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This terminally ill St Bernard playing in snow for the last time may break your heart

A dying St Bernard dog was taken to an indoor ski slop to play in the snow for its last day on earth.

Watch an eagle punch a drone out of the sky

While humans hem and haw about how to deal with the problems caused by drones, birds take a more straightforward approach: dive bomb anything that looks like a threat. An eagle in Australia has...

Totally rad bro uses GoPro for its intended purpose, skis down 3 escalators

A man successfully skis down a set of 3 escalators, which probably destroyed his skis in the process.

'Tom Brady Sux' was stamped on 20,000 beer cans

One guy hates Tom Brady so much that he printed it on 20,000 beer cans.

How RED Cameras Changed The Game

NYFA takes an in-depth investigation into how exactly RED cameras revolutionized the landscape of digital filmmaking with a comprehensive guide.

LED Fiber Optic Jellyfish Skirt

Because the effect of fiber optics is so fascinating I was thinking about making an oufit for Burning Man with fiber optics and RGB LEDs. It took me s...

The next five seasons of Sesame Street will air on HBO

After 45 years on PBS, Sesame Street is going premium. According to The New York Times, the show's nonprofit parent group Sesame Workshop has struck a deal with HBO to host its next five seasons...

Cat has no idea what he's doing, ends up falling in bathtub

One cat let curiosity get the better of him, and ended up in a bathtub full of water.

Apps in space: Design a smartwatch app for NASA and maybe win money

The NASA Tournament Lab is asking the people of Earth to help them design a smartwatch app for use on the International Space Station.

This footage proves that 'The Birds' are coming for us all

A group of birds formed an amazing cloud over the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.

You can now watch astronauts eating tasty space lettuce in 4K

Earlier this week, the internet thrilled to the sight of astronauts onboard the International Space Station chomping on red romaine lettuce — the first time people have eaten food actually grown in...

HBO's exclusive deal for 'Sesame Street' cuts out Amazon and Netflix

With HBO finally doing battle directly against streaming video subscriptions from Netflix and Amazon, its biggest strike against those two comes today wi

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Apple to delay live TV service to next year: Bloomberg

Apple Inc will delay its live TV service to at least next year, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the iPhone maker's plans.

Left-handed people celebrate awesomeness for #LeftHandersDay

It's "a chance to tell your family and friends how proud you are of being left-handed, and also raise awareness of the everyday issues that lefties face as we live in a world designed for right-handers."

The danger of science denial

Vaccine-autism claims, "Frankenfood" bans, the herbal cure craze: All point to the public's growing fear (and, often, outright denial) of science and reason, says Michael Specter. He warns the trend spells disaster for human progress.

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First Time User Experiences

While it can be helpful to use email as a form of encouragement during new user onboarding (as cited above), it needs to be done with respect to the user’s privacy and expectations.  In the case of Handy, a new user’s email is unexpectedly stored for later use if he enters it on and submits the “Get a price” form—even if he doesn’t actually commit to booking a service. This is not clearly communicated on the “Get a price” page and can erode any good faith earned from the account-not-required checkout flow. 

10 Daily Routines For Honing Your Creativity

Most creatives take some time to loosen up and get the juices flowing. Singers will stretch their vocal chords with scales, and musicians will tune their instruments. Chris Ofili , a British artist starts his work the same way every day. As a New York Times profile explains, "First, he tears a large sheet of paper, always the same size, into eight pieces, all about 6 by 9 inches. Then he loosens up with some pencil marks." Warming up gives your mind the time to shift into a different state of being. If you’re a graphic designer, warming up may mean playing with your software for a few minutes before you dive into your work. Think of how you can ease into your creative time for optimal results.

Jessica Alba’s Startup, Honest, Valued at $1.7 Billion

Honest Co., the baby-products retailer co-founded by movie star Jessica Alba, has raised $100 million in a new round of funding, valuing it at about $1.7 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Start10 brings the old Windows 7 Start menu back to Windows 10

Stardock made a name for itself in the ‘90s by providing skinning software to change the look of Windows. While most people have stopped applying ugly themes to Windows these days, Stardock's software now aims to improve Windows by providing some customization features that Microsoft has left out. Stardock started that in a big way with Windows 8 by reintroducing the Start menu and windowing for "Metro-style" apps , and it's continuing this week with a  new app called Start10 .

Teens, Technology and Friendships

Overall, 72% of teens ages 13 to 17 play video games on a computer, game console or portable device. Fully 84% of boys play video games, significantly higher than the 59% of girls who play games. Playing video games is not necessarily a solitary activity; teens frequently play video games with others. Teen gamers play games with others in person (83%) and online (75%), and they play games with friends they know in person (89%) and friends they know only online (54%). They also play online with others who are not friends (52%). With so much game-playing with other people, video gameplay, particularly over online networks, is an important activity through which boys form and maintain friendships with others:

Is This The Ultimate Burning Man Tent?

So what is the Shift-Pod? It’s a 55-pound tent with a 6.5-foot ceiling that has room for a queen mattress and sets up in as little as 90 seconds. It's constructed from a three-layer, insulated, UV-reflective nylon that reflects the sun’s rays to keep things as cool they can possibly be in the desert sun. An integrated ventilation system can also filter the dusty air, or even connect to an A/C unit. And six porthole windows unzip for you to gawk at all of the young CEOs who are riding naked through the sand on whatever tetanus-inducing flame machine is the rage that year, enjoying a temporary liberation from the connected world and the unrelenting, flatline DAU ticker that comes along with it.

TED in 3 minutes

Terry Moore found out he'd been tying his shoes the wrong way his whole life. In the spirit of TED, he takes the stage to share a better way. (Historical note: This was the very first 3-minute audience talk given from the TED stage, in 2005.)

There’s a surprisingly simple way to convince vaccine skeptics to reconsider

"I think there are immediate steps we could take; we could make it more easy to access this information and put it on a single page that would hopefully become a top hit when you're Googling," Horne said. "The thing with these parents is they are ultimately interested in the health of their child. They just have incorrect beliefs of where the risks are, and their bet is on the wrong horse."

Get ready for people to click the Galaxy Note 5's stylus like a ballpoint pen

Do you love styluses but hate not having something on your writing utensil to compulsively play with? Then Samsung has some very good news for you: the Note 5's stylus — the S Pen, as it would really like us all to call it — has a clicky back that you can keep on clicking endlessly. It's basically like having a retractable pen, only there's no tip to retract or unretract when you press it. That said, the clickiness does have some purpose; the S Pen's slot inside the phone appears to be spring loaded, and you need to click the pen's back to make it pop out. It's definitely a nicer way of handling the stylus than having to drag it out with a fingernail. For more on the Note 5,  see our full writeup .

Artist creates portraits of 'Star Wars' characters on vacation

Hagey has created a series of portraits on his Etsy shop that feature the iconic characters relaxing hard in a galaxy far, far away. From tandem bike-riding to tea-sipping, Darth and company are able to indulge in some much-needed R&R. Because living (and surviving) in the Star Wars universe is no easy feat.

Animated human flesh is starting to look real

All of that data was then combined to produce a pleasingly simple solution to enhancing realism: a displacement map, which determines the roughness of the rendered skin, is blurred when the skin is stretched and sharpened when the skin is compressed. The researchers admit that their method doesn't emulate the full spectrum of morphological changes in skin as it's manipulated, but they certainly do a fine job of recreating the small, almost imperceptible variations. The best thing about their approach, though, is that it can be deployed in real-time with conventional graphics cards. So it's just a matter of time before our video game heroes and villains become that extra bit more human.

Design for all 5 senses

Good design looks great, yes — but why shouldn't it also feel great, smell great and sound great? Designer Jinsop Lee (a TED Talent Search winner) shares his theory of 5-sense design, with a handy graph and a few examples. His hope: to inspire you to notice great multisensory experiences.

Americans Feel Better Informed Thanks to the Internet

Rather than crushing them with too much information and making it hard to find useful material, most Americans say the internet and cell phones have brought benefits in learning, sharing and diversifying the flow of information into their lives. A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that the vast majority of Americans believe their use of the web helps them learn new things, stay better informed on topics that matter to them, and increases their capacity to share ideas and creations with others.


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Markhor Takes The Middleman Out Of Designer Shoemaking

Markhor founder Waqas Ali spent the first half of his life without ever using the Internet. He grew up in a small village in Pakistan, and recalls using Google for the first time in 2007 after he moved to Lahore to attend college.

25 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Automatic Renewal Program: Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. Each year, you'll receive a notice and you authorize that your credit/debit card will be charged the annual subscription rate(s). You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, we will bill you directly instead. Contact Customer Service

The California Drought Is Creating A New Silent Spring

Since 1994, Krause had been recording the same location at California’s Sugarloaf State Park in mid-April, using the same equipment and carefully calibrated settings and protocols. The video shows four 15-second sound samples that illustrate the shifts over the last 11 years, in 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2015. The lower half of the spectrogram shown in the video represents the sound signature of stream that was flowing normally in 2004 and 2009, but not at all in more recent years. The upper half represents the vocalizations of several bird species. Krause’s recordings prior to and including 2004 all indicated similar bird density and diversity. But between 2004 and 2009, the density dropped off slightly. Krause thinks that’s due to the spring season occurring two weeks earlier on average in the area, but at least the stream is still flowing.

Auro Robotics (YC S15) Is Testing A Driverless Shuttle System On College Campuses

We are building driverless shuttles for in-campus travel. The big idea behind it is to cut down the operating cost (because of high driver fee) by replacing manually driven golf carts and mini buses with driverless shuttles at places such as a university or company campus, large industrial sites, airports, Disneyland type theme parks, gated residential colonies etc. While all major automobile companies …

Google Alphabet: Listen to our analysis

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

Dallas Buyers Club won't be asking for money from Australian pirates just yet

On Friday, he ruled DBC would be required to pay a A$600,000 bond before obtaining the personal details of Australian pirates. He stated it was to ensure DBC did not plan to "speculative invoice" — where a company bullies people into paying large sums — in Australia, as it wouldn't be worth it financially. He also noted DBC has no presence in Australia, so the court would not be able to punish the company for contempt.

12 TED Talks by living legends

These brilliant people have shaped their fields -- from inventing the World Wide Web to changing the world of dance. They share their work in their own words.

26 Chinese Cave Graffiti Contains 500 Years of Climate Data

The researchers used mass spectrometry (a chemistry technique that analyses the amount and type of chemicals in samples) to analyse the ratios of stable isotopes of oxygen, carbon, and other elements within the cave deposits. Climate change is known to affect all of these elements within caves, and the researchers found that higher carbon and oxygen isotope ratios corresponded with lower rainfall levels. They cross-referenced these findings with the writings discovered on the walls, and found a strong link between the two. For example, cave deposits from the late 1800s that provided evidence for drought in the region corresponded with the written records on the cave.

Obama's summer reading list is heavy on the Pulitzer Prize winners

That means at least two of his books are traditional tomes, but it's unknown if he will read the remainder on an electronic device. All the books on his summer reading list are critically acclaimed and many are Pulitzer Prize winners.

Samsung's big bet: put American software startups inside its most important hardware

Kai Bond still can’t believe he got his own button. The 36-year-old entrepreneur lifts up the new remote that comes standard with every Samsung smart TV and flips through the channels, settling on a daytime soap. “This isn’t the kind of stuff we had in mind when we built the system, but let’s see what happens.” He presses his button to activate “Samsung Extra” and biographical data for the actors on screen pops up in the right-hand corner.

Burning Moscow river shoots thick plume of black smoke high into the air

The incident occurred where the Ring Oil Products Pipeline transports jet kerosene, gasoline and diesel to and from the Moscow Refinery. While those materials would certainly explain the flames, a statement from the state-owned oil pipeline company Transneft said: "The circumstances have been investigated. No pressure drop had been recorded in the pipeline before an oil spill emerged. No oil product pipeline damage was discovered in the ROPP preliminary inspection."

The force is strong in this new CoverGirl Star Wars makeup

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

The smartphone price wars are not victimless

From a consumer's perspective, Google's Android operating system has been an exceedingly good thing. It's the only viable competitor to have kept pace with Apple's iPhone, and in its time it has stimulated grand battles between device manufacturers — first competing on specs, and now on price. All this competition has driven smartphone development forward at a blistering pace, and we're all profiting from it now, but it has its downsides, too. Today is a fitting day to take a closer look at those.

Man uses his iPhone to insert TV and movie characters into everyday life

French photographer François Dourlen sees the remarkable and the fantastical amid the commonplace. Dourlen uses his iPhone to place fictional characters in the real world, often juxtaposing them with street signs or heavy machinery.

America Is Frying the Planet With Its Corn Fields

While they only took measurements in one small part of the US Midwest, the researchers write that other regions of the globe have similar conditions: large swaths of land dominated by fertilizer-intensive farming. Such areas include the rest of the US Corn Belt plus parts of China, Europe, and India. These industrial-scale farming regions, which together make up a landmass of about 580 million acres (nearly six times the size of California), are the globe’s most potent sources of nitrous oxide, and we’re likely drastically undercounting their total emissions, the study suggests.

11 Jaw-Dropping Miniature Movie Sets

Prop makers skilled in architecture and visual design were hired to create tiny scale models of all kinds of spaces that, on screen, were virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. These miniature sets were used for a variety of purposes—a tiny Tokyo for a man in a Godzilla suit to rampage through, a model building to be demolished in an explosion, or a cityscape to be flown through.

Twelve Tomorrows

Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) was the most accomplished line artist in American science fiction and fantasy history. He began illustrating stories for Weird Tales (1936) and eventually worked for almost every SF magazine: Amazing, Fantastic Universe, IF, Galaxy, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, etc. For awhile he was a staff artist at The American Weekly. 2500 pieces have been catalogued. 1953, he won the Hugo Award for Best Interior Illustrator. He was awarded the Retro Hugo as Best Professional Artist of 1939 and 1945. Finlay has been posthumously inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (2012) and the Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame (2015). Photo: 1933 Self portrait: Copyright © Lail Finlay.

HTC cutting 15 percent of workforce as it battles poor sales

HTC has been  struggling for years , and now the smartphone maker is restructuring in a bid to lower its operating expenses. The Taiwanese manufacturer is announcing its plans to cut 15 percent of its staff worldwide as it continues to battle against poor sales of its smartphones. HTC employed 15,685 people as of March 31st, so the reductions will affect more than 2,000 roles. HTC's job cuts are designed to position the company to "diversify beyond smartphones," says HTC CEO Cher Wang. "We need a flexible and dynamic organization to ensure we can take advantage of all of the exciting opportunities in the connected lifestyle space."

Xiaomi's mid-range Redmi Note 2 phablet packs solid specs

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched its mid-range Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 2 Prime handsets in Beijing today. Both variants sound like good deals on paper for anyone interested in a 5.5-inch Android device.

When a Real Dog Won’t Do, This Puppy Bot Helps PTSD Victims

While the dog form provides a natural analog to real live animal helpers, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion. In fact, Bethel and her team concocted 10 possible shapes, including a few dog variants, a cat, a bear, a frog, and a few more abstract shapes, and put them before a survey of 1,045 participants, about a third of whom had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. The beagle was far from the favorite going in.

The Way We Measure Earthquakes Is Stupid

Back in 2000, Jones wrote an article in the Seismological Review Letters suggesting a new earthquake scale. “I hate the Richter scale,” she began the piece. “It feels almost sacrilegious, but I have to say it.” Instead, she proposed a scale based on seismic moment using Akis, named after the inventor of the seismic moment, Keiiti Aki. A 5.0 earthquake might be equivalent to 400 Akis—so that a tiny 2.0 could be measured in milli-Akis and a devastating 9.0 in billions of Akis. It’s more logical than Richter but also more layperson-friendly than seismic moment. “We got a lot of pushback,” says Jones. “Seismologists were saying people understand magnitude. I was like, ‘No they don’t. Have you tried to explain it to people?’”

21 Video Games Everyone Should Play Before They Die

While we hesitate to call these the "best games ever made," they certainly are strong contenders. But we prefer to think of this as a collection of titles that could help the layman get a sense of what video games are all about. We're not including historically relevant but stuffy things like "Pong" -- instead, we're focusing on fun, great games you'd actually want to play today. 

The Hackaday Prize

The creative energy and years of experience found in our huge community of Hackers, Designers, and Engineers is waiting to be unleashed. Let's use that potential and move humanity forward. This doesn't mean one giant solution. Thousands of people, each lifting one stone, moves mountains.

Samsung Has Two Big New Phones, and Even Bigger Ideas

The pen on the Note 5 makes perfect sense. It’s always been the phone’s real raison d’etre, even more so than the big screen. It’s vastly improved here, too: There’s now a way to scribble a note without even turning on and unlocking your phone. You just pull out the pen, and write on what looks like a digital chalkboard. You can customize the menu that appears when you take it out, and use it for almost anything—Samsung says a surprising number of people use the S pen just to navigate the phone, so that’s easier too. As ever, the Note is a productivity tool first and foremost, and the Note 5 just improves on the formula without changing too much. The phones are basically the same, save for one key feature each The S6 Edge+ is a little more surprising, even to Samsung. It’s clear no one at the company expected the S6 Edge—which is really more of a niche device for people who want something different and are willing to pay for it—to be such a success. But it was, by basically any measure. Samsung discovered a latent appetite for new, interesting mobile designs, even ones without a lot of practical value.

Pharrell needs a photo of Carl Sagan in his dressing room before he'll go on stage

Sagan's picture has apparently made multiple appearances in Williams' dressing room. The singer snapped one such picture and uploaded it to Instagram two years ago with the caption "the perfect rider," but took the step of codifying the request for his most recent 2015 tour, the rider documents of which were obtained by The Smoking Gun . Just in case careless promoters aren't reading the lengthy document — which also includes requests for fish dishes cooked "preferably in a pan" — it repeats the request for a picture of Sagan a second time.

How to get a journalist's attention

Almost every journalist we’ve asked, has specified that his favorite way of receiving pitches is via email. Least favorite method? Phone calls. You want to annoy a writer? Call him. Especially after you sent him an email to which he didn’t respond, and then also did a follow up.

Microsoft Word 2016 is getting collaborative editing for OneDrive files

While real-time co-authoring has been available in for Office Online since 2013, Office 2016 will be the first traditional version of the productivity suite with real-time collaboration support.

Wisconsin K9 dies in hot patrol car after air-conditioning malfunction

The 3-year-old dog, named Wix, had been with the Brown County Sheriff's Office since April 2014 and was used to aid in tracking detecting explosives. Wix's partner, Deputy Austin Lemberger, had left the dog in the patrol car with the engine running and the air conditioner on. The patrol car was also equipped with an alarm that should have alerted Lemberger that the car was too hot for the dog, but that tool malfunctioned as well.

6 adorable lunch boxes for your budding kid foodie

These stacked, (usually) metal lunch boxes, widely used in India and Southeast Asia, keep lunch components separate and warm — just what every mini Julia Child needs. This high-end tiffin box is pricey but top of the line, with a carrying case, three microwavable inner bowls and a vacuum seal to ensure that bus ride won't spill boeuf bourguignon on your kid's shirt.

TestFlight now lets developers distribute iOS 9 apps to anyone

When Apple began letting developers seed beta apps for iOS 9 , it was only for “internal” testing. TestFlight has now been updated to allow anyone to test iOS 9 apps.

That was quick: Russia has lifted its Reddit ban

Roskomnadzor had stated that it previously attempted to get in contact with Reddit officials in response to posts that hosted information on how to cultivate narcotics. The ban resulted from that post not being removed, and obviously worked as a way to get the admin’s attention.

Search for Your Name in the Government's Database of the Dead

The Social Security Administration maintains a database containing a record of every U.S. citizen who has died since 1936. What could possibly go wrong? In “The Final File,” contributing editor Paul Ford discusses a few problems with what the government lovingly refers to as the Social Security Death Master File. Explore it for yourself.

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83 Crowdfunding Battle Blimps: "Small, open-source, RC blimps + hydrogen + red poker tips"
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