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Here's What You Can Do With iOS 8 Extensions

iOS developer Kevin Hardwood tells us what to expect when using extensions in iOS 8.

Stop Spamming Me Your Work On Twitter by Joe Wilson

CONNECT WITH JOE WILSON!/joewilsontv!/vampiremob http://www.fac...

Epic Parkour Roof Jump Will Scare You to Shreds [VIDEO]

ith the help of two GoPro cameras, professional stunt man Ethan Swanson captured his epic jump from roof to roof.

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Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act

Now that you've signed up for email or text message updates about the Health Insurance Marketplace, you're one step closer to getting the health coverage you need. We'll send you tips and alerts that will help you stay on track to get health insurance that fits your budget and meets your needs.

People who doodled were able to remember 29% more information than nondoodlers, a study found

Nuns donated their bodies and brains for the Nuns' study in Louisiana. When their brains were dissected it was revealed some had Alzheimer, or other age debilitating anomalies ... yet none appeared when they were alive!  In viewing some videos of some of these nuns in action while alive ... they were busy ... but what I noticed most, they used the pincer movement, the thumb and forefinger as in holding a pencil, as in writing, holding a fork ... things that required precision eye hand coordination!  I improve Reading and Writing as well as better self esteem and assertion in nine hours of work .. it is life changing and an article Rewiring the Brain was written when three individuals I worked with were interviewed (7, 78, 36).  Today, you view  tv ads where kids grapple, hold a spoon with the whole hand, use a finger to text, and are devoid of precision eye hand coordination ... and I might add they have Confused dominance as a Cursive Q is the complete opposite of a Cursive O.

Do Orchestras Really Need Conductors?

Music experts who listened to the performance of the orchestra under the control of the two conductors found the version produced by the authoritarian conductor superior. Remember, these experts didn't know which version was being led by the veteran conductor and which by the amateur. All they heard was the music.

What adults can learn from kids

Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs "childish" thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids' big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups' willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.

43Tbps over a single fiber: World’s fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds | ExtremeTech

A research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which was the first to break the one-terabit barrier in 2009, has today managed to squeeze 43 terabits per second over a single optical fiber with just one laser transmitter. In a more user-friendly unit, 43Tbps is equivalent to a transfer rate of around 5.4 terabytes per second — or 5,375 gigabytes to be exact. Yes, if you had your hands on DTU’s new fiber-optic network, you could transfer the entire contents of your 1TB hard drive in a fifth of a second — or, to put it another way, a 1GB DVD rip in 0.2 milliseconds.

Apple Updates Retina MacBook Pros With Better Specs | TechCrunch

Apple shipped 4.4 million Macs in the latest quarter, which was up 18 percent from a year ago and a new record for the company for Macs sold during the quarter ending in June. Apple’s Mac line has gained market share across the PC category (which shrank by 2 percent last year according to IDC) in 32 of the last 33 quarters, so people are clearly happy with what they’re doing with machines like the Retina MacBook Pro, which got a price drop for entry-level models in October, too.

5 Encouraging Therapy Apps for When You Need Some Support

If you're searching for a therapist in your area, you can find him or her with the 1-800-Therapist app. It has a one-touch dialing "Find-a-Therapist" feature that will easily connect you with a local behavioral health provider. The app also includes the latest doctor-reviewed news and articles.

The Ridiculous Interiors of Multi-Million Dollar Superyachts

Always wanted to own a yacht with a helipad? The dream may be no closer, but a guided tour can let you feel the glamour for a fleeting moment.

Sports Media Misogyny: What Is Fans' Problem With Female Commentators?

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Peach Butts in Panties Are China's Cheeky New Fad

The fruit that looks most like a human rear has finally embraced its shape (and sexuality?) by throwing on a pair of sexy underwear. The accessorized peach, intended as a novelty gift, is the latest unusual trend in China.

A Guide to Mobile-Friendly Design and Content Organization

Another interesting feature is how Air France hid the hours of the exposition behind a Call To Action (CTA) to “See Opening Hours” (see images below). In an effort to keep important content on the surface and easily legible, it moved content that would only be useful for the more interested visitors, thus making the column of content smaller and keeping the most relevant details at the forefront. And, truth be told, the animation is fun and gives a more polished feel to the site.

The Best-Paying Jobs For Doctors

I began my career in journalism in 2008 with a quick stint at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland, where I wrote about topics ranging from trade and development to nuclear nonproliferation to Swiss flea markets. Later that year I began working as a stringer for the Chicago Tribune, covering the small towns of northern Illinois—including the one where I grew up— as they weathered the municipal impact of the worsening recession. My work has appeared in the Chicago Daily Herald, National Geographic Intelligent Travel, and Currently, I am interning at Forbes and pursuing a master’s degree from NYU in Business and Economic Reporting. Find me on Twitter @KathrynDill.

45 Most Annoying Office Habits

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Y Combinator-Backed ListRunner Eliminates Hospital Paperwork | TechCrunch

“Most of the doctors we speak to, want to display as much information as possible on one screen on their phone because they are used to a paper sheet. In fact, I always say that our biggest competitor is paper.” Co-founder Savoie put it like this: “It’s like if you printed out your emails in the morning, answered them on paper with a pencil, and then would type them back in Gmail at the end of the day. The EMR isn’t designed to help teams collaborate at the ward level. ListRunner is more like a bug tracker or project management tool whereas the EMR is more like a wiki with the official info.”

The guy who reads crap on the Web so you don’t have to

“Shouty, flashy, potentially misleading journalism is nothing new,” Beckman says, comparing what publishers do with their Twitter feeds to newsboys touting headlines on street corners in an earlier era. He’s right. So don’t be a chump, follow SavedYouAClick and spend those unused clicks on something more worthy of your time. The Web is only as stupid as you are.

In Photos: The Most Ridiculous Laws in America | Raw File | WIRED

We trust our lawmakers to pass legislation that will keep us safe and serve the greater public good. In every state’s books, though, there are laws outlandish and weird enough to make you question those lawmakers’ sanity. Try as you might, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would take the time to make it illegal to have an ice cream cone in your pocket.

17 Google Barge Sold For Scrap | TechCrunch

Google Glass is an attempt to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of the eyes of the viewer. Google Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so that a display is perched in the wearer's field of vision, allowing him to film, take pictures, search and translate on the go. The …

“We Can Remake Seven Entirely New Manhattan Islands by Utilizing New York’s Trash” - OpenMind

[Our project] Smart DOTS is a radical strategy for rethinking the crossroad by “injecting” a system of intelligent environmental elements -“smart dots”- that can spread out from the core to the periphery, reorganizing the streetscape. The design scheme is a critique of the hard boundaries that the automobile inflicts to the function of the streetscape, where people are forced to move around cumbersome barriers and often dangerous metal cars.  Our future street is a soft, gradient field: a “pixelated” urban landscape of distributed functions, with no hard borders between different street occupancies. Soft MOBS invokes a new technological and material arrangement for adapting cars to cities in pliable organized movements -“soft mobs,”- while it also suggests the use of softer vehicles where users can be in direct contact with the street. While architects and urban designers mostly take cars as given, and are content to design streets and public spaces around car movement, here we challenge and reverse of this well-worn assumption. This proposal signals a new vision for the city, crystallizing images of civilization reinventing itself.

25 Dogs That Are Totally Stoned Out of Their Minds Right Now

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Oculus Rift DK2 Gets Torn Apart, Revealing Its Samsung Innards | TechCrunch

According to its spec sheet, the DK2’s display runs at 75 Hz. The Note Display, by default, runs at 60 Hz. So it seems Oculus has overclocked the screen to bump up the refresh rate a bit. That can cause heat issues in something compact like a phone/tablet — but in something with a bit more space like the Rift, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Snapchat VP Of Engineering Peter Magnusson Departs Startup After Just 6 Months | TechCrunch

Snapchat’s VP of Engineering,  Peter Magnusson , has left the company only six months after the L.A.-based startup was able to poach him away from Google. Magnusson was a particularly high-profile win for the ephemeral messaging app maker, as he had previously headed up Google’s App Engine, a cloud-based platform that counts  Snapchat as one of its largest customers.

Xiaomi’s One More Thing | TechCrunch

Xiaomi doesn’t yet have the clout of Apple or Samsung, and if the company is intent on continuing with its current strategy of stealing the work of others, it will need to stay within countries where that’s acceptable. In the U.S., however, it will learn one more thing: the electronics giants are litigious and have deep pockets. The real battle, then, could still be coming.

Why I'm Already Giving Up on Android Wear

That habit is deadly to an "all day" smartwatch because of its secondary role. For my smartphone, I will almost always remember to charge it because it's my primary window into my digital life; if I forget to juice it up, I'll be cut off from what's now a fundamental part of the way I (and millions of others) live.

What Google Cars Can Learn From Killer Robots

Some questions about military robots can apply to autonomous cars.  They include:  Is it unethical for a machine to kill?  Can ethics be reduced to algorithms?  Should a machine ever refuse a human order?  Who is responsibility for an accident or unlawful action?  What are the possible abuses, such as easier assassinations and mission creep?  Should a robot be capable of self-defense?  What are the risks with technology dependency, such as loss of skills?

The NFL Gets Quantified Intelligence, Courtesy Of Shoulder Pad-Mounted Motion Trackers | TechCrunch

The NFL is making a move to integrate RFID-based activity-tracking tech to give fans, coaches and players more information about what exactly athletes go through during each game. The Zebra Technologies tracker systems will mount to player shoulder pads and communicate with receivers installed in 17 stadiums during the 2014 season. They will provide information about each player’s position, speed, distance travelled, acceleration and more.

Saffron Fix Will Deliver You Indian Food Ingredients And Recipes | TechCrunch

When you open the app, you will have multiple categories to choose from, such as vegetarian, paneer, chicken and curries. Once you pick a recipe, you can pick a serving size of 2 or 4, and then a choice of roti or naan. If you’re ordering before noon, you can have it delivered on the same day, or choose a day you want. The serving size of 2 costs $30 and the serving size of 4 costs $50.

A Couple in Massachusetts Legally Changed Their Middle Names to 'Seamonster'

Melanie Ann Convery and Neal James Coughli officially changed their names to Melanie Seamonster Convery and Neal Seamonster Coughli on Thursday; the couple's initial appeal went viral after it was published in their local paper last week:

Take a look at HP's luxury smartwatch

Bastian says the design cues came from luxury automobiles, namely interior features like the dashboard and trim. Meanwhile, HP will add the watch's smart features, which will include notifications like email, text and calls, along with user controls for music and other apps. HP will also supply the software, meaning the watch may be platform-agnostic and not tied to Android Wear, for instance. It'll reportedly arrive this fall, but there are no other details like the type of display, memory or pricing -- but we imagine it will be in the "if you have to ask" category.

Founders On Depression | TechCrunch

I think my plan for dealing with depression if it comes back is very simple: do whatever it takes to never let it cripple me the way it did in high school. That may seem overly simplified but it’s the truth. If my writing and painting doesn’t work the way it does now to help me feel less stressed and more productive, then I will seek out the help of someone who can help me see the world in a more positive way. This may be a counselor, or a family member. I know that the people I love–my friends, my family, my girlfriend–always want to see me at the best I can be, and would always do whatever it takes to help me feel that way. To me, it’s very simple: do what it takes to find happiness. You end up asking yourself one question: am I going to roll over and die? No. Then that just leaves the option of figuring out how you will help yourself to see life in a more positive, opportunity-filled way.

Registration Begins For Million-Dollar Genesis Generation Challenge | TechCrunch

The Genesis Generation Challenge, a $1 million competition, is now accepting applicants to vie for its pot with their ideas for nonprofits or businesses that will solve some global ills.

When It’s Bad to Have Good Choices

Around the time that Iyengar and Schwartz were writing, Amitai Shenhav, now a psychologist at Princeton University, began to examine the literature on anxiety—one of the core emotions that people feel when they’re pulled in two directions. As he read, he realized that the nature of the experiences being studied was generally negative by design. “When people study anxious emotional states, they usually use negative stimuli,” he told me. “Like electric shocks: something that makes you anxious because you want to avoid it.” When experimenters looked at choice, on the other hand, they focussed more on the cognitive demands and the results of decisions, not the experience of anxiety as the choice was being made. So, inspired in part by his reading of Lipowski, Shenhav decided to investigate whether making choices from among appealing options could, in itself, provoke anxiety—and whether that anxiety was caused by the sort of emotional back-and-forth that Lipowski had speculated about. “If you think about it, that’s a much more prevalent scenario, when we have to choose between things we experience simultaneously,” he said.

19 Confessions From the Happily and Unhappily Single

"Why aren't you seeing anyone?" seems to be the number one question on everyone's mind. You've heard it from your best friend, your sister, even your beloved grandma. Those who are contentedly coupled can still recall the irritating pressure from loved ones to settle down.

How one judge single-handedly killed trust in the US technology industry | ZDNet

Excuse me??? Judges all over the country have been 'creating' their own law for several decades now...from ignoring statutory penalties to simply failing to enforce (by dismissing cases regardless of the evidence) laws that didn't suit their personal ideological biases. Let me remind you that when a judge is sworn in, they don't vow to uphold only the laws they LIKE! Any U.S. judge of any U.S. court should be immediately impeached for such brazen violation of international law. As low the trust level earned by the tech giants (yes, YOU, Google, Microsoft and Facebook!) our government - in all three branches, but particularly those who have made themselves the self-appointed demigods of the judiciary - has shown itself to be undeserving of our trust, let alone the trust of foreign nationals. No ends EVER justify illegal and unethical means, and unless we want to convince heretofore friendly nations that we are indeed the evil empire that our enemies would paint us: It Must Stop!

Google Docs, Sheets And Slides Get New Home Screens With A Taste Of Material Design | TechCrunch

Google has rolled out a new look for its Docs , Sheets and Slides productivity web app suite, with new homepages for each that present your content in a visual grid and that introduce just a hint of Material Design into the look and feel of the apps, with bold edge-to-edge fields of color and some basic animations.

Crave’s Vesper Is A Vibrator That Hides In Plain Sight | TechCrunch

Crave is a lifestyle brand that is changing the way women experience sex toys through beautifully designed, discreet, and luxurious vibrators. The company was founded on the belief that sexual pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction are at the core of being human. That sex is healthy, wholesome, and playful, and that delight and flirtation provide vital aspects to everyday life. Most of all, they …

Smart Homes Could Benefit from Internet Connected Sensors That Power Themselves from Wi-Fi, TV, and Cellular Signals | MIT Technology Review

The battery-free Wi-Fi devices can’t harvest enough energy to receive and decode Wi-Fi signals in the conventional way. But they can detect the presence of the individual units, or “packets,” that make up a Wi-Fi transmission. To send data to the battery-free device, a conventional Wi-Fi device sends a specific burst of packets that lets the receiving device know it should listen for a transmission. The data is then is encoded in a stream of further packets with gaps interspersed between them. Each packet signals a 1 and each gap a 0 of the digital message.

More Evidence That Sugar May Be Bad For The Brain

A new study suggests that sugar-sweetened beverages may be harmful to the brain – especially the developing brain. The idea itself isn’t a surprise: Earlier studies have certainly hinted that sugar  may have a detrimental effect on brain cells, in the way of memory impairment and cognitive problems. The new study finds that, at least if you’re an adolescent rat, consuming drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may impede maze-learning, which is a good test of cognitive function for rats. Whether the findings hold true for human teenagers is still up for debate, but the researchers say there’s convincing evidence that they do.

Reno Is Tesla's First Choice As A Gigafactory Site - But Elon Musk Sets A High Price Tag

Tesla says the multi-plant approach is “prudent.” For one thing, the Model 3 will be the company’s third vehicle, and is planned to sell at a far lower price than its original car, the Model S. (Tesla also is developing a crossover, the Model X, due in 2015.) As Musk puts it, “Any potentially duplicative investments are minor, compared to the revenue that could be lost” if the Model 3 is delayed by problems at the primary Gigafactory site.

LinkedIn Launches A Standalone Sales Navigator To Help Users With “Social Selling” | TechCrunch

LinkedIn is fleshing out its tools for salesepople today with a new version of its Sales Navigator. The biggest difference — the Sales Navigator is now a standalone product rather than an additional set of features on the main LinkedIn site.

Why Management Is Out of Control: Employee 2.0

Technology can also support managers and owners to keep a finger on the pulse of people they may never meet in person but who are squarely responsible for work that contributes to the growth of their businesses. Rather than leaving things to chance, regularly asking employees questions and soliciting feedback is a sure-fire way to maintain visibility for the manager and autonomy for the employee.

41 What Apple Might Do Next When It Comes to Ebooks

Industry observers and others noted that the acquisition was meant to help Apple improve its ebook recommendations to users, another weapon it could use in its battle with Amazon. While that might be true, what I think is more likely is that Apple is preparing something bigger and more interesting.

Robocoin Opens The First Bitcoin ATM In Vegas, Baby | TechCrunch

The ATM, south of Harmon Blvd on Las Vegas Blvd, is “inside a souvenir shop that surpasses 100,000+ in daily foot traffic,” hardly a spot that the Rat Pack might frequent. However, Robocoin is claiming that that the area is secure and popular with tourists. The ATM is owned by Chris McAlary, creator of CoinCloudNV . The ATM is near the end of the strip, across from the new City Center Casino.

French Iliad's Bid For T-Mobile US Is Daring Gamble

I have over 25 years' experience in international financial journalism, working for the Thomson Reuters news agency in various countries, and had reporting assignments in many more, including China, Japan and the United States. I started as a cub reporter in the Netherlands and worked several years in the very competitive European news hub of London. Later, I became a chief correspondent for France and had a short secondment as European business editor. Based in Paris, I now run my own communication and content agency, I help clients with media and communication strategies, media training, market research, reputation studies and management due diligence. I studied general and business economics at the University of Amsterdam, where I obtained the equivalent of a Master's degree. In my spare time, I am an accomplished cook and blog about food and recipes on . I practice Swedish gym, jogging, cycling and enjoy traveling. I have been married to Maartje since 1989, after we met during cycling holidays in the Spanish Rioja area. We still regularly share wine and meals, as well as some athletic activities.

When Workers Own Their Companies, Everyone Wins

The idea is catching on in the U.S. as well. In Pittsburgh, a “union cooperative” industrial laundry called Clean and Green uses green technologies and employs 120 worker owners. The business replaces a traditionally-run laundry; if it succeeds it will be a potent proof-of-concept for the cooperative movement. Two thousand minority home health-care workers in New York City formed a cooperative that increased their wages and benefits while also giving them more control of their working conditions. They are coordinating with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU. The coop model might provide unions with just the fresh air that they need. The economist Richard Wolff tells me that, “Unions concentrated mostly on how to minimize what to give back. They very rarely think in terms of strategic alternatives.”

Ear May Be Next Frontier for Wearable Gadgets | MIT Technology Review

At a time when many companies are betting on the wrist as the body part most likely to hold devices that measure activity and other signals from the body, Valencell may seem like something of an outlier: the market research firm Canalys predicts that more than 17 million wristband gadgets will ship this year, including eight million smart watches. And as LeBoeuf readily admits, it’s a lot harder to build a device that goes in the ear than something that wraps around the arm. The electronics need to fit into a smaller package, and rather than simply dealing with different wrist sizes you’ve got to contend with countless ear shapes, as many earbud makers have found in the past.

How solar energy storage could make Tesla much more than an automaker

That’s according to Morgan Stanley, which this week placed a figure—$2 billion—on how much it thinks Tesla could make in annual revenue from solar energy storage. That’s assuming that its “gigafactory”—a massive lithium-ion battery production facility, which is currently still in the planning stages—is up and running by the end of the decade.

47 Sony Reveals Playstation Outselling Xbox 3:1

Sony’s financial report for Q1 2014 is in, and there are some impressive numbers coming out of the beleaguered tech giant. The company posted a net income of 26.8 billion yen ($261 million), with “Amazing Spiderman” and the PS4 emerging as big drivers. The company sold 3.5 million combined PS4 and PS3 consoles — up from 1.1 million in Q1 2013. Microsoft recently revealed that the Xbox platform sold 1.1 million units over the same time period, meaning that PS4+PS3 are outselling Xbox One + Xbox 360 at a 3:1 ratio. Sales for Vita, PSP and Vita TV are counted separately, riding a modest increase from last year’s 600,000 units to 750,000 this year.

Nearly 40 million Twitter users never log in directly to the site or mobile app

Of the 271 million people counted in Twitter's latest tally, 14%, or 37.9 million, never log in directly to Twitter's website or mobile app, the only places where Twitter serves ads. Instead, they connect through hundreds of thousands of third-party applications that the users have given permission to link to Twitter.

Voyat Taps Your Social Presence For A Customized Hotel Stay

Creeped out? By clicking Voyat’s “Invisible” button when you sign in to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you can opt out of being tracked. But even if you choose to use Voyat’s services, you can't customize your own profile--so, essentially, hotels are creating rewards strategies just for you, based on what you tweet or post on Facebook, not on what you actually say you might want.

Making Musk’s Gigafactory a Reality | MIT Technology Review

Tesla has been talking about the factory for months, but its fate depends on the electric car maker getting the support of suppliers, who will provide the majority of funding and technical know-how. The agreement with Panasonic could be a major win for Tesla, since Tesla doesn’t have the expertise to build many of the parts of a battery pack. Tesla declines to provide details about how much Panasonic will invest. The announcement also stopped short of saying where the factory will be built or when construction will start. In previous announcements Tesla has said that the factory will cost $5 billion, with $2 billion coming from Tesla and the rest from partners.

51 Pricey Data Is A Barrier To Internet Access In Developing Countries | TechCrunch
52 Do We Have Any Drugs To Treat Ebola?
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55 How The Internet of Things Is Reinventing The Kitchen
56 Google Details How It’s Responding To Search De-Index Requests In Europe | TechCrunch
57 Take a Tour of Safari’s Best New Features in OS X Yosemite | Gadget Lab | WIRED
58 PlayStation Now is a glimpse at the future of gaming — for a price
59 The Toxic, Abusive, Addictive, Supportive, Codependent Relationship Between Chefs and Yelpers
60 Nissan Says BladeGlider and IDx Could Be The Future Of Sports Cars
61 LinkedIn's Mountain Of Data Is Now A $1,200 Sales Tool
62 Kitten cosplay: 'Star Wars,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Game of Thrones' - CNET
63 The Recommender: Yongzhi Huang, Who Wants To Prank Your Friends On Facebook
64 10 Chilling Stories to Tell Around the Campfire
65 FDA To Regulate Thousands Of Cancer, Genetic, And Other Diagnostics
66 Cellphone unlocking legal starting August 1
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68 MIT Students Use Lasers To Restart Failed 3D Print Jobs | TechCrunch
69 How Humans Respond to Robots
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71 Wikipedia Revamps Its iOS App With Offline Access, Support For Editing While On The Go | TechCrunch
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76 Guardians of the Galaxy Is a Wild, Hilarious Gem | Underwire | WIRED
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78 How to Ask for Help (and Not Feel Bad About It)
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81 Twitter Wants to Explain Hashtags To You
82 Divinity: Original Sin review: Old-school absolution
83 Facebook updates iOS app to version 13; promises updates every 4 weeks
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85 Who has the biggest cloud? By year's end, the answer may surprise you.
86 Ultimate urban bike sports built-in lock, auto gear shift - CNET
87 Killer User Onboarding Starts With A Story
88 12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi | TechCrunch
89 Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers to run iTunes Radio
90 Amazon Appstore Expands to 41 New Countries and Territories, Including Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, and Turkey
91 Sony SRS-X3 Bluetooth Speaker review - CNET
92 With the launch of its CDN, it's clear Apple is just as webscale as Facebook or Google
93 Where Could You Buy Pot In NYC?
94 iPhone 6 Home button parts hint at different designs from past models
95 Boost iPhone Volume with this DIY Speaker
97 Apple reviewed by current and former employees, list reasons why they love the company