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Ever wanted to see Earth from space? SpaceVR is sending a camera into orbit so you can

Explore space from the comfort of your couch with SpaceVR, a Kickstarter project sending "virtual reality cameras to space."

Pre-Order: The SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera

You can fly the palm-sized SKEYE Mini just about anywhere, but with auto-stabilization and an HD camera, it offers big-drone functionality.

UFOlogists spy 'woman' in Mars rover pic; NASA reacts - CNET

What looks like a mysterious figure in a Mars photo gets the Internet excited; CNET's Eric Mack asks NASA what the space agency makes of it all.

Hackers Cut a Corvette’s Brakes Via a Common Car Gadget

The free dongles that insurance companies ask customers to plug into their dashes could expose your car to hackers.

Netflix nabs new Christopher Guest original about mascots

Christopher Guest will star in a new original film called "Mascots."

Lawrence Lessig wants to run for president — in a most unconventional way

If he won, he'd probably quit before his term was over, he said.

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Stephen Colbert's first 'Late Show' guests will be...

Oscar-winner George Clooney will be Colbert's first guest, while rapper Kendrick Lamar will be the first musical guest. Jeb Bush, who is currently running for president, will also be a guest.

Skype for Business preview is hitting Android and iOS

You can search for contacts right from the dashboard by first name, last name, alias or phone numbers, and on iOS your phone contacts are automatically included in search as well. For upcoming meetings, you an click through to read more information, or click ‘Quick Join’ to enter an ongoing session immediately.

Symantec to sell Veritas to Carlyle-led group for $8 billion

Symantec, which bought Veritas for $13.5 billion in 2005, said it expected about $6.3 billion in net proceeds. The sale is expected to close by Jan. 1. The buyer group includes Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC.

Checking In On Windows 10

So, that takes us from 14 million to 18.5 million to 25 million, and maybe to 27 million, as of Friday. Add in the weekend, and the prior pace, it seems mostly safe to peg Windows 10 machines in the market at around 30 million. Microsoft could cross the 50 million mark this month, if I let myself get over my prediction skis just a bit.

32 charged over 'insider trading hack' scheme - BBC News

In its statement, the SEC said that on one occasion members of the ring allegedly traded on shares just 10 minutes after a wire company received financial news from one of its clients and before the news was made public.

Hello, Windows 10 IoT Core

The developer experience has been a high priority for our team as we’ve built Windows 10 IoT Core, and we hope this shows when constructing apps for this platform. Our philosophy is that we want to make it easy for developers to use the languages and frameworks they prefer to build IoT device apps. This means full support for the standard UWP languages like C++, C#, JS and VB, but it also means bringing support – including full tools, debugging, and project systems – for Node.js and Python. The project templates for the standard UWP languages create projects that look like standard UWP projects, but for Node.js and Python we’ve worked hard to make these apps look and feel just like they do on other platforms. The code below shows a complete Node.js UWP app that reads from an I2C sensor and serves up a web page with the data (and you can get the sample here ).

Rite Aid to start accepting Apple Pay and other mobile payments

Nearly a year after shutting off support for Apple Pay and other NFC-based payments, Rite Aid has announced that will be changing soon. On August 15th , the drug store is set to begin accepting mobile checkouts at around 4,600 locations across the US. This includes Apple Pay, Google Wallet and, in the future, Android Pay . Last year, Rite Aid along with CVS pulled support for these type of payment solutions due to contractual ties with the Merchant Customer Exchange , a retailer group that has its own wallet system called CurrentC -- though it relies on QR codes, which is arguably an outdated method in 2015. Now there's an excuse to pull out your Apple Watch the next time you're at Rite Aid, buying shampoo or whatever it is you get there.

HTC One Max stored fingerprints where any app could see them

FireEye's report suggests that other phones with fingerprint readers may have similar problems, though it only names the One Max. The report also notes that certain phones failed to fully secure their fingerprint sensor, potentially allowing apps to step in and read them as a scan was happening. This flaw was present on the One Max, Samsung's Galaxy S5, and others that FireEye leaves unnamed; all phones with the flaw were fixed after their manufacturer was alerted of the issue. "After a thorough review with FireEye, it was found that all Galaxy S5 users’ data remain safe," a Samsung representative said.

Custom 'Minecraft' PC is more than a skin-deep tribute

You may see yourself as a big Minecraft fan , but Spencer Kern just took that devotion to another level. The Microsoft game artist marked the launches of both Windows 10 and its special version of Minecraft by building Redstone , a custom PC that's a tribute to Mojang's construction game in more ways than one. Kern didn't just slap some pixel art on a case and call it a day -- he custom-built the cube to pay homage to its namesake game resource through and through, including eerie red lighting, custom storage labels and a miniature version of Steve lurking inside. He even personalized his gamepad, headphones, keyboard and mouse to match the theme. You sadly can't buy Redstone, but Kern has documented enough of its assembly that you could theoretically create a reasonable facsimile with enough time and elbow grease.

Sprint challenges T-Mobile's international plans with 'Open World'

If these carriers were characters fighting game, then Sprint is back with a special move designed to take on one of T-Mobile's. The Now Network is challenging T-Mo's "Mobile without Borders" offering by launching "Open World" -- an add-on that gives subscribers free calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. You also get free calls, texts and 1GB of data while traveling within those countries, as well as in a handful of Latin American nations, namely the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay. If you're in the US and have the add-on active, you can make calls to Latin America and over 180 countries for 5 cents per minute, while travelers who need more than 1GB of data can get more for $30 per GB billed in MB increments. The add-on also works if you're visiting countries other than the ones we've already mentioned, say places in Europe or Asia: texts are free, but calls cost 20 cents per minute. Data is still at $30 per GB, but only in select locations. Sprint, by the way, has an older roaming plan with free 2G data that's known for being notoriously slow, but Open World promises 3G speeds when available.

Google overhaul 'shareholder friendly' but details scarce

Google Inc's overhaul of its operating structure is an acknowledgement of the lack of transparency surrounding its disparate businesses and projects, analysts said, but it remains to be seen how much more the company will actually disclose.

How Microsoft and Google cloud tools make IT more productive

The more technology IT organizations run in the cloud, the less likely they are to waste time on menial tasks, according to a recent report. Popular tools like Google for Work and Office 365 cloud tools can also help position IT pros as enablers instead of enforcers.

Daily App Deals: Grab these limited time discounts on Plex, Stickman Tennis and more (August 11)

We have some great apps for you today that are discounted for a short duration in the App Store, including Plex, Stickman Tennis and others. Some deals may expire quickly — even on the same day of this post. If there is a discounted app that you like, grab it while it is still on sale.

20 smart new and improved features in Windows 10

On top of that, Windows 10 is more than just a PC operating system; it's also what will run on Windows phones – and on small tablets as well, because a 6-inch phone and a 7-inch tablet aren't such very different devices. Microsoft is expecting people to put Windows 10 on a billion devices (which ought to encourage more app developers to at least take a look at building their apps for Windows phones and tablets, as well as for Xbox One and HoloLens ).

Firefox sticks it to Microsoft, redirects Cortana searches in Windows 10

The other big change is creating a controversy of its own: With Firefox 40, Mozilla is starting down a path of mandatory security checks for browser extensions. As of the latest release, users will see a warning if they try to install an unsigned extension, and Firefox 41 will block these extensions outright unless users trigger an override in the browers’s config menu. In Firefox 42, the override will go away, and all unsigned extensions will be blocked.

Salesforce showcases 5 new Apple Watch apps for businesses

Salesforce said it has a total of 20 new Apple Watch apps to unveil, but it didn’t provide details on the other 15 other than to mention the partners behind them: Alpine Metrics, Apttus, BrainHearts, Fairsail,, Footprints, HeyWire, InsideSales, Point of Reference, Proximity Insight, Remedyforce, Sage, ServiceMax, Skedulo and TeamSpirit.

I can't unsee this Google Alphabet easter egg

Google just dropped a huge bomb on the tech world today that it will be restructuring under a new umbrella company called Alphabet . It also offered up a new website to go along with the announcement:

Samsung's Gear Indie channel highlights independent VR filmmaking

Gear VR owners are about to get a whole new channel of 360-degree video content: Samsung just announced Gear Indie, an independent film channe l for its Milk VR video platform . Over the next few weeks, Samsung will be hosting a showcase of 13 curated independent virtual reality films, including a time-lapse of the Mohave Desert, an experiment in first-person stop-motion animation, a comedy short about teleportation ( Teleportaled , pictured above) and even a "virtual pet" simulator filmed at the San Diego Humane Society.

Firefox 40 brings Windows 10-friendly design and better security for Android users

Most notably, Version 40 adds support for Windows 10 devices. A reduced UI gives more space for viewing Web pages and larger, different color icons keep the browser in line with the new Microsoft design scheme.

Google's Larry Page explains the new Alphabet - CNET

This new structure will allow us to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary opportunities we have inside of Google. A key part of this is Sundar Pichai. Sundar has been saying the things I would have said (and sometimes better!) for quite some time now, and I've been tremendously enjoying our work together. He has really stepped up since October of last year, when he took on product and engineering responsibility for our internet businesses. Sergey and I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company. And it is clear to us and our board that it is time for Sundar to be CEO of Google. I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations. I have been spending quite a bit of time with Sundar, helping him and the company in any way I can, and I will of course continue to do that. Google itself is also making all sorts of new products, and I know Sundar will always be focused on innovation--continuing to stretch boundaries.

Watch a small rocket carry student science experiments to space

On Wednesday, seven student science experiments will launch to space on a small Terrier-Improved Malemute rocket. The vehicle was originally scheduled to take off from NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility at 6AM ET on Tuesday, but weather pushed back the launch. The rocket has a flight window between 6AM ET and 10AM ET Wednesday, with NASA's live stream coverage beginning at 5AM ET. Thursday and Friday will serve as backup launch dates.

Lexus Hoverboard Brings Us One Step Closer To Back To The Future

It took well over a year of careful planning and experimentation, but Lexus successfully tested its hoverboard in Spain, and launched an even more successful video of it in action. Before you get ready to slip on your self-tying Nikes and hop on your own hoverboard to live out your childhood fantasies of Marty McFly in Back to the Future II , be aware of some caveats. Lexus's hoverboard works by using superconducting magnets chilled by liquid nitrogen and can only run over a specially designed track, which was integrated into a custom skate park built for the hoverboard. Yes, it's a publicity stunt, but also a commendable scientific achievement, and who knows where Lexus' experiments may lead one day.

Chinese Auto-Part App Tuhu Raises $100 Million in Funding

HONG KONG—Chinese startup Tuhu said it raised around $100 million in its latest funding round, valuing the app that sells auto parts and connects drivers with repair services at between $300 million to $400 million.

Twitter increases scope of its transparency reports as governments keep requesting more data

Twitter is getting more serious about its biannual transparency reports. The company today announced it’s expanding its reports’ scope with two new sections: trademark notices and the email privacy practices  of several providers.

The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay

"Wikipedia writing is like no other writing,” says Mike Wood, a freelancer who makes a living editing Wikipedia pages for clients, referring to the site’s tireless pursuit of a neutral tone. Wood has set up his own website, and scores of other Wikipedia editors-for-hire await on freelance websites such as Elance. He says he works with highly visible people and companies, who pay him anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per article, but he won’t name names, for fear that someone might seek out and dismantle the Wikipedia pages of his clients. “You could turn on either Fox or CNN right now, and within one half hour you will … see a commercial for [a company or an interview with someone whose] page that I’ve created, or I’ve edited,” he claims. He says that he’s worked with “one of the world’s fifth largest banks” and members of “numerous presidents’ administrations.”

Plex launches revamped app for iPhone and iPad

Another big change is that Plex's iOS app is now going free, whereas the old version required a $4.99 purchase. Almost anyone using Plex will still want to unlock its full functionality through an in-app purchase; by default, the free app only lets you use it as a remote control for whatever's currently streaming or send photos and videos from your iPhone's camera roll to the TV. If you've already paid for Plex, you'll keep access to its full set of features.

Reviewed: The $389 OnePlus 2 continues the OnePlus Cinderella story in grand style

It’s a large phone — about the size of a Samsung Galaxy s6. It fills up your hand. I have a medium-sized hand, so no parts of the screen seemed out of reach, but I can’t guarantee it will feel like that to others. The phone uses the same 5.5-inch full HD display employed by its predecessor, the OnePlus One, yet still achieves a smaller size by narrowing the bezel space between the edges of the screen and the edges of the phone.

CurrentC backer Rite Aid will soon start accepting Apple Pay after initially blocking it

When Apple Pay launched in the US late last year, Apple’s mobile payment system was officially accepted by several launch partners and unofficially supported by even more retailers and vendors. Then a small number of retailers banded together as members of the  Merchant Customer eXchange actually disabled mobile payment support at checkout in favor of an upcoming CurrentC payment system. Drug store chains CVS and Rite Aid were among the first to block Apple Pay support after initially accepting it and even prompting a response from Apple . Now Rite Aid is ending that blockade as it announced today that it will officially accept Apple Pay starting this weekend.

Adobe joins Netflix, Microsoft in expanding maternity leave

Competitive maternity leave is not just another company perk; it’s crucial to getting and keeping women at a company. When Google first bumped its maternity leave from 12 to 18 weeks, it saw the number of women who left the company decrease by 50 percent. Women often feel pressured to choose between motherhood and staying in the workforce, because of the immense attention that both a job and a newborn require. Flexible maternity leave and help with child care can be a huge factor in keeping women on board. For an industry that is forever bemoaning the lack of available female job candidates, an expansion of maternity leave is long overdue.

6 personalities in every office - and how to manage them

Not ready to take that step yet? That’s OK, there’s plenty of reading you can do to learn more about how to recognize the personalities in your office first. Obviously, the Web has a treasure trove of information on the different types of personality assessments, personality types, and personality analysis tools that are out there, so before making any decisions, take the time to do some research online.

24 pairs of undies for all kinds of cute tushies

If you're lacking curves down below, opt for panties with a "cheeky" cut. This Brazilian style sits high on the side of your hips and provides the illusion of a fuller bottom. Shop for pairs that have ruching at the back to amp up angles and create a plump shape.

Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app that lets publishers send mobile breaking news alerts to the masses

Users will then choose partnering publications they want to follow on the app and topics (or "stations" and "substations") they want to receive breaking news alerts about. Facebook has apparently selected only a few companies to launch with.

Facebook reportedly building a breaking news app with features similar to Twitter

According to a report published recently by Business Insider , Facebook is planning on launching a breaking news app that functions much in the same way as Twitter, insofar as it’s focused on access to the most breaking information as it happens. The service would go as far as to allow publication to push notifications to its users, too. Another function of the service that’s similar to Twitter is its character limit, with the report indicating that this news app would be limited to 100 characters, plus the URL for the story.

Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, Y Combinator invest in Nebia, the Kickstarter project to reimagine your shower

We got permission from our investors to publish their names. I don’t know how much you remember the story, but we moved here about a year ago and, you know, didn’t really know anybody in San Francisco and sort of met with whoever we could get coffee with. Eventually we got a pilot at Equinox, which led to a pilot at Google, which led to a pilot at Apple, and then Stanford, and eventually we got into Y Combinator, which was huge. But prior to that we had our first angel investor, Tim Cook.

Amazon’s Dash Buttons hint at a future of interface-free shopping

Last Friday, 16 Larabars and an 80-count box of Glad garbage bags arrived at my door. These items are unremarkable, except for this: I ordered them by pressing some buttons on or near my kitchen countertop. Online shopping — or we’ll-certainly-need-this-for-the-apocalypse impulse shopping — can now be done with a light press on a small, plastic "Buy Me!" dongle made by Amazon.

5 Questions About Google’s Alphabet Shakeup

Both. Untethering stuff like drones and medical research from Google’s core means those businesses don’t have to justify their place in an ad business. That could give them cover to operate freely, boost recruiting and investment, and make it easier to spin out successful endeavors. But these units are still funded by the same search-ad warchest as before, and a better look at the Alphabet Inc. financials will make it that much clearer just how much money is poured into moonshots.

Samsung looks to get a head start on Apple with its next jumbo smartphone - CNET

Samsung has traditionally unveiled its latest marquee phablet smartphone at the Berlin-based IFA electronics trade show in early September. But this time around, it moved the date up by a couple of weeks and shifted its event to New York in what some believe is an attempt to get an even earlier jump on Apple's next iPhone introduction -- which likely will take place in early September.

Poland: A promising startup ecosystem with teething problems

As Europe slowly but surely catches up with the US in all things disruptive, innovative and entrepreneurial, its Eastern half is becoming less unlikely a place for the next unicorn to be born. Within the region, Poland plays a big role, boasting rapidly evolving infrastructure for startups and an increasing number of success stories.

Touchjet Wave will turn your TV into a giant touchscreen Android tablet

In a nutshell, it’s a tiny Android device that clips to the top of your TV and uses infra-red to detect finger movements and thereby enable touchscreen functionality. And because it uses infra-red, no user data is captured, which could make it more appealing to anyone concerned about the privacy of their data.

Amazon rolls out Bookerly font to more Kindle e-readers

Amazon debuted the more spacious "Bookerly" font to replace "Caecilia" on the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite . Now, it's being rolled out to the Kindle Voyage, Kindle Touch, Kindle 7th gen and previous-gen Kindle Paperwhites as part of those devices' latest software update. In addition to the Bookerly font, the update comes with a better Smart Lookup that makes it easier to access tools for highlighting, creating and sharing notes, among others. The update also improves books' layouts and typography, including their justification, spacing, kerning and footnotes. It should download automatically when you connect your Kindle to the internet, but you can also check Amazon's website to see if your e-reader's getting the update. Via: The Ebook Reader Source: Amazon Tags: amazon, e-reader, kindle, paperwhite, softwareupdate  Hide Comments 0Comments <a href="http://www.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram Ads Are Under Fire From the FDA

Kim Kardashian has shilled for a wide variety of different products, including diet pills and Silly Bandz. But her recent promotion of a morning sickness drug on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has gotten her into some hot water with the FDA .

Facebook is making an app that will send breaking news alerts to your phone

The stand-alone app is still in the early stages, but it will reportedly ask users to choose which publications they want to receive notifications from, and specific topics or "stations" they want to receive news about. Then, when news in those preselected topics breaks, the publications can send a push notification of up to 100 characters to users. All notifications sent through Facebook's app will link out to that publication's website. Only a select number of publications will be available on the app, according to Business Insider .

The Tech Behind Each Letter In Google’s Alphabet

Drones that shoot Internet, contact lenses that monitor diabetes, and drones that run like animals. These are just a few of the technologies under Google’s new Alphabet umbrella. Click on for 26 GIFs and photos of Google’s attempts to build the future.

Google details how it cut Google Voice transcription error rates by 50%

We decided to retrain both the acoustic and language models, and to do so using existing voicemails. We already had a small set of voicemails users had donated for research purposes and that we could transcribe for training and testing, but we needed much more data to retrain the language models. So we asked our users to donate their voicemails in bulk, with the assurance that the messages wouldn’t be looked at or listened to by anyone — only to be used by computers running machine learning algorithms. But how does one train models from data that’s never been human-validated or hand-transcribed?

The future of personalization: Putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes (webinar)

“We’re trying to get a place where we know who our users are and where they are in their job cycle or job search, with a goal of understanding them and then being able to tailor their experience in a way that’s useful,” said Kelapure. “So, knowing who they are and what they’re doing on our site and being able to take action in a multi-channel approach, whether it’s on our site, or via email, or a notification or in our app. It’s really just being able to message in a way that’s consistent across those different platforms and across the user’s lifecycle experience with our brand.”

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker blasts tunes without your phone

If you want a vacation from your smartphone but still need tunes, a Bluetooth speaker called Drifter may be just the gadget. Yes, the rugged, waterproof and buoyant model is aimed at the boating and beach crowd, but there are already plenty of wireless speakers with those qualities. What makes it unique is the customized Android OS, touchscreen and 16GB of storage, which lets you leave your fragile smartphone in a drawer. At the same time, when you're at home or within range of a WiFi or Bluetooth network, it'll stream music like a regular Bluetooth speaker.


This is what gets me about their code of conduct. Any racism, sexism, etc would already be covered by a blanket statement of not condoning harassment. Yet feeling the need to add qualifiers to that saying that they won’t be addressing those things if it’s against a ‘privileged’ group (which is an idiotic thing to do on an individual basis) is just asinine. I don’t condone sexism against women or men. I don’t condone racism against anyone. Just don’t discriminate based on those things. It’s not complicated. If you tell someone their opinion means less because of their skin color or sex, or sexual orientation you’re a bigot. It’s as simple as that and should be handled accordingly.

AT&T offers DirecTV customers $500 to change phone service

Now that AT&T has finalized its acquisition of DirecTV , the carrier isn't wasting any time trying to bring in new wireless customers. Today, AT&T announced a promotion for people who are already subscribed to the satellite television provider, which includes up to $500 in bill credit. It's simple: DirecTV customers can get $300 applied to their account for every phone line switched over to AT&T, though each requires a device purchased through Next , the company's monthly installment plan . To make the deal more enticing, AT&T's also offering $200 for "eligible" smartphone trade-ins -- altogether, this could end up saving users a few hundred dollars if they decide to jump ship. "But what about me? I have U-Verse," you may be asking... There's nothing to be upset about, since these credits are available to you as well .

Ad-blocking software is costing websites real money

Blocking too many ads, though, can starve the very sites users visit. A new report released Monday says ad blocking will cost online businesses nearly $22 billion worldwide, and it will only get worse in the coming years. By 2016 ad blockers are expected to result in an estimated loss of $20.3 billion in the U.S. alone.

BMW looks at whether Google's Alphabet infringes trademark rights

FRANKFURT BMW on Tuesday said it was looking into whether Google infringed any trademark rights after the Silicon Valley-based group set up a new company called Alphabet, which is also the name of a BMW subsidiary.

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