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Yelp’s Five Star San Francisco HQ | TC Cribs

Yelp just celebrated its 10th birthday, and late last summer moved into a gorgeous new 12-story office space in San Francisco’s historic PacBell building. It...

Disney Research Unveils an Automated Video Editor With Human Taste

Disney researchers have designed an automated video editor that successfully mimics the way a human might edit video footage.

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Physicists create tractor beam made of water - CNET

A water-based tractor beam that could contain oil spills and manipulate floating objects cannot yet be explained by mathematical theory.

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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' review

The TMNT lore has changed very little over the years. Four turtles come in contact with a man-made mutagen and grow up in the New York City sewer system obsessed with pizza (specifically for this film, it’s Pizza Hut — why hello there, rampant product placement) and pop culture. The turtles learn ninjutsu from their adoptive father Splinter, a mutated rat, and fight crime. The Bad Guy Organization du jour is the Foot Clan, led by a man known as The Shredder who really likes the idea of eating turtle soup. The comic was created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird 30 years ago, and intended to be a parody of comics at the time.

How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are

Writer Andrew Solomon has spent his career telling stories of the hardships of others. Now he turns inward, bringing us into a childhood of adversity, while also spinning tales of the courageous people he's met in the years since. In a moving, heartfelt and at times downright funny talk, Solomon gives a powerful call to action to forge meaning from our biggest struggles.

Civilians in Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control of Wandering Space Satellite

For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. They’re doing it all from a makeshift mission control center in an abandoned McDonald’s in Mountain View, California, using old radio parts from eBay and a salvaged flat screen TV.

What It's Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

I call B.S. on the author. Give me a break. Let’s take a look: mention of farmers market to establish social position, check. Mention of how many hours she works, to establish that she is a victim, check. Use the word gender instead of the word sex to establish liberal bona fidas, check. Mention that removing “gender” from communications further conversations, then fails to consider that maybe she mentions “gender” in manners that are annoying and ridiculous. Mentions that female VC grills her, but does not consider that perhaps her own behavior is so annoying and self-centered that maybe she is the cause of her own treatment. Fails to consider that anyone who feels the need to mention “farmers market”, or working long hours, or working in “international development” (whatever that means), is someone who believes in her own glory and as such is a person who is deserved of no true sincere respect. Never once does the author blame other women for choosing to use Pinterest or go shopping or text or go on Facebook instead of focusing solely on business and work. Never does she blame women for not creating vast networks of interconnected institutions to channel capital to emerging businesses.

The shark-tracking camera that kept rolling when a great white attacked

The footage is peaceful at first. An autonomous vehicle shaped a bit like a torpedo, striped with yellow, green, and black, floats harmlessly through the gorgeous blue waters off Guadalupe Island. It hums quietly in the water, six cameras capturing the beautiful nothingness around it. Then, from nowhere, a white shark rises up into the frame. You see only its eyes at first, then the full effect of its massive body, tail switching back and forth. The shark pauses, eyes the vehicle, turns to its left, and dives back down. It's only gone a moment, though, before it comes speeding back up from the darkness, mouth wide open, and bites.

Freya Beta 1 Available for Developers & Testers | elementary OS

First thing first, Daniel, this beta is magnificent, the way things looks, act and work is just the right step elementary needed (I did enjoyed the new workspaces viewer), but I have questions (I know is a beta and may not be fully optimized) but it is normal that Freya was a little laggy in terms of performance? Luna was as fast as it looks, but it is ‘cause Freya now uses more video resources?  they are new minimum requirements for running 0.3?

You Will Soon Be Able to Text 911 for Help

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a ruling that requires all cellular service providers to make texting 911 a possibility for its customers. The requirement will not only help save lives — especially in situations where a voice call might not be possible — it will also give those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities a better way to get immediate assistance.

Photos: A 'super moon' rises

A perigee moon, also known as a supermoon, rises over Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles on Sunday. The phenomenon occurs when the moon is full at the same time that it is closest to Earth and appears 30% brighter and 14% bigger than normal. Zuma Press/Jonathan Alcorn

10 Really (Ahem) Creative Nike+ Running Routes

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Photo Series Reveals the Creepy Truth in 'Mystery Meat'

In his photo series, Augustus photographs popular dishes in Western culture alongside the real "mystery meat" — the raw animal part — they come from. Those "all white meat" nuggets don't seem as tasty when there are chicken feet beside them.

12 Ways to Make a Staycation Feel Like a Real Getaway

Falling down the Netflix K-hole can be very easy, so instead of binge-watching television shows, or watching 4 movies in a row, make an effort to physically go to the movie theatre instead. It will feel more like an experience instead of something you do casually. If you're hesitant to fork over a hefty price for a movie ticket, look into local screenings and free events happening in your area.

TurboRoo, The Chihuahua With No Front Legs, Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D Printing | TechCrunch

Is there any cute animal 3D printing can’t save? Just look at TurboRoo, a tiny Chihuahua born without front legs, who has been given a new “leash” on life thanks to a Makerbot and a 3D designer from 3dyn .

The World Of Everything-As-A-Service | TechCrunch

The next candidate for outsourcing might be the delivery network. Seamless’ core competency is branding, building colorful websites and acquiring customers. For restaurants, it’s cooking great food. But no one is particularly good at optimizing a last-mile delivery fleet – I’d expect to see a number of very large Delivery-as-a-Service companies emerge in the next few years (think Uber Rush, Wun Wun and Postmates on an industrial scale).



Men Initiating Change Is An Important Step Toward Eradicating Tech’s Bro Culture | TechCrunch

Now is not the time for complacency. There are many actions men in the technology industry can take to show their support. The most important action is to speak up in opposition to inequality and inaction and to speak out in support of women technologists, especially when you see actions or messages that are inappropriate or condescending. Individual male support for women in tech will lead to a greater grassroots effect that will bring about a more accepting and innovative tech culture where all parties can thrive.

This $500 Display Makes Your Junker Car Feel Like a Fighter Jet | Autopia | WIRED

When it comes to high-tech features, luxury car drivers get all the love. It’s true for massage seats, neck warmers, and self-parking systems. And it’s true for head-up displays, which project information onto a car’s windshield, so the driver can see how fast she’s going and what song is playing on the radio without taking her eyes off the road. The technology has been in fighter jets since the 1950s, and auto makers have been toying with it for nearly three decades . But the cost of the technology has confined it to the luxury market.

How Times Square Works

The Walgreens sign is clearly a source of pride for D3, and it should be. It's very impressive! When I first met Meric on an unusually cold early spring day earlier this year, he pulled out all of the plans to show me how all of the display's 12 million LEDs were arranged so that the sign looked uniform to tourists passing by on the sidewalk, who remain the primary demographic for Times Square display advertising. He explained that the LEDs were denser on the bottom for higher resolution and spread out a bit towards the top. I still can't see the difference.

Russian Hackers Probably Have Your Passwords. Now What? | TechCrunch

LastPass : A spokesman for the company told me today that if you are using the same password for multiple accounts saved to your LastPass, you should change your password. You can check if this is the case by going to Tools > Password > Security Check. If you are using different passwords for each account, LastPass says you need to sit tight for more information. LastPass is currently free for desktop, but with a paid upgrade to Premium, you can access the service across your mobile devices.

Artist Maps Out a Transit System for Westeros

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Confirmed With Story Details and Cinematic - IGN

It looks like Rogue will continue the trend popularised in Assassin's Creed 4 of mixing sea and land-based gameplay, offering you the chance to explore large areas of the Atlantic. The trailer also shows a new protagonist traversing the Arctic and, as we've long suspected, it looks like you'll be playing as a Templar .

Game of Phones: Iron Throne iPhone case gets to the point - CNET

The iPhone case version of the Iron Throne looks about as dangerous as the real thing. Think of it more as a display object or a small piece of crafty art rather than a case you should actually use (you don't want to accidentally poke an eye out when you go to answer a call).

T-Mobile Is Testing An App That Unlocks Your Smartphone With A Single Button | TechCrunch

The good news: T-Mobile is playing with the idea of letting you unlock your phone (so that it can run on other carriers) with a single click. Hurray! No more convincing customer service to help you, or digging through endless forums for a tutorial that may turn your phone into a fancy paper weight.

Stellar, Uber, And The Rise Of Computational Trust | TechCrunch

How do you feel about letting strangers into your home? Our homes act as a kind of sanctuary from the outside world, a highly personal and exclusive refuge. They should be safe. While it is a commonplace in cultures throughout the world to be gracious hosts to guests, such warmth rarely extends to complete strangers at the door.

Finally, Some Good News For Anyone Who Owns A TV Or A Cell Phone

"I don't think we should read this as a turning point," Albert Foer, president of the American Antitrust Institute, an advocacy group that focuses on increasing competition in the interest of the consumer, said of this week's failed deals. "It certainly will be a relief to the federal agencies that they don't have to add these mergers to all the others they're currently having to investigate. But I don't think it represents a significant change in the tide."

Why The Gmail Scan That Led To A Man’s Arrest For Child Porn Was Not A Privacy Violation | TechCrunch

No one will argue against the outcome of a case which saw a man arrested on child pornography charges , after Google tipped off authorities about illegal images found in the Houston suspect’s Gmail account. But the nature of how the discovery came about led some to questions about the methodologies used behind the scenes. Was Google actively scanning Gmail for illegal activity? Was Google overstepping its role as a service provider by tipping off authorities about the data hosted in a user’s Gmail account? – or so  asked security firm Sophos shortly following the incident.

Sprint's New CEO, Marcelo Claure Of Brightstar, Is Worth $900 Million+

When Claure leaves Brightstar to take on his new position Aug. 11, Softbank will acquire his remaining stake in the global phone distributor, Sprint said in its release today. Given Brightstar’s growth in revenue since Softbank’s first acquisition, it’s very likely that Claure will hit the billionaire’s ranks when Softbank acquires his stake. At the time of the SoftBank acquisition, Brightstar had revenues of $6.2 billion and customers in 125 countries on six continents, the company then said. By the end of 2013, Brightstar’s gross revenue had reached $10.2 billion, according to today’s release.

Burger Robot Poised to Disrupt Fast Food Industry

I can’t wait for this and all the other automated advances to replace the useless lazy people that hate their jobs and show it in their work every single day. 3d printed houses and roadwork will fix the construction industry real good, as will this fix fast food. Yeah people will lose jobs but that’s just the price to advance our tech and get to a better future. Also reduced labor cost will mean reduced cost on the service so win win, also no more ftards screwing up my orders.

Test Drive: 2015 Jaguar F-Type Convertible S

This car is pure luxury, and the attention to every detail is inspired- from the ivory stitching in the soft, supple brogue-colored leather, to the speed with which you can adjust the mirrors and 6 –way sport seat position, it’s like a comfortable cockpit in a sleek jetfighter.  Even though hitting 100 mph is virtually effortless, I felt safe and secure behind the wheel. With a wide back and plenty of headroom, this car handles curves like a champion. I drove it on everything from a country highway to busy streets in the world’s most influential city and the effect was the same each time- I wanted to do the car justice, make it proud of the person behind the wheel.  The sacrifice in a car so sleek and sexy is storage space- with only 11 cubic feet of trunk capacity, this is not a car for a long road trip. But I wouldn’t make the trade- if you really need to, send your belongings ahead.

Judge Rejects Comically Low $324.5M Settlement To Tech Workers Who Were Cheated Out Of Fair Wages | TechCrunch

The proposed $324.5 million settlement between Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe and tens of thousands of their workers has been rejected by Judge Lucy Koh.

32 Amazon, Facebook, Google, And The New Tech Conglomerate

Google Google and Facebook’s acquisition spree has received much press and discussion recently. One of the more interesting pieces on the topic last week was published in the New York Times. Written by Steven Davidoff, a Berkeley Law professor, the piece argues that Facebook and Google acquisitions might mean the return of a time when conglomerates were powerful and popular. That may be true but the technology conglomerate era will be different from the conglomerates of the 60s and 70s.

9 Skyrim Secrets You Probably Didn't Find - IGN

The Dragonborn DLC featured the ability to ride dragons, but what good is a dragon that’s just going to either die or turn on you? If you travel back to the Throat of the World after learning the new shout, you can summon your personal dragon to the ground from where he flies around the peak, and ride him wherever you please through fast traveling. Best of all, he’s an important NPC that can’t be killed, and he won’t turn on you like other tamed dragons.

10 Basic Ingredients Every College Kid Needs in Their Dorm

We've compiled a list of incredibly easy and surprisingly gourmet ways to take the bare dorm essentials to a whole new level. You now have officially zero excuses for eating that plain package of top ramen for every meal of the day.

Hubble discovers 'zombie star' haunting the universe - CNET

The existence of a zombie star is currently a hypothesis. The astronomers hope further observations of the area in 2015, after the light from the supernova has dimmed, will confirm the finding. The zombie star may well have more brethren just like it out in the universe. Astronomers have already identified over 30 mini-supernovas that could have survived white dwarfs. That may not be enough to qualify for a zombie-star apocalypse, but it sure sounds like it would make for a great episode of "Star Trek."

'Doctor Who' takes a 'Deep Breath' in season 8 premiere - CNET

Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman described how she made herself "as open to change as I could possibly be to allow Peter to take it whatever direction he wanted, and what he's done is very brave and bold." In terms of the relationship between the Time Lord and the Impossible Girl, Coleman says the new series has "turned everything on its head and thrown everything off-kilter. Clara's going from being so safe and comfortable with Matt's Doctor to someone who doesn't even recognise she's a girl."

How To Talk To Your Employees About Cybersecurity (Without Putting Them To Sleep)

But most people have yet to consider their digital safety–and that of those around them–the way they do their personal safety, says Gilliland, noting that while you’d never walk through a dangerous area at night or leave your wallet lying around in a public space, you’ve almost definitely clicked on a link that didn’t seem totally safe or downloaded something from an unknown source. (And you probably did it without a second thought.)

Backpack self-inflates into pillow, sleeping pad, chair cushion - CNET

We've seen a few odd pillows in recent years, most notably the Ostrich Pillow , a design that sucks your whole head into a cocoon. It has a lot of fans, as well as a lot of people who make fun of the look. The Air Pakk won't attract the same sort of stares or laughs. It's pretty subtle as far as portable pillows go, though you could really go nuts and combine the Ostrich Pillow with the Air Pakk for a truly comfortable nap.

39 Is Elite Daily the Next Buzzfeed?

“It wasn’t a thought-out thing,” says Arabov, now 23. “We don’t even consider ‘elite’ to be our big thing, it was honestly a cool name we came up with. We kind of liked the word elite, and we needed a second word after it. It was available on GoDaddy for 10 dollars…everybody starts from humble beginnings.”

What Happens When Someone 'Likes' Your Facebook Post

After reading this far, you may have already chosen your preferred style of Facebook button. Your preference probably has to do with what you hope to gain from your social share buttons, and it’s important to note that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to liking vs. sharing. Each has its own virtues.


While initial photos showed Michael Brown in a cap and gown at his high school graduation, media organizations and conservative bloggers are increasingly turning to a photo (seen above) of Brown clad in a Nike Air jersey and throwing a ‘gang sign,’ as a way to sensationalize the shooting while inferring that the young man might be a ‘gangbanger.’

Squishy Lego-like bricks emerge from scientists' robot lab - CNET

The Click-e-Bricks approach opens up possibilities for soft robots that could re-configure themselves without the need of a person to click and unclick the bricks. While the bricks are currently confined to the realm of research and development, traditional Lego fans will no doubt pine for their own set of squishy building blocks. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have a "Star Wars" Lego Jabba the Hutt made from gelatinous plastic.

Meet the Man Who Created the Most Radical Hero in Comics | Underwire | WIRED

Eventually, Adam and I pitched a book idea to a bunch of different publishers. Most of them liked it quite a bit, but no one would take it. A comic book about a teenaged girl named Destiny from South Central Los Angeles, raised in the ‘hood, bloodied on the streets—and who also happens to be the most gifted military mind of her generation—was a non-starter. When they asked what would happen in the book, it got even worse: Destiny would wage war against the system and all who represented it. Decades of both institutional and overt racism would lead to a tipping point and she would be the one doing the tipping. She would unite all the gangs in L.A. and secede a few square blocks of South Central from the Union by force. And she would kill LAPD officers to do it.

Sprint Goes Off Beaten Track for New CEO Marcelo Claure

Sprint Goes Off Beaten Track for New CEO Marcelo Claure   —  New Boss Is an Entrepreneur Who Started and Sold Businesses  —  Sprint Corp.'s new chief executive is going to stand out in Kansas.  —  Marcelo Claure is a 6-foot-6-inch Bolivian billionaire who built a global mobile-phone distributor …

Snapchat Authorizes Mystery Share Sale

The company has also been solidifying its business model lately to boost revenue from its current level of $0. Snapchat is not only interested in selling ad space but also becoming a peer-to-peer mobile payments operator like Venmo: the company recently filed two trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeking exclusive use of its brand-name “Snapchat” in the context of an app “for processing electronic payments to and from other” according to research firm PrivCo, which has seen the documents, and earlier reports .

Finding a cure for hate | Toronto Star

The radio program is hosted by Michael Savage, a conservative shock jock currently on the United Kingdom’s list of people banned entry “for fostering extremism or hatred.” Study volunteers listened to a 23-minute segment that the researchers had identified as being “particularly dense” in hateful language, targeting gays in Iraq, Barack Obama and a liberal media group that Savage repeatedly referred to as “rats.”

Users slam Facebook Messenger in App Store reviews following forced switch

The Facebook Messenger app climbed to #1 in the Top Free apps charts following this change, but users are absolutely furious about the forced switch, and are expressing their frustration in the App Store’s review section. The app has a rating of just 1 star for the current version, compared to a 4 star rating for previous versions, when users weren’t forced to use this app.

How to change the DNS server on your iPhone and iPad

DNS, or Domain Name System, is a server that translates domain names like to IP addresses, a numerical sequence of numbers that can locate servers on the internet. Your ISP has its own DNS server that is used by default on all your iOS devices, but you can also point it to a different DNS server.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Collector's Edition, Season Pass Revealed - IGN

The limited Gold Edition of the game comes with a 3-inch Lara figurine, an artbook filled with exclusive concept art, a folding map of the Overworld and the Season Pass. The Gold Edition will only be available for the PS4 and PC versions of the game in the UK, with Xbox One owners missing out.

Meet WordHound, the tool that puts a personal touch on password cracking

WordHound is aimed at countering this technique. Attackers can use it to crawl the website, Twitter accounts, or other online resources associated with the site or company that leaked the password hashes. The tool then builds a list of frequently found words that crackers can subject to extra scrutiny in an attempt to crack passcodes made up of memorable words that are obscured by combinations, numbers added to the end, and substitutions such as "@" for "a" or "3" for "e." Instead of running all tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of words through an especially long list of rules—an endeavor that might take a week or more to complete—WordHound allows crackers to save those techniques for only a small set of base words that are most likely to be used by attackers.

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