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A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter

The solar eclipse set to take place on August 21st is going to be a sight to behold — provided you have the proper protection for your eyes and camera. Looking at the sun can cause permanent...

Microsoft opens preorders for Minecraft special edition Xbox One S

Featuring an incredible pixel art paint job

Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side

Commentary: So many brands squeezing their products into the solar eclipse frenzy, hoping to make a buck. But a small brand does something delightful.

LG V30: Will this be the company's best phone ever?

The company's 2016 flagship was overshadowed by superior models from Apple, Samsung and Google. Can LG break through with its follow-up?

It's amazing we waited this long for the perfect 'Jurassic Park' video game

Finally, a 'Jurassic Park' game that gets the PARK part right.

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Ford Patents Removable Wheel For Self-Driving Vehicles

In the interim between semi-autonomous and self-driving, cars will need to be able to switch modes with relative ease. Ford has shown one possible way to move to self-driving mode, by making the steering wheel and brake pedals removable.

Xbox One X will launch with a limited Project Scorpio Edition

The rumors were true. Microsoft is marking the launch of the Xbox One X by starting pre-orders for a limited Project Scorpio Edition for the console. It'll cost the same $499 as the standard model, but this is more than a rehash of the Day One system that commemorated the Xbox One launch in 2013. On top of Project Scorpio lettering on the console and controller, the machine gets a "sophisticated and dynamic" pattern and an exclusive vertical stand to flaunt your early adopter status. Even the packaging has a twist -- it harkens back to the 2001-era Xbox.

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Ethereum's co-founder calls crypto coin market a time-bomb

Civilian Team Finds Wreck of USS Indianapolis, Lost in 1945 With 880 Crew

A team of civilian researchers has discovered the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, a US Navy cruiser which Imperial Japanese forces sunk in July 1945 to the loss of nearly three quarters of its crew.

5 Xbox One X 'Project Scorpio Edition' could be on the way

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition looks to feature a blacked-out controller with 'Project Scorpio' running down the middle in an electric green font. The console itself is tattooed with the same marking, and it appears to have a textured, mesh-y finish that's unlike the matte plastic casing of the standard Xbox One X. 

Business continuity is the ultimate killer application for cloud | ZDNet

At the same time, the ultimately responsibility for data security, protection and backup still is on the enterprise, not the cloud provider. The best strategy may be hybrid: cloud backs up on-premises data, and on-premises systems back up cloud data. As the Druva survey report's authors put it: "while initially the IT community was skeptical about the cloud's robust security, these perceptions are changing as professionals understand how it reduces the possibility of costly downtime and promotes productivity." Forty-two percent intend to have virtual infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud.

Six features the iPhone needs to stay ahead of Android | ZDNet

Forget wireless charging, which is always much better in theory than in reality -- what the next iPhone really needs is fast charging. Fast charging does away with having to leave your iPhone tethered to an outlet for hours, and also means that if your battery does get low, a few minutes of charging gives you hours of power.

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Is this the electric car that's going to kill Tesla?

Samsung Portable SSD T5

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 corrects the T3's most glaring omission by including a USB-C cable, and improves its dollar-to-gigabyte ratio and its performance significantly. At $799 for 2TB, it's made for well-heeled hobbyists and graphics artists. But with it, you'll have speedy access to a massive library's worth of data that fits in your jeans pocket. It's particularly handy for 4K video editors and photographers with huge archives. With more than twice the capacity, a (much) smaller body, and significantly faster performance than the Sandisk Extreme 900, it's our top pick for portable SSDs. If you don't have that kind of scratch handy, the Oyen Digital MiniPro is a less-expensive alternative, at $299 for 1TB in a much larger package. And if you don't need an SSD, you can get a solid storage deal on a traditional external hard drive .

Jeff Immelt emerges as frontrunner to become Uber CEO

That could certainly change, said sources, and there are two other executives who are also still being considered, neither of whom is a woman, as some had hoped. Sources said a vote of Uber’s directors is likely to happen within the next two weeks, which does not have to be unanimous, although most directors are hoping it will be.

Did you catch the epic post-credits scene at the end of 'The Defenders'?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has trained us to stay until the very end of its movie credits for a sneak peek at the studio's upcoming films, and when The Defenders dropped on Netflix on Friday morning, we discovered that the House of M has now brought that sly sensibility to its small-screen offerings too.

Nick Saban is the reason you should watch the solar eclipse

Commentary: Asked about whether his Alabama football team will be given time to watch the eclipse, the coach offers a fascinating reply.

iOS 11 Beta testing: The checklist - Video | ZDNet

Here's what you need to do to make sure things go smoothly for you and you don't lose any data.

Why smart cities will drive many of the biggest IT projects in the years ahead

"We have to work together," says New York City CTO Miguel Gamino. "We have to put our very best foot forward at every step."

IT budgeting: The smart person's guide

Some organizations demand more diligent defense of a budget than others. So if you work for an organization that demands justification of every line item, it's especially important to start selling your budget before you even write the first line, while communicating and gaining consensus for your IT strategy. A massive IT project is more easily justified at budgeting time when everyone knows its purpose, impact, and objectives than if budget season is the first time anyone hears of it. If you've gained agreement on your strategy, it's harder to simply dismiss budgetary categories or demand arbitrary reductions, since there should be a direct tie between the previously agreed strategic imperative and the budget item. When you must make cuts, a solid understanding of your priorities can help identify cuts that will have the least impact on the effectiveness of your strategic plan.

Google search cues up video previews

Now, if you do a Google search on your phone in either the app or Chrome, results in the video section will show not a static thumbnail image, but a snippet of the clip. The idea is to help you decide if you should click to the video or not. After all, more and more of the content we ingest online is taking the form of short film clips.

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Heartbreaking? Because the camera on a first gen phone from completely new company is a little grainy? What about every thing it got right?!

Char-Broil's SmartChef links to its app to track food it grills

You might want to think twice If you're planning to assemble the Char-Broil SmartChef yourself. With lots of small parts and a manual that's confusing and often extremely vague, putting the grill together was a frustration-filled headache. It was certainly more of a challenge to put this appliance together than the Weber Genesis II. That cooker consists of fewer parts that fit together in a logical and orderly manner by comparison. I suggest getting lots of help and budgeting plenty of time to tackle this project. Either that or call in a pro from your local retail shop.

The smart oven that recognizes your food gets a built-in upgrade

But June, the company that shares its name with its products, has designed the June Pro to become a more integral part of your kitchen design. The company will send professionals out to install the June Pro, a more involved installation then the June Intelligent Oven, which just sits on your countertop. The need for a more involved installation makes the June Pro a bigger investment than its predecessor.

Putin's Aide Seeks $100 Million to Rival China in Bitcoin Mining

Tesla Model 3 Threatens German Sedans Americans Already Snubbing

Organize Your Notifications on the iPhone Lock Screen with Priority Hub 2 [Jailbreak Tweak]

In iOS 10, the Lock screen received several new changes, such as a new page for widgets, redesigned notifications, new unlocking method, and so on. But one of the areas that surely needs some work is the notifications list, which becomes very cluttered when you receive lots of notifications.

For speakers or headphones, how much bass is enough?

Which brings us to bass over headphones -- that's a very different thing. First, and mostly because it's all in your head, a lot of folks miss the whole body sensation of bass. I agree, but at its best, headphone bass is clearer, better defined and more articulate than speaker or subwoofer bass. I'm not talking about muddy or boomy headphone bass -- those are just cheap thrills -- but solid low bass response from in-ear or over-the-ear 'phones has its own satisfactions.

Here’s a pint-size speaker with a big sound

The Transparent Zero is a bi-amplified speaker system with built-in twin 48 watt Class D digital amplifiers. One amp drives the 1-inch soft dome tweeter, the second drives the proprietary 4-inch aluminum woofer, and there's also a 4-inch passive radiator that augments the little speaker's bass output. An onboard digital converter supports up to 24 bit/96 kHz PCM digital audio. The Transparent Zero measures just 7.5x4.75x9.75 inches -- that's awfully small for something that sounds as good as this. The small remote control lets you adjust bass and treble on the fly.

Serious about online privacy? Try these 2 browsers

Browsing in private or incognito mode isn't enough to keep all your data safe. For better security, try the Tor and Epic browsers.

Apple Music FAQ: The ins and outs of Apple's streaming music service

Connect is Apple Music’s artist-based social networking feature, which lets fans follow artists. Artists can share special content with fans through Connect—for example, hip-hop artists Drake uses the service to post behind-the-scenes photos of his life, share snippets of new songs, and other content. Besides Drake, you’ll find Connect profiles for Pharrell Williams, FKA twigs, Chris Cornell, Bastille, Alabama Shakes, Pearl Jam, and more. Apple has also created genre-specific profiles to follow. Apple automatically has you follow artists when you add their songs to your music library, but you can opt out of this (and find other artists to follow) in your account settings.

Fitbit's new smartwatch to open its own app store

Fitbit has confirmed the company’s next smartwatch will come with a software development kit (SDK) for developers, and users will be able to download apps from a dedicated store.

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What you need to know about Monday's solar eclipse

The Nest thermostat might be getting a facelift

The Nest Learning Thermostat is now in its third generation, and aside from software updates, the device has largely retained its appearance since it was first introduced in 2011. That could be changing. According to gadget leak specialist Evan Blass , the device could be in for a whole new look.

Gates Makes Largest Donation Since 2000 With $5 Billion Gift

Traders have lost almost $10 billion betting against Alibaba this year

Perhaps even more surprising than the sheer size of the loss incurred by Alibaba short sellers this year is how stubborn they've been about continuing to bet against the company. Its stock price has been on a clear ascent for basically all of 2017, showing very few patches of weakness, yet those bearish traders have continued to double down.

These Personality Tests Might Know Your Dream Job Better Than You Do

Of course, the talent pool is limited by those agree to take SquarePeg’s assessments in the first place. Says McTaggart, “We receive candidates from a lot of different channels,” who are both actively looking for work or passively interested in a potential career change. These folks tend to be generalists; for the moment SquarePeg isn’t matching anyone in more technical roles. But the company is working to expand its reach, sourcing candidates through university alumni networks (including those at historically black institutions) and by bringing both large enterprises and small startups on board.

iOS 11 public beta 5 -- should you run it? | ZDNet

Before I go any further, I feel the need to point out that installing beta code onto a device that you rely on is a dumb move. Things can go wrong -- very wrong -- and you can end up in a world of hurt. Ideally you should only install the iOS betas onto iPhones and iPads that you have set aside for that purpose.

Google Home can now make phone calls in the US and Canada

Voice calling is completely free so long as the call recipient is in the US or Canada. It works over Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t use your smartphone plan minutes. In fact, Google Home’s hands-free calling is separate from your smartphone altogether. And that leads us to the annoying part: unless you’re a Google Voice or Project Fi user, people you’re calling won’t see your actual number when the incoming call pops up. Instead, it’ll show as “unknown” or “no caller ID” — and who in their right mind ever answers those calls? Google Voice and Fi customers can tie their number to Home right away to avoid looking like a spammer, and Google says it’ll offer a better solution for everyone else by the end of this year.

IGN @ Gamescom on Twitter

Here's the world premiere of Assassin's Creed Origins' new cinematic trailer from Gamescom 2017!

IGN @ Gamescom on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

View the Eclipse With This Simple Homemade Gadget

Back to the eclipse. There are two ways you can use a pinhole to view the eclipse. The first method is pretty simple. Just get a large piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it. Any size, it doesn't matter. And don't worry about making it perfectly round or totally square. Tape a piece of aluminum foil over the hole and poke a tiny hole it in. This part is important, because you don't want to make too big a hole. A smaller hole emits less light but creates a sharper image. A tack or pin works nicely. Done? Great. Go outside and hold your pinhole perpendicular to the sun. You should see an image on the ground, like this:

Russian hacking campaign targets G20 attendees with booby-trapped invites | ZDNet

Turla APT group is sending out invites to a real G20 event in Hamburg, targeting politicians, policy makers and other experts for the purposes of espionage.

Video: Getting started with drone photography

Drones can help photographers capture extraordinary images and video. Photographer Ant Pruitt details the top tips for optimizing aerial shots.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

How these hidden video watermarks can help spot piracy, doctored images | ZDNet

"As video content grew, we went deeper into watermarking for video, using the H.264 codec, a popular video-compression standard. With our method, we can see what frames have been altered and, within them, what pixels have been changed," says Megías.

6 Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Considering how many posts people see in their Facebook news feeds, it’s impossible to read and interact with all of them. For that reason, they make a quick decision about whether a post is worth paying attention to.

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Elon Musk inspired an industry of hyperloop startups. Now he’s coming for them

The great American eclipse: A last-minute planning guide

At this point, it's not going to be as simple as spending a few minutes online and booking a room in a town along the path of totality. If you call around enough, it might be possible to find a room thanks to a cancellation. Or maybe someone will decide last minute to cash in by putting a room up on Airbnb. But trust me, it's slim pickings right now and "event prices" and shameless gouging are in full effect. Rooms are even totally booked in many towns within short driving distance of the path of totality. According to one site, the entire state of Idaho is essentially out of vacancies for the dates.

Pastor wants churchgoers to tweet from pews

Not only is it good for Twitterers to see some comforting, spiritual words in the midst of the anger and invective, it's also surely heartening for churchgoers to be able to tell people that they're praying for an end to world madness and a return to some sort of recognizable sanity.

3 ways Atlanta is driving digital transformation with smart cities tech

City of Atlanta CIO Samir Saini explains how technology is solving issues in their community relating to public safety, transportation and water.

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Inside Jawbone's high-risk plan to become a medical device maker

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This Singaporean startup is using a Visa card to take bitcoin into the real world

Foxtel wins court case to block over 120 piracy sites | ZDNet

Foxtel's bid to have more than 120 alleged piracy sites including Yes Movies, Los Movies, Watch Series, 1337x, and Putlocker blocked by the Federal Court has been successful.

Why government is either first or last in new technology

New York City CTO Miguel Gamino explains how improving the relationship between industries and local governments will also aid the development of technology and products.

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