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Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry Teach Us Windows 95

Microsoft hired Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to teach the world about Windows 95.

MIT's newest 3D printer spouts 10 materials at a time

One of the biggest hindrances to current 3D printers is that they almost exclusively stick to a single precursor be it plastic, metal or glass. At most, you can...

Why scientists are putting tiny high-tech backpacks on honey bees

As part of the Global Initiative for Honey Bee Health, thousands of bees will be fitted with radio frequency identification (RFID) micro-sensors.

Coffee-based filament turns java into brown 3D-printed objects - CNET

Coffee bean hulls take on a new high-tech life as renewable 3D printing filament. It only comes in one color, though.

Boy breaks his fall at a museum by punching a hole through a $1.5 million painting

A boy tripped during a tour and punched a hole in a 350-year-old painting.

Robots Learn from the Web | MIT Technology Review

Researchers at a European project are teaching robots to use written text to learn how to perform tasks.

I loved Windows 95, so did you: Wallow in this nostalgia

Start me up with some windows nostalgia…

Look who's Tarkin: 'Star Wars' prequel 'Rogue One' could re-create Peter Cushing in CGI - CNET

Cushing, who played villainous military officer Grand Moff Tarkin in the first "Star Wars" movie, died in 1994. Is this a fitting tribute to a beloved actor, or special effects gone mad?

Microsoft celebrates Windows 95’s birthday with a free Rolling Stones song

Windows 95 launched 20 years ago today to the beat of "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones. It became the theme tune of a massive launch that saw thousands of people lining up at midnight to...

The Gears of War remake proves it’s still one of the best Xbox games

It’s easy to dismiss Gears of War. In another world, I would have, too. Gory video games about neckless space marines shooting reptilian aliens tend not to be my thing. But it was harder to...

Before he self destructed: chronicling the fall of 50 Cent

There was a time when Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was unavoidable. With the exception of Snoop Doggy Dogg, it’s difficult to envision a rapper getting a bigger launch: his debut album Get Rich Or Die...

Ashley Madison puts up $500,000 reward as 2 suicides are linked to data dump

Ashley Madison's parent company, Avid Life Media (ALM), is now offering a reward of up to $500,000 for anyone who provides info that leads to the arrest of

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Olympus gives entry-level OM-D E-M10 mirrorless camera big upgrades

Like the E-M5 Mark II’s introduction (a DT Editors’ Choice), Olympus says this second E-M10 is a massive upgrade from the original. “Even though it’s entry level, it’s not weak or inexpensive looking,” says Olympus’ Eric Gensel. On the exterior, the Mark II has some luxury and ergonomic improvements like machined metal dials and deeper grip for firmer hold. There’s a retro-styled power switch on the metallic top-panel that mimics the classic designs of OM-D film cameras from the past. With this camera, Olympus is targeting several buyers: casual photographers stepping up to their first ILC, existing mirrorless users looking to upgrade, as well as entry-level DSLR users who want to switch to a compact ILC.

Ashley Madison offers $380K reward for data-leak information amid customer suicide reports

Avid Life Media , the company behind Ashley Madison — an online service that helps married people have affairs — is to offer a CAD$500,000 ($380,000) reward for information that leads to the “identification, arrest and prosecution” of the people responsible for a data leak that revealed the identities of millions of users.

GoGo gets the green light for its next-gen in-flight internet

In-flight internet comes with a kind of technological ambivalence -- the fact that it exists at all feels like a complete miracle, but at the same time it almost always totally sucks. Don't worry though, it's about to get better: Gogo , one of the largest providers of commercial in-flight internet, just got approval from the FAA to launch its next generation of mile-high internet . If testing goes well, you could be pulling down 70 Mbps on select flights later this year.

Asus ZenFone 2 and Galaxy S6 rank as fastest-charging smartphones in test

Around 30 minutes in is when the S6 catches up to and eventually eclipses the ZenFone — and Samsung has recently said that the Note 5 charges at the same clip. That's pretty impressive when you factor in its 3,000mAh battery. One trend is clear; phones with some form of quick charge definitely outpace rivals like the iPhone and OnePlus 2. Battery recharge time isn't a leading factor in choosing which smartphone is right for you, but if the inexpensive Asus device checks off other boxes, at least you know it can juice back up with the best of them. Motorola says the upcoming Moto X Pure Edition leads the entire field here, so it'll be interesting to see how it compares come next month.

Sony Venture Unveils Drone Prototype

Japan Real Time is a newsy, concise guide to what works, what doesn’t and why in the one-time poster child for Asian development, as it struggles to keep pace with faster-growing neighbors while competing with Europe for Michelin-rated restaurants. Drawing on the expertise of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, the site provides an inside track on business, politics and lifestyle in Japan as it comes to terms with being overtaken by China as the world’s second-biggest economy. You can contact the editors at

A Vacant Lot In Wyoming Will Become One Of The World's First Vertical Farms

Inside, the plants move throughout each greenhouse floor on a conveyor belt that the founders compare to a moving rack at a dry cleaner. As they rotate, each plant gets an equal amount of time in natural light on the south side of the building, saving energy in artificial lighting. On the top level, the system also pulls plants up to the ceiling, effectively creating an extra floor. The conveyor also brings each plant to workers who can transplant or harvest the crops.

28 Pieces Of Street Art That Cleverly Interact With Their Surroundings

Street art is usually meant to disrupt its environment and to capture our attention, but the artists on this list practice a special technique that makes their artist even more eye-catching and playful – they tailor their art to its surroundings so that their (usually) 2D paintings seem to interact with their 3D surroundings.

A Photographer Inside the Wildfires

Firefighters don’t just spray water at wildfires, and that’s not because California is in a drought. In burnout operations, firefighters start their own fires to burn the plants that would otherwise get caught in a wildfire. These controlled burns start at the control line—a boundary such as a river, a road, or a strip cleared by a bulldozer. Low-intensity ground fires like this are actually good for the forest. They clean out the understory and leave more resources for larger trees.

Cameron's World

In an age where we interact primarily with branded and marketed web content, Cameron’s World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet. This project recalls the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction.

A 17-year-old invented an ingenious way to instantly stop bleeding

Suneris The first product in the rollout is a five-pack of 5-milliliter syringes that costs $150. Landolina says Suneris has its sights set on a US rollout first, followed by a release in Europe and Asia sometime early next year. The company has partnered with VetPlus , a British company focused on animal medicine, to expand its manufacturing across the pond.

Apple iPhone 6S rumor roundup: Everything we know about the next version of Apple's flagship phone

The iPhone 6's battery life isn't quite an Achilles' heel, but, on an otherwise outstanding phone, it is one of the few elements that's merely average. (The larger iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, delivers more impressive endurance). As mentioned above, however, we now know that iOS 9 features a new low-power mode that could boost the existing iPhone's battery life by up to 3 hours; perhaps Apple can squeeze out even more efficiency in the 6S with some hardware tweaks.

Customers left waitress an 'LOL' instead of a tip

Jones was collecting receipts from one of her tables at D’Jais Bar & Grill in Belmar, New Jersey when she noticed that, in place of the tip amount, the customers had simply written "LOL," with the comment "1 hour for food."

Who Won Science Fiction’s Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters

Martin loves Worldcon, having attended every year almost without fail ever since his first one in 1971. There is a sense of community among sci-fi fans, he says, that is special and sustaining. Having won four Hugos and lost 15 (and that’s not counting any related to the HBO show), he says he can say with utter sincerity that it is an honor merely to be nominated—not because the Hugo is a hoity-toity accolade bestowed by Ivy Leaguers (a frequent Puppy claim), but because of the caliber of past winners. And, for the record, those winners have also included women writers like Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia Butler, who was black. Novelist Connie Willis, meanwhile, was referred to at the 2015 Awards as “the Meryl Streep of science fiction”—she’s been nominated for 24 and won 11. 2

The great #PlaneBreakUp of 2015

So the two were SO drunk, came on the plane and I just thought they were loud and annoying at first but then she SHRIEKED and started crying loud enough to capture the attention of everyone in the front of the plane. Cut to me tweeting everything, them being SO oblivious to everyone talking shit around them and the guy spilling the worlds biggest bloody mary on his khakis. He made 2 flight attendants come help him clean it all up while the (ex) girlfriend continued to sob in his face. The guy behind me said “I wonder if they’re taking separate ubers home!” while we were getting off so they prob had to stop at the Hudson News to buy some ice for that sick burn.

You know the stock market is in trouble when Tim Cook is emailing Jim Cramer

Luckily, a bursting of the tech bubble, at least among startups, won't have nearly the impact it did during the dot-com bust. The majority of investors don't have major exposure to these companies, and a down round is not a death knell for a startup with a real business model. While it may seem like markets in the US and China are hurting, you need to remember that both have been on an amazing bull run for years leading up to this. We've got a long way to go before this is more than just a painful, but healthy, correction to very overheated markets.

Hydrogen fuel cell integrated into iPhone 6 powers it for a week | Apple |

Fuel cells have been promising to solve the rechargeable battery problem for years now. Rather than relying on a battery that takes hours to recharge once drained, you instead have hydrogen fuel cells that can be instantly topped up for hours more use. We haven’t seen such a fuel cell system make it into a mass-market device just yet, but a British company has now managed to hook one up to a modern smartphone.

Motorola's new camera is a massive upgrade over anything it's done before

For all its leadership in making Android phones more accessible and affordable to the masses, Motorola has never been able to count itself among the best cameraphone makers. The Chicago-based company has made an unfortunate habit of making really great phones with truly terrible cameras. This year, however, Moto promised — nay, guaranteed — that things would be different as it introduced a new 21-megapixel camera in its top-tier Moto X Style / Pure and Moto X Play devices. Having spent a day shooting with this new camera, I can say with certainty that this is indeed the best imaging equipment to have ever made its way inside a Moto smartphone. It's too soon to pass sound judgment on how it compares against the leaders in the field — like Samsung's Galaxy S6 series, LG's G4, and Apple's iPhone 6 — but the very fact these new Moto Xs are even in the conversation is a remarkable advance for Motorola.

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The Battle Of The Sexes, Reduced To Pictograms

In East meets West, an old book from Taschen, Beijing-born, Berlin-based designer Yang Liu manages to reduce already reductive stereotypes about the East and the West to pictograms--a playful attempt to show just how stupid they are. These simple, colorful illustrations convey age-old cliches about how Easterners and Westerners behave in the bedroom, the boardroom, and beyond.

Elon Musk and Uber’s CEO will be among the first guests on Stephen Colbert's Late Show

Stephen Colbert's first two Late Show guests will be George Clooney and Jeb Bush — exactly the kind of guests you would expect: very famous, very topical, and practiced on the talk show circuit. But Colbert's Late Show takes a turn starting the night after. He's inviting on SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk for its second night, followed by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for its third. Both make for very interesting additions to Colbert's first week. It's probably too soon to make anything out of it, but their early appearance certainly gives the impression that Colbert may use his show to bring on tech and business figures with some frequency, rather than focusing on the entertainment world.

Ou on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Why Phone Fraud Starts With A Silent Call

"We don't want consumers to engage in any way with robocallers," Hsue says. "A lot of times when you get a robocall you have the option of pressing 1 for more information or pressing 2 to ask to be removed from the list. And in either case, pressing 1 or 2 basically lets the robocaller know that it's a live person on the other line who's willing to engage and that could lead to additional robocalls."

The hysteria over Windows 95 launch, 20 years ago

Anthony Martin of the Committee to Fight Microsoft Corp. distributes leaflets outside a downtown Manhattan computer store warning consumers not to purchase Windows 95, claiming that it is not an "upgrade" and will require consumers to purchase costly additional memory for their computers.

24 Meet the GynePunks Pushing the Boundaries of DIY Gynecology

But is it practical to use open source technology to take over one’s own health care, or even safe? So far the work is largely focused on diagnosis, and members of the collective are quick to note that what they’re creating is far from a comprehensive solution. It’s limited by some obvious factors—access to materials, a place to put them together, and the time to do it. But where the infrastructure does exist, and people are motivated to do so, it is very possible to establish some useful alternatives for self-care. As an example, Klau pointed to a pilot vinegar test program that’s lowered cervical cancer deaths by some 31 percent among poor women in Mumbai’s slums.

What mobile ad blocking looks like in the real world

Content blockers on iOS are a new type of app that’s able to block incoming content before it’s loaded by the system — it provides a list of sites and scripts to the operating system for blocking. Instead of requiring the browser to process what to block as the page loads, it’s performed on a system level before  the page loads which increases speed significantly.

Found after 108 years: Message in a bottle set afloat for science - CNET

It took over a century for a long-lost message in a bottle to wash up on shore, and it may be the oldest ever found. There was even a reward involved.

Floating Above London, This Invisible Pool Lets You Swim Laps In The Sky

The developers at the Embassy Gardens, a new luxury apartment complex opening in London, have just announced what they claim is the world's first sky pool. It's 82 feet long, and its killer feature is that it stretches between the complex's two towers, allowing residents to swim between the rooftop bar, spa, and orangery. Meanwhile, pedestrians below will actually be able to look up through the bottom of the pool to see people swimming above them.

Han Solo in carbonite backpack will make Jabba jealous - CNET

Stuff all your gear inside a "Star Wars" backpack with Han Solo's frozen face sticking out, waiting to be rescued.

The LeBron James of Weightlifting

But as a youth, Cummings is becoming a force on the international stage. At the junior worlds this June in Poland, Cummings competed as a 15-year-old against athletes as old as 20 and finished fourth in the clean and jerk and seventh overall. At the nationals this month, his clean and jerk of 175 kilograms (about 386 pounds) broke not only the American national senior record but also exceeded by two kilograms the international youth record in his weight class (69 kilograms, or about 152 pounds). That record was unofficial, because it didn’t occur at an international meet. But even on an unofficial basis, it tops anything any American weightlifter has accomplished in decades.

Meet The Most Important Person In Entertainment You've Never Heard Of

Thorn says Maron gives him more credit than he deserves for WTF ’s beginnings, but there’s no denying that Thorn combines a Zelig-like ability for being in the right place at the right time with an innate mogul’s eye for talent and making things happen. Thorn does not, however, see himself as having any special powers of prognostication or foresight, and chalks up his innate business savvy to the self-sufficiency he learned as a child. With characteristic self-deprecation, Thorn argues, "I just never had the idea that anyone would give me anything. I was mostly an only child (I have two half-brothers who are much younger than I), my parents hated each other, I lived in the city. I was self-sufficient. My default mode is to assume I'll have to take care of business myself." The self-sufficiency is still in full effect. After a disappointing visit to Comic-Con, Thorn decided to create a festival for Maximum Fun fans, and MaxFunCon was born, with classes and shows and a lineup of musicians, writers, and comedians that taps into the deep stable of talent at Maximum Fun. In 2013, Thorn followed in the footsteps of geek icon Jonathan Coulton’s JoCo Cruise and took his empire to the high seas as the Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival, a floating celebration of arts and culture.

A guy got locked inside an LA Fitness and lived to tell the tale

Nicholas Clayton of Clearwater, Florida was simply enjoying a nice, relaxing sauna after his workout at the local LA Fitness, when he discovered that the gym had accidentally locked him inside the facility after closing time at 5 p.m.

Even Beyoncé would be impressed with this man's 'Single Ladies' dance

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

The artists behind Thailand's moving street art

For over 25 years, Mee Saeng Bus Body has been catering to Thailand’s bus and coach industry. Starting in 1989, they initially kept to the relatively simple job of replacing windows and seats. In 1993, they noticed a rising popularity in colorful, fantastical transit buses. Today, since capitalizing on the personalized transportation business, Bus Body has more than 150 employees and makes some 175 buses a year.

A Visual History of Microsoft Windows

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How to save a wet phone -- and what not to do

How to save a wet phone — and what not to do LOS ANGELES — Splish splash, it's your worst technological nightmare. It fell in the toilet. Your clumsy friend knocked a glass of water onto it. You forgot it was in your pocket when you jumped into the pool. Check out this story on

Don't call this a 'fire rainbow'

A rare and colorful sight was spotted in the South Carolina sky last Sunday. Dozens of beachgoers photographed what many referred to as a "fire rainbow" above the Isle of Palms outside Charleston. Unfortunately, the term used to describe this display is incredibly inaccurate. This so-called "fire rainbow" isn't a rainbow at all; it's actually a circumhorizontal arc.

Golfing Greenhorns

In order to build a full-sized great white shark from 2-inch-thick gray upholstery foam, Adam must first make a pattern from camping mat foam. And it’s absolutely FASCINATING to watch.

How quantum biology might explain life’s biggest questions

How does a robin know to fly south? The answer might be weirder than you think: Quantum physics may be involved. Jim Al-Khalili rounds up the extremely new, extremely strange world of quantum biology, where something Einstein once called “spooky action at a distance” helps birds navigate, and quantum effects might explain the origin of life itself.

This man is Apple’s hardware fixer in China

Casey is the guy because since 1996 he’s been facilitating hardware manufacturing for companies large and small in China, the world’s largest manufacturer of (and market for) electronics. The simplest way to explain PCH (named for California’s Pacific Coast Highway) is that it offers “end-to-end” services: from design to engineering, manufacturing to packaging, fulfillment to retail distribution. If you gave PCH a sketch on a napkin, the company could turn it into a product on a shelf—as it actually did recently with Drop, a connected kitchen scale. “Some people expect a ‘China button,’ ” Casey says. “But they’re looking for an end-to-end button.”

How a Ban on Plastic Bags Can Go Wrong

There's little doubt that targeted bans can mitigate these kinds of effects by cutting down on the use of single-use bags in the first place. In Austin, for example, a post-ban survey found that single-use plastic bags accounted for only 0.03 percent of the total litter collected in the city in 2015. Assuming the pre-ban rate was closer to the 0.12 percent in nearby Fort Worth, that marks a roughly 75 percent reduction of single-use plastic bags in Austin’s landfills.

One flu shot could soon protect against any strain

Current flu vaccines have to be reformulated each year to suit the latest, most prominent strain. These new vaccines would remove the guesswork involved in predicting which strain will dominate the flu season. That's because they work by mimicking a stable part of the virus that doesn't change from one season to the next. Researchers have known about this vaccine target for a few years now, but until recently, they hadn't been able to produce a vaccine that provoked the appropriate immune response. Now, scientists have demonstrated that it is possible, at least in animals.

The Treasures Under Istanbul

Marmaray did open on October 29th. You can now cross the Bosporus in four minutes. The connecting metro service at Yenikapı began in 2014. One report estimated that it would save Istanbul’s commuters twenty-five million hours a year. An engineer once described the Yenikapı station to me as a knot tying together different kinds of rail transport. It’s equally a knot tying together different kinds of time: millennia and minutes, eras and hours. The restoration of the ships, employing a technology first used on Viking galleys, takes anything from five to twenty years. Ufuk Kocabaş, the Istanbul University marine archeologist who started working on the ships in 2005, at the age of thirty-five, and is now in charge of their preservation, doesn’t expect to see the job completed in his lifetime. A museum and an archeological park are under construction to showcase the findings, and, in an apt figure for the seemingly endless nature of the Yenikapı project, it seems likely that their construction will turn up even more shipwrecks.

Capturing the Wonder of the Sea in Stunning Black and White

Compared to other undersea photographers, who often prefer large DSLRs and elaborate gear, Patjane keeps it simple. He shoots with a compact Sony RX100 in a Nauticam housing with an Inon wide angle lens and dome. The rig provides a visual field of 144 degrees that makes his camera “a powerful wide-angle monster.” He’s also unique in favoring black and white, which he says allows him to focus on the contrast between light and shadow and the interaction of lines and curves.

Court Says the FTC Can Slap Companies for Getting Hacked

In a decision published Monday, a U.S. appellate court ruled that the Federal Trade Commission has the authority to sue Wyndham Hotels for allowing hackers to steal more than 600,000 customers’ data from its computer systems in 2008 and 2009, leading to more than $10 million in fraudulent charges. The ruling more widely cements the agency’s power to regulate and fine firms that lose consumer data to hackers, if the companies engaged in what the FTC deems “unfair” or “deceptive” business practices. At a time when ever-more-private data is constantly getting breached, the decision affirms the FTC’s role as a digital watchdog with actual teeth.

A Staircase Designed For Dogs

07Beach's client was a personal friend of Joe Chikamori, principal architect, and in the pitch, Chikamori wrote a friendly note. "I designed this so that your house could represent your affection for your wife and your two dogs, with the idea that this house will be like a gift to your family." The plans took 17 days to design, then an additional 26 days for construction.

Until Dawn combines the best of horror films and games on PS4

Until Dawn is one of those experiences that will have people debating what qualifies a game as a game. There isn’t really a challenge, and when you make a mistake it doesn’t impede your progress, it simply changes the story. But whatever you want to call it, it’s worthy horror; it takes the best of both film and games and combines them into a terrifying, heart-wrenching experience. Often when I finish a game or movie like this, I’m left with lingering questions about what really happened. With Until Dawn, the only real question I have is what might have changed if I had been a little bit smarter, a bit quicker to react. It’s such a strong feeling that I’m planning to play the game again, to spend another 10 hours in a creepy, uncomfortable place, just so that I can see if I can save everyone this time.

See the incredible cars of Pebble Beach's multimillion-dollar auctions

For those who bleed motor oil, there's no week more legitimately exciting than that of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, an event where impossibly rare, cool, interesting, and expensive vehicles of all vintages come out by the hundreds. Some are there to race, some are just there to party, and others are there to trade hands — often to the tune of seven figures. Sometimes, it even stretches to eight.

The 3-D Printed Violin That Could Lead to a New Stradivarius

Instruments made from synthetic materials are also more durable. Luis Leguia is the inventor and founder behind Luis and Clark , a Massachusetts company that’s paved the way for carbon fiber cellos and violins. Leguia was a symphony cellist for years and saw the potential for a new material in the early 1990s, while sailing his catamaran alone. Turns out, you hear things when you’re alone. Near the hull, he says, the water swirls around and creates a vortex that emits a low, musical hum when it comes in contact with the fiberglass. With that observation in mind, he later made three prototypes. The carbon fiber design proved better than fiberglass, and he soon started production. After 15 years and some 1,500 instruments, Leguia says he’s had to make just four repairs. Traditional violins and cellos, typically made of spruce and maple, aren’t quite so durable. “In fluctuating climatic conditions—hot, cold, damp, dry—those will sometimes come apart,” Leguia says.

Comcast's gigabit internet should be widely available by 2018

It'll initially top out at 'just' 1Gbps for most customers (Gigabit Pro's 2Gbps is still an outlier), so there won't be an incentive to ditch Google Fiber if it happens to reach your neighborhood first. However, DOCSIS 3.1 can scale up to 10Gbps in ideal conditions. Even if it falls short in real life, that still means that a compatible cable modem (due in early 2016) could give you multi-gigabit downloads in the future. Whether or not the service will be worthwhile is another matter. Those breakneck speeds won't matter much if they're priced out of reach for most people, such as the $300 per month that you pay for Gigabit Pro. So long as the costs come down, though, this could be the move that brings truly quick internet connections to a large swath of the American public.

The lyrical universe of Lana Del Rey, charted

To be a fan of, or even just have a healthy interest in Lana Del Rey is to enter a world and mythology every bit as dense and geekable as something by George R. R. Martin. Since breaking out in 2011 with her langorous first hit "Video Games," the aggressively self-styled singer songwriter has gained legions of fans, many of whom are inspired and egged on by the foggy relationship between her lyrical truths and biographical facts. Blue hydrangeas are the dizzying Carcosa-spirals of Lana Del Rey fandom.

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