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You can now stream any Blizzard game live on Facebook

Back in June Blizzard announced a collaboration with Facebook which would allow players to easily stream any of the developer’s games through Facebook Live. Today, the feature is finally going...

On Women’s Equality Day, More Tech Companies Promise Change

Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft have signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. But now comes the real work.

CrossOver will let you run Windows apps on Chromebooks

CrossOver Android will allow you to natively run Windows on your Intel-based Chromebook - and it'll be available for free.

Rick and Morty co-creator branches out into VR games

Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland has launched Squanchtendo, a game studio focused exclusively on VR titles.

Happy Women's Equality Day! Here's proof media doesn't know we're there yet

August 26, 1920. The day women around America were finally given the right to vote. The day women became equal… allegedly. All Killer, No Filler We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups. Find out more 51 years later, August 26th became officially known as Women’s Equality Day. …

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Spotify is punishing artists who give exclusives to Apple by gutting their placement on Spotify

But Spotify might not have to rage against exclusives for much longer, both in the press and with artists. Universal's CEO reportedly sent a memo to stop giving anyone — Spotify, Apple Music, and so on — long-term exclusives. This is big news, considering Universal is a major label that has provided Apple Music with many of its blockbuster exclusives, like Drake, Bloomberg notes .

Facebook is ditching human editors from its trending topics

You'll be able to hover over the topic or click on it to see what others are saying about it, just like you can currently, but there'll be a news story automatically pulled for you to investigate as well. Facebook attests these stories will be ranked algorithmically and based on mentions and a "sharp increase" in them over a short period of time. It's also personalized, Facebook says, based on the Pages you like, your location, the other trending topics you've looked at, and everything currently trending on Facebook.

White House Proposes a New Immigration Rule for Entrepreneurs

The so-called International Entrepreneur Rule , which will go into effect after a 45-day comment period, is a sort of workaround for President Obama, who has long wanted to create a “startup visa” that would pave the way for immigrant entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in the United States. But congressional gridlock has made new immigration legislation impossible, and several attempts to pass a startup visa died on the way to the President’s desk.

How to Play Solitaire Inside a Google Search

Are you ready to get your mind blown?

Amazon is experimenting with a 30-hour work week for certain teams

Amazon is launching a program that would give a specific team of employees a 30-hour work week,  The Washington Post reports . The employees will be a subset of Amazon's technical team, and would earn 75 percent of what their 40-hour counterparts earn, but with the same benefits package. The group will consist of "a few dozen" employees, according to the Post .

Facebook's Trending news section is less reliant on humans now

“McDonald's Launches Pumpkin Spice Latte” in Trending, you'll just see "McDonalds" along with the number of people talking about that story. If you click on the topic, you'll be shown an algorithmically sorted list of news stories related to the topic and a brief summary.

How to opt out of sharing your WhatsApp info with Facebook

WhatsApp has already started pushing out the new terms and conditions — I received a push notification asking to agree to the new T&Cs today. If you want to opt out of sharing your data with Facebook for ad-targeting and product-related purposes, click through the slides to see how to do it…

Google just hired an Airbnb exec to commercialize its self-driving cars

Alphabet's Google self-driving car project took a step closer to market with the hire of a top executive from Airbnb, the online vacation home rental marketplace.

Report: Twitter will let you filter abusive hashtags and keywords

The filter – a result of consulting with anti-harrasment groups – will let users block out specific words (think racial slurs, misogynistic terms, etc.) or entire hashtags. The company has previously provided tools to let you report abusers, but this would be the first time you can prevent harassment without having to actually see it first.

CNET on Twitter

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Spotify adds a full list of tour dates to artist pages

In addition to recommendations, Spotify also already provided users a list of upcoming concerts based on their location. With the addition of full listings, the service displays the same dates as an artist's website, but you don't have leave the app to browse it. The new concert dates tab is rolling out today in Spotify on the desktop, so if you don't see them yet they should show up soon enough.

The bottom line: Our quick verdict on the HP Chromebook 13

Obviously, though, the tricked-out version will cost you a little more than $499 ($1,029, to be precise). Indeed, we don't recommend most people spend that much on a machine running Chrome OS. For most people, the base level model, which has a Pentium chip, will be enough. Even then, you can expect decent speeds for everyday use, along with the same sharp screen and comfy typing experience you'd get otherwise. That caveat aside, we'd also warn you about the battery life: It's not as long as on competing Chromebooks, precisely because of that pixel-dense screen. That doesn't mean we don't recommend it -- just that it's not the all-around winner it appears to be on paper.

Apple facing supply shortages ahead of iPhone 7 launch

In simpler terms, this is expected to be worse than last year’s iPhone 6s shortage. Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu believes we’ll see about 10 million fewer iPhone 7 builds than we did of the 6s last year, which also caused a fairly significant shortage around the launch period.

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[TECH NEWS] Going smart is the home stager's latest trick:  #Tech #News #IoT #realtor

Apple Photos vs Google Photos, What's Better?

Nothing is more important to us than our precious digital photos, so keeping them stored safely in the cloud is crucial. The problem is, both Apple and Google have great photo-storage services, and it’s hard to know which one is actually better. Here’s how Apple Photos and Google Photos stack up against each other.

Trump Hotel Turns Into Disgusting Cesspool After Workers Go on Strike

I booked a room at Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino & Hotel for 6 nights to celebrate my [redacted] birthday in, Atlantic City on [redacted]. The room and flight was booked through Expedia. The booking agent failed to disclose to me that the workers were on strike at the Hotel. When I arrived at the Taj Mahal, I saw hundreds of employees outside of the hotel striking. The strike started on July 1st. I was afraid and intimidated, when I saw the workers marching around the hotel carrying strike signs and screaming, not to go in to the Taj Mahal Casino. There were over 1,000 workers on strike. I wondered why the booking agent did not inform me of the strike. I would not have booked the room there. I could have booked at another hotel. I paid over $1200.00 dollars for to stay for 6 nights. After I checked in and arrived at my room. It had dust balls around the lamps bases, on the headboard of the bed, the dresser top, desk top, the counter, the refrigerator, the window sills, the telephones, etc. The carpet was stained and need steam cleaning. The bathroom was not much better dust was everywhere, the phone, hair dryer was covered with dust.

Apple Will Reportedly Kill the Home Button and That Sucks

It’s worth pointing out that the pleasing click of a physical home button could be replaced with some sort of haptic feedback. Apple is increasingly working in haptics; Force Touch on the Apple Watch and Apple trackpads already use haptic feedback to make it feel like you are pressing on a physical button. 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S uses haptics too, although the effect amounts to more vibrations rather than recreating the feel of a button press.

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All the Scifi, Horror and Other Great Genre Movies Coming To Theaters This Fall

Hollywood generally considers the fall movie season to be awards season. It’s when studios start rolling out their best films as the end of the year approaches. For genre fans, though, we get that and so much more. There are also horror movies for Halloween, big exciting blockbusters, as well as wondrous fantasy for us to enjoy. Here are all the fantastic films opening this fall you should know.

Android Nougat: Here's where to get the upgrade for your Nexus | ZDNet

For supported Nexus devices, the other way to shortcut the wait time is by enrolling the device in Google's beta program, which gives access to the developer preview version of the OS. ZDNet's instructions for how to safely do that are available here .

Baidu's all-electric self-driving car is a modified Chery EQ

The Chery EQ isn't quite as small as Google's self-driving pod, but it's quite a bit smaller than Baidu's self-driving BMW. It costs a lot less, too: after cashing in government incentives, the Chery EQ can be had for 59.800 Yuan (about $9,000 in greenbacks). Don't expect to see the little car stateside , though -- if Baidu ever does bring its tech to the US market, it'll probably partner with a local automotive firm.

Search FYI: An Update to Trending | Facebook Newsroom

There are still people involved in this process to ensure that the topics that appear in Trending remain high-quality — for example, confirming that a topic is tied to a current news event in the real world. The topic #lunch is talked about during lunchtime every day around the world, but will not be a trending topic. These changes mean that we no longer need to do things like write topic descriptions and short story summaries since we’re relying on an algorithm to pull excerpts directly from news stories. Our team will still strictly follow our guidelines , which have been updated to reflect these changes.

Hopsy’s Mini Keg Only Spits Out Delicious Local Microbrews

This is where Hopsy’s HomeTap makes things easier for beer lovers. The HomeTap is small enough to fit on a countertop in your kitchen (or in the breakroom at work if you’ve hit your series A round). The beer comes in special 2-liter bottles that are filled by local microbreweries who have partnered with Hopsy. Inside each plastic bottle is a bag—just like the bag inside a box of wine, though the liquid inside this bag is much tastier.

Uber wins halt to N.Y. price-fixing lawsuit during appeal

NEW YORK A federal judge on Friday granted a request by Uber Technologies Inc and its chief executive officer to put a passenger's price-fixing lawsuit against them on hold, while they appeal his refusal to let them arbitrate the dispute.

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It’s unlikely that a 2019 VW all-electric will be able to take advantage of this kind of charging tech widely, given the charging infrastructure changed required, but it would still be a big statement from the car-maker to offer the spec in a shipping car. And since the Volkswagen group is still reeling from its emission scandal, any sizeable steps it can take in the EV market will ultimately do a lot to hep it recover its reputation.

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“Always stay curious. Curiosity instills creativity.”

By going private, Rackspace looks to fuel its cloud evolution

“Rackspace was a solid cloud player, but the competition in the public cloud space has increased radically in the last few years, with more competitors and lots of price competition,” said Dan Olds, an analyst with OrionX. “The company moved its focus from the public cloud and hosting to implementing and supporting other clouds. While this is a somewhat less competitive space, it will take them some time to get traction in this area."

Apple advises immediate update to iOS 9.3.5 after discovery of targeted iPhone spyware

Zero-day exploits in iOS aren’t uncommon, based on efforts by jailbreakers, security researchers, and companies that sell flaws to governments (some of them selling to anyone who pays) at prices that can hit $500,000 to $1 million. However, this appears to be the first time the action of major active exploits was captured in the wild and thoroughly documented. Marczak said his organization had been tracking the infrastructure behind the exploit for some time before an activist forwarded phishing links, which matched against a domain Citizen Lab had already been following.

Your next iPhone might be able to protect itself from thieves

Apple is considering ways to empower the iPhone with active protections after being stolen, according to a new patent application.

How to create trust with UX design

You might see yourself as an honest and authentic business, but if your content or design doesn’t live up to their expectations, then naturally they will feel that you’re either untrustworthy, or don’t care enough about your visitors to create a smooth user experience.

The Air Force Runs a Bomb-Building Competition. Cuz ‘MERICA

The first Global Strike Challenge took place six years ago, but iterations of the competition have been around since the Cold War. Events are held at different bases across the country, where teams are evaluated for their skill at building, loading, and navigating (i.e. dropping) bombs and missiles. It’s a huge source of pride and camaraderie for the Air Force, but it also serves a practical purpose: to test proficiency at extremely dangerous tasks. Unit commanders act as judges, evaluating teams based on the specific skills needed for each real-world operation and offering feedback on how to improve execution.

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[NEW POST] Will smart cities need AI to truly flourish?  #IoT #Tech

Apple Seeds tvOS 10 Beta 7 to Developers

Apple has seeded the seventh developer beta for tvOS 10, which sees plenty of new bug fixes being added to the mix. Apple will have a series of betas released over the coming weeks, before the company officially launches both updated platforms to the public this fall.

Snakes on a cell tower: T-Mobile photo full of nope nope nope

There are some things you just hope to never see while you're working. A writhing bundle of snakes is one of those things (unless you're a herpetologist). A T-Mobile field engineer climbed up a cell tower and made a discovery that will give some people nightmares: a mass of snakes all coiled around each other and the tower equipment.

The Gadget-Charging MOS Pack Is My New Favorite Travel Companion

It’s not covered in mesh pouches, there’s no place to clip on a carabiner, and it’s branded with minimal logos. The pack has a classic design, which also means it doesn’t draw attention to itself, or make it obvious that you’re carrying around a bunch of expensive toys. While it holds plenty, the MOS Pack is hardly a large bag, so you can forget about trying to squeeze a weekend’s worth of clothing in there if you want to carry a laptop too. It’s not a carry-on replacement.

The Cashback Sites That Are Actually Worth It

Some money-saving habits pay off more than others, and that goes for money-saving tools, too. Some rebate sites, for example, are often more trouble than they’re worth. Kyle James of Rather-Be-Shopping researched and ranked the cashback sites that are actually worth it.

The 25 biggest events in Linux's 25-year history | ZDNet

1992: Andrew Tannenbaum, operating system guru and creator of Minix , an educational operating system version of Unix, declares " LINUX is obsolete " and Linux's first operating system war is on. In the resulting discussion, Torvalds makes a very telling comment about his vision for Linux which remains true today, "If the GNU kernel [another attempt to create a free Unix-like operating system] had been ready last spring, I'd not have bothered to even start my project: the fact is that it wasn't and still isn't. Linux wins heavily on points of being available now."

Thanks to Brexit, South Korean carmaker Ssangyong may enter the U.S. market

The U.K. accounted for 8.3 percent of Ssangyong’s 2016 global sales through early July, but an anticipated decrease in exports owing to the currency issue has led it to search for an alternative market. The carmaker, which is owned by Indian firm Mahindra, currently has no presence in the U.S., and a very small footprint in China, the world’s largest car market.

Pelican Built an Indestructible Cooler In Case Your Beer Falls Off a Cliff

If you travel with a lot of expensive camera, video, or music gear, there’s a good chance you stuff it all in a Pelican case to ensure it arrives unscathed. The company is known for its nearly indestructible cases, and now that it’s made a cooler , you’ll never have to worry about something happening to your drinks.

Why IBM wants you to build bots that talk to each other

“It’s really meant to be a fun way to get hands on with the technology,” he said. “We spend a lot of time showing how our technology can work to solve real problems, but sometimes it’s nice to let people play without worrying about failure. We recognize it’s an extremely challenging problem that doesn’t have a clear application, but hopefully that creates the right combination of motivation and lack of pressure to inspire some innovative approaches.”

Visit Yosemite National Park with Obama in this 360-degree video

Having visited Yosemite at the end of last year, I can tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Will it Sous Vide? Ornery Onion Edition

First, let’s address the gas issue. This was a pretty easy thing to investigate. I chopped up half an onion, threw it in a Ziploc bag with nothing else, and submerged it in a water bath of 85 degrees Celsius (or 185 degrees Fahrenheit), the temperature at which everyone on the internet likes to sous vide their onions. (I think this is part of problem, actually, but we’ll discuss that at the end.)

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This high-tech music-playing pillow could help you get a better night's sleep

The Genius Nail Capsule Captures Flying Finger Shrapnel

The creator of the Fingernail Capsule, Gerard O’Leary, is trying to raise just north of $3,700 to help put his invention into production, and with a pledge of just shy of $8 you can help make it a reality, and get one for yourself in a couple of months. As far as crowdfunding risks go, the Finger Capsule doesn’t exactly require the skillsets you’d find in a factory like Foxconn to manufacture it, so putting it into production shouldn’t be that much of a problem. And risking $8 sure seems worth never having to step on a disgusting piece of fingernail ever again.

Sitting in traffic isn't just bad for your mood, it's bad for your health - Roadshow

There's no good way to put a positive spin on traffic. It's likely to enrage you, but according to a new study, it might also make you sick. Rather, you're more likely to be exposed to pollution while sitting in traffic versus moving down the road unabated.

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Meet Luigi the PoopBot. He’s Here to Scrape Your Sewers

Everyone has a theory on the best way to learn about a person. It’s how they treat the server at a restaurant, or how they act when they’re drunk. But according to MIT engineer Carlo Ratti, you can tell the most about someone by sampling their microbiome, and “the sewage system is the great aggregator.” Gross, sure, but Ratti is studying waste to understand everything from heroin use to antibiotic-resistant bacteria—and all with the help of a sewer-slurping robot named Luigi.

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' has already been illegally downloaded 750,000 times

Data released to Music Business Worldwide (MBW) by MUSO — a data-analytics and ‘piracy audience reconnection’ specialist — shows that as of midday UK time on Aug. 25, Ocean's album had been illegally downloaded 753,849 times.

Google Wallet debuts automatic transfers so you can skip “cashing out”

Google today is stepping up its battle with Venmo, Square Cash and other person-to-person payment applications with an update to its Google Wallet mobile app, which now allows for automatic transfers to your bank account. That is, transfers will no longer require you to cash out money from your Wallet balance first. This will speed up the time it takes for Wallet users to gain access to their cash, something that has been slower in the past.

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