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Jurassic World Evolution could be the dino theme park simulator of your dreams

Life finds a way — but that doesn’t mean you can’t help a little. This weekend at Gamescom in Germany, developer Frontier announced a new title called Jurassic World Evolution, which will let...

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PCs in early 2018

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC in early 2018, over a year after the critically acclaimed game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement was made today at Gamescom in Germany...

Ford Motor Company: Data and the future of autonomous vehicles | ZDNet

The automotive industry is headed toward artificial intelligence, data, and a complex web of platforms and ecosystems. In this exclusive conversation, three top experts talk tech about cars and share what you need to know.

A Tesla Model X raced a Lamborghini Aventador, guess which car won

An SUV vs. a Lamborghini? Oh yeah.

Hackers can take control of smashed Android phones using replacement screens

Smartphone owners who replace smashed screens at third party outlets could be at risk of having their devices hacked, a study has revealed.

Saying goodbye to Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic band

When a band breaks up, it can feel like the end of an era, even if it's a bunch of animatronic animals.

What episode 6 means for the dragons of 'Game of Thrones'

There's still hope!

America's First Bugatti Chiron Makes For One Very Excited Unboxing Video

Join The Stradman as he witnesses the delivery of the first Bugatti Chiron to America, captured on video by one very stoked vlogger.

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Solar eclipse live stream: Here’s where to watch online, from NASA to Twitter

In case you haven’t noticed, eclipse fever has swept the nation, and with good reason. Monday’s astronomical event will be the first total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States since 1979. The eclipse will be visible from across the country beginning in Lincoln City, Oregon (home to the World’s Smallest River!), at 9:05 a.m. PDT as a partial solar eclipse, becoming a total eclipse at 10:16 a.m. The eclipse will then make its way across the country, ending at 2:44 p.m. EDT near Columbia, South Carolina, providing free entertainment for any and all, if they have real solar eclipse viewing glasses.

Intel bets on a big speed boost for 8th-gen Core chips

More potentially interesting is Intel's claim of up to a 40-percent improvement over the current 7th-gen Core i-series CPUs, which many PC makers have only recently rolled out across their product lines. Intel called it a "once in a decade" performance jump in a briefing for reporters.

The HTC Vive just got a $200 price cut

This price drop mirrors the Oculus Rift’s $200 price cut in March, and it means that both systems now have the same base price, although the Rift is currently $399 as part of a summer sale. O’Brien says that just like Oculus has promised with the Rift, the current-generation Vive isn’t going away any time soon. “This is not about clearing the channel to make room for another product. We do expect this version of Vive to stay in market well into 2018,” he says. Users can upgrade it with wireless adapters, a new head strap, and other other add-ons. “We don’t want users to feel like they’re always having to be [up-sold] into new hardware. We do want to make sure that things that we make around the Vive today continue to work with it.”

CNN on Twitter

A total solar eclipse will cross the US today for the first time in 99 years. Watch with us live and in 360 degrees

Use your smartphone to photograph the eclipse

Unless you've been living under a rock, you undoubtedly know about the total solar eclipse moving across the US on Monday, August 21. Of course, where you live (or plan on traveling to) will impact just how much of the eclipse you can see, but nonetheless, even if you can only see a small portion of it, you surely want to take photos. Right?

Elon Musk calls for ban on use of killer robots

Elon Musk, along with a group of prominent robotics and AI experts, worry that the use of autonomous weapons could usher in a new era of warfare.

Intel’s new 8th generation Core processors launch today with revised Kaby Lake chips

But for now, Intel is focusing its news today on a pretty narrow slice of its 8th generation line: two new Core i7 chips, and two new i5 chips, both in the company’s U Series of laptop processors. But while the internal architecture may resemble the existing 7th gen Kaby Lake lineup, there’s some significant speed improvements compared to the last generation of up to 40 percent. Intel says that improvement is largely due to the new chips all getting two extra cores, with all four 8th-gen models offer four cores / eight threads. Additionally, the company says its made improvements to the design and manufacturing process to further improve speed.

Where to Get Eclipse Glasses at the Last Minute

It’s not too late to get eclipse glasses, but don’t expect to find any in stores. We’ve seen listings on local sale websites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, though, so you could still snatch up a pair if you act fast.

Microsoft’s sharper speech recognition tech should supercharge Cortana

Nearly a year ago Microsoft revealed that it had bested IBM by hitting a word error rate (WER) of 6.3% (in the industry-standard Switchboard speech recognition benchmark), dropping that to 5.9% just a month later – and at the weekend the firm announced that it's now achieved a WER of 5.1%.

IGN @ Gamescom on Twitter

Here's the new Xbox One trailer for PUBG!

Got Clouds? How to Watch Today's Total Solar Eclipse Online

Here are the details about when and where today's solar eclipse will be happening. If the weather gods aren't behaving, there are options for watching online.

HP launches ProBook 400 Series for small businesses | ZDNet

HP rolled out the ProBook 400 series, a family of laptops designed for small and mid-sized businesses powered by Intel's latest processors.

Microsoft’s Windows Store is full of illegal movie and TV streaming apps

Microsoft’s Windows Store has been full of junk apps for years, but a new problem has emerged with apps providing access to pirated movies and TV shows. Torrent Freak reports that some apps run across PCs, mobile, and even Xbox One, and provide quick access to movies that aren’t even on legal streaming platforms. There’s also a range of pirated music apps that stream songs and albums.

Google and Xiaomi tipped to be working on Android One phone without MIUI

Introduced back in 2014, Android One handsets aim to offer budget consumers in emerging markets a stock Android experience, as well as fast updates at affordable price tags. But despite being an ambitious project, the Android One program failed to take off.

Dutch Utility Bets Its Future on an Unusual Strategy: Selling Less Power

Those who sign up for the Toon cut their average annual energy consumption by around a tenth, according to Quby. Lower energy consumption would not necessarily seem to be in Eneco’s interests, but it figures that any loss in revenue will be more than offset by growth in its services business. (The company does not provide details on its services unit in its public filings.)

Intel first 8th generation processors are just updated 7th generation chips

The first "8th generation" Intel Core processors roll out today: a quartet of 15W U-series mobile processors. Prior generation U-series parts have had two cores, four threads; these new chips double that to four cores and eight threads. They also bump up the maximum clock speed to as much as 4.2GHz, though the base clock speed is sharply down at 1.9GHz for the top end part (compared to the 7th generation's 2.8GHz). But beyond those changes, there's little to say about the new chips, because in a lot of ways, the new chips aren't really new.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Google is not alone in a fall from grace in Trump's Washington

Cisco buys Springpath for $320 million | ZDNet

Springpath has been around since 2012 and the networking giant led its Series C funding round two years ago. In early 2016, the two companies worked together to launch the HyperFlex platform, which combines Cisco's compute and networking with software-defined storage software.

Joss Whedon fan site Whedonesque shuts down after 15 years

Whedonesque , a popular Joss Whedon fan site, is ending operations today, Entertainment Weekly reports . The decision comes one day after The Wrap published an essay by Whedon’s ex-wife Kai Cole accusing the director of several affairs and questioning his vocal commitment to feminism. Whedonesque founder Caroline van Oosten de Boer has not confirmed whether the decision was influenced by Cole’s essay. “I have been toying with closing down the site for various reasons for the last five years or so,” she said in a statement to EW .

Rise and fall of JVM languages

Every now and then, there’s a post predicting the death of the Java language. The funny thing is that none of them writes about a date. But to be honest, they are all probably true. This is the fate of every language: to disappear into oblivion - or more precisely to be used less and less for new projects. The question is what will replace them?

Weekend Streaming: Sit down. It's time for 'The Defenders'

Here's our weekly notifier on what to watch online. This week, we get to watch "The Defenders" on Netflix. We get eight of episodes of some likable Marvel heroes and that Iron Fist guy (because who likes Iron Fist?).

Deal of the Week by Bloomberg on Apple Podcasts

As The Bachelorette wraps up another season, a mating dance is developing in the telecommunications world. SoftBank is desperate to find a match for Sprint, the fourth-largest U.S. wireless company, of which it owns 84 percent. It has at least two potential suitors in mind: T-Mobile, the No. 3 U.S. wireless company, or Charter, the second-largest U.S. cable company. With T-Mobile, SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son would probably have to sell majority control of Sprint. Charter, on the other hand, would be a takeover target -- and would come with an enterprise value price tag of $200 billion or more. Will Sprint find a match, or will both partners turn down Son's money-losing asset? Bloomberg reporters Gerry Smith and Scott Moritz give host Alex Sherman their predictions.

The best back to school laptops in 2017 | ZDNet

Here is a look at the best back to school laptops, from budget-friendly models to high-specification hardware when students need a little more power.

Scientists recreate Neptune's diamond rain using powerful lasers

The team used a plastic material called polystyrene to simulate Neptune's methane-rich atmosphere. Both the plastic and methane, which is responsible for the planet's blue cast, are made of hydrogen and carbon molecules. To create the high-pressure conditions that squeeze those hydrogen and carbon molecules into diamonds, they used SLAC's Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) instrument located inside the most powerful x-ray laser in the world, the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). This instrument combines the beams emitted by LCLS with high power optical laser beams.

Super fast-falling snowstorms may rage on Mars at night

Fast-falling snowstorms may rage at night in certain regions of Mars. The phenomenon hasn’t been seen directly, but a group of researchers believe such storms are happening based on new computer models of the Martian atmosphere. These models suggest that it gets cold enough at night for ice particles to fall rapidly from thin clouds in the sky — possibly sprinkling certain parts of the Martian surface in snow.

How to take video of a solar eclipse: Advice from the experts

Patrick Clark, a NYC filmmaker, said, "The interesting thing to remember about video is that you can actually capture the social aspects of a solar eclipse—the awe, the dread, the encroaching path that the shadow makes across the environment. It's not often that you can film a real-life version of the sort of ominous lighting changes that they spend millions to fake in big-budget science-fiction films, so while the technical challenge of filming a solar eclipse can be fun, you also might be more interested in the actual effect of the eclipse on the world around you. Eclipses used to be seen as an act of god or sign of the end times—and in some circles still are—and video is perfect for documenting their psychological power."

What you need to know in advertising today

Snapchat is using the solar eclipse to show off the real potential of its maps feature.  To celebrate today's solar eclipse, Snapchatters will be able to see bitmojis of their friends who are in the path of the eclipse's "totality" wearing solar glasses and looking up into the sky.

Formula One launches eSports world championship

LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One will crown its first virtual world champion at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after announcing on Monday the launch of an eSports series to run from September to November.

TNW on Twitter

Virtual reality stage shows are coming to a theater near you

North Korea Releases New Video of Simulated Missile Attack Against Guam

Fox News declared President Trump victorious last week, insisting that his unhinged threats against North Korea had deterred the country from planning a missile launch. North Korea had previously threatened to shoot a missile over Japan that would land in the waters near Guam. But those celebrations may have been a bit premature.

4 arrested in connection with 'Game of Thrones' episode leak

Police told AFP the four were arrested for the unauthorized release of episode 4 of the current season, and are "accused of criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses." The episode leaked from Star India, a company that distributes HBO programming there.

Game of Thrones Is at Its Best and Worst Right Now

If the cracks in Game of Thrones ’ post-books storytelling were starting to show last week, they’ve now erupted into to actual fault lines. Last night’s episode was sometimes baffling, and occasionally outright sloppy on a storytelling level, as characters made countless questionable decisions—and yet the show continues to astonish with such incredibly epic, fantastic moments that it almost didn’t matter. Almost.

10 Sailors Still Missing After USS John McCain Collides With Oil Tanker

The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker near Singapore last night, leaving 5 injured and 10 sailors still missing. It’s the second US Navy ship to have a major collision with a civilian ship since June and the fourth in the past year.

Total solar eclipse 2017 eve brings some crowds, weird rumors

It's possible that those visitors could bring a little weirdness with them -- one rumor going around Cheyenne tells of a group of international tourists staying at a resort in the city with plans to head north to an unknown location within the path of totality on Monday. That location will see couples attempt to conceive a child during the eclipse. Apparently, the belief is that it's good luck for a child to be conceived under such conditions.

Intel's 8th-gen Core CPUs could boost laptop performance by 40 percent

As it normally does, Intel demonstrated the hypothetical performance of the eighth-gen Core chips in a number of ways. Intel’s new U-series chips will create a 4K video in three minutes on PowerDirector Ultra HD (HEVC), 14.5 times faster than a five-year-old Core i5 Ivy Bridge PC. In Adobe Lightroom, the new chips will be 28 percent faster than 7th-gen Kaby Lake parts, or 2.3 times faster than a 5-year-old PC. Intel’s own content tests show the 8th-gen U-series parts will be 48 percent faster in slideshow creation than its 7th-gen predecessors. (According to information provided by an Intel spokesman, Intel's new U-series chips use Intel's Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, boosting not one but two cores at the maximum rate.)

iTunes U collections will move to Apple Podcasts soon | Cult of Mac

Public iTunes U collections will automatically be migrated in September, with all links redirected into Apple Podcasts at the time of transition. No action is required on the part of users, although Apple recommends institutions review their current iTunes U Collections and remove any out-of-date or unneeded content before the transition takes place. Apple Podcasts supports all the media types currently supported by iTunes U, except for ePub files. As a result, it may also be worth replacing ePub files with another supported file type, like PDF.

Amazon's private brands have gone from $0 to $2.5 billion in sales in less than a decade

The note's authors, Youssef Squali and Naved Khan, predicted this could hit between $15 billion and $20 billion (£12 billion to £16 billion) by 2022, describing private label sales as "Amazon's secret weapon."

Gartner sets fire to all the cyber things | ZDNet

The 2017 evolution of Gartner's cybersecurity framework comes with a new buzzword: CARTA. But really, we should just set fire to everything.

TNW on Twitter

How to follow today's eclipse, even if you live outside the US

What the founder of vaporizer maker Firefly learned from working at Apple

When Williams got involved with Firefly six years ago, he wanted to invent new products. However, running the business got in the way of that. He suggested that people who want to begin their own venture to first ask, "What's your role going to be?" and "What's your transition plan around that?"

The tiny, awesome detail you probably missed in the last 'Game of Thrones' episode

But perhaps, in the fury of the battle with the White Walkers, you didn't notice a teenie-tiny detail, and it has to do with Jon Snow.

Critical software licensing pitfalls to avoid when moving to the cloud

Software licensing is one of the tools available to traditional IT vendors in their cloud strategy. Oracle is an example of a vendor that leverages their software pricing strategy. Oracle effectively doubled the cost of running Oracle software on AWS EC2 instances, to discourage the use of another cloud platform. Customers wanting to run Oracle software in a multi-tenant cloud are encouraged to run the software on Oracle's cloud platform. Customers who select Oracle's cloud platform receive appealing pricing options compared to AWS and Azure.

Barclays customers can now ask Siri to make payments for them

Siri integration has been live in the app for a few days now, and is meant for smaller payments like your share of the dinner bill, with single transfer and daily limits to keep spending in check. Barclays boasts it's the first UK high street bank to enable Siri payments. That's technically true, though PayPal added the feature towards the end of last year and Santander added voice payments to its app in February, though it's not Siri you're asking in that instance. Siri's able to take on new tasks such as making payments thanks to Apple finally allowing other apps to talk to the assistant from last summer . And given what Google said earlier this year, its voice assistant isn't too far from acquiring a similar skillset.

Box adds Google Cloud Vision integration, using machine learning to improve asset management

The Cloud Vision API is the same technology that powers Google Photos. With the API's machine learning capabilities, Box will be able to recognize objects like flowers or landmarks in an image, the post said, and make them searchable by those terms. This could be especially helpful for inventory management in a retail company.

Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo arrives in Seattle | ZDNet

The Chinese bike-sharing startup Ofo, valued over $2 billion after the latest round of fundraising, officially kicked off operations in Seattle last week, its first stop in North America.

HBO's social media accounts hacked by OurMine

The White Hat collective obtained access to several Twitter accounts, including the main HBO account, "Last Week Tonight" and "Game of Thrones."

How to build security into your company's IoT plan

As the IoT market booms, it's essential your company develops long-term cybersecurity solutions. These tips will help you prepare.

Taking Photos Won’t Take You Out of the Moment, Study Suggests

Dr. Barasch said she too initially suspected that casual photography was removing people from the moment. “But as we collected more and more data over the course of five or six years, we kept finding that photo taking was actually immersing people more in experiences,” she said.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Watching how Game of Thrones made a zombie polar bear might be the best part of last night's episode

The 10 most expensive cities for hiring tech talent

Wondering where to make your next tech hires? According to a report from CBRE Research evaluating tech talent markets in 50 U.S. and Canadian markets, some of the most concentrated areas of tech talent are also the most expensive cities for businesses to operate in. With higher costs of living and operating a business, these hubs of tech talent demand salaries higher than the national average — but in some cases, the benefits of valuable tech talent can outweigh the costs.

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75 Your next computer will be nearly twice as fast as existing PCs
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77 Intel targets 8th Gen Core laptop processors at video editors and VR fans
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81 Windows Store proves Apple's strict guidelines are a necessity
82 How JavaScript works: inside the V8 engine + 5 tips on how to write optimized code
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85 Why You Hold Grudges About Things That Happened in Your Dreams
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