Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman | Mashable Video Description

Nick Offerman, with all his grizzled wisdom and vocal gravitas, sat down to share the most profound things ever pondered in a shower. The tidbits of brilliance originated on r/ShowerThoughts, a subreddit awash with soapsuds-covered cleverness. If you enjoyed this video, please check out the r/ShowerThoughts Charity: water campaign and donate: Filmed and directed by Armand Valdes Assistant direction by Lauren Mayer Audio Assistance by Brian Koerber Produced by Annie Colbert and Matt Silverman. Special Thanks to: Emily Steinberg Heidi Lopata Stephanie Durning Music: Original Reddit Posts: If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, it will be the first time that two presidents have had sex with each other. The person who would proof read Hitler's speeches was a grammar Nazi. If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt. Once you have a PhD, every meeting you go to becomes a doctor's appointment. If humans could fly, we'd consider it exercise and never do it. My right elbow has never been touched by my right hand. Kids born in the year 2000 will never have to worry about forgetting how old they are. Technically we're all half centaur. LIKE us on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW us on TWITTER: FOLLOW us on TUMBLR: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS: Subscribe!: Mashable is the leading independent news site for all things tech, social media, and internet culture.

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