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This HAL 9000 replica is ready to lock your pod bay door | Cult of Mac

Fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey can now get their very own replica of HAL 9000, the iconic and murderous robot from Stanley Kubrick's seminal film. Master Master Replicas Group created a new smart speaker that looks just like HAL 9000 and uses voice controls and Bluetooth commands.

How Donald Trump's own words have helped fuel the QAnon fire

Feeding the beast one rally, one tweet at a time.

Today in Apple history: Newton MessagePad inspires mobile revolution

On August 2, 1993, Apple debuted the Newton MessagePad 1001 at Macworld Expo, the first product in the Newton line of PDAs.

Food is actually being served on iPads and it's my nightmare

Tablets are NOT plates. Please stop.

Christopher Robin's Pooh is the DGAF icon of self-care that we need in 2018

Honey AF 😎

8 Adorable Animals That Are Surprisingly Violent

They're cute. They're cuddly. But beware: they're killers.

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Comcast will let you watch Amazon Prime Video like a cable channel

Thursday, Amazon and Comcast said they will incorporate Amazon's streaming video service onto X1, the cable company's high-tech pay-TV service, used by about 62 percent of its customers. The new partnership means Amazon's library of streaming video will be available and searchable on Comcast X1, like a regular channel or show.

Apple is ignorantly killing the App Store affiliate program

“With the launch of the new App Store on both iOS and macOS and their increased methods of app discovery, we will be removing apps from the affiliate program,” reads the email Apple sent out to affiliates on Wednesday.

Square Reader is about to get baked into far more apps | Cult of Mac

Square credit card readers are in thousands of stores and restaurants, but the company realizes there are industries where its software isn’t appropriate. That’s why today it introduced the Square Reader SDK, which allows developers to write their own iOS or Android applications to communicate with Square’s point-of-sale machines.

Google Maps can now share your battery level with friends

That's right, the app will let the person waiting for you know if your phone is dying or if you're all juiced up. Presumably, this is to make sure you're safe and doing OK.


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Apple stock earns Warren Buffett $2.6 billion in a single day | Cult of Mac

Following the company’s amazing quarterly earnings this week , Buffett’s shares in Apple have proven to be an insanely smart bet. How smart? Thanks to the 6 percent spike in Apple stock yesterday, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway firm likely made upward of $2.6 billion in a single day.

EA explains why Colin Kaepernick's name was removed from Madden 19

A statement from EA said the removal of Colin Kaepernick's name was an "unfortunate mistake". "We made an unfortunate mistake with our Madden NFL soundtrack," EA explained in a statement. "Members of our team misunderstood the fact that while we don't have rights to include Colin Kaepernick in the game, this doesn't affect soundtracks. We messed up, and the edit should never have happened. We will make it right, with an update to Madden NFL 19 on August 6 that will include the reference again. We meant no disrespect, and we apologize to Colin, to YG and Big Sean, to the NFL, to all of their fans and our players for this mistake."

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I wouldn't think it could run Civ VI, that's stupidly graphically intense for a turn based game. Don't suppose you'd want to tell me how Civ V runs on it, since that's also got touchscreen capability? Plus it's still more popular based on current players on Steam.

How to get Low Power Mode on your Mac right now | Cult of Mac

Turbo Boost Switcher Pro can also be configured to switch on and off when you use certain apps. You just create groups of apps, and whenever you use one of the apps in that group, the CPU throttler kicks in, disabling Turbo Boost. So, you may choose to have full power available for your photo-editing work, or your GarageBand session, but switch to low power when you’re browsing the web or checking email.

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Why GenX and Baby Boomers are the most cybersecure employees

"While the threat of the insider continues to grow, this research proves that when it comes to cybersecurity awareness and insider threat prevention, organizations need to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity and focus on people first, then processes and technology," ObserveIT CEO Mike McKee said in a press release. "With a new generation entering the workforce, organizations should increase security awareness training for new hires and implement processes and technology to ensure both employees and contractors with access to systems and data understand and adhere to the company cybersecurity policy to prevent insider threats."

Motorola Moto Z3

Verizon's network tells the X24 when 5G is available, and if it's available, the X24 goes into a lower-power mode and the X50 takes over. Now, yes, this means that in 5G mode, you'll have one active 5G modem and two listening 4G modems, so it's all going to use up more battery power than the integrated Qualcomm 4G/5G solution we expect to see announced at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit this December. But Motorola insists that between the Mod's 2,000mAh battery and the phone's 3,000mAh you'll still get a "full day" of use.

16 The Moto Z3 will be one of the first phones to get 5G

One of the most interesting is a 5G Mod that Motorola will release later on, in conjunction with Verizon. Using this, the Moto Z3 will be able to get a foothold in 5G technology, the next generation of fast data that will make phones upload and download faster. The 5G Mod won't arrive until early 2019 when Verizon's first 5G markets flicker to life; exclusively in the US, as well.

Apple is bigger than all these companies -- combined! | Cult of Mac

Disney makes the Marvel and Star Wars movies and owns all those theme parks, but its market capitalization is just $113 billion. In order to get to Apple’s $1 trillion value, you’d have to add the rest of the U.S. media industry, including Comcast and Netflix, to reach $956 billion, according to The New York Times .

18 Surface Go review: The ideal cheap Windows tablet... almost

In addition to the standard Surface charging connection (which is now accompanied by a smaller AC adapter), the Go also features a USB-C port, which can also charge the tablet. The Surface Book 2 is the only other device in Microsoft's family that has USB-C. We're finally beginning to see more USB-C devices and accessories on the market, so it's nice to see Microsoft embrace the new port, even though it still insists on including its own charging connection. (It's also strange to think that the Surface 3 actually charged over micro-USB. 2015 was an odd time.) Microsoft also tucked a microSDXC card reader underneath the Surface Go's kickstand, which lets you quickly add more storage.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Disc Only Contains One Game

If you choose to buy the new Spyro trilogy next month in physical form, you won't be getting the three games it promises on the front cover on the disc. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon are downloads.

These tiny, ultra-low power chips are helping scientists to understand your mind | ZDNet

In the more distant future, however, the chip could help repair nerve injuries by acting as a bridge between two parts of a nerve that have become severed. "If someone has a nerve injury you could put two of these devices on each and reconnect them with wireless communication," Mohammadi said. It could also be used to connect the brain and other parts of the nervous system, underpinning neuroprosthetics. "That would be 20 years down the road, there's a long way to go."

Motorola's new Moto Z3 is a Verizon exclusive with 5G ambitions

That said, there are some differences to be aware of here. The Z3 uses a 12-megapixel dual camera with RGB and monochrome sensors, rather than 12 and 5-megapixel sensors in the Z3 Play. (It still juts out prominently from the body, though.) More importantly, there's a faster processor running the show here: it's one of last year's Snapdragon 835 chipsets, paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. I'll never complain about a little extra horsepower in a smartphone, but 5G potential aside, this seems like a fairly tepid update. Then again, the phone's price tag sits at the high end of the mid-range scale, so the Z3 just might make sense for some people.

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That data is wrong, it's based on an old share count. They put out a new share count yesterday, of 4829926000 shares. 1tn/4829926000 = 207.0425, so an intra-day high of 207.05 would put them over the real $1tn, which it seems they have now achieved :)

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The best cheap wireless headphone deals in August 2018

To help you find a pair that meets your needs and your budget, we've rounded up the best wireless headphone deals on a selection of styles and technologies. Read on to find the pair that's right for you.

How to block cryptojacking in the Firefox browser

Cryptomining is the process of solving complex problems to verify digital transactions using computer hardware. Unfortunately, certain people have become incredibly adept at hijacking web browsers in such a way that they can then make use of unsuspecting user's machines for that very purpose. Cryptojacking is typically done with the use of malicious Javascript. Once your browser lands on a page with that malicious code, you could wind up a victim of cryptojacking, and your machine used for cryptomining.

Apple's flagship L.A. store will be part retail, part performance center | Cult of Mac

Tower Theatre was one of the first buildings in L.A. with air conditioning, an aspect that intrigued Apple when it started making plans. Instead of constructing a perfect glass box store, Apple plans to keep a lot of the building’s historical aspects intact.

10 Dark Web warning signs that your organization has been breached

On the Dark Web, you can find guides for sale that contain detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to exploit or defraud an organization, the report said. The guide serves two purposes: Criminals learn how to break into a company's systems and processes, and the company's brand name is promoted to criminals as a result of the listing. For example, when a major US bank changed security policies, criminals updated guides with techniques to get around those changes.

Fortnite challenge guide for season 5, week 4

As usual, there are seven to complete — four easy and three hard — that will earn you a total of 50 Battle Stars. Three are available to all for free, but you will need to purchase the season five Battle Pass to access the other four.

The Universe of Discourse : How to explain infinity to kids

How can there be a number that you can't count to? Kids who ask about infinity are already quite familiar with the idea that the sequence of natural numbers is unending, and that they can count on and on without bound. “Imagine taking all the numbers that you could reach by counting,” I said. “Then add one more, after all of them. That is infinity.” This is a bit mind-boggling, but again it is technically unimpeachable, and the mind-bogglyness of it is nothing more than the intrinsic mind-bogglyness of the concept of infinity itself. None has been added by vagueness or imprecise metaphor. When you grapple with this notion, you are grappling with the essence of the problem of the completed infinity.

You can now buy Microsoft’s newest competitor to iPad

Surface Go is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad. Not the iPad Pro, but the more affordable 9.7-inch iPad. It might be slightly more expensive, but Microsoft will argue you get a lot more for your money.

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32 A safe harbor for hackers disclosing security vulnerabilities | ZDNet

"We're in the business of finding vulnerabilities by introducing and encouraging the intelligence and creativity of the white-hat hacker community," said Casey Ellis, Bugcrowd founder, and CTO. "This can be a frightening concept for people who build, run and protect software, but it's necessary to compete against the intelligence of the adversaries that are out there. Standardization is the best way to negate any legal or reputational blowback while still attracting the best hunters to your program."

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: A cheat sheet

The tablet has an optional book cover keyboard, which is sold separately for $149.99. When that is attached, or when launched from the Quick Panel, the Galaxy Tab S4 powers on Samsung DeX so that users can switch from the Android interface to a desktop experience. With Samsung DeX, users can open multiple desktop-style windows for Android apps, including the Microsoft Office suite, directly on the Galaxy Tab S4, and resize them when needed. It's easy to drag and drop content between apps and use keyboard shortcuts and commands.

Want a Raspberry Pi-powered Mars rover designed by NASA? Here's how to build one

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) Open Source Rover Project has published the designs and instructions for building a six-wheeled mini Curiosity rover.

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iOS 12 beta confirms iPad Pro overhaul with edge-to-edge screen | Cult of Mac

This year’s iPad Pro will boast Face ID and a new iPhone X-style bezel-less design, code and assets hidden in the iOS 12 developer beta seemingly confirms.

37 Regular sauna users may have fewer chronic diseases

(Reuters Health) - People who visit the sauna frequently may be less likely to develop heart and lung diseases or to get the flu than those who rarely go, a research review suggests.

Avengers: Infinity War Filmmakers on Star-Lord's Big Mistake and Fans' Reaction - IGN

Joe Russo is referring to Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) decision to throw his axe Stormbreaker at Thanos’ chest, allowing the mighty Asgardian to tell Thanos that he got his revenge. If he would have aimed for Thanos’ head, the Mad Titan would not have been able to snap his fingers and wipe out half the world’s population. Another interesting point was made on the commentary track by co-screenwriter Christopher Markus, who adds that Star-Lord was prepared to kill Gamora (Zoe Saldana) himself earlier in the movie, but “Thanos prevented him from doing that and then Thanos killed her,” adding, “It’s a terrible knot to be tied.”

This UHS-II card reader will satisfy the Apple user’s need for speed

The brushed aluminum Type-C Micro/SD reader will be especially valuable to photographers and videographers routinely pausing their workflow to transfer large, high-resolution files. This reader is equipped with UHS-II, which carries a transfer rate of 312 MB/s.

Aquabyte jobs

Jobs powered by

Photos: 20 products you didn't know were built with IBM Watson

IBM's cognitive computing platform, Watson, is being used in a host of businesses in finance, healthcare, legal, and other fields. But, there are some deployments that may surprise you.

iPhones could be about to get even more expensive | Cult of Mac

Apple is also rightly worried about what trade tariffs could mean in terms of the knock-on effects. Specifically, it notes that it could become a target for other countries wanting to get some measure of revenge for the new charges it faces. This may already be happening to a degree. In China, Apple has recently come under increased scrutiny for its services , which may not be unrelated to the currently political turmoil.

43 GoPro sees revenue above estimates, plans three new cameras

(Reuters) - Action-camera maker GoPro Inc forecast current-quarter revenue above Wall Street estimates on Thursday and said it would launch three new cheaper cameras for the holiday season.

44 Symantec cuts 8 percent of workforce, slashes revenue forecast

(Reuters) - Symantec Corp ( SYMC.O ) will cut 8 percent of its global workforce to boost profit margins, the antivirus software maker said on Thursday, while also lowering its yearly revenue forecast as it closed fewer business deals than expected.

45 Activision Blizzard's quarterly profit beats on

(Reuters) - Activision Blizzard Inc ( ATVI.O ) topped Wall Street estimates for quarterly profit on Thursday, driven by sales of its blockbuster videogame, “Call of Duty”, but forecast current-quarter and full-year revenue below expectations.

46 Apple CEO calls $1 trillion value a 'milestone' but not a focus

(Reuters) - Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Thursday that the iPhone maker’s $1 trillion market capitalization was “not the most important measure” of the company’s success but was instead a result of its focus on its products, customers and company values.

Raspberry Pi space rover: NASA open-sources its mini Mars robot | ZDNet

Thanks to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) Open Source Rover project, you can now build your own mini-version of the six-wheel Mars Curiosity rover robot.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Are Making a Monopoly Movie With Deadpool Writers - IGN

The movie will be based on a recent Daily Beast report by Jeff Maysh chronicling an FBI operation to uncover an underground criminal ring run by "Uncle Jerry." The ex-cop worked as a security officer at the firm that printed the Monopoly game pieces, and was able to defraud the annual promotion of $24 million in prize money over several years.

Apple unlikely to include Lightning-to-headphone jack converter with 2018 iPhones

Analyst report on Cirrus' quarterly earnings indicates Apple won't be bundling the converter with this year's new iPhone models. Apple supplier Cirrus Logic, which makes audio hardware for products like iPhone, on Wednesday announced quarterly revenue of $254.5 million. The number beat estimates and according to one analyst offers a clue about Apple's iPhone plans for this fall. In a note to investors, Cowen analyst Matthew D. Ramsay said Cirrus' guidance for its fiscal second quarter "all but confirms that Apple will not bundle the DAC headset converter 'dongle' in its new iPhone models." Ramsay went on to argue that the converter will continue to ship in some legacy models, just not the new ones. Apple, according to the note, makes up 76 percent of Cirrus' revenue, making the iPhone maker's health very important to Cirrus' bottom line. Another analyst, Barclays' Blayne Curtis, made a similar prediction back in April . Apple dropped the headphone jack from the iPhone in 2016, instead routing audio out through the Lightning port. To help ease the transition to Lightning, Apple bundled a Lightning-to-3.

50 FCC gives Google Fiber and new ISPs faster access to utility poles

For a competitive entrant, especially a small company, breaking into the market can be hard, if not impossible, if your business plan relies on other entities to make room for you on those poles. Today, a broadband provider that wants to attach fiber or other equipment to a pole first must wait for, and pay for, each existing attacher to sequentially move existing equipment and wires. This can take months, and the bill for multiple truck rolls adds up. For companies of any size, pole-attachment problems represent one of the biggest barriers to broadband deployment.

51 Let's face it: Windows PCs are now just better -- and cooler -- than Macs | ZDNet
52 Facebook's Digital Literacy Library is an imperfect course in online etiquette
53 Huawei sees smartphone shipments rebounding in 2018 to over 200...
54 Scientists are using solar powered MP3 players to fight diarrhea in the rainforest
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56 Moto Z3 specs vs. Galaxy S9, iPhone X, Oneplus 6 and Pixel 2
57 Study: People are less likely to turn a robot off if it asks them not to
58 'Unhackable' Bitfi wallet circus delights security researchers with hacking challenge | ZDNet
59 Facebook and Instagram officially announce new tools to fight social media addiction
60 Cisco to buy cyber-security company Duo for $2.35 billion
61 Samsung's own website just leaked the Note 9, and it's got a headphone jack
62 Social media users are turning to cosmetic surgery to look more like their favorite Snapchat filters
63 Summit is Strava's new versatile and modularized subscription model
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65 A material already known for its unique behavior is found to carry current in a way never before observed
66 Sonos CEO says Google Assistant could be on its speakers by year’s end
67 Samsung's own website just leaked the Note 9, and it's got a headphone jack
68 Motorola's Moto Z3 is capable of 5G (with a separate Moto Mod attachment)
69 Trends With Benefits Podcast: Microsoft Surface Go review, Facebook security, Tesla and Atari
70 The Surface Go reviews are in, and... they’re a bit all over the place
71 GoDaddy reports web hosting sales below estimates
72 Once upon a time, Brookstone was surprisingly cool
73 Tesla shares spike, dealing short-sellers a $1.7 billion loss
74 Valve's pay-to-play 'Dota' card game will be released November 28th
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76 South Korea wants to tax global companies like Apple and Google
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78 A Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World (Updated Regularly)
79 Key factors to consider when choosing a dedicated NAS device
80 How to install and use the Zoho Docs desktop client
81 Google made the Titan Key to toughen up your online security
82 Report: Google Is Also Censoring a News App for China
83 Android P release may be only weeks away, according to new rumor
84 Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Finale Review: "Colony Collapse" - IGN
85 How to Prevent 23andMe From Sharing Your DNA for Research
86 How to create and populate a database in MySQL
87 Fridge feature wishlist: 9 kitchen gimmicks I want to be real
88 Celebrities who said goodbye to social media
89 Get a full-blown arcade cabinet in your house for the price of an Xbox
90 Want Your Kid to Read More? Amazon Rapids Is Now Free
91 Check out GE Appliances' new matte kitchen products
92 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta - IGN Plays Live
93 NASA captures the "fading ghost" of a Milky Way supernova
94 Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal the Tony Stark Scene They Cut - IGN