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Google’s new project could convince you to buy solar panels

From Imperative to Pure-Functional and Back Again: Monads vs. Scoped Continuations

Scoped continuations are to imperative code what monads are to pure-functional code: they are a powerful, type-safe uber-abstraction of imperative languages

Apple launches 'All the artists you love and are about to love. All in one place' ad campaign for Apple Music

Apple has launched its first ad campaign for Apple Music with three new ads, which have just been uploaded to their YouTube channel. The central theme of the ads is “Discovery”. The first ad titled ‘Discovery’ is a 60-second spot which highlights a number of artistsaaa

Color-changing helmets could warn you about head injuries

Head injuries can be particularly sinister -- unless it's obvious that you took a bad blow, you might not get the help you need in time to mitigate the d

4 rad dwarf planets that aren't Pluto

The dwarf planets Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Ceres are members of our solar system too.

Futures of text

A survey of all the current innovation in text as a medium

The Ultimate FM Transmitter (Long Range Spybug)

Have you ever wanted to broadcast your own radio station within your neighborhood? Ever get curious on where people get those Surveillance Bugs from...

Stormtroopers march across Golden Gate Bridge in galaxy's best fundraiser

Stormtroopers marched across the Golden Gate Bridge to show support for Kevin Doyle, who lost his wife to pancreatic cancer.

Carved from nothing: The unlikely fortune of a Holocaust survivor

The origin story of family-owned butcher business Master Purveyors is as tragic as it is improbable, but it has the perfect 'American Dream' ending.

University of Alabama sorority deletes recruitment video after intense backlash

This sorority isn't feeling so #blessed anymore.

Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber ad spoof outtakes are pure gold

Watch some just-released bonus footage from the 'SNL' Calvin Klein parody that was full of win.

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Munchery pairs its meals with Google Play Music radio stations to help create ‘great moments’

Munchery’s custom pairings will only provide songs through specific radio stations in conjunction with Google Play Music. So don’t expect to be able to download the latest Taylor Swift song or plan on using the access code that comes with your meal to play the latest album from Ed Sheeran.

Jon Stewart Hosting WWE SummerSlam - IGN

Fresh off his tearful retirement from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has now set his sights back toward his love of pro-wrestling. It's just been announced that Stewart is set to host WWE’s SummerSlam on Sunday, August 23rd at 7pm ET live on WWE Network.

McDonald's And Taco Bell Are Fighting For Millennials' Hearts, Wallets, and Stomachs

Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings, which launched last spring, now make up 6% of its business, and cheeky ads depicting McDonald’s as a totalitarian state caught viewers’ attention during the Walking Dead finale this spring. "This is a platform we can build for the next two decades," says Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol. Meanwhile, McDonald’s—whose second-quarter 2015 revenue fell by 10%, following an 11% slide in the first quarter—is testing third-pound sirloin burgers and an all-day breakfast menu (long demanded by stoners and others) that includes healthier items such as an egg-and-kale breakfast bowl.

Want to start using OneNote for Windows 10? We’ll help you start

Pages are the last item in OneNote, and they’re where most of your actual information will go. Each section begins with a blank untitled note. Click above the auto-generate date and time to create a title for this specific note, then click below it to start typing. That’s it – once you insert text into a Page, it will automatically appear across every computer, phone, and tablet that you’ve installed OneNote on. To create a new Page, click the “+” symbol next to Pages in the left column.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Vietnam's start-up queen - BBC News

This outlook may explain why Ms Truong has set up three businesses in different industries - including creating what she claims is the first Vietnamese company to be bought by Silicon Valley - all before her 30th birthday.

How college CIOs brace for back-to-school (with video!)

In that way and many others, education IT is on the front lines in developing strategic responses to the same challenges that bedevil enterprise IT. Read on for tales from the trenches from six university CIOs as they grapple with the demands of connectivity, service, security and innovation.

Rambus Expands With Its Own Chip Brand

Rambus Inc., known for patent battles against chip makers, is becoming one itself. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company on Monday is announcing plans to sell chips under its own brand for the first time in its 25-year history. Rambus said the products,...

Windows 10 won't run old games with dodgy copy protection

Do you recall the bad old days of PC games in the mid-2000s, when titles were loaded with copy protection that was not only a hassle, but horribly insecure? Well, Microsoft does -- and that could be a problem if you're trying to run some of those vintage games on Windows 10. The company notes that games which depend on some versions of SafeDisc and Securom DRM (digital rights management) aren't allowed to run on Windows 10 at all. That could mean that your dusty copy of Grand Theft Auto III, Battlefield 1942 or The Sims won't load. As Microsoft's Boris Schneider-Johne says, their DRM intrudes so deeply into your system that they introduce a "possible loophole for computer viruses." Sure enough, at least one of the concerns about burdensome copy protection proved true -- it was more of a nuisance to honest gamers than to pirates. We've asked Microsoft for more details, including the effect on other copyright mechanisms. However, you'll be relieved to hear that there are frequently workarounds. Some developers have already patched out the offending DRM, and digital stores like GOG sell versions that aren't subject to the restrictive software.

Sprint to Abandon Two-Year Contracts

Two-year contracts are disappearing from the U.S. wireless industry. Sprint Corp. said Monday it plans to do away with two-year contracts and will shift entirely to a model where customers lease their smartphones. Earlier this month, Verizon Communications Inc. said it would no longer sell contracts, and T-Mobile US Inc. did away with contracts more than two years ago. AT&T Inc. is the only major U.S. carrier that still offers...

Sprint fires back at T-Mobile with perpetual iPhone upgrade program

The $15 per month phone price is a limited-time deal, and it jumps to $22 per month with any iPhone upgrade after December 31. In other words, you’ll still pay $15 per month after upgrading to the next iPhone (let’s call it the iPhone 6S), but once you get the iPhone after that (the iPhone 7, perhaps), the monthly phone fee rises to $22 per month.

Here Is President Obama's Summer Playlist

The White House also released the books that Obama is reading during his vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

10 security technologies destined for the dustbin

If you, like me, have been in the computer security world long enough, you’ve seen a lot of security tech come and go. It’s almost to the point where you can start to predict what will stick and be improved and what will sooner or later become obsolete. The pace of change in attacks and technology alike mean that even so-called cutting-edge defenses, like biometric authentication and advanced firewalls, will eventually fail and go away. Surveying today's defense technologies, here's what I think is destined for the history books.

LG Display to focus investment on OLED in next-generation push

SEOUL South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd said on Monday it would focus investment on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, betting on the next-generation technology to steer it clear of price wars and ahead of the competition.

Windows 10 Installed on Over 53 Million PCs - IGN

Neowin , which also reported on Windows 10's 27 million milestone , now claims that Microsoft 's newest operating system has now been installed on over 53 million devices. And using numbers gathered from StatCounter, Neowin also states that the OS "now accounts for 4.95% of the market as of last week," though it's hard to tell how accurate that percentage is.

Apple Pay launch in Australia could be delayed as Apple negotiates with banks over transaction fees

Additionally, the report claims that major banks are not too keen on providing Apple with access to their payment infrastructure since they are investing millions of dollars into building the New Payments Platform, which will have real-time capability, that the Cupertino headquartered company will be able to enjoy without investing a penny. Secondly, banks in Australia realise that being the “interface” when a customer does a transaction will likely fuel their future revenue growth, which is why they don’t want Apple to come in and take their place with Apple Pay.

The Next Web on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

4-year-old with Down syndrome stars in back-to-school ads

“Back to school is such a critical time for kids, and it is important to Changing the Face of Beauty that companies see the 13% of kids that happen to be going back to school with a disability,” Katie Driscoll, president and founder of Changing the Face of Beauty, explains to Mashable .

US gives Shell green light to drill oil in the Arctic for 1st time in 20 years

The federal government has given Royal Dutch Shell the final permit it needs to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska's northwest coast for the first time in more than two decades.

The Next Web on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Disney to Build ‘Star Wars’ Themed Lands in Two Parks

Walt Disney Co. will build “Star Wars”- themed lands at its original Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, and its Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, in one of the largest expansions in the company’s history.

Here's The Best Time To Post A Photo On Instagram

The Latergramme team also broke down the best times for each day of the week. According to the data, the most "engaged" time on Instagram shifts from day to day: On Monday, for example, 5 p.m. is actually a pretty crummy time; engagement is highest at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. On Friday, 1 a.m. and 8 p.m. are apparently the sweet spots. You can interact with the graphic below to see more.

Amazon boss admits Top Gear hosts were ‘very, very, very expensive’

Top Gear fans will already be well aware that its former hosts recently signed a deal with Amazon for an all-new car show set to air next year exclusively for Prime subscribers. With Clarkson, Hammond and May having helped transform Top Gear into a global success and major cash cow for the BBC, the team, which includes the ex-show’s influential executive producer Andy Wilman, was never going to come cheap.

J.K. Rowling tells young writer to use the haters to fuel her ambition

LONDON – Everyone's favourite tweeter J.K. Rowling took her feed to knew levels of awesome on Saturday when she sent out an inspiring message to a young writer.

The Apple Watch is winning in the battle of fitness trackers

In a recent report ,  BI Intelligence takes a closer look at how smartwatches will siphon market share from fitness trackers in the wearables market, and how Apple's smartwatch might impact the market for luxury watches. We also forecast shipments for both Apple Watch and the broader luxury watch market over the next five years, and examine the pricing and design strategy behind the Apple Watch, the new retail distribution opportunities with this device, and the wider opportunity among tech-savvy consumers.

Twitter’s MoPub Sees Big Growth In Native Ads

So here’s what Twitter/MoPub is saying today: The number of apps in the MoPub Marketplace that use native ads has increased 8x between June 2014 and June of this year. eCPMs (the amount that advertisers are paying for each thousand impressions) are up 73 percent. And overall spending on native ads increased 387 percent.

Are comatose servers your next big IT headache?

The cloud does not solve this problem either – in fact, it might even make it worse. At first blush you might think comatose server are the cloud provider’s problem to work around – “scale up, guys!” you might think – but remember who’s ultimately footing the bill for that. Plus, unlike comatose servers in your datacenter, which only eat up power and network bandwidth, unused servers sitting active on a cloud solution platform like Azure or AWS are costing you hourly fees. A reasonably equipped virtual machine might run $0.50 cents/hour, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize that equates to burning $4,380 every year for every single cloud server you have running that’s not doing anything. If anything, it’s quick way to reduce expenses and look great in the next budget review.

Seagate, Toshiba, Scality And Others Launch Kinetic Open Storage Platform For Smart, Low-Overhead Cloud Object Storage

Two years ago, Seagate debuted a new technology for hard drives that essentially gives applications direct access to some of its drives over an Ethernet connection to store objects using key-value pairs. This reduces the overhead that comes with traditional file systems and file servers and allows vendors to pack more drives into their racks. Seagate made drivers for this technology available for OpenStack’s Swift object storage and Riak, and Toshiba also recently launched some drives built on the same technology.

Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview | Android Developers Blog

Although the Android 6.0 SDK is final, the devices system images are still developer preview versions. The preview images are near final but they are not intended for consumer use. Remember that when Android 6.0 Marshmallow launches to the public later this fall, you'll need to manually re-flash your device to a factory image to continue to receive consumer OTA updates for your Nexus device.

12 must-have gadgets for your new college dorm

Spend one lecture with the Livescribe 3 Smartpen ($150) and corresponding app for your smartphone, and you’ll never want to go back to a regular old Bic. As you write in the Livescribe’s specialty notebooks, the smartpen sends a digital copy of your hand-written notes to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can access them at any time. It can also record audio notes through the Livescribe app on your smartphone, which get linked to your hand-written notes. When reviewing notes later, tap any word to hear what your professor was saying at that moment. If you’ve left yourself a doodle, abbreviation, or mnemonic device, tapping that word will bring you right back to the lecture. The pen itself can last 14 hours on a single charge.

Three alternatives to Beats Solo2 headphones

Headphones are one area where you don’t always get what you pay for. At $200, the Beats Solo2 is certainly not a versatile headphone. If you like the Beats style, and the bass-laden sound, then it might be for you, but the build quality and poor audio make it an expensive choice. For the same price, you can get the excellent V-Moda headphones, if it matches your style. For another $100, the Beyerdynamic T 51-i is a best-in-class headphone, with subtle styling, and a more solid build.

Instructables | Home DIY Giveaway

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What does my headscarf mean to you?

What do you think when you look at this speaker? Well, think again. (And then again.) In this funny, honest, empathetic talk, Yassmin Abdel-Magied challenges us to look beyond our initial perceptions, and to open doors to new ways of supporting others.

How to make hard choices

Here's a talk that could literally change your life. Which career should I pursue? Should I break up — or get married?! Where should I live? Big decisions like these can be agonizingly difficult. But that's because we think about them the wrong way, says philosopher Ruth Chang. She offers a powerful new framework for shaping who we truly are.

Our unhealthy obsession with choice

We face an endless string of choices, which leads us to feel anxiety, guilt and pangs of inadequacy that we are perhaps making the wrong ones. But philosopher Renata Salecl asks: Could individual choices be distracting us from something bigger—our power as social thinkers? A bold call for us to stop taking personal choice so seriously and focus on the choices we're making collectively.


So this is it. Here we are. The community is divided and Bitcoin is forking: both the software and, perhaps, the block chain too. The two sides of the split are Bitcoin Core and a slight variant of the same program, called Bitcoin XT . As of August 15th, there is now a full release available.

How movies teach manhood

When Colin Stokes’ 3-year-old son caught a glimpse of "Star Wars," he was instantly obsessed. But what messages did he absorb from the sci-fi classic? Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain.

Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal. But does it have to be? Relationship therapist Esther Perel examines why people cheat, and unpacks why affairs are so traumatic: because they threaten our emotional security. In infidelity, she sees something unexpected — an expression of longing and loss. A must-watch for anyone who has ever cheated or been cheated on, or who simply wants a new framework for understanding relationships.

Hackers: the Internet's immune system

The beauty of hackers, says cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari, is that they force us to evolve and improve. Yes, some hackers are bad guys, but many are working to fight government corruption and advocate for our rights. By exposing vulnerabilities, they push the Internet to become stronger and healthier, wielding their power to create a better world.

Color blind or color brave?

The subject of race can be very touchy. As finance executive Mellody Hobson says, it's a "conversational third rail." But, she says, that's exactly why we need to start talking about it. In this engaging, persuasive talk, Hobson makes the case that speaking openly about race — and particularly about diversity in hiring — makes for better businesses and a better society.

What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce

We’ve all been told that we should recycle plastic bottles and containers. But what actually happens to the plastic if we just throw it away? Emma Bryce traces the life cycles of three different plastic bottles, shedding light on the dangers these disposables present to our world.

How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard

On Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s first day as principal at a failing high school in North Philadelphia, she was determined to lay down the law. But she soon realized the job was more complex than she thought. With palpable passion, she shares the three principles that helped her turn around three schools labeled “low-performing and persistently dangerous.” Her fearless determination to lead — and to love the students, no matter what — is a model for leaders in all fields.

Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015

Much of this frenzy of access is facilitated by mobile devices. Nearly three-quarters of teens have or have access 1 to a smartphone and 30% have a basic phone, while just 12% of teens 13 to 17 say they have no cell phone of any type. African-American teens are the most likely of any group of teens to have a smartphone, with 85% having access to one, compared with 71% of both white and Hispanic teens. These phones and other mobile devices have become a primary driver of teen internet use: Fully 91% of teens go online from mobile devices at least occasionally. Among these “mobile teens,” 94% go online daily or more often. By comparison, teens who don’t access the internet via mobile devices tend to go online less frequently. Some 68% go online at least daily.

The social animal

Columnist David Brooks unpacks new insights into human nature from the cognitive sciences — insights with massive implications for economics and politics as well as our own self-knowledge. In a talk full of humor, he shows how you can't hope to understand humans as separate individuals making choices based on their conscious awareness.

You can now restore deleted files, contacts, and calendar on

The ‘Restore Files’ option will allow you to restore your deleted files to iCloud Drive. The timestamp of when the file was deleted will be shown along with the number of days remaining until when you will be able to restore that file. For now, Apple is allowing iCloud users to restore any file or changes that they have made to their calendar entries or contacts over the last 30 days.

Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants

Many chains are already at work looking for ingenious ways to take humans out of the picture, threatening workers in an industry that employs 2.4 million wait staffers, nearly 3 million cooks and food preparers and many of the nation’s 3.3 million cashiers.

The secret TTIP trade deal just got even more secret

The European Commission is making the secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal even more secret, introducing a new rule that means politicians can only view the text in a secure 'reading room' in Brussels.

Inside Amazon's Shipping Machine | MIT Technology Review

Upon arrival, each new product is identified using a computer vision system that catalogues it rapidly, feeding its weight and dimensions into a central tracking system. At the heart of the building, items stored on tall, square shelves are kept stocked by humans working with a team of 2,000 squat orange robots. The robots zip around the storage area, picking up shelves and either arranging them in neat rows for storage or bringing them over to the human workers, who stack or pick from them. Further along the fulfillment line, workers charged with packing up orders for shipping are automatically given the optimal size of shipping box and even the correct amount of packing tape. Before those boxes are sent to trucks, a system weighs them to make sure the correct products are inside.

Build software better, together

Repository search looks through the projects you have access to on GitHub. You can also filter the results:

The Touching Story That Made These Twins' Pregnancy Photos Go Viral

When Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker was 39 weeks pregnant in 2009, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She had to give birth to her son Dylan via emergency C-section one week later and immediately start chemotherapy.

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