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Self-driving trucks to be used for highway construction in Florida

"Unlike Daimler's big rig that still needs someone behind the wheel, these ones are completely driverless."

The future is now: 6 startups bringing science fiction to life

We all get hyped for the gadgets and technologies that could make our lives look like a badass science fiction movie: drones, hoverboards, robotics, VR, AR

New game from 'Gears of War' creator breaks the moon

Lawbreakers is a free, post-catastrophe, sci-fi shooter. Just don't call it "post-apocalyptic."

TuneIn's new Premium tier removes the ads and introduces new sports and audiobook stations

TuneIn is going freemium. The Web radio service today announced a paid subscription that offers some notable benefits over the standard free tier. First up

The Big Picture: 'Mass Effect' Reapers invade Los Santos

The vanguard of our destruction now floats lazily over the streets of Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos.

The shaky science of shattering the moon in 'LawBreakers'

We ask the Bad Astronomer if LawBreaker's Moon-cracking premise is plausible.

Samsung teases Gear 2 smartwatch ahead of IFA launch

A Samsung executive has published a picture of the Gear S2 smartwatch on his Instagram profile, ahead of the official launch next week

Exclusive: Secretive fusion company claims reactor breakthrough

California’s Tri Alpha Energy continues progress toward an alternative fusion reactor

Biologists are sharing their best animal genitalia photos on Twitter

Science Twitter (yeah, it's a thing) has been having quite a good time this week, as they attempt to find the best animal genitalia photo possible.

Chasing stardom in YouTube's crowded universe

Valley Village is located next to North Hollywood, which isn’t very close to Hollywood at all. The Santa Monica Mountains, plus a handful of neighborhoods and freeway exchanges, separate Hollywood...

Little girls give adult women makeovers and solid dating advice

In this new video from Cosmopolitan, three little girls help three adult women get ready for a first date by giving them makeovers and offering romance advice.

Kid perfectly fakes excitement for getting avocado as a gift

A little kid receives an avocado for a Christmas gift and he is clearly not impressed.

How to Make Your Video Rank Number One on YouTube (Case Study)

In this post you will learn how to rank number one on YouTube with your own marketing video through the eyes of a successful case study.

How To Build a French Cleat Organizing System

A French cleat system is great for organizing any wall. I'm building one for my shop, however I really believe this is an awesome solution to any spac...

magnetic silly putty

Thinking Putty (also known as Silly Putty) is a silicone polymer children's toy. Silly putty is fun because it has some unique properties: it is visco...

Dad has the perfect response when his son wanted to get a doll

A father responds positively when his son wants to get a doll for his birthday.

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Cloud9 for Salesforce® Developers: your new dev environment in the cloud

With our roots and background in open source, we began to think about expanding the existing platform to include other language tool sets. The Salesforce Developer Community, one of the largest and quickest growing developer communities worldwide, seemed to be a natural place to start. The size and growth of the community coupled with the continued commitment to “no software” is why Salesforce made an important investment in Cloud9. Through Cloud9, Salesforce developers can now develop for the cloud, in the cloud.

Dodge Kickstarter Fees And Take Crowdfunding On Your Site With Celery Launch

Why pay Kickstarter or Indiegogo 5% when most crowdfunding traffic comes from project creators and their own promotion? And why publicize a crowdfunding page that will only live for a month instead of a business’ own website that can take orders forever?

Apple updates Logic Pro audio workstation, adding Alchemy to the mix

Both now support Alchemy, a sample-manipulation synthesizer plug-in derived from Apple’s acquisition of Camel Audio earlier this year. The plug-in features numerous sound generators as well as special effects filters and tools such as arpeggiators and oscillators.

Remembering Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the slain WDBJ7 journalists

Chris Hurst, an anchor at WDBJ7, tweeted after the shooting that he and Parker were "in love" and had just moved in together. "We were together almost nine months. It was the best nine months of our lives. We wanted to get married. We just celebrated her 24th birthday," he said, calling her "the most radiant woman" he had ever met.

Google launches live streaming service, YouTube Gaming

It's worth it to take a moment and consider where YouTube will exist in the current game-streaming landscape. While it's not without competitors, Twitch is the undisputed king right now, offering equal parts live video service and bustling community of active celebrity streamers. It's primarily a free service, though a Twitch Turbo monthly subscription eliminates most ads and comes with priority customer support.

Cloud streaming startup Velostrata comes out of stealth with $14M

Startup Velostrata is today announcing a $14 million funding round. And after operating in stealth mode for more than a year, the startup is now ready to show off what it’s built: a tool companies can use to keep data stored in their on-premises data centers, while doing the processing work externally in public clouds.

Mashable on Twitter

"Mr. Robot" finale postponed over a scene's similarity to the Virginia shooting:

Nintendo 64 classics Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok 2 headed to Steam

“When Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was first released it was nothing short of revolutionary,” Night Dive Studios founder and CEO Stephen Kick stated. “To that point, no game had ever offered the combination of graphics and an open world environment that Turok featured. We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring this great franchise back to life and to be able to share these great titles with today’s gaming audience.”

As Amazon embraces booze, here are 7 more alcohol delivery services you should know

Flaviar ships to most U.S. states and the majority of the European Union. But it’s not for those in a hurry — it can take weeks for your shipment to arrive, though there is an express delivery option for those in Europe which speeds things up to a matter of days.

Microsoft signs deals to take advantage of fitness wearables

One of the most dominant and lucrative cultural and generational trends in the past few years has been the increased use of wearable devices to track activity and overall fitness. Not one to pass on a money-making opportunity, Microsoft has recently signed deals with Fitbit and TaylorMade to integrate data from wearable gadgets and services directly into Windows 10 and the Microsoft ecosystem.

BlackRock to acquire robo-adviser

Speaking at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York in May, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said he believed robo-advisers were going to become an element that every major firm would need to offer.

Malaysia To Introduce RFID Tracking For Every Vehicle | Techdirt

'This new system will enable the police and other authorities to effectively track down criminals' absolute fucking bull shit! we all know, just as they know in Malaysia, this will be another 'Big Brother' tactic designed to keep track of all ordinary, innocent civilians! criminals will get over this the same as they get over any and every other type of government spying. keeping tabs on ordinary people is far easier and far more desirable than anyone else. knowing when people are getting together for protests, for example, and where the protests are going to occur, gives the security forces the ability to prepare in advance to crush, and that's meant literally, any opposition to any and all government plans!

Windows 10 is now installed on over 75 million PCs, just four weeks after launch

Windows 10 is running on PCs in 192 countries, or almost every country on the planet. More than 90,000 unique PC and tablet models have upgraded to Windows 10 to date. Xbox One owners have streamed nearly 122 years of gameplay to Windows 10 PCs, Cortana has told over half a million jokes in response to users asking her to “tell me a joke,” and Windows 10 has seen more than six times the number of app downloads per device from the Windows Store than Windows 8 did.

Mythbusters Proves The "Breaking Bad" Finale Was More Realistic Than You Thought

With Vince Gilligan himself in tow, the wily pair proceed to mount an M60 machine gun to the inside of a car trunk and load it with 200 live rounds. They recreate the width of a house's outside wall, and its windows, and populate the inside with cardboard cutouts of bad guys. (Or maybe bad- ish guys? Moral ambiguity was sort of this show's whole thing.) It's interesting to see how closely the Mythbusters bullet trajectory resembles that of Walt's booby trap, which should provide closure on at least one debate regarding that finale.

3D-printed dresses take inspiration from the Audi A4 luxury car - CNET

Most people wouldn't think of dressing up like an Audi. But designer Anouk Wipprecht, famed for her 3D-printed designs that interact with the wearer and the world, isn't most people. Her latest design project, in collaboration with car manufacturer Audi, consists of a series of four dresses, each of which incorporates design and technology elements from Audi's A4.

Ex-Googler Erica Baker, drone do's and don'ts and car tech

Google salary spreadsheet creator Erica Baker talks diversity in tech with Kara Swisher, Lauren Goode debriefs drones and Ina Fried discusses car tech and  Code/Mobile .

IWF's efforts to remove images of child sexual abuse from the Web won't tackle pedophile networks

The main criticism of the IWF’s move to share its hash list of abusive and extreme images is that it is not tackling the real problem. While Google, Facebook and other major internet firms could, equipped with the IWF’s hash list of known images, provide automatic scanning and blocking of some kind, this wouldn’t tackle the pedophile groups involved in the trade of such imagery.

NASA will test the Orion spacecraft’s landing system with failing parachutes tomorrow

Orion is the next generation of NASA spacecraft that will take humans into space — and perhaps on to Mars. But deep space exploration is only part of the capsule’s mission — Orion is also responsible for bringing astronauts back home again. And so NASA needs to know that the capsule can return its crew safely, even when drastic failures occur. Tomorrow's test will help the space agency determine if the parachute system is safe enough to allow humans aboard.

Love them or loathe them, emails are here to stay: survey

NEW YORK If seeing an inbox full of hundreds of emails fills you with dread, get used to it, because they are here to stay and will remain a constant in the workplace, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

Watching a spacecraft fall in the desert

I’m somewhere outside Yuma, Arizona, in the middle of the desert, watching a spacecraft fall to Earth. It’s like a white teardrop descending slowly against the bright azure sky. Two red-and-white parachutes hold the vehicle aloft, like giant circus tents attached to strings. In the desert where many things struggle to survive, today the Orion spacecraft is triumphant.

Puppymoji: Let This Dog Emoji Keyboard Diversify Your Texts With Specific Breeds

Britain's largest dog welfare charity has launched what it's calling the first dog emoji keyboard, with 23 of the most popular breeds.

Autoplay Puts Twitter, Facebook In Uncomfortable Place After Video Of Virginia Shooting Spreads

But autoplay video, a relatively new feature for both Twitter and Facebook, turned both social platforms into attractive conduits for a person looking to force others to witness his acts of violence. Today’s events put both companies in awkward positions, raising questions about how they’ll treat a feature that makes their products more dynamic and is loved by the advertisers who pay their bills.

How to charge your iPhone faster

A USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 port is capable of delivering up to 0.5A. MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs after 2012 come with USB 3.0 ports, which are capable of delivering 0.9A. However, your iPhone comes with a charger capable of delivering 1A, so you’re better off plugging your iPhone into the dedicated charger rather than connecting it to a USB port.

Security education on phishing can save companies millions

"This is yet another proof point that an overall security posture is multifaceted and needs to include employee education to prevent against increasingly more sophisticated phishing attacks, which leave companies vulnerable to significant losses and business disruption," Joe Ferrara, president and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies, said in a statement today. "This research reveals the compelling value and ROI from putting in place a comprehensive security training program. Our methods have shown that a continuous training methodology does change employee behavior and reduce risk within an organization."

Europe faces up to flight safety threat posed by drones

Recognizing the threat, the European Commission conceded this year that "drone accidents will happen" and has charged its aviation safety agency arm with developing common rules for operating drones in Europe.

Rovio Cuts Workforce By Over a Third

Rovio Entertainment Ltd., the Finnish mobile-games company behind “Angry Birds,” intends to lay off more than one-third of its employees, saying it must focus on boosting revenue and profit after wading into too many businesses.

Microsoft curbs sign-ups for Xbox One previews

Xbox Preview Programs have long been popular. They're easy ways to get sneak peeks at features that won't reach the masses for weeks, if not longer. Unfortunately, though, they're now proving to be too popular -- Microsoft is warning that it's "slowing" the number of people it lets into the Xbox One Preview Program now that it's "near-capacity." The tech giant needs to "optimize" its pre-release user base for testing, according to a forum note. The timing of this move isn't all that surprising, mind you. This year represents the first time that Microsoft will overhaul the Xbox One interface , rolling in big features like backwards compatibility and the Cortana voice assistant. It's only logical that gamers would want an early look at these upgrades, especially when this portal could stick around for a good, long while.

India just turned off mobile internet for 63 million citizens

Mobile internet services have been blocked in the Indian state of Gujarat (home to nearly 63 million people), following violent protests led by the Patel community after one of its leaders was detained by local police in Ahmedabad.

Amazon Underground offers new business model for apps and games based on pay per usage

The Amazon Underground app for Android launched today with a new business model. The in-app items, which are usually available for purchase, are available for free in the games and apps available in Underground. Amazon will compensate the developers based on pay per usage.

Have You Mastered Social Media?

Social media can have a major impact on your professional life. An excellent social media strategy can make the difference between a company that takes off and one that isn't able to find its audience. There's a method to the madness, though. Find out the better times to post on social media, the types of followers you should engage with, with whom you should aim to build your network, and much more.

Working Retail Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About People

People say that “everyone should work retail or service at least once in their lives.” I couldn’t agree more. Like many people, some of my first jobs were retail service gigs. One in a department store, another in a bookstore. I’ve long since moved on, but I learned a lot about the nature of people—and how that battle between selfishness and empathy is something we all struggle with, every day.

Hyundai teases N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo 'sustainable' race car concept - CNET

Hyundai has just announced that its long-promised N sub-brand will be showcased at September's Frankfurt Motor Show. N, which has thus far only existed in a motorsports context (largely in its World Rally Championship racing efforts) will feature prominently in a future-think race car concept on its display at the German show.

Grim forecast for computer, tablet sales takes a turn for the worse - CNET

The sobering forecast underscores a broader problem in the industry: an overall lack of excitement and enthusiasm in either the tablet or PC markets. Consumers are hanging onto their old PCs and tablets longer -- and why not? There have been few innovations in the tablet business to drive a new purchase, and the 3-year-old Window 8 software for laptops and desktops was never much of a lure. Microsoft's decision to offer free upgrades to its new Windows 10 software, which debuted in late July, meant most consumers didn't need a new device to take advantage of its latest bells and whistles.

Obama will raise cyber security concerns with China's Xi: White House

WASHINGTON The White House said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama will "no doubt" raise concerns about China's cyber security behavior when he meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping next month.

Cult classic 'Deadly Premonition' gets deluxe PS3 box set

Deadly Premonition might not be a "good" game, technically speaking, but it's wormed its way into the hearts of a very passionate cult following. With that in mind, this seemingly years-late collector's edition of eccentric Japanese developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro for the PlayStation 3 (fits with the game's weirdness, right?) is packed to the gills with goodies for the fans. Custom deck of playing cards? Check. A 30-page hardcover art book? Present and accounted for. There's a soundtrack packed into the pretty swanky collector's box, the game's director's cut and a download code for additional content so you can while away a few more hours with special agent York in this very Twin Peaks Pacific Northwest, too. Perhaps best of all? The Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - Classified Edition will only run you $50 and it releases November 24th.

Cult of Mac on Twitter

How to get desktop notifications for Gmail in OS X without using Mail

YouTube Gaming site ready for launch - BBC News

Gaming videos are a big draw for YouTube and the company said its visitors spent billions of hours watching them every month. YouTube's most-followed star Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, is a gamer too.

Fast Company on Twitter

RT @FastCompany : Is Snapchat one step closer to being a major content discovery platform?

See NASA drop a plane from 100 feet in the name of safety

The space agency dropped a Cessna 172 from 100 feet to test five commercially available emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) designed to help track planes in emergency situations.

Woman from famous 9/11 'Dust Lady' photograph dies of cancer

Marcy Borders, who was from New Jersey, had been working for a month at Bank of America in the north tower. On Sept. 11 at 8:46 a.m., the 28-year-old was standing next to the photocopier on the 81st floor when a plane smashed into the building a few stories above. Despite a manager's direction to wait for fire wardens, Borders ran for the stairs and began to make her way down.

9 things you need to know to run a successful software development team

At this point you may be wondering, aside from chairs, desks, computers, and lots of caffeinated beverages, what else do you need to provide, or need to know, to run a successful team of developers?


While Uber, Lyft, and similar ride-sharing services can help you get from one place to the next, they aren’t practical for hauling your large purchases – like those from an IKEA shopping spree, or a sofa you found on Craigslist, for example. That’s where a service called Lugg comes in. If Lyft is like your friend with a car, then Lugg is like your friend with a truck. The… Read More

What is Solve?

Learn about MIT’s initiative that asks extraordinary people to work together to find solutions to the extraordinarily hard problems facing our global community:


Rodney Brooks talks about the Make pillar

The art of asking

Don't make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds — within this century, research suggests, a computer AI could be as "smart" as a human being. And then, says Nick Bostrom, it will overtake us: "Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make." A philosopher and technologist, Bostrom asks us to think hard about the world we're building right now, driven by thinking machines. Will our smart machines help to preserve humanity and our values — or will they have values of their own?

If— by Rudyard Kipling : The Poetry Foundation

Rudyard Kipling is one of the best-known of the late Victorian poets and story-tellers. Although he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907, his unpopular political views caused his work to be neglected shortly after his death. Critics, however, recognize the power of his work. "His unrelenting craftsmanship, his determination to be 'master of the bricks and mortar of his trade,' compels respect, and his genius as a . . .

The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you might think

Do you like curly fries? Have you Liked them on Facebook? Watch this talk to find out the surprising things Facebook (and others) can guess about you from your random Likes and Shares. Computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck explains how this came about, how some applications of the technology are not so cute — and why she thinks we should return the control of information to its rightful owners.

The single biggest health threat women face

Surprising, but true: More women now die of heart disease than men, yet cardiovascular research has long focused on men. Pioneering doctor C. Noel Bairey Merz shares what we know and don't know about women's heart health — including the remarkably different symptoms women present during a heart attack (and why they're often missed). (Filmed at TEDxWomen.)

Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals

Modern psychiatric drugs treat the chemistry of the whole brain, but neurobiologist David Anderson believes in a more nuanced view of how the brain functions. He illuminates new research that could lead to targeted psychiatric medications — that work better and avoid side effects. How's he doing it? For a start, by making a bunch of fruit flies angry. (Filmed at TEDxCaltech.)

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