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Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' video is here

It's as unhinged as we expected.

Here's why Lorde didn't sing during her VMAs performance

Sending our love and a box of Kleenex.

GoT's Dinklage presents miserable, threatening world for Cisco

Commentary: A new Cisco ad has Tyrion Lanister explain how the company is fighting cyberthreats. It's all a little scary.

Western Digital My Book Duo Offers 'Colossal' 20TB of Storage

Have a ton of photos, videos, documents, and music to store? Western Digital's new My Book Duo is its highest capacity external desktop storage system yet.

Why design is too important to be left to designers Andréa Mallard is the former CMO of Omada Health. In this episode, she explains how design..

Convert Speakers to Bluetooth-speakers

Recently, I bought a pair of really cheap speakers. It took power from USB plug and audio input was through a 3.5mm jack. After using them for some time I realize...

‘Secret of Mana’ returning as a 3D remaster on PlayStation and PC

Get ready to relive the classic SNES game, this time with upgraded visuals.

Clowns-only showing of Stephen King's 'It' is worst idea ever

Funny concept or bloody terrifying? Let's just hope they all arrive in the same car.

Carbon nanotube yarn generates electricity when stretched

Nanotube yarns could power future wearables or generate electricity from the sea.

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Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been offered the job as Uber’s new CEO

The board of Uber has voted and wants Expedia Dara Khosrowshahi to be its next CEO. But here is a shocking twist for those who have had to endure this awful process: He has not been officially offered the job as of 15 minutes ago, said sources.


What you need to know about the 'ice dragon' in the 'Game of Thrones' season finale

So it's important to note that turning Viserion into a White Walker or wight dragon did not in fact change the type of dragon he is, despite the icy blue color of his flames. Viserion is now merely an undead dragon with blue pigmentation that mirrors that of an ice dragon.

The complete business user's guide to Samsung's Galaxy Note8

The Galaxy Note8 sports an impressive list of features that will appeal to business users--with one exception. Find out why Samsung's mobile device matters for the enterprise, and how to get it.

Jeff Immelt says he’s not going to be the CEO of Uber

Mr. Immelt has held several global leadership positions since coming to GE in 1982, including roles in GE's Plastics, Appliances, and Healthcare businesses. In 1989 he became an officer of GE and joined the GE Capital Board in 1997. A couple years later, in 2000, Mr. Immelt was appointed president and chief executive officer. Mr. Immelt has been named one of the "World's Best CEOs" three times by …

Apple expands Swift training to new community colleges | Cult of Mac

Apple is expanding its Swift app development curriculum to cover more than 30 community colleges across the U.S. in the 2017-2017 school year.

Alipay extends reach in Malaysia with Starbucks | ZDNet

The mobile payment platform now was extended to 242 Starbucks outlets across the country, said Alibaba, which touted the service as a value-add for tourists from Mainland China. Accounting for Malaysia's third-largest international visitors, it said, more than 2.12 million Chinese tourists visited the country last year and this number grew 8.3 percent in the first quarter of 2017 over the previous year.

Mint SIM hands-on: Prepaid service with longer term discounts partners with Best Buy | ZDNet

There are a number of mobile virtual network operators offering competitive rate options for those tired of paying the big four in the US. With Mint SIM, you can save even more if you pay for a longer period.

Why it's time to open source the service mesh and end developer copycats

Riffing on Picasso, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said, "we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." He's not alone. Indeed, while the industry has spent years trying to convince itself that the only way to innovate was through copyright and patent, open source has turned all that on its head. The best, most innovative software being released these days tends to be open source (TensorFlow, Apache Spark, etc.), and results directly from developers learning from, and copying, one another.

Elon Musk has ambitious plans for his tunneling company — here's what we know

Musk said the Boring Company plans to dig a tunnel that would support a Hyperloop between New York and Washington DC. He said he has received verbal government approval on a federal level to pursue the project, but has yet to elaborate on that claim.

Everything We Know About Game of Thrones' Newest Magical Threat

Though the show’s never spent too much time fleshing out the personalities of Daenerys’ two smaller dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion, last night we saw that at least in that particular way, Viserion takes after the deceased uncle he’s named for. In a moment of crisis when Daenerys needed help the most, Viserion managed to get himself slain by the Night King who, as fate would have it, is an excellent javelin thrower in addition to being a nightmarish ice demon. In a terrifying callback to “The Spoils of War,” where we saw Drogon struck with a massive arrow shot from a huge crossbow, Viserion falls victim to the Night King, who manages to take him down with a single ice spear, causing him to fall into a frozen lake and die.

Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron over 'Wonder Woman' criticism

Patty Jenkins had a few things to say about James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' comments.

Colorado To Deploy Self-Driving Crash Truck To Shadow Road Crews

The Colorado Department of Transportation has said it will deploy a self-driving truck to protect road crews from speeding vehicles by the end of this fall, potentially extending the program to cover all road maintenance if the trial is a success.

Amazon is slicing Whole Foods prices starting Monday

Stores that aren't backed by one of the wealthiest companies on the planet could struggle with the new lower prices, and some potentially could go out of business. Small businesses such as independent bookstores that couldn't compete with Amazon met this fate; now, smaller grocers could wither in Whole Foods' shadow.

8bitdo NES30 Pro review: A versatile controller with a retro Nintendo feel

8bitdo’s NES30 Pro connects via Bluetooth 4.0 or an included micro-USB cable. I tested it on a Windows 10 machine but it’s compatible with Windows 7 and above. It’s also compatible with Android, MacOS, SteamOS, and the Nintendo Switch. Raspberry Pi and older systems are supported via ‘Legacy Firmware.’ Pairing the controller with your PC is simple, with a dedicated button on the bottom of the controller. Once paired I didn’t have any connectivity problems even though I have a couple Bluetooth devices around my desk.

Apple reportedly planning $999 price for new iPhone

Next month, Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhones. Two will be slightly redesigned and updated versions of the iPhone 7, and one will be this high-end iPhone with a brand new design and a nearly full-screen display. There had been speculation before now that this iPhone would be at least $1,000: for one, Apple would need to charge more than $769, the price of the Plus-sized iPhone; and two, there’s been some assumption that Apple will want to depress sales a bit so that it can better manage supply. But this is the first time a price has actually been reported.

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been offered the job as Uber’s new CEO

The board of Uber has voted and wants Expedia Dara Khosrowshahi to be its next CEO. But here is a shocking twist for those who have had to endure this awful process: He has not been officially offered the job as of 15 minutes ago, said sources.

Hurricane Harvey: A weather geek's live blog

Hurricane Harvey is likely to be the strongest storm to hit the U.S. since 2005, which was prior to Twitter, the iPhone, and before the last Harry Potter book came out. The storm is forecast to have “catastrophic” effects on southeastern Texas due to a combination of storm surge flooding and epic rainfall totals of up to 3 feet.

Apple removes popular apps in Iran due to US sanctions

Apple removed several popular Iranian apps from its app stores this week, telling developers that the apps were blocked due to US sanctions against Iran. The move was met with criticism from Iran’s telecommunications minister and has sparked a backlash among Iranian iOS developers, who have faced increasingly tight restrictions in recent months.

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These are the 5 worst Google Chrome extensions on the internet

'Game of Thrones' gave us everything we've been waiting for in that chilling Season 7 finale

Most viewers will probably give it a pass because the ends were dramatic enough to satisfy the means, but it shows a level of disdain for the audience that the series didn’t previously display, when every twist was methodically laid out and traceable throughout the seasons. Perhaps if Season 7 had been three episodes longer, like all the rest, the writers wouldn’t have to cut out swaths of context that might’ve made these twists more plausible. I just hope that Season 8 doesn't suffer a similar fate now that the end is in sight.

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US cities are cracking down on your favorite pastime: Texting and walking cluelessly

Uber taps Expedia CEO to replace Travis Kalanick

The hire would end a tumultuous search for an executive to fill the position, which has been vacant since co-founder Travis Kalanick was forced out of the job two months ago. Earlier Sunday, the board's pool of candidates narrowed when former GE chief Jeff Immelt, who was considered a front-runner, announced by tweet that he had withdrawn his name from consideration .

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Of course Kendrick Lamar takes home the Video of the Year award at the 2017 VMAs

Lamar's "HUMBLE" beat out a slew of stars who had to sit down and be humble in the presence of the G.O.A.T.—including Bruno Mars' "24K Magic," Alessia Cara's "Scars to Your Beautiful," DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts" featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, and The Weeknd's "Reminder."

Uber taps Expedia CEO to replace Travis Kalanick

The hire would end a tumultuous search for an executive to fill the position, which has been vacant since co-founder Travis Kalanick was forced out of the job two months ago. Earlier Sunday, the board's pool of candidates narrowed when former GE chief Jeff Immelt, who was considered a front-runner, announced by tweet that he had withdrawn his name from consideration .

Apple to build $1.3B Iowa data center, promises local jobs and public fund

The Waukee data center aims to "better serve North American users of iMessage, Siri, the App Store and other Apple services," the release stated. It will also have an economic impact on the Des Moines area, Apple said: The project will create more than 550 construction and operations jobs, and Apple will also contribute up to $100 million to a new Public Improvement Fund, dedicated to community development and infrastructure in the Waukee area.

In China you now have to provide your real identity if you want to comment online

“For users who have not given identifying information, platforms for and providers of online communities may not allow posting of any kind,” the announcement declares. It adds that, on these platforms, “no content may appear that is prohibited by national regulations.” (Those are my translations; I tried to keep intact the confusing language often used in these Chinese government announcements.) The CAC announcement also requires these platforms to “investigate thoroughly” any users they think may be using fake names and retain all user data for government inspection.

Rest in peace Tobe Hooper, who made chain saws terrifying

The making of "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" in 1974 has passed into horror-movie legend. Hooper was inspired in part by Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein, and in part, he said, by the brutality and violence he was seeing on the nightly news. The real monster in the world, Hooper thought, was man, and in creepy cannibal Leatherface he personified that monster once and for all.

The obscure city luring Amazon and Oracle with the promise of dirt-cheap developers | ZDNet

But Iasi is also the place where outsourcing companies such as Ness, Centric IT, and Fortech are making plans, tuning in to the city's vibe and advantages. A skilled workforce, low costs, generous and fairly-priced office space, and the proximity to Western Europe in terms of air travel and time zones are among the benefits.

10 time-saving tips for speeding your work in PowerPoint

I answer readers' questions when I can, but there's no guarantee. Don't send files unless requested; initial requests for help that arrive with attached files will be deleted unread. You can send screenshots of your data to help clarify your question. When contacting me, be as specific as possible. For example, "Please troubleshoot my workbook and fix what's wrong" probably won't get a response, but "Can you tell me why this formula isn't returning the expected results?" might. Please mention the app and version that you're using. I'm not reimbursed by TechRepublic for my time or expertise when helping readers, nor do I ask for a fee from readers I help. You can contact me at

Semi-autonomous truck convoys due to hit UK roads next year

Not everyone is convinced the UK is the best place for platooning trials, however, with the AA and RAC Foundation already voicing concerns. AA president Edmund King told the BBC : "We all want to promote fuel efficiency and reduce congestion but we are not yet convinced that lorry platooning on UK motorways is the way to go about it. We have some of the busiest motorways in Europe with many more exits and entries. Platooning may work on the miles of deserted freeways in Arizona or Nevada but this is not America."

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

FBI Arrest Chinese National Linked to OPM Data Breach Malware

A 36-year-old Chinese national was arrested in Los Angeles this week in connection with a computer hacking conspiracy involving malware linked to the 2014 US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach.

Found: The Best Women’s Work-Life Bags Under $100

We tested a wide range of bags to suit different lifestyles. Some are equipped for a laptop, but others aren’t, since many women no longer need to lug a computer or a tablet around with them anymore. Some have compartments for sneakers, for women who like to spontaneously pop into a fitness class. Others can be converted from satchels to totes to backpacks to go from one activity to another. We tested many bags and these were the ones that made the cut.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

CEO Ginni Rometty on how IBM is transforming itself for a new era …

Why Dressing Nicely for a Flight Is Worth the Effort

When you’re suffering through a long flight in cramped seats the last thing you probably want is to be dressed to the nines, but skipping out on those pajama pants and tank tops does have its advantages. You might even get a better seat.

The Best Security Suites of 2017

Most entry-level suites include antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental control, and additional privacy measures such as protection against phishing sites. Advanced suites typically add a backup component and some form of system tune-up utility, while others throw in a password manager and other extras. But what do you need really need to keep your PC safe? We test, rate, and review nearly four dozen security suites, and these 10 get top marks and our highest recommendation.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

A Fix For Food Waste And Hunger: Big Batches Of Soup

The group focuses on soup because it’s economical. “You can stretch it, meaning if all you have are potatoes and onions you can make a lot by adding water versus just giving somebody a potato,” she says. After talking to recipients, she realized that this also solved the lack-of-appliances problem. Some families might not know how to cook; those that do, though, might also have only a microwave or hot plate—either of which works find for rewarming.

Atlassian’s New Diversity Report Shows You Can’t Make Progress Without Transparency

In the meantime, Atlassian plans to continue sharing snapshots of its progress on diversity and inclusion. Adds Blanche, “We need to create space for honest reporting of failures and learnings and constructive dialogue that respects the dignity and accomplishments of all of our teammates.” Without that degree of transparency–not just at Atlassian but throughout the tech sector–there isn’t much chance for real progress.

'Humans of New York' is getting its own Facebook TV series and the trailer looks epic

"Early on I realized that video would add a deeper layer to Humans of New York. At the heart of all these posts are the conversations themselves. I’m often deeply moved by the people I meet. Or they make me laugh. Or they make me think. And I always do my best to recreate the experience through photos and words. But I always knew that video would provide the closest thing to ‘actually being there.’ So for the last four years, I’ve filmed 1200 interviews on the streets of New York. (With the help of an extremely talented cinematographer named Michael Crommett.) Instead of posting these videos one day at a time, I held onto them so that one day I could combine them into something special. My goal was not to make a television show based on Humans of New York. I wanted the television show to *be* Humans of New York. I think I came pretty close. And I think/hope you will love it. Humans of New York, the series, will premiere next week on Watch— Facebook's new platform for shows."

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The future of your data could rest in the outcome of LinkedIn vs HiQ case

A nongamer’s guide to one of the world’s largest gaming shows

At one point, I make my way to a booth, Captiva, where dozens of people are cheering. I wonder what has them so excited. A company rep is throwing what I think are chocolate bars. It's only when I see a flame flickering from something in a preteen boy's hand do I realize that the booth rep is actually handing out lighters. I'm definitely not in the US.

Gizmodo on Twitter

At this point, it seems like Warner Brothers is trying to ruin DC's Cinematic Universe on purpose:

'Game of Thrones' road renamed due to Lannister twincest

Family affair: Not everyone in an Australian suburb likes the idea of driving down a street that reminds them of Cersei and Jaime's love.

'Stranger Things' spoofs 'Alien' in terrifying new poster

In the Upside Down, no one can hear you scream. And if you're a fan of the chilling sequel, game over man, game over.

How to correct language settings in Windows 10

It's a bad idea to download software or operating systems from sketchy or unknown sites, and if you've done so I recommend removing it and switching to legitimate versions. Not only is using unauthorized or pirated software unethical, it can subject you to legal or malware risk. Like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, and a "cracked" operating system might end up being un-cracked by a future update, causing headaches and possible expense paying guys like me to fix it (not that I object to the work opportunities for helping out, of course). This should be a special no-brainer at work, since many companies have policies against unauthorized software which can lead to disciplinary action or termination.

What the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 spectacle was really like

This year especially, Samsung needed to put on a good show . The company was under pressure to wow consumers with the Galaxy Note 8, the first direct follow-up to the Note 7, which was twice recalled last year over its unhealthy tendency to catch fire. The incident turned Samsung into the butt of many jokes, humbling the mighty tech giant. This event marked the first chance for Samsung to get you trusting the Note name again.

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Samsung boss sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption

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74 You can donate to Harvey storm relief through Apple’s App Store and iTunes
75 The long-awaited Essential Phone is finally shipping
76 Drones Will Now Deliver Life-Saving Blood Supplies Throughout Tanzania
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78 Netflix lights up special weed strains inspired by your favorite shows
79 'Stranger Things' pays homage to 'Alien' in creepy new Season 2 poster
80 Meg Whitman a Leading Candidate to Run Uber as Immelt Drops Out
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83 How to Change Background Paper Style in Notes App on iPad in iOS 11
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87 Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that will roll away from your sleepy head
88 Floyd Mayweather made $178,000 fighting Conor McGregor... per second
89 Jeff Immelt of General Electric quits race to be Uber boss - BBC News
90 Amazon Prime members will get even deeper discounts at Whole Foods
91 Potential Half-Life 3 plot outed by series writer Marc Laidlaw