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Apple promotes iOS 11 for iPad in new ad series

Mozilla launches experimental voice search, file-sharing and note-taking tools for Firefox

Firefox is due for a comeback. A lot of the work the team spent on refactoring core parts of the browser is starting to pay off, and, while its market share..

Microsoft starts selling developer ‘mixed reality’ headsets online

Microsoft "mixed reality" headsets are finally available (for developers) on the Microsoft store. The company opened pre-orders for the headset back in May;..

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Facebook reportedly working on voice speaker and video chat device with laptop-sized screen

Aside from the video conferencing device, Bloomberg claims that Facebook is also at work on a standalone speaker “in the low $100 range.” Both the video and audio-only products “would run a Facebook-built voice assistant service” according to the report. In his spare time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been creating an AI-powered assistant capable of controlling his own own home, and Facebook has also integrated assistant technology within its Messenger service in an effort to add convenience for users. But the company hasn’t yet made official any plans to directly challenge Amazon and Google in the home. Both hardware products are being developed by Facebook’s experimental Building 8 lab, which is also rumored to be exploring the idea of a modular smartphone .

Being an Uber driver can be lethal

Turmoil between taxi and Uber drivers isn't isolated to South Africa. Protests, beatings and attacks have been reported in New York, London, Paris and Mexico City because taxi drivers are upset that Uber, one of the world's largest ride-hailing services with operations in 76 countries, is taking their customers. Incidents have also reportedly occurred across the African continent -- from Egypt to Kenya to Nigeria. But the problem appears to be worth it for Uber. Africa has a booming population of more than 1.2 billion, all potential customers.

Amazon's Echo speakers will now let you control a Fire TV with just your voice

Amazon says an Echo device will automatically pair with a Fire TV device on the same WiFi network as soon as you ask its Alexa voice assistant to do some sort of Fire TV-related action. (Those with multiple TVs will have to use the Alexa app.) The company says this will work with "any" Echo or Fire TV device, including its "Fire TV Edition" line of smart TVs , which come with the Fire TV interface pre-installed.

Nintendo will offer SNES Classic pre-orders in the U.S. in late August

Nintendo’s next hot retro console, the SNES Classic, is going to be available for pre-order late in August at a number of retailers, the company confirmed today. It’s good news for people left wondering when the console pre-orders would arrive – including the many disappointed fans who thought they’d secured one from Walmart last week only to have their order canceled .

Microsoft will use Tobii’s eye tracking to make Windows 10 more accessible

“Adding native eye tracking support to Windows 10 is a key milestone in our mission to make this technology part of our everyday devices,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii, in a statement. “Through integration with Microsoft’s operating system, it becomes possible over time to realize robust eye tracking implementations that add a range of user benefits. This collaboration clearly shows the value of eye gaze input and is a big step forward on the long-term journey to drive high-volume adoption of eye tracking.”

Fiat Chrysler joins BMW, Intel self-driving consortium

Fitbit's new smartwatch to open its own app store

Fitbit has confirmed the company’s next smartwatch will come with a software development kit (SDK) for developers, and users will be able to download apps from a dedicated store.

Windows 10's Subsystem for Linux exits beta ready for Fall Creators Update | ZDNet

Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux will be a fully supported feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but it won't support end-user scenarios.

Microsoft’s new Surface Plus program lets you upgrade devices after 18 months

The Surface Plus program will also include dedicated device service and support through Microsoft’s retail stores, alongside a year of free in-store support and technical assistance. Microsoft is also launching a business version of Surface Plus that allows businesses to have a mix of devices and even the 55-inch Surface Hub. The business version also includes flexibility on the length of contracts, with the ability to choose between 18, 24, or 30 month periods. Businesses will be able to upgrade devices after 12 months on a 24-month term, or after 18 months on the longer 30 month period. Both Surface Plus programs launch today in the US at 12PM ET / 9AM PT.


LG's Modular Sound Bar Is Good, Newfangled Fun

With the new Sound Bar Flex, LG didn’t make the world’s best sound bar. It’s actually a bit of a stretch to call the modular, three-piece speaker system a sound bar at all. And at $430, the (mostly) wireless setup isn’t quite a bargain either. You know what, though? The Sound Bar Flex sure is fun to use.

Bitcoin splits in two amid feud

The new offshoot is a response to the increasing popularity of bitcoin, which is struggling to deal with massive numbers of transactions with its underpinning technology. The main bitcoin currency is adopting a system called Segwit2x that moves transactions out of the current blockchain, while bitcoin Cash will use bigger blocks within the blockchain.

UK home secretary Amber Rudd says 'real people' don't need end-to-end encryption

Jim Killock, executive director of UK digital liberties group Open Rights Group, said in a statement: "The suggestion that real people do not care about the security of their communications is dangerous and misleading. Some people want privacy from corporations, abusive partners or employers. Others may be worried about confidential information, or be working in countries with a record of human rights abuses. It is not the Home Secretary's place to tell the public that they do not need end-to-end encryption."

Nearly half of young internet users come from China, India

The ITU also discovered a narrowing gender gap, although there are still 12 percent more male users of the internet than female users. The trend is reverse in the Americas, where there are almost 3 percent more women using the internet than men.

Amazon pulls best-selling smartphones due to privacy concerns

It’s an interesting turn of events that Blu is refuting a claim by the security company that it hired to make sure it was keeping to its word to put an end to Adups sneaking out user info. But wouldn’t Kryptowire know best? After all, it was the one that discovered the privacy issue in the first place.

HP Tips VR Backpack for Business

While VR has yet to take off beyond gaming, there's a big push at HP for some intriguing business solutions, including a new VR backpack workstation.

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GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath to step down after finding his own replacement:

Theranos just settled its lawsuit with Walgreens

Until October 2016, Theranos's business model was based around the idea that it ran blood tests using proprietary technology that requires only a small amount of blood. Since then, the company has pivoted to focus solely on the company's miniLab technology and is considering renting out its headquarters in Palo Alto, California .


A bipartisan group of U.S. senators on Tuesday plans to introduce legislation seeking to address vulnerabilities in computing devices embedded in everyday objects -- known in the tech industry as the "internet of things" -- which experts have long warned poses a threat to global cyber security. The new bill would require vendors that provide internet-connected equipment to the U.S. government to ensure their products are patchable and conform to industry security standards. It would also prohibit vendors from supplying devices that have unchangeable passwords or possess known security vulnerabilities. Republicans Cory Gardner and Steve Daines and Democrats Mark Warner and Ron Wyden are sponsoring the legislation, which was drafted with input from technology experts at the Atlantic Council and Harvard University. A Senate aide who helped write the bill said that companion legislation in the House was expected soon.


So many things about Bitcoin should ring alarm bells. The fact that there's huge amounts of the blocks that have been mined and never moved. The fact that it's set up to be almost mined completely out not merely in our lifetimes, but reasonably soon (unlike, for instance, a precious metal- 70% of all possible bitcoins have already been mined). The fact that there's numerous vulnerabilities if enough of the network is under control of a bad actor. The fact that it markets so heavily to principle-driven libertarian types with an anarchist or minarchist mindset. The fact that the bulk of the mining is taking place in China, specifically where electricity is cheap, and is controlled by a few shadowy men. It's a a goddamned parade of red flags.

GitHub's CEO is stepping down for the second time

"As GitHub approaches 700 employees, with more than $200M in [annual recurring revenue], accelerating growth, and more than 20 million registered users, I’m confident that this is the moment to find a new CEO to lead us into the next stage of growth. I will remain CEO during the search and will work closely alongside the Board to identify and hire the right leader that will help GitHub achieve its full potential. Once we welcome our new CEO, I will continue to play an important role in our development and will remain Executive Chairman. What we’ve accomplished over the past 10 years at GitHub has been mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish over the next decade."

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Components Leaked in Pictures

Analysts have long predicted that the iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging by default. A new leak from Chinese social media site Weibo is giving us our first glimpse of the components that could possibly be used by Apple for this feature. Two separate images, with one showing the wireless charging circuitry laid out on a plastic tray and the other displayed on a PCB (printed circuit board) give us a good idea of what to expect.

​Management tips: How to build a happy and productive team | ZDNet

Any leader is only as good as their team, so IT chiefs need to make sure they are dedicating time and resources to building great in-house capability. What are the best ways to build a happy and productive IT team? ZDNet finds best practice tips from four experts.

The new 'Uncharted's photo mode hilariously lets you ruin all the game's best moments

The new 'Uncharted's photo mode hilariously lets you ruin all the game's best moments

'The bad guys can get in': Hackers at a cybersecurity conference breached dozens of voting machines within minutes

"Going back to a scantron machine is probably the best bet" to guard against cyberattacks, Alex McGeorge, the head of threat intelligence at cybersecurity firm Immunity Inc, told Business Insider. "It's unlikely that one could create software that would withstand the attention of a nation-state, especially if you had physical access to the machines."

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No, you can't use 3D movie glasses as eclipse glasses - here's why:

Intel To Deploy 100 Self-Driving Vehicles Worldwide By End Of Year

Intel will deploy 100 self-driving vehicles in Europe, Israel, and the United States by the end of the year. The cars will be used as demonstration vehicles for customers and regulators, as well as test vehicles for the company’s self-driving efforts.

The Final Defenders Trailer Is All About Sigourney Weaver Getting Her Menace On

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Alexandra, the mysterious villain at the heart of Netflix and Marvel’s superhero team-up show—but the third and last full trailer for the series is about exactly what you need to know about her: It’s Sigourney Goddamn Weaver getting to be evil as hell, and it’s delightful .

The Best Low-Code Development Platforms of 2017

Others platforms are a bit more difficult for the average user without much of a programming background to use. But these platforms excel at giving developers an environment in which they can build complex process models, map database objects to user workflows, and customize UI design, without having to write their own code. The most mature low-code tools are adept at doing both. Mendix, OutSystems, and Salesforce App Cloud offer an array of training courses and Help resources, which lead directly into a responsive, drag-and-drop UI in which you can design an app by using a variety of templates. At the same time, within the same dashboard, these enterprise-grade tools also house an extensive library of database objects and UI components that you can pull into a sleek visual process modeler. Salesforce is also a good example of the tightrope on which these platforms need to walk because, despite having arguably the most impressive array of features, the resulting UI is so cluttered and complicated that it compromises the value of the platform. Low-code tools should be simple and straightforward above all else.

The All Controller Might Replace Every Last Controller You Own

There are a lot of good reasons to consider upgrading to the All Controller, but a few caveats as well. The gamepad introduces a few additional programmable buttons that will take some time to get used to, like a pair of paddles on the back that are very easy to accidentally press. You’ll also need to remember to de-activate its settings screen with a button press in order to start playing, something I repeatedly kept forgetting to do, leading to mild frustration. Having to use a USB dongle for consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox is also not ideal, but the biggest drawback to the All Controller is the fact you can’t actually buy one yet .

In an AI-powered world, what are potential jobs of the future?

More practical social jobs in an automated economy may include professional networkers. Just as people have not trusted online services fully, it is likely that people will not trust more advanced matching algorithms and may defer to professional human networkers who can properly arrange introductions to the right people to help us reach our goals. Despite the proliferation of startup investing platforms, for example, we continue to see startups and VC firms engage placement agents in order to successfully fundraise.

12 best Google Chrome extensions to make life easier

Google Chrome has become the most popular way to browse the web. With Chrome extensions you can make your browsing experience even more efficient. Among the top browser add-ons are password managers, in-tab dating sites and discount hunters. The best part: they're all completely free.

The NYC Subway Is Still Getting Ready for the Next Hurricane Sandy

Still, that last-minute cram session couldn’t make up for years of inaction. “They had years before to do something, and didn’t,” Jacobs said. Ultimately Sandy wrecked eight subway tunnels, welcomed millions of gallons of corrosive seawater into the system (which in turn fried millions of dollars’ worth of equipment) and ensured at least a decade of headaches for New York City’s commuters. Crucial tunnels connecting Brooklyn to lower Manhattan were shut down, stranding millions of commuters (unless they wanted to brave the standstill traffic on the Williamsburg bridge, via one of the MTA’s packed buses); 1,500 feet of aboveground track were wiped out in the Rockaways; NJ Transit was shut down for nearly a month; and irreplaceable equipment was destroyed—as Jacobs points out, “you can’t go to Westinghouse or General Electric and say: give me a new one. [Some of this equipment] was not manufactured anymore.”

Add All of These Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Your August Reading List

As the protagonist of Bennett’s Chasing Embers has learned the hard way, messing around with evil spirits can spell trouble in the modern world. But as this sequel proves, sometimes you can’t just press pause on your crappy life to get good and drunk. Sometimes, you have to muster up the energy to be the hero once again—especially when some jerk starts unleashing ancient magic all over the place. (Aug. 29)

'Plandids' are the Instagram trend of the moment and you've defo already posted one

It's unclear precisely who coined the term but a quick Instagram search will show you more than 500 plandids of people trying to nail that nonchalant look. You'll see a stream of people looking oh-so-casually at the ground, or gazing into the horizon. Others will be mid-prance with a hand cocked to a jaunty angle. "Oh, I didn't even realise you were taking a photo," is the aesthetic.

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Google shares its recipe for success in building Android apps for India

Facebook Killed an AI After It Came Up With Its Own Language | Nerdist

According to a report by Digital Journal , Facebook was experimenting with an artificial intelligence system that essentially gave up on using English in favor of creating its own “more efficient” language. The researchers on the project reportedly shut down the A.I. once they realized they could no longer understand its language. One of the reasons that the communication gap is significant is that it could theoretically mean that machines will be able to write their own languages and lock users out of their own systems. And you know where that leads…

Twin telescopes aim to uncover the secrets of the universe

The Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) has all that. Which is why it's home to two of the world's most important radio telescope projects: the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array. Both aim to uncover the secrets of the early universe and its evolution.

Scientists Say These Words Are the Funniest

You surely remember a time you said a word to yourself and started laughing. Something about the syllables bouncing around your mouth just didn’t make sense. Maybe the word was “booby” or “piss” or “dingus” or “moist.” Maybe it was the name “ Brumbpo Tungus ” or “ Scrimmy Bingus .” Well thankfully, now science is here to science its way through humor, ruining the joke for everyone.

Microsoft wants you to upgrade to a new Surface every 18 months

It's similar to plans you've seen before with AT&T, Verizon and other phone carriers that allow people to pay for new phones on a monthly basis and swap them in for newer models. A version for businesses, cleverly called Surface Plus for Business, allows for variable lease terms and upgrades as often as every 12 months.

YouTube will hide, but not remove, some ‘supremacist’ videos

YouTube has been cracking down on extremist content over the past couple months , and today the company is announcing some details on its progress and a few additional policy changes. One of the biggest: YouTube will now begin limiting the reach of videos that have “controversial religious or supremacist content” but don’t strictly violate the website’s hate speech guidelines.

A behavioral scientist says a popular Netflix show should be 'swiftly removed' because it encourages suicide

"The time for more debate is over. The makers [of "13 Reasons Why"] must swiftly change their course of action, including removing the show and postponing a second season," John Ayers, a behavioral scientist at San Diego State University and the lead author of the study, told Business Insider. "If not, subscribers should consider cancelling their subscriptions so not to support programming that can cause premature death."

6 things to watch out for in Apple's earnings today

"In our view, Apple's quarterly results and outlook will be less important this week as investors are focused on the iPhone 8 this fall, along with the company's capital distribution initiative, depressed valuation and new innovations showcased at WWDC. We still believe Apple remains among the most underappreciated stocks in the world," Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White wrote in a note to clients on Monday.

Twin telescopes aim to uncover the secrets of the universe

The Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) has all that. Which is why it's home to two of the world's most important radio telescope projects: the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array. Both aim to uncover the secrets of the early universe and its evolution.

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Facebook introduces new tool to kill off fake news leading up to Kenya elections

Four Breathtaking Solar Eclipses You Can See From Other Planets

On August 21st, millions of Earthlings will gather to watch as a total solar eclipse sweeps across the centerline of the United States over the course of 90 minutes . For many, it’ll be once-in-a-life-time spectacle. But if you had a spacecraft on hand, you wouldn’t need to wait decades for the next total solar eclipse to arrive at a town near you—you could simply jet off to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or even Pluto. That’s because there’s a veritable zoo of solar eclipses occurring all across our solar system, all the time.

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Terrifying ocean predator changes our view of the worst mass extinction in history

Bitcoin splits in two amid feud

The new offshoot is a response to the increasing popularity of bitcoin, which is struggling to deal with massive numbers of transactions with its underpinning technology. The main bitcoin currency is adopting a system called Segwit2x that moves transactions out of the current blockchain, while bitcoin Cash will use bigger blocks within the blockchain.

Twin telescopes aim to uncover the secrets of the universe

The Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) has all that. Which is why it's home to two of the world's most important radio telescope projects: the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array. Both aim to uncover the secrets of the early universe and its evolution.

Reddit wants to look more like Facebook, and now it has the cash to do it

[T]he company is literally rewriting all of its code, some of which is more than a decade old. An early version of the new design, which we saw during our interview, looks similar to Facebook’s News Feed or Twitter’s Timeline: A never-ending feed of content broken up into “cards” with more visuals to lure people into the conversations hidden underneath.

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