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Huawei Caught Faking Smartphone Photo with a DSLR (Again)

The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has been caught passing off DSLR photos as examples of what its smartphone camera can do. And it might have gotten

SurfSafe offers a browser-based solution to fake news

In the aftermath of a school shooting that claimed the lives of 14 students and three staff members, students like Emma González, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky soon became household names. They managed to snag the attention not just of their peers, but the populace as a whole as they toured the country in a …

'Stormdivers' is a battle royale game with superpowers

Back in April, Resogun and Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque teased a mysterious multiplayer project called Stormdivers. The reveal, though, showed little...

Watch Diablo III Played on Switch's 6.2-Inch Display

Blizzard confirmed last week that Diablo III will makes its way on to Switch before the end of the year in Eternal Collection form. But before we get to play it, we can see how good it looks when played in handheld mode on the hybrid console.

Tomb Raider Will Be Enhanced for GeForce RTX Cards

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is launching on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but PC gamers willing to spend a small fortune on Nvidia's new GeForce RTX graphics cards will enjoy ray tracing enhancements that make the game look even more stunning.

If You Are Planning On Building Your Own Space Shuttle…

One of the most complicated machines ever built was the US space shuttle (technically, the STS or Space Transportation System). Despite the title, we doubt anyone is going to duplicate it. However,…

Forget smart speakers — AR headsets are the true home for AI assistants

In an interview with The Verge, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz revealed that his company will be working on two AI assistants for its much-anticipated augmented reality headset Magic Leap One, which shipped to developers in select cities this month. Given that we’re still in the throes of an artificial intelligence hype cycle, it’s easy to dismiss …

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit hands-on: The Toy-Cons we've been waiting for

Nintendo's Labo Vehicle Kit is everything we've hoped for.

Yva — AI-Powered Employee Engagement and Performance Platform

Yva is an AI-powered employee engagement and performance platform that combines Pulse and 360-degree surveys with AI analysis of corporate emails and messages.

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Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire

Verizon is currently throttling OES 5262 so severely that it's hampering operations for the assigned crew. This is not the first time we have had this issue. In December of 2017 while deployed to the Prado Mobilization Center supporting a series of large wildfires, we had the same device with the same SIM card also throttled. I was able to work through [Fire Department IT executive] Eric Prosser at the time to have service to the device restored, and Eric communicated that Verizon had properly re-categorized the device as truly "unlimited".

Get $200 off the 10.5-inch iPad Pro [Deals & Steals] | Cult of Mac

Snag a pair of these wireless Beats for a banger of a discount. They feature Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling for active noise-blocking with real-time audio calibration based on the fit. They connect to your device via Bluetooth and use Apple’s W1 chip to seamlessly pair with compatible devices. They normally go for $350, but you save $70 instantly on certain colors today. Plus, you get free shipping (and B&H collects no tax if you live outside New York/New Jersey).

Why Facebook just gave you a “trustworthiness rating”

Don’t panic: Such a score might seem reminiscent of an authoritarian government , but it’s really just a perfectly reasonable way to apply machine learning to that problem of fake news. Essentially, a person’s previous behavior in reporting posts as fake is considered by the algorithm that prioritizes posts for moderators. That’s necessary because people sometimes report a story as fake if they don’t agree with it.

iOS App Dock could migrate to the iPhone's edges | Cult of Mac

Images in the patent filing indicate that Apple is considering moving the Homescreen Dock on the sides of the iPhone. For example, icons for the Messages, Calendar, and Camera applications could appear on iPhone side screens.  

5 HTC's Vive Wireless Adapter will cost $300

For those who already have a Vive or Vive Pro set up, the only system requirement here is a PCI-e slot on the PC (or an external PCI-e enclosure) for installing the wireless adapter's sensor. The sensor is then good for up to six meters with its 150-degree field of view, so long as it has a direct line of sight to the wireless adapter on one's head. Better yet, you can have multiple Vive users taking advantage of this wireless adapter within the same space simultaneously, meaning you don't have to worry about people tripping over or find a way to suspend the cables. What you do need to keep an eye on is the battery life: The included HTC QC 3.0 PowerBank will last for up to 2.5 hours, and you can obviously buy more from the official website.

6 Logitech's wireless G Pro mouse is built for esports

The G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse won't be a trivial purchase when it ships later in August for $150, and that's before the optional PowerPlay system. You won't be stuck going wireless if you want Logitech's latest esports-ready peripheral, though. The company is also introducing an upgraded G Pro wired mouse that includes both the updated 16,000DPI sensor and low-friction cable for an easier-to-swallow $70.


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8 Russian hackers targeted U.S. conservative think-tanks, says Microsoft

(Reuters) - Hackers linked to Russia’s government tried to target the websites of two right-wing U.S. think-tanks, suggesting they were broadening their attacks in the build-up to November elections, Microsoft said.


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iPhone sales in Japan could take a hit under proposed law

Apple has dominated the Japanese smartphone market for the last five years. The flagship iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone on the market at more than $1,000, but customers feel little to no pinch in the pocketbook as the cost becomes part of a fixed contract with monthly service fees.

Looking for a new OS? Try these Debian Linux-based systems

What is it : Designed to rival any modern desktop OS, Linux Mint aims to be responsive and simple for new users to grasp, while also boasting a broad selection of software out of the box.

What it's really like to interview at Facebook, Google, Apple, or Microsoft

Perceptions of the interview process differ among different genders and races, the report found. For example, while 90% of men said they had a positive overall experience interviewing at their current company, only 82% of women said the same. And while 90% of Caucasian employees positively rated their interview experience, just 73% of Hispanic/Latino employees did as well, according to the survey.

13 23 Attorneys General Urge Appeals Court To Restore Net Neutrality

As expected, Mozilla, 22 State attorneys general, INCOMPAS, and numerous consumer groups this week asked a U.S. appeals court to reinstate FCC net neutrality rules. The state AGs, led by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, filed a lawsuit back in January attempting to overturn the repeal, arguing that the decision will ultimately be a "disaster for New York consumers and businesses." Mozilla and a few other companies also filed suit, as well as consumer groups including Free Press and Public Knowledge.

Google Assistant will brighten your day with its new good news feature

The feature will be available through Google Assistant and the voice command, “Hey Google, tell me something good” where you’ll hear stories like how residents in Detroit are creating jobs by becoming apiarists or how health data from apps is advancing Alzheimer's research. 

Apple switching suppliers to cut production costs | Cult of Mac

Apple may have just passed the $1 trillion mark, but it’s still looking for ways to save money. In its efforts to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible, the company is supposedly shifting production for its various devices from Taiwanese suppliers to Chinese ones.

Here are three quick and easy alternatives to Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

Apple's Mojave is dropping macOS's long-standing remote access feature but it's no loss, as long as you're prepared. AppleInsider details the alternatives you can use right now. Wherever you are in the world, you can see the screen of any Mac you own and you can control them too. For 11 years you were able to use Apple's own tool for this, Back to My Mac, and that's going to be over very soon. From the launch of macOS Mojave next month, this feature is removed and we won't miss it —because we've switched to better alternatives. Back to My Mac had Apple's typical advantage of being easy to set up and straightforward to use but it also had severe limitations. Chief among them was that you had to run it on another Mac, and only another Mac. That's fine if you're taking your MacBook with you around the world and need to occasionally connect to your iMac in the office. It's not at all useful if you're only carrying an iPad. Plus the feature was only ever meant to be a convenience in a pinch, it wasn't intended to be used all the time. Back to My Mac wasn't a true solution if you needed to control many Macs, either, and you easily might need to.

17 Twitter

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18 U.S. lawmakers seek to impose more sanctions on 'menace' Russia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers pushed for more aggressive steps to counteract the Russian “menace” on Tuesday, despite Trump administration officials insisting current sanctions were having an effect and vowing to impose more economic pain if Moscow does not change its behavior.

19 China says it hopes for good outcome on trade talks with U.S.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it hopes a good outcome can be reached during trade talks this week with the United States.

20 Russian hacking of conservative groups sites thwarted: Microsoft

The International Republican Institute confirmed in a statement on its website that it had been targeted. “This latest attempt is consistent with the campaign of meddling that the Kremlin has waged against organizations that support democracy and human rights. It is clearly designed to sow confusion, conflict and fear among those who criticize Mr. Putin’s authoritarian regime,” Institute President Daniel Twining said in the statement.

21 Twitter

wow. why would any normal people in the digital era want to share their social media account with their spouse, unless its for branding purposes or you got real trust/jealousy issues, that's just shear madness. you know it's going to end in disaster .

This childhood game could be blockchain’s killer app

It’s the blockchain use case we didn’t know we wanted (and probably don’t need). We can now play the fabled playground game of our childhood, Rock, Paper, Scissors on blockchain.

Nvidia publishes GeForce RTX 2080, 2070 photos at Gamescom 2018

Nvidia publishes GeForce RTX 2080, 2070 photos at Gamescom 2018

24 Details of horrific first voyages in transatlantic slave trade revealed | Hacker News

"Almost completely ignored by the modern world, this month marks the 500th anniversary of one of history’s most tragic and significant events – the birth of the Africa to America transatlantic slave trade." A (relatively) small step in the right direction: The slave trade and its origins is one of the primary focuses of the incredible new museum in Washington DC: the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), steps away from the Washington Monument. This museum is a national treasure. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who might have an opportunity to visit. The subject matter, the incredibly detailed and thorough exhibits, the culturally infused architecture, the underground memorial, and many other factors all combine to create one of the most engrossing and memorable museum experiences in the US. It's a must-see if you're in DC. reply

How to become a DevOps engineer: A cheat sheet

"I have been in places where you're not actually allowed to say the word DevOps, because operations managers think it's code for getting fired," Sussna said. "I think it's important to emphasize that at its heart, DevOps is not about org chart changes—it doesn't mean everyone's title changes or you report to one manager. It means that the nature of your relationships with all of the other managers are parts of the organization changes."

26 Google and IMAX stop work on their movie-grade VR camera

You can forget about seeing that VR camera from Google and IMAX any time soon. Variety has learned that the two companies have halted work on the movie-quality 3D hardware. IMAX would only say that it had "currently paused the development" of the camera while it reviewed its VR theater pilot program (Google declined to comment), but a source claimed that Google had outright cancelled the project in late 2017.

27 Lyft and Aptiv complete 5,000 self-driving rides in Las Vegas

Lyft's experiment with paid self-driving rides in Las Vegas appears to be going as smoothly as you might hope. Lyft and its partner Aptiv have revealed that they've completed 5,000 autonomous trips since launching service earlier in 2018. The passengers are happy with the experience, Lyft claimed. About 96 percent said they planned to use self-driving service again, while 20 percent have already used the service at least twice. Lyft also touted the average five-star rating, although that's not surprising when max ratings are par for the course among human ridesharing drivers.

28 Facebook says it removed pages related to 'inauthentic behavior'

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc ( FB.O ) said on Tuesday that it had removed multiple pages, groups and accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior on its site and on Instagram.

Apple CEO Tim Cook donates nearly $5M in company stock to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook gifted 23,215 shares of directly owned company stock to an unidentified charity this week, an amount worth nearly $5 million at the end of trading on Tuesday.

Russian company converts former fertilizer lab into country’s largest cryptocurrency farm

It appears that Russia is ready to challenge China’s monopoly over cryptocurrency mining. A Russian company has converted a former fertilizer laboratory into the country’s purported largest cryptocurrency mining operation.

Your animal crackers are now 100% cage free

That’s right: Your second or third favorite Nabisco cookie is free of the facsimile of animal cruelty. Mondelez International, the parent company of Nabisco, has redesigned the packaging of its Barnum’s Animals Crackers, setting those imaginary circus animals free from their imaginary bars, AP reports .

McAfee: Calling Bitfi unhackable may have been 'unwise' but it was great marketing | ZDNet

In an interview with Eth News , McAfee said that "maybe calling it unhackable was unwise," but he has staunchly stood by the claim that the wallet has not been hacked -- a definition based on an exploit which leads to the theft of coins.

HTC reveals pricing and specs on the Vive wireless headset adapter

The details: HTC will begin pre-order sales for US customers starting September 5, with a global launch slated for September 24. The adapter will set you back $299.99. If you’re buying it for a Vive Pro headset you’ll need to shell out an additional $60 for a compatibility kit.

Evidence is piling up that Facebook can incite racial violence

Like-minded bubbles: Researchers told the Times that Facebook’s algorithm tends to funnel users into like-minded bubbles where they are isolated from moderating influences, leading them to believe that support for violence is more widely shared and accepted than it truly is. Facebook, which declined to comment directly on the study, has been slow to acknowledge the severity of the challenges it is facing. And it continues to struggle with what steps it can, or should, take to prevent the wide dissemination of hate speech and misinformation across the site.

This smart bandage can help diagnose and treat your injuries | ZDNet

The bandage "required a bit of engineering from the ground up, because most of the time, sensors or drug delivery systems are in some way tied to a hard substrate, like a capsule or a syringe, or a silicon or glass substrate... When we designed these platforms we were mindful of the fact that anything that is in contact with the wound should be really flexible and biocompatible with the wound," Sonkusale said. The microprocessor, which is not yet flexible, sits to one side of the wound so as not to disturb it. However, once a flexible version of the microprocessor has been developed, it can be more fully incorporated into the bandage.

Philips reveals code execution vulnerabilities in cardiovascular devices | ZDNet

"Philips recognizes that the security of our healthcare, personal health, and home consumer products and services are business critical for our customers," the company says. "Philips has taken the lead in creating a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure policy, to collaborate with customers, security researchers, regulators and other agencies to help proactively identify, address and disclose potential vulnerabilities in a safe and effective manner."

37 Twitter

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Facebook gives users trustworthiness score

The tech firm says it has been developed to help handle reports of false news on its platform, but it has declined to reveal how the score is calculated or the limits of its use.

This new ransomware campaign targets business and demands a massive bitcoin ransom | ZDNet

A second note is blunter, simply stating that files have been encrypted and that a ransom must be paid in order to retrieve the files. In both cases, victims are given an email to contact and a bitcoin wallet address and are told that "no system is safe" from Ryuk.

40 Facebook app's code hints at ‘Aloha’ speech recognition feature

Facebook would have been the last big tech company to bring a smart speaker to market, but the company reportedly paused developing it in March when the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted. While the device was supposedly still in the works during the platform's F8 conference, we didn't hear much about it. But mobile researcher and regular tipster Jane Manchun Wong has dug something out of the Facebook and Messenger Android apps: A prototype interface for speech recognition functionality, which is supposedly called 'Aloha.'

Securing Microsoft's Edge browser with Windows Defender Application Guard

Once setup, you can start to use Application Guard in standalone mode using the tools built into Windows 10 to manage it. You'll find a new menu item in Edge, New Application Guard Window, which launches a new instance of the secure Edge container, ready for use. You'll be able to browse as normal, but with some restrictions around using bookmarks and saving downloaded files. You also won't be able to use any extensions. Windows 10's Security Center's App & Browser Control option has tools to open up some of the security boundary around WDAG. Under Isolated Browsing, click to open Change Application Guard Settings. Here you can choose to save data, copy and paste between WDAG-secured Edge and the rest of Windows, print files, and even take advantage of using hardware graphics resources to improve performance.


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Microsoft, where's my 2TB Xbox One X?

Redmond's solution has been different, with the Xbox offering software features to tidy digital clutter and the aforementioned support for external storage. On an anecdotal note, a year in with my personal One X I have a dozen of the latest first-party and big budget games installed. I currently have 50GB free -- not enough for the next AAA release -- and none of the games have extraneous bits I can delete to free up space.

​Cloud Foundry survey finds top enterprise languages | ZDNet

For students and programmers looking for a corporate job, it's clear the older languages are the way to go. The future is in the cloud, but its languages are decades old. At the same time, they'd be wise to pick up containers, cloud, and container manager -- e.g., Kubernetes -- job skills.

May the plane carrying Post Malone safely make its emergency landing

As the  Associated Press reports , the Gulfstream Aerospace GLF-4 luxury jet carrying the musician (and 15 other people) took off on Tuesday from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey around 10:50 a.m., blowing two tires in the process. Once the pilot realized the problem, he began circling the airport in hopes of making an emergency landing. The jet has since been diverted to Westfield Barnes Regional Airport in Springfield, Massachusetts, and then again to Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York. As the pilot continues scrambling for a place to land, the plane will continue burning off fuel, which will make the landing safer if it gets extremely rocky.

Virtual Reality tricks the brain into adopting bionic body parts | ZDNet

"The brain regularly uses its senses to evaluate what belongs to the body and what is external to the body," explains Giulio Rognini of EPFL's Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroprosthetics. "We showed exactly how vision and touch can be combined to trick the amputee's brain into feeling what it sees, inducing embodiment of the prosthetic hand with an additional effect that the phantom limb grows into the prosthetic one."

Why Trump's EPA wants to kill the nation's most ambitious climate change plan

However, Ann Carlson, director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law, emphasized over email that the new rule may give states the ability to continue using coal, but it does little to address the problem of sending potent heat-trapping carbon emissions into Earth's atmosphere.

Samsung J3 2018 and Galaxy Express Prime 3 review

Battery life is one area where the Samsung J3 2018 and Galaxy Express Prime 3 shine. I was easily able to get 5 hours screen on time with plenty of juice leftover in a day. While with more light to medium usage I was able to go two full days before needing to charge. Another added benefit comes from the replaceable battery making it easy to swap if you’ll be away from the charger.

49 Senate vote on Russia sanctions unlikely in September: McConnell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Legislation warning Russia it would face heavy U.S. sanctions if it were found interfering in November’s congressional elections will not be voted on anytime soon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday, although he cited his strong interest in such a bill.

50 Amazon turned its ‘The Grand Tour’ TV series into a racing game

If you've enjoyed The Grand Tour on Amazon, here's some synergy you probably didn't see coming: The ecommerce giant's in-house studio is making the show into a video game. Before you ask, yes, hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May lend their voices to the title. But don't expect a one-and-done racing title. The game will be released piecemeal on a weekly basis during Season 3, with each episode featuring cars, locations and content from the show.

51 Vinters are using music to make better wine
52 Russia calls new U.S. sanctions groundless, pledges response
53 WhatsApp to clamp down on 'sinister' messages in India: IT minister
54 Scientists thought 'Steve' was a new aurora. Turns out it isn't.
55 How to set, change, and recover a MySQL root password
56 Doom Patrol: Brendan Fraser Joins the DC TV Series as Robotman - IGN
57 Mexico's new government wants fintech, banks to help financial...
58 Ismantorp Fortress: An Ancient Ringfort Surrounded by Nine Worlds
59 Dark Sky weather app gets a complete redesign | Cult of Mac
60 Apple scraps a bunch of Watch bands ahead of September event
61 Viruses, Spyware, and Malware: What's the Difference?
62 Trump fixer Michael Cohen pleads guilty and promptly gets roasted for his crimes
63 How to share videos with Office 365 team members at no extra cost
64 Steve Wozniak wades into murky cryptocurrency waters | Cult of Mac
65 Saving the brain with a new nerve agent antidote
66 Asteroid crashing into the atmosphere outshines full moon
67 Report: New MacBook Air and Mac Mini Expected This Year
68 Mysterious purple sky ribbon not an aurora, new study finds
69 Facebook just revealed yet another shady political influence campaign
70 Tinder U Is Just for College Students
71 Scientists have found a new way to stimulate lucid dreams
72 An Excel macro that deletes blank rows in a specified range
73 Banks should not assume fraud victims are at fault - UK watchdog says
74 Rejoice Mac mini pro fans: Apple hasn't forgotten you | ZDNet
75 Heaven Hill Distillery Knocks On Bob Dylan's Door Over His Heaven's Door Whiskey For Trademark Infringement
76 Barnum's Animals free the crackers and unleash online debate
77 ​LG CNS launches new brandings for enterprise offerings | ZDNet
78 A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines’ weird AI
79 Steve Wozniak seems to have terrible taste in cryptocurrency
80 Android Pie Review: The reason why I gave up my iPhone X
81 Redcore used code from Google Chrome to build web browser - Video | ZDNet
82 Facebook's role in anti-refugee attacks outlined in shocking study
83 Facebook pulls hundreds of 'inauthentic' pages linked to Iran and Russia
84 ​KT showcases 5G tech at Jakarta Asian Games | ZDNet
85 Report: Increased Facebook use leads to more racial attacks
86 IKEA rumored expand HomeKit lineup with new smart plugs in October
87 In Pictures: Rich and poor seen from above
88 Asia Argento denies all allegations, shifts blame to Bourdain
89 Robot video terrifies Twitter, but the apocalypse isn't here
90 meyer2015.pdf
91 In Brief: Big tablets, cheap phones, Verizon's dirty tricks (Episode 20)