America's First Bugatti Chiron Makes For One Very Excited Unboxing Video Video Description

Unboxing videos, in case you haven't noticed, have become a big deal on YouTube. They're usually focused on unwrapping some new little gadget or another, but this is a very different kettle of proverbial fish altogether. What we have here is the very first Bugatti Chiron being delivered to a private customer in the United States, and the process has been captured on video by The Stradman – a very excitable automotive vlogger based in Park City, Utah (who happens to have an orange Lamborghini Gallardo of his own). The Stradman has a knack for chasing down supercars, and in this twelve-minute clip has descended on O'Gara La Jolla, an exotic car dealership near San Diego, to witness the delivery of Chiron. Decked out in yellow and black and dubbed the Hellbee, the multi-million-dollar hypercar appears to have been ordered by one Hezy Shaked, the Israel-born founder of clothing retailer Tilly's and owner of a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse L'Or Rouge – one of only two made, and affectionately known as the " Hellbug ." Strad gets an up-close-and-personal encounter with the Chiron, checking it out from the outside, inside, even underneath and inside the accompanying box of goodies. It has an unfortunately mandated set of bumpers installed on the back to meet US requirements, but if the reversible modifications Ameritech undertook to bring the McLaren F1 to America is anything to go by, we have a feeling those will be removed from the Chiron pretty easily. The car was apparently held up at customers before finally being cleared to enter the country and make its way up to the coast to Monterey. It didn't come alone, though: along with it, the automaker sent a second-hand Veyron Vittesse in blue carbon to highlight its certified pre-owned program at Pebble Beach, presenting a rare opportunity to see a Chiron and Veyron side by side. Video

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