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'Gunjack,' a VR space shooter that puts you in the cockpit

'Gunjack' is an arcade shooter (think more Star Wars Battle Pod than Space Invaders) set in the Eve universe, and it's due out in the fall.

Stunt rider Robbie Maddison takes on a giant Tahitian wave – on a dirt bike

Who needs a surfboard when you have a motorbike that does the same thing? That's what stuntman Robbie Maddison thought, though when he used his modified dirt bike to take on a giant wave in Tahiti he said he thought he was going to die.

Microsoft wants to make sales teams more fun with newest acquisition

Microsoft today purchased FantasySalesTeam, a platform that helps boost the engagement and productivity of sales teams by making team goals and incentives more like fantasy sports. Microsoft says FST has…

Empire State Building projection shines a light on endangered animals

If you were hanging around midtown Manhattan this weekend, you may have noticed some exotic animals projected on to the side of the Empire State Building

French trio sing the best songs of summer in under 4 minutes

French band L.E.J. compiles 11 popular songs of summer 2015 into a smooth 3 and a half minute remix.

A badass rapper channeled Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' to protest water pollution in India

Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf wrote a rap protest of Unilever's questionable environmental practices, to the tune of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda."

Disney explains why its 3D animation looks so realistic

Have you watched 3D-animated Disney flicks like Big Hero 6 and wondered how some of its scenes manage to look surprisingly realistic? Today's your lucky

Mom looks everywhere for dog, finds him napping in toddler's crib

Raven the dog decided to take it upon himself to be toddler Addison's nap-time partner — luckily there was room in the crib for both of them.

How Ronda Rousey became the superstar you're seeing everywhere

Ronda Rousey has become hugely more popular over the past few months. But why?

Layoffs inspire man to turn office into the set of 'Space Jam'

One man decided to use his office space wisely and filmed an impressive series of slam dunks — in slo-mo, of course.

Proof that Hollywood trailers are better than Hollywood movies

Sketch comedy group Scotch Moses imagines what would happen if Hollywood made trailers before they made the movies.

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PCMag on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

TechCrunch on Twitter

Sony’s new phones are perfect for Snapchat, yet no one will buy them

Halt and Catch Fire: "Heaven is a Place" Review - IGN

“Heaven is a Place” finally brought all of the simmering problems of Gordon and Donna’s relationship to a full boil, as Gordon admitted his affair in the midst of an already strained dynamic. The actual scenario is fairly cliché – how many times have we seen a kid run away from home after their parents fight? -- but I enjoyed Donna’s pseudo-extortion of Gordon to essentially fund Mutiny’s move to California. Though Donna would claim that she’s not extorting Gordon and simply giving them an out, it’s a nice touch of writing for Donna to admit to involvement in Westrgoup’s demise; it suggests that Donna is capable of doing pretty despicable things in the business world, despite her innocent demeanor. One reading of the scene in the treehouse could be Donna deluding herself into thinking she’s doing the right thing for her marriage, when in fact it’s a rather shrewd-but-shady business decision.

The Verge on Twitter

isn't space, but still cool! “ @verge : Star Trek's original Uhura is going on a NASA mission … ”

The 30 Best iPhone Apps for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5

The offline maps are free, but you have to buy one of the packages available via in-app purchase for features such as 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation, dynamic lane guidance, gives warnings when you exceed speed limits, warning for fixed speedcams in some countries, police trap warnings from other users and more. It also offers premium features such as HUD – Heads up display(at night navigation info is projected directly into the line of sight on the dashboard), BlackBox (a dash-cam that records while you’re navigating), Cockpit (measures the performance of your car). It does not have the best user interface, but the rich feature list compensates for it.

Falling Skies: "Respite" Review - IGN

After the action packed Tom and Pope face-off from last week it was disappointing to see the narrative slowdown to a crawl and deal with subject matter that felt more like a distraction than development. Tom Mason finds himself being nursed to health in a farm house that is inhabited by a family who has decided to ignore the fact that the entire human race is at war with an invading alien race. Meanwhile, Maggie has had enough of having Ben’s horndog thoughts in her head and is willing to submit herself to a potentially dangerous procedure to rid herself of the spikes that saved her life last season. Marty, who was introduced to the series last week, makes the only key discovery of the entire episode. Also - no Pope.

Free Windows 10 upgrades total 14 million -- so far

The large jump was no surprise, since Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 upgrades to the bulk of systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. "Clearly, Microsoft, by giving this OS away, they're less focused on grabbing dollars from vendors who sell new Windows devices, they're much more interested in getting much more of their installed base over to Windows 10," said Tom Mainelli, an IDC analyst, in a recent podcast about the new operating system.

$25 Firefox Matchstick dongle cancelled, will refund backers

Matchstick  has announced via Kickstarter update  that it has cancelled the $25 Firefox OS-based HDMI dongle, designed to compete with the likes of the Google Chromecast. Backers of the project will receive a full refund.

Humans: "Episode 6" Review - IGN

Also in this episode, George and Niska because closer as he attempted, in his own way, to explain what comprises human behavior outside of base, basic emotions. Plus, Karen revealed to Paul that she was a Synth. After sleeping with him and telling him that he was her favorite human. Predictably, Paul didn't take it well, but Karen's now become this season's last remaining big mystery. What was it about George that caused her to enter full-mission mode? That caused her to basically say goodbye to her life, and Paul, forever as she head out to pay George a visit. Does the cold Synth-iness that she quickly adopted denote that she's some type of assassin?

This Chrome plugin supercharges Airbnb for sightseeing

Travel app yapQ has launched a Chrome plugin for Airbnb that lets you see a list of noteworthy places near the accommodation you’re checking out as you search.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Oddly Addictive Game Shows That You Stink at Driving

In an attempt to explain that to the ignorant, Peter Cardwell-Gardner and Mark Backler created Error-Prone , a simple, somewhat goofy game that gives players control of 26 cars driving in a circle, each marked with a different letter. Without human intervention, the cars drive at the same speed, with the same distance between each, and all is well. You can take over any car by pressing the corresponding key, and then assume responsibility for driving at the correct speed, without rear-ending the car in front of you, or slowing down those behind.



This Is What Controversies Look Like in the Twittersphere | MIT Technology Review

Many a controversy has raged on social media platforms such as Twitter. Some last for weeks or months, others blow themselves in an afternoon. And yet most go unnoticed by most people. That would change if there was a reliable way of spotting controversies in the Twitterstream in real time.

How Insect Vision Is Leading to More Sensitive Drones | MIT Technology Review

Some have attempted to address this problem by using digital cameras, but these are bulky, and the need for a small and very lightweight package has led researchers, including Floreano, to look to insect vision for insights. Flying bugs avoid collisions thanks to tiny eyes that have low spatial resolution but are highly sensitive to changes in the way light is reflected as the insect moves, or due to the movement of an object in its field of view. The new sensor his group recently unveiled weighs only two milligrams and takes up only two cubic millimeters, and can detect motion in conditions ranging from a poorly lit room to very bright sunlight outdoors—three times faster than fast flying insects, says Floreano.

Snapdeal, One Of India’s Largest E-Commerce Players, Reportedly Gets $500M From Alibaba, Foxconn And SoftBank

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company operating online marketplaces for both international and domestic China trade. It also operates an online payment system called AliPay. Alibaba is a family of internet-based businesses, which enables its users to buy or sell anywhere in the world. It has developed businesses in consumer e-commerce, online payment, business-to-business marketplaces, and cloud …

One Woman's Stunning Found Photos Launch A Hashtag Mystery

It's hard to resist a real, bonafide Internet mystery. Particular when said mystery involves a hashtag like #‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives‬. 

Amy Schumer joins her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, in gun control fight

"We need a background check system without holes and fatal flaws. We need one with accurate information that protects us like a firewall should," added Amy. "The critics scoff and say, ‘there is no way to stop crazy people from doing crazy things.’ They’re wrong. What Chuck is describing are sensible measures and restrictions. No one wants to live in a country where a felon, the mentally ill, or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun with such ease. The time is now for the American people to rally for these changes.”

From "Battle Pope" To "The Walking Dead": Here's Robert Kirkman's Strategy For Creative Success

If not for one sad but highly successful fellow creative dude at a comic convention, Robert Kirkman might still be cranking out copies of his first published series, "Battle Pope." But instead, the creator of the graphic novel series "The Walking Dead" walked away from the three-day event with a new commitment to pushing the artistic envelope as much as he possibly could. In this video, Kirkman recalls the impact a stranger left on him—and how it changed his career and his life.

Eden, Offering On-Demand Tech Help, Switches From Contractors To W2 Employees

Y Combinator is a startup accelerator based in Mountain View, CA. In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding. Twice a year they invest a small amount of money ($120K) in a large number of startups (most recently 68). The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. The YC partners work closely with each company to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to …

Sony will let PlayStation Plus members vote for the games they get free

PlayStation owners that subscribe to Sony's PlayStation Plus service already receive more than 60 free games a year (as well as, you know, access to online multiplayer), but Sony is now giving users more choice about which games they get with a new feature named  Vote to Play . This will let subscribers vote for a single game from a selection picked by Sony, with the title that receives the most votes automatically included in a "future monthly games line-up." The feature will be available to both PS4 and  PS3 owners , and although it won't be a monthly occurrence,  Sony says it will "take place at regular intervals throughout the year." There's no word on when the first vote will be, but it's worth remembering that access to these free games stops as soon you stop paying for PlayStation Plus. If you really want a certain title, you might be better off buying it.

A secure employee departure checklist

A certain amount of employee turnover is a natural part of any organization’s life cycle. With each departure, whether the employee was entry-level or an executive, every organization should have a comprehensive process in place to facilitate the employee’s exit, while protecting the company’s information and securing the network and computer system accounts. Laura Iwan, Senior Vice President of Programs at the Center for Internet Security, has compiled these tips to help avoid any issues when an employee leaves the company.

Government CIOs fret over apps reliability in the cloud

As with their counterparts at the federal level, state and local IT officials say that security and user experience are significant challenges. In the area of citizen services, such as online voter registration or DMV forms, for example, more respondents -- 48 percent -- named user experience a challenge than any other issue. Asked to identify up to three challenges in delivering online services, 39 percent cited security as a barrier, followed by a lack of personalization (35 percent) and cost or a weak return on investment (33 percent).

Learn to code for hardware: the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle

Once you feel confident, you can move on to the four other courses in this bundle. You can improve your knowledge of Python, and learn about what is possible with hardware design — adding accessories to your Pi. This leads on to the final course, which teaches you how to make an autonomous robot.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

America’s Justice System Sure Doesn’t Know Much Science

One of the best examples of how biases change outcomes is date rape. Legal standards, such as whether mistaken belief of consent is allowed as a defense, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. So it would make sense that outcomes in date rape cases would also vary. But no. Rather, the demographics of the jury are more important. Older, conservative women are more likely to acquit men in these cases than younger, liberal women. Research into cultural cognition shows that a person’s values and thus judgments are inextricably tied to his or her cultural background. Of course, jury consultants know all this, and they select jurors to stack the deck for one side. The legal system might not have metabolized the latest science, but for-pay consultants have.

Twitter shares close at a record low

On Monday, shares of the social media company fell 5.6% to close at $29.25, the lowest since the company's public debut. Twitter's IPO priced shares at $26, and the stock closed its first day of trading at around $45 per share; Twitter's previous closing low was in May 2014, when shares closed at $30.50.

Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange CEO Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan | ZDNet

Karpeles is accused of tampering with financial records to inflate his bank account by $1 million -- and a former employee has ended his silence over the Mt. Gox debacle.

In a first, drug using 3D printing technology gets FDA nod

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has, for the first time, approved a drug that uses 3D printing technology, paving the way for potential customization of drugs to suit patients' needs.

A look back at Windows through the ages

It's hard to believe that Windows is 30 years old this year. Originally a graphic shell that sat on MS-DOS, Windows has blossomed over the years to be the visually rich experience it is today. That's not to say it hasn't encountered a few pitfalls along the way -- Windows ME, anyone? -- but despite weathering rivals from the likes of Apple , Microsoft's pride and joy is still the most widely used personal computer operating system on the planet. In the gallery here, we take a look back at Windows through the ages. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few cameos from Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Seinfeld and, of course, Steve Ballmer. Gallery | 13 Photos Windows through the ages

The Strain: "The Silver Angel" Review - IGN

Elsewhere, our heroes kept busy this week as Eph and Nora gave their anti-vampire virus its first field test, Fet got himself into some trouble with the law and Dutch and Setrakian paid a visit to Mr. Fitzwilliam. The latter confrontation was interesting, highlighting Fitzwilliam's conflicted loyalties and anguish over his part in New York's fall. Setrakien, at least, is already convinced he'll join their cause. However, Fitzwilliam's storyline is another that's progressed far too slowly this season. There's too much meandering right now and not enough forward momentum. On the plus side, the episode delivered another '60s-era flashback as we saw a Setrakian and Palmer embark in search of the Occido Lumen and the fateful first meeting between Palmer and Eichorst. In general, the flashbacks continue to be a highlight this season.

What Is a Personal Food Computer?

The personal food computer looks like a fish tank. It’s the right shape and size, but there’s no water. Inside the two-foot-long box, under glowing purple LED lights, lettuces and legumes sprout up, their roots, free of dirt, misted by digitally-controlled sprayers. It’s a tiny, low-water, climate-controlled agriculture system, designed for growing food in cramped city quarters. The machine is plugged into a network, so all the environmental information runs into a database, where other farmers can see how much water and light the plants are getting, and use that data to tweak the way they grow their own crops.

Meal-replacement Soylent shakes now come bottled and pre-mixed

Just like version 1.0, Soylent 2.0 provides all the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that your body needs — but this time, it comes pre-mixed and ready-to-drink in a 16 ounce bottle. Therefore, instead of making your shakes in batches and storing excess mixture, you can just buy a pack of bottles and drink one whenever you need a quick meal.

Staples is now selling the Amazon Echo, but not in stores

Amazon has chosen Staples — not Walmart, Best Buy, or Target — as the exclusive third-party retailer for its Amazon Echo speaker. You can buy the device beginning now for the same $179.99 price that Amazon charges its non-Prime customers, and Staples indicates it'll start shipping very soon. Unfortunately, in-store availability isn't in the plans right now, so you won't be able to walk into a local Staples store and buy Echo. That's a bit strange, since instant gratification is one of the few reasons why anyone would probably bother buying Amazon's assistant from a third party. But if you're part of Staples' rewards program, it might make sense.  We recently revisited Echo several months after it began shipping, so if you're unsure whether Alexa is a good fit for your living room or kitchen, that might be a good place to start.

Here are the best excuses to 'work from home'

Last week, I wrote about Work From Home: Ninja (WFH: Ninja) , a side-project by Christina Ng , that crowd sources ‘working from home’ excuses to tell your boss when you really can’t face the office.

Rick and Morty: "Mortynight Run" Review - IGN

This episode featured Jermaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) as the voice of the sentient gas cloud Rick not-so-affectionately dubbed "Fart." Clement was put to great use throughout the episode. He gave Fart a distinctive voice and personality, and he even got the chance to bust out a catchy tune in the form of the trippy, David Bowie-esque "Goodbye, Moon Man." David Bowie parodies are almost always funny, and that song was no exception with its nonsensical lyrics and steady stream of psychedelic imagery. If anything, I'm starting to think this show needs more musical numbers like "Goodbye, Moon Man" and the "Rick Dance" from the Season 1 finale.

VSCO Acquires Stealth Machine Learning Startup

Although the deal was a small one, VSCO founder and Chief Executive Joel Flory declined to share deal terms but said it involved just one employee, the visual computing technology will pay a key part in the evolution of the fast-growing startup.

The Daily Show: A Comedy Vortex That Launched a Thousand Stars

Since Jon Stewart took over hosting duties on The Daily Show in 1999, he and his correspondents have vaulted to super- or at least moderate stardom. Many of them made the transition from fictional news to standard TV shows like 30 Rock and New Girl , and almost all of their extra– Daily Show careers intersect somehow. We’re all going to miss Jon Stewart when he leaves after Thursday’s episode, but at least we’ll have his legacy of comedy gold. SOURCE: IMDB Go Back to Top. Skip To: Start of Article. comedy centralmagazine-23.07The Daily ShowTV

Get lost in this bleak alternate reality Facebook from 2016

In 2016, Facebook as we understand it is dead. Following the unexpected disappearance of CEO Mark Zuckerberg and all of the company's data, Facebook is sold to Texas tycoon Buck Calhoun for a song. The mattress mogul, determined to salvage the social network, organizes what he calls a "data drive," which works like a food drive, except instead of food, Calhoun wishes to collect all of our valuable personal information.

Vote For The Worst Business Jargon Of All Time

Sick of leveraging your synergies and don't have enough bandwidth to move the needle? Vote for which tired phrases to take offline forever.

The internet agrees: Typing has made our handwriting worse #TNWwrites

Not surprisingly, many of you agreed: Not only has our penmanship degraded, so has our spelling (cue “Damn you, Autocorrect!”)

Robot roadkill: Adorable hitchhiking Hitchbot found mutilated - CNET

Hitchbot was trying to make its way across the US, relying on the kindness of strangers. This weekend it was found beheaded. This is why we can't have nice things, America!

Xiaomi Regains Top Spot In China’s Smartphone Market, Ahead Of Huawei And Apple

Analyst data is, of course, subject to interpretation, but figures from Counterpoint Research appear to validate most of Canalys’ findings. Counterpoint placed Xiaomi first (15.8 percent marketplace), ahead of Huawei (15.4 percent), Apple (12.2 percent) and Vivo (8.1 percent marketplace; 250 percent year-on-year growth), with Samsung in fifth.

Soylent will soon come in bottles so you can get your nonfood to-go

In other words, don’t give up food for Soylent 2.0 … or don’t hold the company responsible if you do. You can preorder it here , or give the previous iteration, Soylent 1.5 , a spin.

August smart lock turns the Apple Watch into a set of house keys

Why this matters: August’s app appears to be the first smart lock application for the Apple Watch, though it joins a growing roster of apps for controlling connected home products from the wrist. Smart home controls could become the Apple Watch’s killer app, especially with the arrival of voice commands for HomeKit accessories in WatchOS 2.

Google Translate’s App Now Instantly Translates Printed Text In 27 Languages

———- TC: Tell me more about how people use Google Translate to actually learn a new language, and not just survive in a pinch? JC: Translate is not a replacement for a language-learning course; it’s not going to teach you a language from scratch or all of the intricacies involved in learning a language. But with that said, we do hear from a lot of students and individuals learning languages who use Google translate as an assistant. It can help by suggesting translations for unfamiliar words or even help with pronunciation via text-to-speech. And recently, based on user feedback, we launched a new feature that allows our users to listen to translated words more slowly.

Hitch-Hiking Robot Who Relied On Strangers' Kindness Was 'Damaged Beyond Repair' In Philadelphia

After successfully traveling around Canada, Germany and The Netherlands, the hitch-hiking robot who relied on the goodwill of strangers to get around met an untimely and brutal demise in Philadelphia .

When online shaming spirals out of control

Twitter gives a voice to the voiceless, a way to speak up and hit back at perceived injustice. But sometimes, says Jon Ronson, things go too far. In a jaw-dropping story of how one un-funny tweet ruined a woman's life and career, Ronson shows how online commenters can end up behaving like a baying mob — and says it's time to rethink how we interact online.

This 390-year-old bonsai tree survived an atomic bomb, and no one knew until 2001

But it was only when he learned the full history of the tree, a Japanese white pine donated in 1976, that he was truly stunned. The tree, a part of the Arboretum’s National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, has not only navigated the perils of age to become the collection’s oldest, but it also survived the blast of an atomic bomb, Little Boy, dropped over Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II.

How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard

On Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s first day as principal at a failing high school in North Philadelphia, she was determined to lay down the law. But she soon realized the job was more complex than she thought. With palpable passion, she shares the three principles that helped her turn around three schools labeled “low-performing and persistently dangerous.” Her fearless determination to lead — and to love the students, no matter what — is a model for leaders in all fields.

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