized by users. Good modern poetry also requires more imagination and creative uses of language. From these perspectives, it may be more difficult to generate a good modern poem than a classic poem.

51 Trump Jr. shares a fake Photoshop of his his daddy's approval rating
52 Google's new Q&A app lets celebs personally answer your most boring queries
53 Facebook seems to be pushing ahead with blockchain
54 Nintendo Switch's online service confirmed for late September
55 Twitch nixes Communities, adds tags to improve content discovery
56 Space Force: 5 things to know about Trump’s controversial plan, announced today by Mike Pence
57 Intel's 32TB "ruler" SSD is super weird
58 Facebook merges internet projects under 'Connectivity'
59 Paul Rudd will play dual roles in a new Netflix comedy series
60 GPS satellite essential to Space Force has been delayed again
61 Between The Streams Podcast: $100M Star Wars series, Jean-Luc Picard returns
62 Small team of AI coders beats Google’s machine learning code
63 The World Bank is betting big on blockchain-based bonds
64 Analytics, digital twins separate pack in industrial IoT, says Forrester | ZDNet
65 Facebook will make accounts with a 'large audience' verify home addresses
66 Spotify is Testing a Feature That Will Let Free Listeners Skip Ads Whenever They Want
67 Gal Gadot makes her Disney debut in 'Wreck-It Ralph 2'
68 ‘Quake Champions’ is free-to-play forever
69 Twitter
70 Twitter
71 How to enable remote desktop connections in Ubuntu 18.04
72 These popular Android phones came with vulnerabilities pre-installed
73 Archaeologists Unearth the ‘Golden Man’ of the Saka Burial Mound in Kazakhstan
74 Future Wear OS smartwatches are set to get a boost come September 10
75 What Can We Learn From a Terrible Voting Machine?
76 GDPR compliance tips and tools for business leaders
77 The 'world's thinnest laptop' is surprisingly packed with extras
78 '12345' Is Really Bad: Your Ultimate Guide to Password Security
79 Changes to the Project Management Professional exam in 2018: Here's what you need to know
80 New Siri Shortcuts beta introduces limited HomeKit integration
81 Getting started with your new Windows 10 laptop
82 Galaxy Note9 hands-on—Samsung ships a bigger battery, not much else
83 Netflix's Insatiable Season 1 Reviews Prompt Creator to Respond to Fat-Shaming Backlash - IGN
84 Hackers can seize practically all your online accounts, and it's your voicemail's fault
85 As Food Allergy Rates Grow, Connected Tech Creates Safety Net - ReadWrite
86 The World's Newest, Most Gloriously Designed Maps
87 Self-Driving Cars Are Surprisingly Secure
88 How to organize your to-do list with Google Tasks
89 Mathew Ingram on Instagram: “Morning coffee break #goldenlake”
90 The New York Times’s redesign proves journalism matters more than ever
91 London start-up that uses AI and drones to 'simulate reality' secures £3m
92 How to enable USB in VirtualBox