How to Check if You or a Loved One Were Exposed in the Ashley Madison Hack Video Description

The case, Remijas v. Neiman Marcus, involves four consumers who filed a class-action complaint against Neiman Marcus after a breach of its computers in 2013 gave intruders access to card data for some 350,000 customers. About 9,200 of the victims had cards that were subsequently used for fraudulent transactions, but none of them suffered actual losses. Nonetheless, the court ruled that everyone affected by the breach, regardless of whether or not their account numbers were used for fraud, had standing to sue because once a card number got stolen the likelihood that it would be used for fraud was high, and there were “identifiable costs” associated with the effort expended to sort out the issue, seek reimbursement if fraud did occur and update auto-pay accounts with the new numbers on replacement cards.

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