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Carbon nanotube yarn generates electricity when stretched

Nanotube yarns could power future wearables or generate electricity from the sea.

Netflix teases the next season of Black Mirror with 6 new episode titles

Coming in December

Clowns-only showing of Stephen King's 'It' is worst idea ever

Funny concept or bloody terrifying? Let's just hope they all arrive in the same car.

How much internet can Katy Perry cram in one music video?

Let us explain the hot mess of memes and references for you.

Arduino powered and 3D printed, this robot translates to sign language | ZDNet

The video is compelling evidence that technology convergence and falling prices are driving novel, low-cost robotics development

Old Taylor Swift is dead. May New Taylor Swift forever reign in terror

Taylor is going all Arya on us.

Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' to address Charlottesville, say goodbye to Steve Bannon

He even brought Bannon back.

Alec Baldwin’s “Weekend Update” Sketch Does Not Bode Well For SNL’s Return

Alec Baldwin visited “Weekend Update” last night, and it’s a stark reminder that the news has become more difficult to parody than ever.

See 'SpongeBob SquarePants' full of anime angst

The lovable cartoon sponge and his underwater pals are transformed into dark, brooding Japanese anime characters in this fan-made tribute.

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Samsung boss sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption

Google Assistant is now on iOS devices in the UK

Google Assistant has now officially launched on iOS in Europe meaning you'll be able to use the voice assistant on your iPhone instead of using Apple's homegrown Siri.

Apple's Swift curriculum coming to over 30 community colleges, select high schools

Apple on Friday said that over 30 U.S. community college systems will offer its "App Development with Swift" curriculum during the 2017-2018 school year, expanding on the original six the company announced in May. A few of the new partners include the Austin Community College District, Northeast Mississippi Community College, and Northwest Kansas Technical College. A previously-announced one, the Alabama Community College System, will be adding more campuses. "We've seen firsthand how Apple's app ecosystem has transformed the global economy, creating entire new industries and supporting millions of jobs," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "We believe passionately that same opportunity should be extended to everyone, and community colleges have a powerful reach into communities where education becomes the great equalizer." Originally launched on the iBooks Store, the curriculum is meant to guide people without any programming experience towards the goal of building a fully-functional app. While open-source, Swift is an Apple-designed language useful mainly for the company's own platforms.

Amazon is slicing Whole Foods prices starting Monday

To mark the merger's close and give shoppers a taste of what's to come under new ownership, Amazon is also lowering prices on a number of Whole Foods' best-selling items beginning Monday, with more price cuts on the way. 

What the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 spectacle was really like

This year especially, Samsung needed to put on a good show . The company was under pressure to wow consumers with the Galaxy Note 8, the first direct follow-up to the Note 7, which was twice recalled last year over its unhealthy tendency to catch fire. The incident turned Samsung into the butt of many jokes, humbling the mighty tech giant. This event marked the first chance for Samsung to get you trusting the Note name again.


Apple is pulling apps created by Iranian developers that are specifically designed for people in Iran from its App Stores to comply with US sanctions, The New York Times reports. Apple does not sell its products in Iran and an Iranian version of the Apple App Store doesn't exist, but smuggled iPhones are popular among wealthy Iranians. Iranian developers have created thousands of apps for these users and offer them on App Stores in other countries including the US App Store. For the last few weeks, Apple has been removing Iranian food delivery and shopping apps, and on Thursday, it removed Snapp, an Uber-like ride hailing app that is popular in Iran .

8bitdo NES30 Pro review: A versatile controller with a retro Nintendo feel

8bitdo’s NES30 Pro connects via Bluetooth 4.0 or an included micro-USB cable. I tested it on a Windows 10 machine but it’s compatible with Windows 7 and above. It’s also compatible with Android, MacOS, SteamOS, and the Nintendo Switch. Raspberry Pi and older systems are supported via ‘Legacy Firmware.’ Pairing the controller with your PC is simple, with a dedicated button on the bottom of the controller. Once paired I didn’t have any connectivity problems even though I have a couple Bluetooth devices around my desk.

Apple reportedly planning $999 price for new iPhone

Next month, Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhones. Two will be slightly redesigned and updated versions of the iPhone 7, and one will be this high-end iPhone with a brand new design and a nearly full-screen display. There had been speculation before now that this iPhone would be at least $1,000: for one, Apple would need to charge more than $769, the price of the Plus-sized iPhone; and two, there’s been some assumption that Apple will want to depress sales a bit so that it can better manage supply. But this is the first time a price has actually been reported.

FBI charges Chinese national with distributing malware used in OPM hack | ZDNet

The malware has been linked to both the data breach of the US Office of Personnel Management as well as the Anthem breach.

Top 5: Work collaboration tools

With the influx of new collaboration tools, you might be confused about which ones to use. Here are five suggestions.

Samsung’s de facto leader has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for perjury, embezzlement, and bribery

Jay Y. Lee has been found guilty by a court in South Korea on a string of corruption charges, reports the BBC . One of the charges said Lee bribed multiple foundations that were used to support former South Korean president Park Geun-hye’s political activities in return for government favors. Though technically Lee isn’t the head of Samsung, he has been overseeing many of the company’s activities since his father had a heart attack three years ago. Lee was sentenced to a 5-year jail term instead of the 12 years the prosecution was seeking. MG

'Stranger Things' spoofs 'Alien' in terrifying new poster

In the Upside Down, no one can hear you scream. And if you're a fan of the chilling sequel, game over man, game over.

Half-Life 3's potential plot posted online by longtime series writer Marc Laidlaw

Unfortunately, it increasingly looks like we might never get to see a third entry in the Half-Life saga. A GameInformer investigation posted at the beginning of 2017 described the challenges of getting projects off the ground at Valve, and this combined with the expectations for Half-Life 3 having reached stratospheric levels has meant that attempts to work on the game have quickly fizzled out. 


The updated box, to be revealed alongside new iPhone and Apple Watch models at an event in September, will run a faster processor capable of streaming the higher-resolution 4K content, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren't yet public. The 4K designation is a quality standard that showcases content at twice the resolution of 1080P high-definition video, meaning the clarity is often better for the viewer. Apple is also testing an updated version of its TV app, which first launched in 2016, that can aggregate programming from apps that already offer live streaming. Apple is seeking to revive its video ambitions with the new product. In order to view 4K video, users will need to attach the updated Apple TV to a screen capable of showing the higher-resolution footage. In order to play 4K and HDR content, Apple will need deals with content makers that can provide video in those formats. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant has begun discussions with movie studios about supplying 4K versions of movies via iTunes, according to people familiar with the talks.

Inside Angola's demining training grounds

This training facility is part of the Halo Trust's school for deminers. The new class of trainees is all women, who are learning the skills to safely remove landmines.

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Samsung confirms its Bixby-powered smart speaker is on the way

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The neo-nazi porn industry is thriving — because people are terrible

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The future of your data could rest in the outcome of LinkedIn vs HiQ case

New Taylor Swift just declared Old Taylor Swift dead, and the internet can't deal

The bluntly stated line shocked the general public, who seemingly had no idea that old Taylor was even sick. Here's how the internet is honoring her memory:

Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron over 'Wonder Woman' criticism

Patty Jenkins had a few things to say about James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' comments.

'Game of Thrones' road renamed due to Lannister twincest

Family affair: Not everyone in an Australian suburb likes the idea of driving down a street that reminds them of Cersei and Jaime's love.

How to correct language settings in Windows 10

It's a bad idea to download software or operating systems from sketchy or unknown sites, and if you've done so I recommend removing it and switching to legitimate versions. Not only is using unauthorized or pirated software unethical, it can subject you to legal or malware risk. Like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, and a "cracked" operating system might end up being un-cracked by a future update, causing headaches and possible expense paying guys like me to fix it (not that I object to the work opportunities for helping out, of course). This should be a special no-brainer at work, since many companies have policies against unauthorized software which can lead to disciplinary action or termination.

How to safely bet on the McGregor-Mayweather fight online

You don't have to travel to Vegas or rely on friends to bet big on the McGregor-Mayweather fight this Saturday . Instead, you can place bets online. But if you want to place a wager on Saturday's fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, don't just head to any site -- I suggest you place your bet with one of the bigger, more reputable online betting sites.

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Gangster rapping hackers warn us about the dangers of ransomware

Half-price Note 8? Yes, if you owned a Note 7 | ZDNet

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the most expensive smartphone today. In order to reward loyal Note 7 owners who had to return their devices last year, Samsung is offering a compelling upgrade program.

Clearing Angola's land mines in Diana's footsteps

The men, wearing hoods and beanies, line up in six rows of eight, like soldiers at attention. But instead of marching off to war, they are preparing to, in a way, do the exact opposite: clear away some of the up to 1 million land mines that have paralyzed Angola since its civil war ended in 2002. The morning ritual is known as the "parade." It's a reveille for the guys to gather for briefings and announcements before they head off to their assigned minefields to find and dig up explosives.

The life-saving browser shortcut everyone should know

Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to admit I only discovered the shortcut a few months back, but it's changed my life ever since. (I used to use a browser extension called TooManyTabs to do something similar, but this is way better.)

Facebook Messenger user? Watch out for fake messages rigged with malware | ZDNet

The user is sent a message composed of their name followed by the word 'Video', and a shocked emoji face with a shortened URL: for example, in the documented case, the message said 'David Video'. The link leads to a Google Doc, which blurs a photo taken from the victim's Facebook page and makes it look like a playable movie.

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This hidden iOS function shows how much time you’re wasting on which apps

Razer’s new Wolverine controller wants to tear up your PC and Xbox One

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate  works, as most Xbox gamepads do, on both Xbox One consoles and Windows PCs. But unlike most, it includes two interchangeable d-pads, several swappable thumbsticks with different heights, remappable triggers and buttons, and a lighting strip that can be controlled via Razer's custom software. Razer's Chroma software, also used on Razer laptops and mice, allows 16.8 million color options.

Ride hailing firm Grab commits $100 million to expand in Myanmar

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Ride-hailing firm Grab, the main Southeast Asian rival of Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL], said it would commit $100 million over the next three years to deepen its presence in Myanmar, grow to more cities and roll out its other services.

‘Humans of New York’ is getting its own Facebook TV show

For the new docuseries, Stanton will return to the streets of New York, where the blog began. In a Facebook post , he claims he's amassed an archive of 1200 filmed interviews, shot over the past four years. "Instead of posting these videos one day at a time, I held onto them so that one day I could combine them into something special," he writes. Viewers can expect to see more candid interviews with city dwellers that have a personal story to tell. Only this time round, Stanton is working with some notable collaborators, including Oscar nominated exec producer Julie Goldman (known for producing Weiner , and Life, Animated ).

Windows 10: Microsoft promises never to repeat upgrade campaign's 'forced downloads'

In a statement, Microsoft said it is pleased the matter is resolved and highlighted recently added Windows 10 features that offer users greater control over when updates are installed . But it is unclear how the declaration by Microsoft's German subsidiary will affect the way the wider company handles user consent in practice. The free upgrade period for Windows 10 ended in July last year, and there are ways to nominally get consent for actions that the bulk of users are unaware of, for example, making options opt-out rather than opt-in .

Taylor Swift sampled 'I'm Too Sexy' in her new song and P.S. the '90s are back

Taylor Swift sampled 'I'm Too Sexy' in her new song and P.S. the '90s are back

Check out the official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Being made mostly out of glass, the Galaxy Note 8 is a pretty fragile device, one which should probably be used with a protective cover or case. Samsung is providing this option to Galaxy Note 8 customers, as well as throwing in some additional accessories. Check them out below:

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Younger adults are more likely than their elders to prefer reading the news

Samsung's bad software update bricks smart TVs | ZDNet

Until yesterday customers had been told by Samsung's forum moderator to call Samsung's support line, only to be told by staff that engineers are working on a fix that will be delivered at some point in the future.

How the University of Kentucky used tech to revolutionize classroom learning for college students

Today, the university has 18 of such classrooms, which allow students to collaborate with one another. In these classes, instruction tends to be project-based and problem-based, rather than lecture-based, Friskney said, and asks students to directly build upon knowledge they have gained in the past.

Naval Vessels, Shadowy by Intent, Are Hard for Commercial Ships to Spot

Naval ships, designed to avoid detection by enemy fleets and aircraft, are exempt from an international requirement that vessels automatically and continuously broadcast their position, course and speed. They tend to have fewer lights than many commercial vessels, making them harder to pick out. They are painted gray to blend into the sea during wartime but become even more difficult to spot at night. And a growing number of modern naval vessels, including the John S. McCain, are designed to scatter incoming radar signals, so that they are less detectable.

Amazon Prime members will get even deeper discounts at Whole Foods

News of Amazon buying Whole Foods shook the grocery industry in June, and these new plans are doing the same. Kroger shares were down eight percent yesterday, and Walmart shares fell two percent yesterday as well. Amazon is certainly a new threat to the grocery industry now that it has all of Whole Foods' 460 stores under its belt, but its online retail scale is still its best asset. Amazon Fresh has been around for a while, but customers still like to buy their groceries at a store rather than adding unseen fruits and veggies to an online cart. Companies like Walmart and Costco still have an advantage since they have more physical stores than Whole Foods. However, it's possible that customers will shop at a nearby Whole Foods location, see the price changes and new perks Amazon brought to the chain, and be more willing to shop online for Whole Foods items (and others) on Amazon's website.

Google opens up on Titan security: Here's how chip combats hardware backdoors | ZDNet

Google explains how its new Titan chip can tackle threats of the type used by nation states.

Why did CIA create a bogus software upgrade? To steal data from FBI, NSA | ZDNet

The data-stealing Trojan was created as part of a CIA project called ExpressLane, a piece of software installed by CIA Office of Technical Service (OTS) agents under the guise of upgrading the CIA's biometric collection system.

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James Cameron: "Wonder Woman objectified it's lead & was a step backwards from Sarah Connor." Linda Hamilton:

Automation by the numbers: record-breaking year for sales of robots, components | ZDNet

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) just rolled out new research confirming record growth in the areas of robotics, machine vision, motion control, and motor technology for the first half of 2017.

1 million people pay nothing for cellphone service, so how does FreedomPop make money?

FreedomPop collects data about users’ backgrounds and phone habits. Stokols said the company can identify who’s likely to be a freeloader who will never pay — and in turn, the company doesn’t waste time pitching such users. Instead it closely studies users who pay for extra features to find new subscribers with similar characteristics who may be more likely to spend in the future.


In the last five years, dozens of schools have popped up offering an unusual promise: Even humanities graduates can learn how to code in a few months and join the high-paying digital economy. Students and their hopeful parents shelled out as much as $26,000 seeking to jump-start a career. But the coding boot-camp field now faces a sobering moment, as two large schools have announced plans to shut down this year -- despite backing by major for-profit education companies, Kaplan and the Apollo Education Group, the parent of the University of Phoenix. The closings are a sign that years of heady growth led to a boot-camp glut, and that the field could be in the early stages of a shakeout. [...] One of the casualties, Dev Bootcamp, was a pioneer. It started in San Francisco in 2012 and grew to six schools with more than 3,000 graduates. Only three years ago, Kaplan, the biggest supplier of test-preparation courses, bought Dev Bootcamp and pledged bold expansion. It is now closing at the end of the year. Also closing is The Iron Yard, a boot camp that was founded in Greenville, S.C., in 2013 and swiftly spread to 15 campuses, from Las Vegas to Washington, D.

​Are head mounted displays really going to sell in 2021? | ZDNet

Pricing is a big issue. Yes, HTC cut the price of the Vive. Yes, Facebook's Oculus has a sale and when that end will still be cheaper than the Vive. Sony's PlayStation VR is popular, but will still run you $399. Toss in HMDs from Samsung and others and you can get the price lower, but here's the question: If I gave you an HMD for free would you use it once the novelty wore off? Probably not. If free isn't a good price point you really should wonder about the HMD form factor.

49 12 reasons to learn Apple’s open source Swift language

There are lots of reasons why you might want to learn how to build apps using Apple’s open-source Swift language, including ease of use, security and speed.

Intel just admitted that people don’t trust self-driving cars

Intel has big plans for self-driving cars, but public opinion stands in the way. The company, which has announced a slew of partnerships–including a collaboration with BMW–believes the technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. In fact, it’s almost ready to go to market. The next huge hurdle is getting people to feel safe in autonomous vehicles.

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56 Ryan Gosling and Jay-Z are set to open 'Saturday Night Live'
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58 Samsung Heir Is Found Guilty of Corruption in Blockbuster Trial
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