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'Ghost in the Shell' studio leads Netflix's anime Originals lineup

The streaming service is bringing anime exclusive titles to its platform over the next year.

Overwatch Summer Games return next week (with new skins)

New skins, a new stadium and competitive Lúcioball -- it's must be time for the (similar to yet legally distinct from) Olympics of Overwatch!

The $1200 holographic phone is even wilder than we thought

Yes, the same Red that makes cameras for Hollywood.

Japan’s Line App Opens a Times Square Store (And Gets Ready To Take On Amazon’s Echo)

The company hopes that its lovable characters will appeal even to people who don’t use its app. And maybe even make AI less intimidating.

Mozilla launches experimental voice search, file-sharing and note-taking tools for Firefox

Firefox is due for a comeback. A lot of the work the team spent on refactoring core parts of the browser is starting to pay off, and, while its market share..

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iPhone Sales Pass 1.2B, Apple Watch Sales Up 50 Percent

Apple beat Wall Street's revenue forecasts and analyst share price expectations. It looks like the tri-buy of iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods made it happen.

62% of cybersecurity experts believe AI will be weaponized in next year

Some 62% of security experts believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will be weaponized and used for cyberattacks within the next 12 months, a Cylance survey released Tuesday found. This makes the growth of AI a double-edge sword, according to Cylance's blog post on the finding.

Best smart home tech for back-to-school 2017

If you're looking for cool gadgets for students , the $230 Amazon Echo Show might be one kids and parents can get on the same page about. Not only does it come with the Alexa voice assistant built in, but you can use it to instantly video chat with corresponding devices, say, back on your parents' countertop. Sure, you might want a little space from your parents at school, but a little extra face time could be a good way to get extra money for that fall-break getaway.

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Bitcoin splits as new currency takes off - BBC News

Miners receive new bitcoins as a reward for this work - making it lucrative - and it has also been something open to individuals in the past, because the cost of small scale mining equipment has been relatively low.

Apple left clues for the next iPhone in its earnings report

Going into Tuesday's earnings report, most expected Apple to delay the launch of its next flagship iPhone, with rumors calling for an October release date, if not later. But the normally conservative Apple surprised everyone by offering a cheery forecast for the current quarter, with revenue ranging from $49 billion to $52 billion, above Wall Street's forecast of $49.2 billion.

Microsoft's new unified log-in experience is now in public preview | ZDNet

Microsoft is continuing to work toward its ultimate goal of converging its Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Account cloud identity services.

The first Windows 10 VR headsets go on sale, with a catch

Both the HP and Acer Windows 10 VR headsets feature two 1440 x 1440 displays, 95 degrees horizontal field of view, 90 Hz refresh rate, built-in audio and mic support, a single HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 cable to hook up to a Windows 10 PC, and inside-out tracking. 

Microsoft rolls out Surface Plus financing, support programs | ZDNet

"Surface Plus for Business is Microsoft's version of Surface as a Service direct through Microsoft Stores to reach our small and medium business customers. Surface as a Service also encompasses our partner led motion, where our Authorized Device Distributors and Resellers can offer device leasing and financing, along with services and support, and additional Microsoft cloud solutions."


Facebook Inc. is working on a video chat device for the home -- the first major hardware product from its experimental Building 8 lab. Featuring a laptop-sized touchscreen, the device represents a new product category and could be announced as soon as next spring's F8 developer conference, according to people familiar with the matter. They say the large screen and smart camera technology could help farflung people feel like they're in the same room, which aligns with Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg's mission of bringing Facebook users closer together. The device is in the prototype phase but is already being tested in people's homes. Geared to the living room, the video chat device will feature a wide-angle camera lens, microphones and speakers that are all powered by artificial intelligence to boost performance, the people said. A version of the device in testing includes a thin, vertical stand that holds a large touchscreen measuring between 13 and 15 inches diagonally, the people said. Facebook has considered running a version of the Android operating system on its device instead of building its own core operating system, according to the people.

'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets a new writer to rework script

The Hollywood Reporter cites sources close to the film , saying the script for the final instalment of the sequel trilogy is set to be reworked. Until now, the task of writing Episode IX has fallen to the film's director, Colin Trevorrow, and his writing partner Derek Connolly.

Everything we know about the iPhone 8

You may not have to plug in your iPhone to charge it anymore — Apple is said to be adding wireless charging to the models coming out this fall, though the rumored Apple Watch-style charger may be sold separately. Apple has also officially joined the Wireless Power Consortium, suggesting it's serious about the technology.

​Firefox's new tool lets you send self-destructing 1GB files from any browser | ZDNet

In the current version, you can securely send files to a contact using a link that only works once. The encrypted file, which is stored on Mozilla's server, is destroyed immediately after it has been downloaded once or after 24 hours have elapsed.

Paytm, India’s top digital payment firm, plans to rival WhatsApp with messaging and games

Once the initial messaging beta version is live, Paytm will begin working to include WeChat-like communications channels, which are essentially official accounts that allow brands to connect with users, and mobile games and other content. That could allow brands and Paytm merchants to market goods directly to users, and receive digital payment for them without the need for a face-to-face interaction.

Nintendo will offer SNES Classic pre-orders in the U.S. in late August

Nintendo’s next hot retro console, the SNES Classic, is going to be available for pre-order late in August at a number of retailers, the company confirmed today. It’s good news for people left wondering when the console pre-orders would arrive – including the many disappointed fans who thought they’d secured one from Walmart last week only to have their order canceled .

Apple’s Solid Results Hint At Big iPhone Release This Fall

With the release of the second version of the Apple Watch last year, Apple repositioned it to look more like a health and fitness device. At the same time, it dropped prices on the first version of the Watch. In the larger view, the Watch has emerged as the last device standing in a smartwatch market that seems to have collapsed around it. One theory is that once the Watch emerged as the category’s best, consumers started buying it in higher numbers.

IKEA’s selling home storage batteries for its solar panels

The catch is, saving money on your electricity bills in the long run requires a significant investment upfront. A full package of panels plus home battery starts at £6,925, but can obviously get much more expensive depending on how much roof you want to fill. And if you're simply interested in adding a battery to an existing solar setup, you'll be on the hook for at least £5000. But as they say, you have to spend money to make money.

Hyperloop One's passenger pod almost hit 200 mph in its latest test

On Saturday, Hyperloop One completed its second successful test to-date on its 500-meter development track in Nevada, the company said. The startup said the system traveled almost the entire length of the track (1,433 feet) and reached a top speed of 192 mph. The vehicle coasted above the track using magnetic levitation.

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175,000 IoT cameras can be remotely hacked thanks to flaw, says security researcher | ZDNet

"This proof of concept attack confirms once again that most Internet of Things devices are trivial to exploit because of improper quality assurance at the firmware level. Paired with the fact that the bug affects the authentication mechanism and the massive pool of affected devices, we can only imagine the impact a harvested botnet of devices might have," Bitdefender's research paper said.

A Hacker Turned an Amazon Echo Into a 'Wiretap'

Instead, he says that people should think twice about the security risks of using an Echo in public or semipublic places, like plans for the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas to put an Echo in every room. "In that case, you don’t really control who has access to the devices," Barnes says. "The previous guest could have installed something, the cleaner, whoever." The notion that intelligence services, for instance, might go to the effort to turn in-room devices into spying tools is more than paranoia: Documents released by WikiLeaks show that the CIA has explored similar physical-access techniques designed to turn Samsung smart televisions into eavesdropping devices .

The All Controller controls all your consoles

Remember the third party controller your sibling/cousin/friend made you use when you visited his or her house in the NES days? Remember the pain you felt when the joystick wasn’t quite right and they were hosing you on Mortal Kombat while you were busy trying to figure out why your character kept kicking? Well the All Controller isn’t like that at all.

A smart torque wrench and Google Glass improve GE Aviation mechanics' efficiency by 8-12%

"In the pilot, we captured survey data and time trials to see if there were reduced maintenance errors," explained Ted Robertson, manager of GE Aviation. The data showed that development and production assembly errors could be reduced as a result of the use of Google Glass and a smart tool. An unexpected but welcome result was discovering that productivity was improved as well, with mechanic's efficiency increasing an average of 8-12%.

How to make Tor less vulnerable to RAPTOR attacks

Internet users have few options when it comes to online privacy. Tor is one of them, but researchers at Princeton say there are problems. Find out what they are, and how they could be fixed.

The most important corporate server Linux gets refreshed: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 | ZDNet

Put it all together and you have a Linux you can use on physical servers, in and with containers, and on the cloud. Once more, in RHEL 7.4 Red Hat has an outstanding Linux for corporate users.

Is Amazon’s cloud service too big to fail?

For banks that have decided a single provider is the best route to take, the question of how they prepare for a possible outage or security breach looms large. AlienVault’s Malik argued for the existence of a serious weakness that lies outside of the cloud provider’s infrastructure — namely whether banks’ IT teams are up to date with the latest cloud technology. He described a “distinct lack of actual cloud expertise” and he said that where there is a knowledge gap, “there’s definitely a risk”.

Apple beats Q3 expectations, posts solid Q4 outlook | ZDNet

Apple managed to sell 41 million iPhones in Q3 while maintaining a healthy revenue outlook for Q4, when the highly anticipated iPhone 8 should be released.

Ten Apple products you shouldn't buy (and three that you can't buy anymore) | ZDNet

If 2017 is in line with previous years, Apple will unveil a new iPhone in September, which means that -- with only a few weeks until then -- buying an iPhone 7 now doesn't make a huge amount of sense (unless you're existing iPhone is broken and you just have to have a new one).

Microsoft's earnings confirm the Intelligent Cloud strategy--but the fight is not over

When Satya Nadella took over the reins at Microsoft in 2014, he changed the company's business strategy to focus on what he dubbed a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Moving away from reactionary competition with other companies over the best operating system or the best productivity suite, he saw a profitable opportunity in cloud-based services. It was a bold pivot for such a large and established industry titan, but it has paid off handsomely.

Exposed servers let hackers take control of prison cell doors, pacemakers, oil pipelines

A researcher has found an often-misconfigured protocol puts sex toys, heart monitors, and even oil pipelines and particle accelerators at risk of attack.

Video: Increase your tech salary with these 5 IT certifications

Certifications can offer less-experienced job candidates a way to demonstrate knowledge, and shows commitment to a skillset

Windows 10 S: First sub-$300 notebooks out now, says Microsoft | ZDNet

Microsoft's first low-cost Windows 10 S devices are available now in the form of Lenovo's N23 and N24, with others following soon.

IBM and Sony cram up to 330 terabytes into tiny tape cartridge

Enlarge / A quick rundown of IBM's various tape storage density records. Note that commercial tape cartridges max out at 15TB—so, less than the theoretical amount enabled by the 2010 breakthrough.IBM Research Sony's new tape is underpinned by two novel technologies: an improved built-in lubricant layer, which keeps it running smoothly through the machine, and a new type of magnetic layer. Usually, a tape's magnetic layer is applied in liquid form, kind of like paint—which is one of the reasons that magnetic tape is so cheap and easy to produce in huge quantities. In this case, Sony has instead used sputter deposition, a mature technique that has been used by the semiconductor and hard drive industries for decades to lay down thin films.

Facebook reportedly working on video chat device, smart speaker | ZDNet

Past Oculus Rift, Facebook looks to get deeper in the hardware business with a low cost video chat device and smart speaker to better connect its users, Bloomberg reports.

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Snap reportedly in talks to buy selfie maker Zero Zero Robotics

The company behind the popular messaging app is looking at Zero Zero Robotics, maker of the selfie-centric Hover Camera, The Information reports.

Microsoft starts testing Windows 10's built-in Eye Control

Experiencing the new color scheme will require a fresh installation (Microsoft says it doesn't want to overwrite anyone's custom settings -- a configuration tool will be released soon), but it's supposed to help things look better on new monitors. There are also tweaks supporting 3D objects within Word, Excel and PowerPoint while the Edge browser has a new look made to match Microsoft's Fluent Design System with transparency and "delightful" animations.

The 10 most important things in the world right now

8. China's border dispute with India just got a little clearer . Beijing offered a position paper, calling on New Delhi to "unconditionally and immediately" withdraw its forces from the Doklam plateau where the southern end of Tibet meets Bhutan in the east and Sikkim in India in the west. The paper is regarded as a signal that China wants to end the stand-off, before the leaders of the two nations meet in Xiamen next month.

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Hustle scores $8M to kill telemarketing with personalized texts

No one picks up the phone and everyone gets too much email. If you want to contact people for fundraising, a political campaign or marketing, texting is the way to go. But a generic mass text is more like spam than a convincing conversation.

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Accessory producer MixBin recalls glitter-filled iPhone cases over chemical burn risk

Accessory manufacturer MixBin Electronics has issued a recall for iPhone cases it has produced for a number of well-known brands, including Victoria's Secret, following reports of the glitter and liquid-filled cases causing chemical burns and skin irritation to consumers in the United States.

Samsung’s massive 88-inch Q9 TV is now at BestBuy for $19,999.99

Samsung’s massive flagship 88-inch Q9 TV is available to purchase at BestBuy for $19,999.99 . It’s the first time we’ve been given any indication about the price, and as expected, it’s a huge one. The TV features a 2,160p (4K) resolution, HDR, and built-in Wi-Fi. BestBuy also offers a “geek-squad protection” for a meager $2,099.99, which provides insurance coverage for five years.

The Heroes and Villains of The New Tick TV Show Talk About Being Aggro, Evil and Awkward

The latest television version of the Tick is mere weeks away and the Big Blue Bug of Justice was all over this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2017. We got the chance to talk to most of The Tick ’s cast and they sound like they’re having a lot of fun.

Dow Tops 22,000 as Apple Rallies; Euro Strengthens: Markets Wrap

Apple’s 5 percent gain, sparked by an optimistic sales forecast, took the Dow to a record, boosted the Nasdaq 100 Index and left the S&P 500 Index little changed even as most groups fell. Tesla Inc. rose in late trading as the company burned less cash than forecast. European equities slid as a drop in industrial metals weighed on miners. The euro, coming off its best month since March 2016, continued its surge versus the ailing dollar . Oil rose as record gasoline demand allayed shale boom worries, though it settled off highs for the day.

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Facebook's AI creating its own language is nothing to be afraid of

Bassel Khartabil: Missing Syrian-Palestinian 'executed'

"We are deeply saddened and completely outraged to learn today that our friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil has been executed by the Syrian regime," Creative Commons said in a statement on Tuesday.

Facebook's next crack at hardware could be a video chat device

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg & Co., (Facebook offered no comment when contacted by TechRadar) but it's possible we may learn more about Facebook's hardware plans when its next F8 developer conference kicks off early next year.

LibreOffice 5.4: The best office suite gets better | ZDNet

It's not perfect. While LibreOffice works well with Microsoft's Open XML formats, it can still have trouble with it. A particular problem of mine is that it can't read complex and rich text formatting in comments. Still, with any version, LibreOffice gets better at dealing with Microsoft's formats. It's a pity I can't say the same for Office working with LibreOffice's native Open Document Formats (ODF) .

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