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Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

# Buy the 'So 25th anniversary deluxe box set' - The official Sledgehammer video. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson. You could have a steam...

Madonna - Like a Virgin (MTV Video Music Awards 1984)

Madonna - Like a Virgin (MTV Video Music Awards 1984)

New Britney Still Owns the VMAs

Britney Spears has provided some of the most notorious moments in MTV Video Music Award history. Sunday Spears made news and earned a standing ovation just b...

Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman | Mashable

Nick Offerman, with all his grizzled wisdom and vocal gravitas, sat down to share the most profound things ever pondered in a shower. The tidbits of brillian...

5 Debunked Outdoor DIY Hacks From Pinterest

'Mashable' debunks common outdoor DIY hacks that have gained popularity on Pinterest.

5 'Simpsons' Facts You Might Not D'oh! | #5facts

The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom of all time, but a live-action Krusty the Clown spin-off probably would have lasted 20 minutes. Special t...

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More Than 1,000 Businesses Affected by 'Backoff' Malware

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday said more than 1,000 U.S. businesses have been affected by a type of cyberattack that targets cash-register systems in stores, and urged all companies to check for the possible malware infection.


Wait, wait! What is this eval-buffer thing? It's an example of an Emacs extended command , and indeed most things that Emacs can do, via keystrokes or menu items or toolbar buttons or all of the above, can also be done in this way. It's basically like having a command line right there in your editor, and it's an extremely useful thing; there's no need to worry overmuch about it right now, but do keep it in mind, especially when you discover a command that you don't use often enough to find it worth binding to a keystroke, but like to have handy when you do need it. Onward!

Man sentenced to 33 months in prison for pirating ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Sentenced this week in Wolverhampton Crown Court, 25-year-old Philip Dank received a sentence of nearly three years for physically filming action film ‘Fast & Furious 6′ as well as distributing the film on the Internet. The pirated copy of the film was downloaded approximately 779,000 times and representatives of Universal Pictures estimated the financial loss around £2.3 million ($3.8 million) in lost ticket sales. In addition to pleading guilty to the charges, Dank also plead guilty to selling over 600 copies of the film for £1.50 each.

Ukraine Shows Off Military Might With Parade in Kiev, as Rebels March POWs in Donetsk

News of the investment comes, as tensions with Moscow flare, and tens of thousands of Russian troops and military hardware amass near the western border, within mere kilometers of the Ukrainian frontier. “War has come to us from over the horizon where it was never expected,” Poroshenko added, referring indirectly to Russia. Kiev and the West have blamed Moscow for fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine, and arming separatists there.

Ferguson Has Grown Calmer, Sure. But Protestors Are Still Turning Out

FERGUSON, Mo. — A diverse group of protesters, many of them children, marched peacefully Saturday as calm prevailed for a fourth straight day in the St. Louis suburb where Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, was shot by a white police officer, setting off more than a week of unrest .


MacDown is an open source Markdown editor for OS X, released under the MIT License. The author stole the idea from Chen Luo ’s Mou so that people can make crappy clones .

The Evolution of Diet

For those of us whose ancestors were adapted to plant-based diets—and who have desk jobs—it might be best not to eat as much meat as the Yakut. Recent studies confirm older findings that although humans have eaten red meat for two million years, heavy consumption increases atherosclerosis and cancer in most populations—and the culprit isn’t just saturated fat or cholesterol. Our gut bacteria digest a nutrient in meat called L-carnitine. In one mouse study, digestion of L-carnitine boosted artery-clogging plaque. Research also has shown that the human immune system attacks a sugar in red meat that’s called Neu5Gc, causing inflammation that’s low level in the young but that eventually could cause cancer. “Red meat is great, if you want to live to 45,” says Ajit Varki of the University of California, San Diego, lead author of the Neu5Gc study.

How Bob Marley's Son Learned From Failure And Started A Multi-Million Dollar Coffee Company

I don't know about the other commentors but where I live in Canada just outside of Hamilton we have a coffee store called ecs coffee which has tons and tons of different varieties of coffee that are made for keurig and tassimo brewers, so basically its a keurig k-cup store. Anyway in my store they sell every box of the different varieties of Marley coffee and I mean EVERY box and that's the coffee I always buy so I guess I'm pretty lucky aha. I'm surprised nobody has found it as these ecs stores are all around canada and I can honestly say that Marley coffee is one of the best coffee's out there it's my favourite if you ever do find it like I did I highly suggest buying every flavour you see as they all taste amazingly different.


Not news: 12-year-old boy opens lemonade stand. Fark: Irate neighbor demands that city shut it down. "Please help me regain my quiet home and neighborhood"

Watch the teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'

Unfortunately the trailer hasn't been officially posted online, but you can get a look via a cellphone-shot YouTube video. The teaser is graphical — it doesn't contain even a second of shot footage — but that's to be expected considering shooting has yet to begin. True to Tarantino's cinephile roots, the trailer implores everyone to see it in theaters that support  beautiful, large format 70mm film , even though it's likely that few know what that means. The movie itself has already garnered quite a bit of buzz — we just hope they don't stick with the dated "H8TFUL EIGHT" styling.

Just try swiping this 'unstealable bike' - CNET

The students built the first working prototype bike, code-named the Yerka Project. The bike's down tube at the bottom of the frame splits apart and wraps around an object such as a post or tree, and the bike's seat post is then slotted through both ends of the down tube to complete the lock. Once you've got everything in place, you simply take out the lock pin on the end of the down tube to seal the lock. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds, letting you be on your way in almost no time.

Nature - Week 4 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

The Sardine Run is considered to be one of the most spectacular wildlife events. The search for dive-able bait ball action can be long and hard, with no guarantees of being in the right place at the right time. Jumping into the water on a unique bait ball is a once in a lifetime luck. This bait ball, later christen, the Shark Ball was a phenomenal sight. Normally a the bait ball will escape fairly easily without the presence of dolphins, but the shear number of sharks, created a grid so tight around the ball, that each and every one of the bait fish got eaten.

The Cutting-Edge Butter Knife of Your Dreams Is Finally Here | Design | WIRED

Thrilled by the novelty of their design and exhilarated by the possibility of Kickstarter riches, the trio of dairy aficionados headed into the workshop. Several prototypes later, the team had a working model featuring a grater, a serrated edge capable of cutting through a thick sourdough crust, and a stainless steel blade designed to slather toast with Vegemite. “We spent quite some time experimenting with various hole patterns, size, spacing and placement until we found something that worked really well to allow thin ribbons of butter to curl back onto the knife,” says Pantschenko.

The White House Gives Up on Making Coders Dress Like Adults | Enterprise | WIRED

By subtle measures, however, the video also shows how far things still have to go. One thing that’s even more important than the latitude to ditch a tie is the latitude to chose the best tool for the job. Fixing government procurement so developers aren’t locked into a rigid list of predefined tools will take more work. In the video, Dickerson opens up his government-issued Blackberry smartphone and discovers his password doesn’t meet government muster. “The password you have typed is too short,” he reads from a screen.

Truth We Won’t Admit: Drinking Is Healthy

In the largest prospective study ever conducted for alcohol, involving nearly a half million subjects, sponsored by the American Cancer Society (need I say, an organization not regarded as an alcohol industry stooge), Michael Thun (famed for his anti-smoking investigations) and colleagues examined all causes of death related to drinking among middle-age and elderly subjects. As in all such similar studies, this research is the best available to us other than controlled, randomized studies—it follows people forward in time and statistically controls for all identifiable confounding variables. Here is Thun et al.’s summary of their findings:

No One Nominated The Galaxy S5 For The Ice Bucket Challenge, Samsung | TechCrunch

The Ice Bucket Challenge is designed to raise awareness for a horrible disease, not sell your phone. It doesn’t matter that you, Samsung, donated money to a UK organization fighting the same condition as the ALS Association. To reduce a worldwide movement to a phone advert is just about the worst thing possible.

Slaying the demons of 'Dungeons & Dragons'

Mearls I talked earlier about how we really wanted to boil it down to the essence. Well, if you’re not doing a lot of rules in your game, you have to make sure that you have the right rules. We could not afford a blind spot, because if we just completely whiffed on something that people thought was really important to the game, it would just be a huge hole for us to fill. So what the test let us do was, as we started simplifying the game down, and condensing it down and making it more accessible, it let us have some of our most hardcore players and DMs checking all our work. And not just in the traditional sense of, "Hey, does this work, does this rule make sense?" But it let us get a sense of what the audience thought of, "Well, what is the essence of D&D ?"

The Most Connected Man Is You, Just a Few Years From Now

I am 60% left-brained and 40% right-brained! How about you?

If you enjoyed this test, why not train your brain for free?

Clamp-on exoskeleton turns you into your own chair - CNET

The Chairless Chair is like a exoskeleton that runs from your butt down to your heels. You can walk around normally while wearing it and then activate it when needed to support your body weight, creating an instant chair. While this may sound convenient for everyday use, when you're running around at a music festival, or when you get tired at your standing desk, it's really geared for factory workers who are on their feet a lot.

Flatley's Law: The Company Speeding A Genetic Revolution

A year later Illumina passed a long-awaited milestone: It launched the X10, a product that can sequence a human genome with high accuracy for $1,000, including depreciation–once again through hard-won, incremental improvements in chemistry that simply added up to a big leap. Illumina sells the $1 million units only in groups of ten or more, but this means that scientists are no longer limited to looking at the genomes of only a few thousand patients. “The tools have gotten good enough to say, sure, we’re going to sequence 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people,” says Eric Lander, the director of the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, which bought 14. At a new company, Human Longevity, Craig Venter bought 20 X10s to plumb the mysteries of aging. The billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong and Providence Health System, a West Coast chain of 34 hospitals, bought 10 to analyze the genes of the 22,000 new cancer patients they see each year.

Apple Patents A Way For Your iPhone To Remember Where You Parked Your Car | TechCrunch

Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider ) that could indicate some additional functionality it’s building for its automotive-focused mobile features – the tech described offers a way for your iPhone to automatically record where you park your car, and then provide directions back to the vehicle, even if you have only intermittent GPS signal or any cell reception.

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily, by TheTechNewsBlog: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

10 Job Openings in Tech and Digital Hiring Now

The SVP, Brand Creative leads the in-house team of 50+ creatives that develop all branding and marketing creative for Comedy Central across every platform. This includes the brand “look & feel”; multi-media launch campaigns for new and returning franchises; creative for multi-platform products including apps, websites and social media feeds; client-driven promotional campaigns; consumer events; and internal presentations. This key creative leadership role is responsible for ensuring that Comedy Central’s creative output remains industry-leading and is the envy of other media companies. He/she ensures all creative work is delivered with a distinct and consistent voice, and that our many franchises are effectively represented and promoted.

The world's largest solar thermal power plant is incinerating thousands of local birds

A common sight in the sky above the world's largest solar thermal power plant is a "streamer," a small plume of smoke that occurs without warning. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the source of the smoke is a bird that has inadvertently strayed into the white-hot heat above the plant's many reflecting mirrors. Because the BrightSource Energy plant near Ivanpah, California, uses supercritical steam rather than photovoltaic energy, the sun's heat is reflected off more than 300,000 mirrors to a single point, which is used to drive a steam turbine. The downside of that, of course, is that it's lethal for any wildlife that strays into the picture -- a problem that was recognized well before the facility opened, but now the government has gotten involved.

TechCrunch Giveaway: Canon EOS T3i Kit And NeroTrigger | TechCrunch

The second part of this giveaway package is  NeroTrigger , an LCD color-screen designed for high-speed photography, which operates in different modes based on your setting. When attached to your camera, the compact device senses changes in your environment based on one of its six modes, and can quickly set the camera to capture difficult-to-shoot events like lighting or fireworks. The sound mode activates upon hearing a noise, and the laser mode triggers when the beam is broken. Additional modes add HDR and time-lapse capabilities to your camera, and DIY mode allows for a customizable triggering system.

Suge Knight Shot Multiple Times at Chris Brown's Pre-VMAs Party

LOS ANGELES — Three people were wounded in a shooting at Chris Brown's pre-MTV Video Music Awards party early Sunday, including Marion "Suge" Knight, the Death Row Records founder whose violent history includes being shot at a VMAs pre-party in 2005.

The Learn to Code Movement is Forgetting Existing Developers

However, I’ve started to wonder if by focusing so much on learning code, we’re losing focus on how to support one of our most important assets in the technology industry— existing developers .

Amazon Prepares Online Advertising Program Inc. is gearing up to more directly challenge Google Inc.'s dominance of the online advertising market, developing its own software for placing ads online that could leverage its knowledge of millions of Web shoppers.

How Mixing Data And Fashion Can Make Rent The Runway Tech's Next Billion Dollar Star

When sizing up a new dress, merchandisers go through a list of 40 data points such as fabric, zippers, stitching and shape to determine whether it will hold up to the rigors of rental. “Our buyers literally try to tear the clothes apart,” says Hyman. After all, the longer the life span, the higher the return on capital. “When I initially went to fundraise,” says Hyman, “I had a Power Point slide that said the average dress would turn 12 times. They said, ‘You’re crazy,’ and cut that assumption to 8 times, saying if I can do that this is an amazing business.” Today Rent the Runway is averaging 30 turns per dress, which means some get worn many more times. That’s borderline icky, but the fact that an increasing number of women no longer get hung up on such boundaries is a testament to Hyman and Fleiss’ deep understanding of their customers. “The brilliance of what they’ve done is figure how to convince women it’s okay to rent and make it cool to rent and make sure a woman would be satisfied,” says Dan Rosensweig, who runs textbook renter Chegg and sits on Rent the Runway’s board.

We Now Know A Lot More About Edward Snowden's Epic Heist — And It's Troubling

Snowden had worked as an NSA contractor for Dell since 2009, and in March 2012 he began working as a systems administrator for the NSA's information-sharing office at the Kunia Regional Security Operations Center (known as "the Tunnel") on the main island of Oahu. Over time, he became increasingly alarmed by what he viewed as serious U.S. governmental violations of Americans' constitutional liberties, as well as general disregard for privacy rights of foreign citizens.

5 Absurd Fan Theories About 'The Simpsons'

While the video seems to paint a disturbing portrait of life in the Simpsons household after Bart's death, it's almost certainly a fake, and strung together from other episodes. The supposed story behind "Dead Bart" is a Creepypasta submission that, while disturbing, is also fictional. But if you're up for a sinister Simpsons thrill, you can read the entire, bleak story here .

An App That Turns Your Instagrams Into Sci-Fi Landscapes | Design | WIRED

Pixite’s latest photo-editing app is Matter. With Matter, otherwise run-of-the-mill landscapes and cityscapes become a cross between Tatooine and a Pink Floyd album cover. Users can upload any photo in Matter, and then browse through four “object packs”: Primitive objects, unique structures, Polyonfire collection (created by Syamil Haqimi, a digital artist and Pixite app user), and organic elements. Each pack has an arsenal of 3-D objects that can be added, then modified for reflectiveness and opacity, to an image.

Vine Finally Lets You Import Video From Your Camera Roll | TechCrunch

With more than 100 million people watching Vines across the web each month, and over 1 billion loops played every day, Vine has just released an update to the app that finally lets users import video from their camera.

Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA’s X-Ray Body Scanners | Threat Level | WIRED

In addition to their physical attacks, the researchers also experimented with more inventive digital ones. They found that they could infect the scanner with malware—most practically for an attacker by picking the lock on the scanner’s cabinet and physically installing the malware on the PC inside. Once installed, that malware could be programmed to selectively replace the scan of any passenger with a fake image if he or she wore a piece of clothing with a certain symbol or QR code, as shown in the image below.

Vexed in the city: San Francisco strife spurs tech defectors elsewhere - CNET

Adam Klein, chief strategist for American Underground, an incubator that has expanded from 35 startups to 150 in three locations in Durham and Raleigh in four years, rattled off a list of quality-of-life perks that have kept him in the area. "I can live downtown at half the cost. I cut my commute down to five minutes, and I'm still a direct flight to Boston, New York, or San Francisco. It's a progressive community, well educated, with lots of people from other countries," he said, also noting a burgeoning restaurant and craft beer scene. "And the weather doesn't hurt."

11 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Boost Your Productivity

The extension removes the annoyance of banner advertisements from your web experience. That may seem like a slight difference, but visiting some sites that tend to be bogged down with such ads can really improve your experience.

Best- And Worst-Performing Cloud Computing Stocks August 18th To August 22nd And Year-To-Date

The highest performing cloud computing stocks year-to-date when measured by share price gains are Zendesk (NYSE:ZEN) up 85.7% or $11.51 per share since its IPO earlier this year, NetScout Systems NetScout Systems (NASDAQ:NTCT) up 53.46%, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) up 36.45%, Intel Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) up 34.62%, F5 Networks F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) up 33.88%, and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) up 31.67%.  A $10K investment in Zendesk shares at IPO are now worth $18,570, leading all companies in the index.

The People Trying to Put Camden Back Together as Guns Tear It Apart

Despite the falling homicide rate, the problems plaguing Camden and spurring violent crime are numerous. Police Chief Scott Thompson calls the city "the perfect storm of social inequities." Its streets are deteriorating. There are no supermarkets, and restaurants are hard to find. It is one of the poorest cities in the United States with a per capita income of around $13,000, and there are few job opportunities.

Meet Lyndsey Scott: Model, Actress And App Developer

When she started her education in theater and computer science at Amherst College , Scott found love in programming, a TI-89 graphing calculator — and, eventually, the runway. Since being discovered on the Internet by a modeling agency, the 5’9 coding queen has modeled for big names like   Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton , Prada Prada , Diane von Fürstenberg, Victoria’s Secret and Gucci Gucci . One of her first big meetings was with Calvin Klein, who booked her on the spot and gave her an exclusive contract.

How To Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn LinkedIn has a lot of great features, but overall the site suffers from a fairly mechanical feeling. There isn’t a lot of human warmth on LinkedIn, notwithstanding the fact that LinkedIn has over 300 million users. That’s why I draw colorful pictures with markers and colored pencils.   The more personality you can bring to your LinkedIn presence and your profile, in my book, the better!

Instagram Bolsters Ad Analytics Offerings - Are More Advertisements to Follow?

Experts wonder whether the platform’s value prop for advertisers – native integration into a users stream of  otherwise self-curated content – can turn out to be the same aspect that ultimately deters users. Do people want to be pitched cheap tacos and expensive watches while they thumb through pictures of their friends and family?  The line between “too much” and “not enough”  that all finance-conscious developers and entrepreneurs must toe is not yet clear, especially in the emerging social space. If Instagram uses these new analytics tools to lure ad dollars from TV and print, will it lose the users it worked so hard to hook?

How to Find Your Friends at Burning Man 2014

Now, I know some Burning Man traditionalists are going to say this is mainstreaming the Burning Man experience. That searching all afternoon for your friends, leaving old school handwritten notes or messages in a bottle, and trusting to synchronicity is all part of the experience. Traditionalists believe that there’s a principle of immediacy to be upheld, and that it’s important to directly experience what’s right there in front of you.

Must Reads: The #Longreads You Missed This Week

The Times pieces together what happened during the four hours that Michael Brown's body lay — unattended to — right where it fell in the street after he was killed at 12 p.m. on a Saturday. As one Ferguson committeewoman put it: It sent the message from law enforcement that "We can do this to you any day, any time, in broad daylight, and there’s nothing you can do about it."

Opsmatic configuration monitoring

Configuration monitoring with automatic drift detection. Tools to compare host states and visualize activity, helping you solve problems faster. Shared visibility for your entire technical team.

What Does Your State Buy the Most on eBay?

From there, eBay figured out which items shoppers buy on its site the most, in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Curious revelations abound, like the fact that firearms are the most popular in New York, even though the state has one of the toughest gun laws in America. North Carolina buys the most baby products (despite not having the highest birth rate — that would be Utah), while the paranoid folks of Oregon buy the most security and surveillance items.

Seven Innovators Who are Doing Impressive Work in their 70s, 80s, and 90s | MIT Technology Review

5. Carl Djerassi , 90, contributed to the invention of Norethisterone, the first highly active progestin, a synthetic steroid used in oral contraceptives. Commercialized in the 1960s, the Pill transformed human reproduction and, by making contraception simple and a woman’s choice, changed the status of women in societies where it was easily obtained. A professor emeritus at Stanford, since 1989 he has been publishing what he calls “science-in-fiction” (novels where scientists are the protagonists). For the last few years, he has also been writing “science-in-theater,” dramas that “smuggle” his interests into literature.

Email Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

The more emails I write, the more “rules” I come across for how to write them, too. Everyone seems to have their own specific ideas for best practices, but I’ve collected some of the more general trends in advice for various types of emails.

Report: Adult women gamers now double the number of under-18 boys

While males still hold the total gamer-population lead at 52 percent, that is a drop from last year's count of 55 percent, and the survey's count of "frequent game purchasers" found that men and women split that category neatly in half. The report also notes a giant boost in women gamers over the age of 50, a group that grew 32 percent in 2013.

Whole organ 'grown' in world first

A whole functional organ has been grown from scratch inside an animal for the first time, say researchers in Scotland.

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79 Iceland Aviation Alert Downgraded From Red to Orange, Volcanic Eruption Could Still Occur
80 Two New Yorkers Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Ask For More Tesla Features, And Elon Musk Responded
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