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Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 event right here

See the Note 8 first.

3-year-old catches his first fish and reels in a big surprise

'Bring back my fish right now.'

Siri's voice sounds more human in iOS 11 because of AI

Research papers published by Apple detail the company's machine-learning technology.

Danny Glover is advising Airbnb's diversity efforts

Clearly he's not too old for this.

Facebook now lets you take 360 photos in-app, use them as Cover Photos

Facebook has been a big supporter of 360-degree photos and video, adding support for the immersive media formats early on Facebook itself. Now, the social..

Bethesda Announces Doom, Skyrim, Fallout VR Release Dates

If virtual reality is going to go mainstream then it needs some big title launches. Bethesda is about to offer VR gamers three of the biggest.

How tech helped blind students 'watch' the solar eclipse

A revolutionary device called Graphiti displays tactile images in near real time.

The 16 best trailers of Gamescom 2017

Gamescom — the massive video game convention that takes place annually in Germany — officially gets underway today. But for those of us not attending, there’s already plenty to get excited about,...

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Elon Musk reveals first official photo of SpaceX space suit

Elon Musk has posted the official first photo of his SpaceX space suit on Instagram , teasing that more details will come in a few days. Musk says the suit actually works, and was tested to double vacuum pressure. The suit itself is very white and very spacey, and Musk acknowledges that it was “incredibly hard” to balance the suit’s look and its function.

As Whole Foods shareholders approve Amazon's acquisition, FTC gives its OK for the deal

As Whole Foods shareholders approve Amazon's acquisition, Federal Trade Commission gives OK for the deal to proceed   —  The Federal Trade Commission will allow Amazon to continue its $13.7 billion deal to acquire Whole Foods.  —  “The FTC conducted an investigation of this proposed acquisition …

Samsung ready to hop on the smart-speaker train

Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Korean manufacturer is developing a smart speaker powered by Samsung's Bixby voice assistant, which is similar to Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant. The Journal said the speaker, code-named Vega, has been in the works for more than a year but many features and specifications are still being decided.

CrashPlan is shutting down its cloud backup service for consumers

All current subscriptions will be honored until their end date, and CrashPlan is giving everyone an extra 60 days beyond that to allow more time for users to find another cloud service. If your subscription runs until after the October 22nd, 2018 end-of-operations date for CrashPlan Home, CrashPlan will keep you on the home plan until then and switch you over to a small business account until your subscription ends.

Ex-CIA agent's $1B GoFundMe bid aims to oust Trump from Twitter

Commentary: Valerie Plame Wilson launches a GoFundMe effort to raise, oh, $1 billion to stop the president tweeting. She's currently a little short.

Twitter’s #hashtag is turning 10

Well, today Twitter is celebrating 10 years of arguably one of its most popular, controversial and consistent features by using of course, #Hashtag10.

Walmart Partners With Google for Voice Shopping

If using your voice you can order one product at a time, or you can add lots of products to your cart that way and complete the purchase later using the app. Walmart also integrated its Easy Reorder feature into Google Express allowing for simple repeat purchases.

Google retires Firefly car to focus on mass-produced vehicles

Google’s self-driving division Waymo has announced it will be retiring the Firefly car, the nearly iconic pod-like vehicle that was manufactured in-house to experiment.

Apple said to be prepping self-driving employee shuttle service

The report says Apple will use an existing commercial vehicle, equipped with autonomous tech it develops, to both offer service to employees and test its self-driving chops. This is not unlike what others in the autonomous vehicle space have done, including Waymo, and recently Cruise, which is offering its employees an autonomous on-demand ride hailing service that covers all of San Francisco.

IBM taps blockchain to combat food contamination in global supply chain

Enter the power of blockchain, which can address these challenges because the technology "establishes a trusted environment for all transactions," according to the press release. In the global food supply chain industry, this means all growers, suppliers, processors, distributors, retailers, regulators, and consumers can gain permissioned access to information about the origin and state of food in their transactions. All members of the ecosystem can use the blockchain network to trace contaminated foods to their source in a short amount of time, to ensure they are quickly removed from store shelves.

AccuWeather caught sending user location data — even when location sharing is off

Security researcher Will Strafach intercepted the traffic from an iPhone running the latest version of AccuWeather and its servers and found that even when the app didn't have permission to access the device's precise location, the app would send the Wi-Fi router name and its unique MAC address to the servers of data monetization firm Reveal Mobile every few hours. That data can be correlated with public data to reveal an approximate location of a user's device.

Twitter’s #hashtag is turning 10

Well, today Twitter is celebrating 10 years of arguably one of its most popular, controversial and consistent features by using of course, #Hashtag10.

Cult Slasher Series Hatchet Returns to the Gore-Soaked Swamp For a Surprise Fourth Film

As this brief clip suggests, the movie picks up 10 years after the gruesome slaughterfest of the first three films. The lone survivor (played by Parry Shen) is, quite understandably, still haunted by his experiences—though his situation is complicated by the fact that he’s become a bit of a media celebrity, and a lot of people have come to doubt his version of events. As Green explained to Entertainment Weekly :

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 event replay (Podcast)

Watch the replay of CNET's live coverage from inside the New York show, and hear Samsung fans react after the announcement.

Facebook didn’t win NFL streaming rights, but it will still stream 15 college football games this fall

Facebook will stream nine Conference USA games and six Mountain West games, which means you’ll be able to watch schools like Idaho State, Utah State and North Texas. Unless you’re an alum from one of the schools playing, or you like to bet on football, you probably won’t have much incentive to watch. (Although, Wyoming will play twice on Facebook, and Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen could be a top-five NFL draft pick next year.)

One Trick For Keeping Kids In College: Forgive Tiny Debts That Force Them To Leave

“If we don’t help them through to the finish line, that could waste all their effort.” [Photo: Kevin Lau Photography/Getty Images] Those costs might be anything that could disrupt an already tight budget, from a parking ticket that went unpaid and snowballed, to car repair, or an unexpected rent or medical issue that affected someone’s prioritization for what must be repaid. For low-income students already on loans, that’s generally a dream killer. “If we don’t help them through to the finish line, that could waste all their effort.”

Verizon's new cheaper unlimited plan comes with some limits

Verizon is essentially splitting off many features of its original plan into a cheaper plan and one that is more expensive. T-Mobile, however, offers perks like roaming in Canada and Mexico to its unlimited data customers, while its pricier plan offers twice the data speed abroad and unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi through GoGo. AT&T's higher end plan comes with free access to HBO .

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Inside Jawbone's plan to become a medical device maker

The Note 8's stylus has some neat new tricks

Samsung has equipped the latest iteration of the stylus with a few cool new tricks. One of the best features is the live translate tool. Simply hover the S Pen nib over a word on screen and, using Google's translate technology, you'll see the translation hovering above the word. You can select the language you want it to translate to, of course, and there's also the option to select entire sentences.

Google, Walmart team up to take on Amazon Prime

Walmart, the world's biggest retailer, is threatened by Amazon's direct competition, especially because Walmart is the biggest grocer in the US. Google, meanwhile, is also threatened by Amazon, as Amazon expands its inventory to so many items that it's essentially become a search engine for shopping. On top of that, Amazon is also growing its online ads business, which is Google's bread and butter.

How to enhance landscape photography with light rays

In our previous article, we covered how to master the timing, composition and editing of landscape photography . Now let's level up and start enhancing those photos. Say you have a landscape view during sunset. It's beautiful, but it would be more dramatic if the sun had rays that were more visible. You know? Just a little bit of flare. You can easily add sun or light rays to any photo that has a light source in it. It's pretty easy to do within Photoshop . Here's how.

Video: Simple steps to cyber-safety

Anthony Grieco, Senior Director and Trust Strategy Officer at Cisco's Security and Trust Organization, shares two simple things every company should do to improve cybersecurity.

Microsoft shows off Brainwave 'real-time AI' platform on FPGAs | ZDNet

Microsoft is sharing more details about its plans for bringing its deep-learning platform to customizable chips -- a step toward making Azure an 'AI cloud.'

The Echo Show looks like the desktop PC of the future | ZDNet

It may not be able to create simple office documents today, but Echo Show's graceful overlay of visuals and touch on a fast-growing developer ecosystem is making it a more consumer-friendly device than the PC has ever been.

Watch Samsung announce the Note 8 in 8 minutes

The Galaxy Note 8 is official, marking Samsung’s final move to get past the Note 7 incident and onto bigger, less (literally) explosive things. For a quick recap of what was announced at the keynote here at the Unpacked event in New York City, we’ve condensed all the biggest moments from a one-hour presentation to a totally unintentional (but certainly appropriate) eight-minute supercut. Eight minutes of Note 8! Isn’t that great? Good thing the event didn’t run too late. Must be fate!

Facebook picks veteran executive to lead hardware efforts: Business Insider

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc on Wednesday named one of its veteran executives Andrew Bosworth to lead all of its consumer hardware efforts, including its Building 8 division, the Business Insider reported.

CNET News on Twitter

You can tell @jetscott is super psyched about having to buy a new Gear VR headset for the #GalaxyNote8

Identity theft at epidemic levels, warns Cifas - BBC News

If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on. In some cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location, unless you state otherwise. Your contact details will never be published. When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness accounts at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions.

What's With Star Wars and the Name 'Kira'?

Buried in the news of Michael K. Williams’s departure from the Han Solo movie was the possible name of Emilia Clarke’s character. And it’s a name we’ve heard a bunch of times in the Star Wars universe.

Apple Watch To Be Sold Alongside Aetna Health Insurance Plans

The Apple Watch could soon be sold discounted or free to Aetna’s 23 million members, as a way to improve health outcomes and lower insurance costs, according to a CNBC report .

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The Amazon-Whole Foods deal has received the green light from the FTC

Why are they called the 'dog days' of summer?

Contrary to popular belief, the dog days of summer have nothing to do with weather or temperature. They just usually happen to fall on the hottest days of the year — even though plenty of our hottest days occur after August 11, causing many to misidentify the dog days as the final weeks of summer. Friends, that's just not true!

Will Android 2.0 revolutionize the healthcare wearable industry?

Wearables no doubt are the future of technology. Their bond with the healthcare industry and the efforts made till date are unmatched. But if in particular, we talk about the changes or rather use the term ‘revolution’ for the changes to come with Android 2.0, we might be over expecting.

There's a Sexy Jon Snow costume because Halloween is coming

Brace yourselves — it's still August but Halloween is coming, and along with the arrival of fall is a fresh batch of needlessly sexy costumes.

Apple AirPods: The perfect commuter headset | ZDNet

I laughed at the white AirPods hanging from people's ears and made jokes about how they looked on Twitter. I judged too early, and they are actually perfect for my two-hour daily commute.

The Surprising Way a Confederate Submarine Crew Died at the Hands of Its Own Weapon

During the latter stages of the American Civil War, the H.L. Hunley made history by becoming the first combat submarine to sink an enemy ship. The Confederate crew never returned from its mission, sparking a mystery that’s lasted for over 130 years. An exhaustive new analysis suggests these pioneering submariners didn’t drown or suffocate as commonly believed, but instead died from the shockwave triggered by their very own weapon.

Snapchat will feature original scripted shows by end of year

Bell also told his listeners that, like the rest of Snapchat content, long-form isn't the answer. According to Variety , the content head still believes that the ideal length for a Snapchat show is three to five minutes. The company is apparently relying on partners to finance scripted shows, which tend to be more expensive than news or documentary-style "reality" shows. We've reached out to Snapchat for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

Physicists Use Lasers to Set Up First Underwater Quantum Communications Link

Quantum mechanics may force you to think some wild things about the way the Universe works, but it has some real applications. One of the theory’s main quirks allows for a special kind of quantum link, one that can send incredibly secure messages or transmit data for quantum computing. Tests of these links exist on Earth, in space, and now, underwater.

Putting Two Thors Together Shows the Human Side of the Gods of Thunder

While the Odinson sees in Jane a future for his attempts to become worthy, what Jane learns from the younger Thor is that the God of Thunder is much more than being able to wield Mjolnir. Despite Thor’s power coming from the realm of Asgard, what truly makes a Thor—whether’s the Odinson or Jane—is their humanity. The young Odinson draws his strength from the people around him, the people who pray to him and rally him to go flying into battle, using their faith to bolster his own strength and let him do the impossible things a god does on a daily basis. Jane’s struggles might be more personal than the Odinson’s, but the strength her frail human body has left, fighting cancer, is what keeps her rooted to Earth. If she lets that slip away altogether to forever remain a Goddess, she loses a big part of what makes Thor, well, Thor —the dichotomy of being a god torn between two realms, Asgard, and Midgard and representing the best of both of them.

Microsoft will sunset its GigJam collaboration app on September 22

Microsoft said today it’s retiring its GigJam collaboration tool, halting work on the service with plans to shut it down completely after two years in preview.

These Headphones Allow You To Record 3D Spatial Audio On The Go

The Hooke Verse wireless 3D-audio headphones make binaural audio cheaper and easier to capture. FS

Apple updates News Publisher with redesigned dashboard, UI tweaks

Apple on Wednesday rolled out updates to its iCloud-based News Publisher, featuring a number of user interface enhancements and a completely redesigned dashboard. In its reshuffling, Apple now lumps available tools and features into three tabs at the top of the screen. Articles displays a list of published stories available to readers, including promoted articles, while Analytics provides an in-depth look at page performance. Settings, as its name suggests, includes a host of general News Publisher settings. The biggest change to the web-based publication tool comes in the form of a revamped dashboard. Available under the Analytics tab, the at-a-glance tool boasts a refreshed layout that collects and displays vital publication information in card format, complete with relevant graphs and data points. A brand new navigation pane sits on the left side of the screen for quick access to metrics like unique viewers, total views, shares, follows and demographics data, among others. Separated from the dashboard cards are options for recurring and custom analytics reports, which provide publishers access to reader details on a weekly or monthly basis.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Photograph the total eclipse? Challenging, hard to stay sane, but worth it

I decided I did want to photograph it. I'd already invested in good-enough gear, and I was reasonably confident I could handle the photography itself when the moment came. And for me, photography is like a journal -- it's how I record what happens in my life and my family's life, a historical record. Photography gets me to look carefully at the world and learn more about it, and I knew the eclipse would be a big, memorable moment.

Snapchat is offering discounts to lure small businesses to run ads on the platform

The platform is offering discounts and incentives for creative services, specifically helping brands recut horizontal ads into its signature vertical format, multiple ad agency executives told Business Insider. The incentives were made available for advertisers running Snap Ads, its video ads, in the second and third quarter.

TNW on Twitter

Medium is using an applause meter to calculate authors' pay

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

IT playing strategic role in digital business transformation:

TNW on Twitter

Visual Inspector is a designer-friendly compliment to Chrome's DevTools

Finally, World's First TMSR Experiment in over 45 Years Started!

There will be four small crucibles that contain the LiF/ThF mixture. They are placed within a set of concentric steel tubes that are about 50 cm high. At the start of the experiment, the tubes will be brought into a selected radiation field of the High Flux Reactor. After a while, thorium will be transmuting to uranium and the uranium will start to fission. The salt content of the crucibles is identical at the start, but within one, a small nickel sponge will be placed, and in another one is a nickel foil. During the fission reaction, fission products will form and a part of these are noble metals. The goal is to find out if these noble metals precipitate on the nickel and the TMSR salt can be cleaned in this way.


Musk notes that the two-tone white and gray suit has been "tested to double vacuum pressure" and strikes a balance between looks and function. It'll be worn by SpaceX crew members when they blast off to the International Space Station and beyond.

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61 Cyborg Bacteria Beat Plants at the Photosynthesis Game
62 All the companies from Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Demo Day (Day 2)
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73 Walmart and Google partner on voice-based shopping
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