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Police are still playing with fire in Ferguson

This is the second night of a midnight curfew imposed by Nixon when declaring a state of emergency on Saturday, and police appear determined to enforce the curfew — well before it even takes effect. As they did earlier this week, police claim that protests had turned violent when using force to disperse demonstrators. St. Louis County Police reported on Twitter tonight that Molotov cocktails had been lobbed at officers, but we have seen no media reports that corroborate the police's claims. To the contrary, some reporters noted that the police appeared to fire tear gas canisters on protesters without provocation. An eight-year-old boy is reportedly  among those hit by tear gas tonight.

Who Makes The Best Coffee? Cast Your Vote In Our Coffee Week Championship

Starbucks or Blue Bottle? Rocket Fuel or Mint Mojito? We've collected the signature drinks from 36 coffee purveyors. Now it's your turn to vote on which one is the best.

Nudge Is A Dashboard For All Your Fitness Wearables And Apps | TechCrunch

“There are certainly some great platforms out there that are able to put more data in one place, illustrating that a user took a walk with app X, then ate something with app Y, but Nudge has an alternative objective. We are focused on trying to index the world’s data to better allow for objective comparison of users across platforms and populations, which can help provide a very different level of feedback, not only to users, but also to people interested in population health,” says Beene and Gambill.

Assange 'to leave' Ecuador embassy

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino on the other hand seemed to suggest Mr Assange would be in the embassy for a long time. He asked how long the Swedish judiciary could allow this situation to continue: "Five more years? Ten more years?" and lamented that there had been "no movement" since Mr Assange entered the embassy in June 2012.

A brief history of Gordon Ramsay's epicurean empire

When The Verge features editor Michael Zelenko logged onto Hulu this weekend over dinner, eager to gorge himself on both an entire rack of ribs and programs hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay — Zelenko’s celebrity chef du jour — he found himself lost in Ramsay’s all-you-can-eat menu of programming. "It’s unbelievable," says Zelenko, a 29-year-old self-identified "foodie" and cooking reality television enthusiast. "Seriously, how many shows can one man have?" he asked me at work this morning through a mouthful of morning glory muffin. "When does the man sleep?" the surprisingly svelte editor exclaimed.

Java 9 features announced!

Jigsaw , which was dropped from Java 7 and pushed back to Java 9, remains one of the biggest talking points of Oracle’s next release. The chief goals of the project are to provide to scalability for smaller devices, improved security for the JDK and Java SE, enhanced performance and easier construction of libraries and large applications. Meanwhile, the Penrose Project is exploring interoperability between Jigsaw and the Open Source Gateway initiative.

Uber Back Online In Berlin And Hamburg After Court Suspends Earlier Ban | TechCrunch

“This is good news for the great people of Berlin and the thousands of German citizens already benefitting from Uber’s great services. We’re delighted to continue to bring our fresh and new ride-sharing service UberPOP plus our licensed limo service, UberBlack to Berlin and other cities in Germany, as we challenge the old policies that were written before the smartphone was even invented. Uber’s number one priority is safety and we would like to underline that every driver on the Uber platform is insured. Today’s news supports freedom of choice and progress, as Uber seeks to bring better, safer and cheaper transport options to everyone.”

Booting A PDP-11 | TechCrunch

As we move swiftly into an era of ubiquitous computing, Internets of Things, and mind-machine connections via wetware, it’s important to step back and take a look at where we’ve been. That’s why this How-To by Trammell Hudson is so cool. It shows how to boot a PDP-11 so you can play Adventure on a monochrome screen and reminds us that old computer were as finicky as Model T Fords.

Moto 360 smartwatch specs outed by Best Buy? - CNET

According to specs published Sunday on the electronics retailer's website, the Moto 360 will cost $250 and feature a 1.5-inch backlit LCD touch screen with a 320x290 resolution and 205 pixels per inch. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 will protect the Android -powered smartwatch's screen.

Notorious podcasting troll settles patent suit with comedian Adam Carolla

Personal Audio believes it has a right to collect patent royalties from every podcaster in the country. A comedian stopped the patent troll in its tracks but did not go through with a promise to fight the troll to the end.

Hello, HP Stream 14: A $199 Windows laptop aimed squarely at the Chromebook market

Microsoft isn’t taking the low-cost Chromebook threat lightly. Instead it’s working with partners to create $199 to $249 Windows laptops and it has enlisted HP’s help with the HP Stream 14. It even comes with cloud storage for 2 years, just like a Chromebook.

Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem | TechCrunch

Gaming in PC long ago moved on from its strict retail roots (on console not so much, and it may yet come back to bite them in the ass). Steam, for example excels is in bringing players and game makers together. Every game has a Community Hub attached, an individual page wherein the developer can post content like build notes, artwork, videos, and make announcements. So can players. Players can post guides on how to play, or fan artwork. They can respond to developer posts and have side discussions all their own about the game. So Valve essentially provides a part-web forum, part Facebook page, part gallery for each and every game, all within the environment of the platform. Thus is engagement born (much more than asking players to head on over to a web forum ever manages) and that more than anything is why so many interesting games still come from Steam.

Best Buy Leaks Moto 360 Specs, Price

The Moto 360 will support Bluetooth 4.0 and work with "most devices" running Android 4.3 or later. A built-in microphone will let owners yell voice commands at their wrists to fire up a number of the watch's functions. An integrated heart-rate monitor and pedometer will undoubtedly allow for a bit of fitness-tracking functionality; the watch is even waterproof up to three feet or so for 30 minutes, in case you'd rather swim than run.

Microsoft's Azure virtual machine, cloud services down for many | ZDNet

It's really not fair to beat up on Microsoft. Both AWS and Rackspace which are of similar scale have had major meltdowns in the last few years. The problem is monoculture: these companies build cloud systems that are highly interconnected and vast scale, which ensures that any latent bugs or design problems can easily cause cascade failures, meaning that at least one full datacenter (and in the case of AWS, more than one) can be brought down when one of the bugs is triggered. Ultimately, the solution is clouds built on less interconnected, smaller clusters which are more failure-tolerant, especially if your application is deployed across more than one cluster. Smaller cloud providers generally provide this architecture because they can't afford the largest datacenters, are more likely to use VMWare's enhanced failover capabilities, and are less concerned about shaving fractions of a penny off costs through economies of scale because their value is in better services and reliability. The downside is that they don't or can't offer some of the cross-cluster services like multisite databases, but the increase in reliability is well worth the slight additional effort to set those up yourself.

These Ad Whizzes Will Rewrite Your Boring Craigslist Post--For Free

Of course, the guy down the street selling his used couch doesn't have the marketing skills of, say, the Pottery Barn website--and it's possible that some Craigslist treasures might not sell as well because of that. A group of marketers wants to help spice up listings with a new project that offers to turn the standard boring Craigslist ad into copy that draws more views, Classify is an "ad agency for classified ads," and it's free.

SoftBank picks Sharp as partner for low-cost smartphones

TOKYO—SoftBank Corp. gave a glimpse of its plans to tackle the U.S. cellphone market, unveiling a deal to develop low-cost smartphones for its Sprint Corp. unit and a new service that would allow unlimited downloads from select applications.

For Its Latest Experiment, Twitter Is Showing Faves As Retweets

Context has never been one of Twitter's strong points. But to be fair, it has added small changes to try and remedy its more confusing aspects, like when it started grouping together tweets in a conversation .

Hello, HP Stream 14: A $199 Windows laptop aimed squarely at the Chromebook market

Microsoft isn’t taking the low-cost Chromebook threat lightly. Instead it’s working with partners to create $199 to $249 Windows laptops and it has enlisted HP’s help with the HP Stream 14. It even comes with cloud storage for 2 years, just like a Chromebook.

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer Due To Negative Perceptions

In 2003, Internet Explorer was dominating with a 95% web browser market share because Microsoft bundled it with the Windows operating system. However, there was a large gap in time where Microsoft did not update its IE 6 browser. This gave Mozilla an opportunity to gain web browser market share when it released the Firefox browser in 2004. Internet Explorer is still the most used browser in the world today, but its popularity has been dropping due to competition against Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.

In the on-demand economy, flexibility isn't control and algorithms won't protect workers' rights

What is an “equitable” world for the workers as you envision? One based on TRUE “equity”, in which value is determined by market worth (i.e. – supply and demand)? Or are you speaking of the “gimme, gimme” kind of “equitable” which mean an “equitable” world in which labor isn’t compensated in terms of what it’s actually WORTH, but rather what those like you arbitrarily insist it should receive…..which means, of course, a world in which those who DON’T earn their way in it are subsidized by those who DO.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor season pass gets you missions, runes, skins, and more

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be offering a Season Pass for  Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that amounts to a pre-order for all downloadable content coming to the game. Details are scant at the moment, with no price or release dates listed in the announcement, but we can at least give you a general sense of what you get with your Season Pass purchase.

Sprint’s new wireless plans could include $50 for unlimited everything

According to the report, Sprint’s first move will be the unveiling of new wireless service plans, which includes a $50 plan that offers unlimited voice, text, and data. It has reportedly been in testing in Chicago, with the new plans rolling out as soon as next week. By comparison, Sprint’s current unlimited everything plan costs $110 per month, with a similar plan on T-Mobile coming in at $80 per month. A $50 per month plan on Verizon will only give you 250MB of data.

BlackBerry creates new unit for potential high-growth assets

TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd said on Monday it has created a new unit to house what many consider to be among its most promising assets - cryptographic applications, its QNX embedded software and Project Ion platform for connecting devices.

Used-Car Marketplace Carmudi Broadens Africa Footprint

This time last year, the online marketplace that promises faster and safer service in some of the world’s toughest spots, set up shop in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal and Ivory Coast followed.

Inside alternate universe America's ban on sleep

Conservatives, and some liberals, have suggested that generations of poor economic prospects have fostered a culture of time-wasting and even time-theft among the communities most likely to oversleep. "When a kid's father is off dealing sleeping pills and his mother's dead to the world three hours a day, they grow up thinking that's acceptable. Or even that it's cool. A lot of today's media really glorifies it," says McCrory. Provocateur Donald Trump was more direct. "It's oiled-up girls in f---ng pajamas, rolling around like they're dreaming," he said in a controversial Fox News segment. "It goes all the way to the top. Even Obama – Obama admits himself that he's lazy, and what does that mean? It means he's sleeping on the job." Trump later issued a partial apology. "I shouldn't have made it personal," he said. "If I could take back the words, I would. But I'm not gonna take back the sentiment. Poor people like to sleep. And there's a racial component to it. That's just a f---ng fact."

Sequoia Keeps Medallia to Itself, Adding $50M in Another Solo Round

Sequoia Capital added another $50 million to its investment in Medallia Inc. , whose software helps corporations track and manage the experiences of their customers, making its total investment in the company one of the largest that the venture firm has ever made.

'Expendables 3' Flops: Is Piracy to Blame?

In my opinion makers of the movie are to blame. What was great on first Expendables? Not so much of a story which was balanced by near absolute lack of narrative. Who cares about the story anyway when there is only 5 minutes of space for it while other 115 minutes are filled with great humor, hidden comments making fun from the actors, tons of shooting and hectoliters of blood? I really don’t. And they were only starting. What seemed as unbeatable action movie was beaten in Expendables 2 and I was astonished how amusing that was. And what about Expendables 3? Yeah, I can live with strange camera in action scenes, I can live with lack of good jokes, hmm I can even accept absence of all the gory things to be PG13. But what I can’t live with is that there were 2 -yep really only TWO – action scenes at beginning and at the end and there is a short, dull and really boring insert between those two scenes which lasts for eternity. Okay I joke here, but hour and a half of boring nothing is really bad for action movie. Not to mention the kids. Why the hell was there was so much space for some young pussy ass kiddos while everyone was expecting to see Sly, Jason or Arnold in action? I really don’t know but this is in my opinion what killed Expendables 3.

Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid

DOYLESTOWN, PA—Describing him as frequently frustrated and overwhelmed, sources confirmed Monday that local Facebook user Michael Huffman is incredibly stupid. “I need stuff easy,” said the absolute dipshit, adding that he finds many things confusing, and that those things must be changed so that they make sense to him. “I like looking at things on Facebook, but I don’t understand a lot. Help, please.” At press time, someone had reportedly fixed everything for the goddamn imbecile.

The great exodus out of China

I think your brush is too broad. There are some merits on SOME of the Chinese who arrived in the US (last 10 to 15 years) who came here for economic and material reasons only, and who have a hard time to "melt" into mainstream American culture. Those are the ones would never want to be naturalized to become US citizens. Green cards entitle them to all economic, legal and some political rights (except voting). They are here for convenience and quality of life. But the vast numbers that left China in late 70s to late 90s are probably a very different kind. I speak from my own experience, they treasure living in democracy. So are generations of Chinese living here having no ties to China but to the Chinese culture (to which they identify themselves as Chinese as a way of life), I would never put such conclusion. I know kids in my family circles, they were all born, raised and educated here. They could not be more American (e.g. they will pick American food over Chinese).

Ask an expert News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker

Graduating from college is an exciting time, as you venture out into the world to start a career. It's also tough to get your foot in the door when you're searching for jobs. Here to help is Amanda Augustine, a career consultant and resume writer with job-matching service The Ladders . » 6/09/14 12:00pm 6/09/14 12:00pm

Why Obama won’t give the Ferguson speech his supporters want

The problem is the White House no longer believes Obama can bridge divides. They believe — with good reason — that he widens them. They learned this early in his presidency, when Obama said that the police had "acted stupidly" when they arrested Harvard University professor Skip Gates on the porch of his own home. The backlash was fierce. To defuse it, Obama ended up inviting both Gates and his arresting officer for a "beer summit" at the White House.

Got a meeting? Take a walk

Nilofer Merchant suggests a small idea that just might have a big impact on your life and health: Next time you have a one-on-one meeting, make it into a "walking meeting" — and let ideas flow while you walk and talk.

Watch A Thousand Micro Robots Self-Assemble Into Wild Shapes | TechCrunch

The madmen at Harvard have finally done it: they’ve simulated real life swarms with tiny robots, thereby bringing the coming robot apocalypse that much closer.

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Sweat the small stuff

It may seem that big problems require big solutions, but ad man Rory Sutherland says many flashy, expensive fixes are just obscuring better, simpler answers. To illustrate, he uses behavioral economics and hilarious examples.

People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber

Just because Uber's motto is "Everyone's private driver," doesn't mean every car is yours for the hailing. But t

For A Little While, I Felt Like The Richest Man In Lyft-Ville | TechCrunch

Update: This totally wasn’t my intention in writing the post (… or was it?), but 50 free rides are showing up in the app again, and now they don’t expire until Aug. 23. A Lyft spokesperson said the new credits were issued on Aug. 8, because I hadn’t used any of the free rides from the first batch. (You know, I would’ve taken screenshots to show that I realio-trulio only had one free ride when I opened the app yesterday, but who would’ve thought that would be the hard part to believe?)

Flying Cars? Not Yet — But Electric-Powered Skates Have Finally Arrived

Each skate is equipped with two hub motors and an on-board microprocessor, so they can synchronize with each other to maintain the same speed. Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the RocketSkates is the fact that no remote control is needed: To speed up, tilt your feet forward; to slow down, tilt your heels back. Additionally, you can monitor the status of the skates, and track your routes, using an accompanying app for iOS and Android .

Why IBM’s New Brainlike Chip May Be “Historic” | MIT Technology Review

Horst Simon , the deputy director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and an expert in supercomputing, says that until now the industry has focused on tinkering with the Von Neumann approach rather than replacing it, for example by using multiple processors in parallel, or using graphics processors to speed up certain types of calculations. The new chip “may be a historic development,” he says. “The very low power consumption and scalability of this architecture are really unique.”

Stark Racial Divisions in Reactions to Ferguson Police Shooting

Blacks and whites have sharply different reactions to the police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Mo., and the protests and violence that followed. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to say that the shooting of Michael Brown “raises important issues about race that need to be discussed.” Wide racial differences also are evident in opinions about of whether local police went too far in the aftermath of Brown’s death, and in confidence in the investigations into the shooting.

Violinist has brain surgery, fiddles throughout - CNET

It's actually par for the course for patients to be conscious during brain surgery so that doctors can monitor their condition, but Frisch's case required something new: for him to be playing the violin. The surgical team fitted bow with a three-axis accelerometer, which allowed the team to monitor Frisch's movements in real-time. When they inserted the electrodes into his brain, they were able to gauge whether or not the stimulation was affecting the tremors.

This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today

We've seen a whole bunch of projection-mapping videos , but this demo raises the bar, training the projection to recognize a model's face and follow her as she moves it. The result is basically real-life CGI — a real-time layer of animated light that's inseparable from the object itself. People say this on the internet a lot, but this is actually the craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a gif of the best part, courtesy of  Prosthetic Knowledge :

How to succeed? Get more sleep

In this short talk, Arianna Huffington shares a small idea that can awaken much bigger ones: the power of a good night's sleep. Instead of bragging about our sleep deficits, she urges us to shut our eyes and see the big picture: We can sleep our way to increased productivity and happiness — and smarter decision-making.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Online Retailers' Biggest Headache Is Actually A Huge Opportunity

More broadly, an abandoned shopping cart should be seen as part of the increasingly complex series of steps a consumer might take before finally making a purchase and a strong indicator of consumer interest in a product or a brand. Technology that helps retailers collect and leverage online shopping cart data is likely to be a worthwhile investment. 

Iraqi Forces Retake Iraq's Largest Dam, Obama Says

Before Obama spoke, Kurdish forces spokesman Halgurd Hekmat said the peshmerga regained full control of the dam and its surrounding facilities following two days of fierce clashes. But Iraq's Defense Ministry said security forces only "liberated a large part of the Mosul Dam" with the help of U.S. airstrikes, adding that forces had not freed the entire complex.

Google Launches Ability To Track "Website Call Conversions" In AdWords

Today, Google launched a what’s likely to become a popular new feature for many AdWords advertisers. Website call conversions allow advertisers to track calls that occur after a user arrives on a web site from an ad click.

Americans now have an electric supercar to call their own

It's not hard to find electric supercars , but finding one that's truly American is a challenge. Even Detroit Electric's SP:01 borrows a British car body. Relief is in sight for patriotic EV buyers, however -- Renovo has just unveiled the Coupe , billed as the first "all-electric American supercar." It combines a Shelby CSX9000 chassis with eco-friendly guts, making it an odd blend of '60s-era sports car looks with modern responsibility. That still makes it a pretty fearsome beast. Its twin electric motors put out the equivalents of 500HP and 1000lb/ft of torque, which is enough to catapult it to 60MPH in 3.4 seconds -- that's quicker than most exotic gas guzzlers, and substantially faster than American performance EVs like the SP:01 and Tesla Roadster (both of which take "just" 3.7 seconds). It's quick to recharge, too, and can use a fast charger to top up in half an hour instead of the usual five.

No Rest For The Innovators | TechCrunch

And finally, not all systems are global, cloud native environments with nicely tamed and reliable RESTful APIs. In fact most are not. And they need love, too. Massive call centers, actuarial risk data, government regulations and compliance, customer data, payroll, GL, HR, business analytics and company big data are key ingredients. They may get there in time, but much work remains to be done by software to make businesses become as agile and adaptive as they need to be. There is as yet no “app” for that.

Looking Ahead To Windows 9 | TechCrunch

Last weekend I posited that as Windows 9 appears to be galloping to market, it’s a decent time to start saying goodbye to Windows 8 . Now that Foley has revealed that Windows 9’s preview should be open to the public, for a good-sized chunk of the computing world Windows 8 is all but over — they will be able to quickly scoot over to the new code, provided that the preview isn’t too buggy.

7 Ways to Cultivate Your Daily Blogging Practice

Most freelancers or solopreneurs who use content successfully publish something at least once a week. This keeps your business, voice, and brand in front of your audience. But that’s 52 new pieces a year, so let’s break down exactly how to cultivate a practice to create all that content.

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