Vice's video about white supremacists in Charlottesville Video Description

So, a quick observation I made during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA: There was a lot of bravado and drama from various "patriot", III%, and other militia groups regarding their involvement in the rally. Some of the drama emerged from dicussions about whether it makes sense for patriots to support the domestic organizing of Nazis, but that's not particularly interesting. Any rational person understands that's an untenable position to hold. The interesting part is that despite this drama, there was 1) a small contingent of these "patriots" present, providing "security" for the Nazis, 2) they were very visible, armed, and active when the anti-Nazi contingent was primarily singing clergy, and 3) they were conspicuously absent when actual skirmishes occured between more militant protesters and the white supremacists.

Videos for 8/19/2017