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Google’s version of Uber will make ride-sharing more literal: report

While Uber and Lyft function as on-demand taxi services, Google has reportedly been piloting an app that facilitates act

Parrot's hybrid drone looks ready to blast a Death Star

Another model actually can shoot objects with the a tiny, Nerf-like gun.

How to join the 'Touch IC Disease' class action lawsuit against Apple | Cult of Mac

Owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units afflicted by the alleged design defect dubbed 'Touch IC Disease' won't get any help from the Genius Bar, but a U

Snapchat makes it easer to create your own On-Demand Geofilters

On-Demand Geofilters from Snapchat let anyone build a custom filter for their event (or for whatever reason – I'm not judging your Snapchat filter needs),..

The resurrection of 'Allison Road'

From Chucky to 'Silent Hills,' Chris Kesler explains how a deep love of horror helped keep his game alive.

Apple has published an open letter to Europeans after EU tax ruling

The company is no stranger to posting open letters to customers when it's in fights with various legal authorities. In i

Report: Google will fold Nest developers under its wing to streamline IoT effort

Google announced its

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Apple debuts new 2TB iCloud storage option for $19.99 per month

Answering the call of power users — and avid iPhone photographers — Apple on Tuesday expanded its iCloud storage options to include a 2-terabyte tier priced at $19.99 per month. Apple quietly introduced the new tier as part of an update to its iCloud storage support webpage . As of this writing, the upgrade is live in all North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions where iCloud is already available. With the 2TB option in play, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC users can now choose from four Apple-managed cloud storage capacities: 50GB, 200GB and 1TB. The default allotment granted when signing up for iCloud remains unchanged at 5GB. Pricing for the 2TB tier comes in at $19.99 per month and Apple is keeping existing plans unchanged at 99 cents a month for 50GB, $2.99 a month for 200GB and $9.99 a month for 1TB. Apple last updated iCloud pricing almost a year ago when the company nixed a 500GB option and scaled back monthly pricing for its two top tiers. Prior to September 2015, customers subscribed to the 200GB plan paid $3.99 per month, while those opting for a 1TB package paid a monthly fee of $19.

Snapchat unpublishes its Facebook Page

Snapchat has unpublished its official Facebook Page. Snapchat declined to comment as to why the page is no longer available, but a person close to the company told VentureBeat that the main reason was simply due to the lack of use.

Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service

Google is moving onto Uber Technologies Inc.’s turf with its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco that would help commuters carpool at far cheaper rates, according to a person familiar with the matter, jumping into a booming but fiercely competitive market.

Mac BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

This would be a bad situation for any application. It’s just a bad look for your app to spread malware. But in this case, it’s even worse because this is the second time Transmission has been hijacked in less than six months. You may recall that in March, a rogue version of Transmission was bundled with ransomware .

Spotify will soon be able to control your Sonos without Wi-Fi

First, you’ll be able to directly control your Sonos speakers right from Spotify – no need to open the Sonos app. It’s an important move for making Sonos playback a bit more seamless. If you use Spotify often, you’ll want to play your music back from the Spotify app, not have to open Sonos’ proprietary one with its slightly more convoluted interface.

Microsoft's OneNote will help you solve equations you've handwritten

Microsoft is adding a neat little trick to its OneNote app today: ink math assistant. Popular with students, OneNote is often used to jot down notes with a stylus, and the new ink math assistant is designed to help students convert handwritten equations into text, and teach them how to solve them.

Playstation Now debuts on PC

What changes is the size of Sony's audience. With a Windows laptop or tablet , you aren't tethered to a big-screen TV. You could theoretically take these PlayStation games anywhere -- and wherever you go, your saved games stream with you. (Sony says that PS3 players can transfer their saves to PlayStation Now via PS+ Cloud Storage. You can access it by pressing the PS Button and going into the PS Now XMB.)

Dogs Can Tell When You Don’t Really Mean What You Say

By scanning the brains of dogs, researchers from Hungary have learned that our canine companions don’t just care about what we say, it’s also very important about how how we say it. Which means they can tell when you’re feeding them a load of crap.

Google+ Still Exists for Some Reason (And It's Getting an Update)

A new version of Google+ is rolling out to users starting today, and just like every version before it, you probably won’t use it.

Forbes Welcome

"Success is a terrible thing and a wonderful thing... Just do what you love.”

Google may drop 'Nexus' and vanilla Android on new phones

Android Central isn’t clear on what branding Google may use, but my money is on Pixel. It already has the Pixel C tablet, and it’s Chromebook Pixel computers. If solidarity is Google’s aim, Pixel seems like a solid choice.

A few dozen Nest Labs employees just headed to Google; here’s why

Nest Labs is a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. It introduced the Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011 as its first product. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector was then introduced in October 2013. After acquiring Dropcam, the rebranded Nest Cam was introduced in June 2015.

It's now easier to create and customize Snapchat Geofilters

You can start by choosing a theme, adding a design, then customizing the text and colors that'll appear on the filter. Once you're done you can click "finish" to round it all out and finish your purchase. It's a much more streamlined process than before, and should be a lot simpler to create for birthdays, holidays and other various events you want to spruce up.

Apple faces $14.5 billion tax bill after EU rules its Irish scheme illegal

“Member States cannot give tax benefits to selected companies — this is illegal under EU state aid rules,” she said in a statement . “The Commission’s investigation concluded that Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years. In fact, this selective treatment allowed Apple to pay an effective corporate tax rate of 1 per cent on its European profits in 2003 down to 0.005 per cent in 2014.”

Joe Sutter, the 'father of the 747,' dies at 95

Sutter, whose death was reported by the aerospace giant, led the engineering team that developed the world's first jumbo jet in the mid-1960s. He was also involved in the development of other iconic commercial aircraft, including the 707 and the 737. But it was the 747 that "secured his place in history," the company said.

Alleged PS4 Slim leak reveals incremental changes to console

Obviously, the Slim is thinner than its predecessor, measuring 264 x 39 x 288mm compared to the original PS4's 275 x 53 x 305mm, cutting about a third of its thickness off and a few centimenters off the sides, according to the reviewer. The rest of the changes are about convenience. The front-facing USB ports have been split apart to give room between peripherals, while a plastic-covered port in the back allows easy access to the SATA hard drive. It also has a threaded hole on one side that will likely connect to a dedicated stand for you to vertically-orient your PS4 Slim without worrying that the very thing console will get knocked over.

SpaceX Is Finally Sending a Used Rocket Back Into Space

The cargo for the mission will be a communications satellite from SES, the SES-10 . Thanks to the success of the landing missions, however, SpaceX has its choice of several rockets that will become the first to go back into space, however. The company previously noted that the very first of the company’s rockets to successfully land would be held on to for display, instead of blasting back into space. As you can see in this picture of SpaceX’s storage hangar for its launched rockets, that still leaves quite a few to pick from.

How to Ace the FAA’s New Test and Become a Pro Drone Pilot

The test covers heavy duty aeronautical know-how, with topics like aviation weather sources and evaluation, maintenance and pre-flight inspections, drone performance, and official radio communication procedures, since pilots will occasionally have to call into air traffic control towers, just like the sky-plying brethren. “I was feeling really good walking into this thing,” says Tony Rappa, who owns a photography business in Winter Garden, Florida, and took his certification test at 8 am Monday. “But then I was heartbroken. There were 38 questions I wasn’t sure about.” (He passed anyway.)

Google+ gets a new look that might make you care

Google's social network gets a redesign that might convince people to use it. All users will see the new interface by default.

Rest In Peace ITT Tech, You Bastards

The sanctions set against ITT Technical Institute have been described as a “ death sentence .” In addition to preventing the company from taking federal aid for tuition, the US Department of Education is requiring that ITT increase its reserves from $94.4 million to $247.3 million. The reserves are meant to support students in case the company closes. Students who have already started taking classes can still use federal aid as long as the school remains open. Students that have enrolled in ITT but have not yet started taking classes cannot use federal aid to finance their tuition.

Exclusive: Uber Poaches Senior Target Exec

Kalanick and Jones first met in February at the TED conference in Vancouver, where Jones had requested a meeting to discuss the possibility of becoming an Uber board member. Jones said he responded critically when Kalanick asked his opinion of a keynote speech he had given minutes earlier at the influential conference. “I said, ‘It’s the first time I’ve seen you speak live, but I’d give you a B-minus,'” recalled Jones, who told Kalanick he thought Uber should focus more on its positive attributes and less on the evils of regulations, one of Kalanick’s signature topics. “I told him, ‘Great brands stand for something, not against something. The TED crowd should have heard what’s possible with transportation.'”

Majestic 22-Pound Lobster Dies After Being Released Into the Wild by Clueless Humans

First, death came for Larry, the 15-pound, 100-year-old lobster who died on his way to freedom. Now it’s come for Big Lobi, a 22-pound monster who died shortly after he was released into the wild in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Chris Brown turns to Instagram amid police standoff

It's not unusual for local news stations to turn situations like this into a media circus, but this is a rare instance where we actually got to hear from the person who's actually being pursued by the police. In the Instagram posts, Brown evoked the Black Lives Matter movement and painted himself as a victim of police harassment. "I don't care y'all going to stay playing with me like I'm the villain out here, like I'm going crazy," he said.

AGU Fall Meeting: Press Registration Open, Book Hotel Now

To help journalists report on newsworthy scientific findings presented at the Fall Meeting, AGU provides a press room where reporters, press officers, bloggers and others can work and mingle. In the press room — and in an online Virtual Press Room to be launched in November — AGU will make available copies of press releases about developments in Earth and space science and other news presented at the meeting. During the meeting, registered members of the press will also be able to reserve either of two quiet rooms to conduct interviews.

Natalie Portman Made the Star Wars Prequels to Have Something to Show Her Kids, Then Padmé Died

He has not, he knows about it of course. It’s kind of a shame. You know, when I made it, I was like, ‘This is going to be the coolest thing. One day when I have kids, I can show them.’ And boys, of course, are obsessed with it and know all about it before they’ve seen it. Then I realized, I die in the movies. I feel like it’s kind of a scary thing to show your kid.

Apple Ordered to Pay Up to $14.5 Billion in EU Tax Clampdown

Apple Inc. was ordered to pay as much as 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) plus interest after the European Commission said Ireland illegally slashed the iPhone maker’s tax bill, in a record crackdown on fiscal loopholes that also risks inflaming tensions with the U.S.

Google discontinues the Chromebook Pixel 2

The Chromebook Pixel 2 — the second generation of Google’s first-party Chromebook Pixel laptop running Chrome OS, and the fanciest Chromebook to date — has gone out of stock on the Google Store, and it’s no longer available from Best Buy, either. It turns out that Google has chosen to discontinue the product.

Intel’s ‘Kaby Lake’ Core processors are big news for VR, notebooks and convertibles

Kaby Lake also introduces support for powerful new I/O options (like some of the ones rumoured for upcoming Mac hardware refreshes) including USB-C with additional functions via Thunderbolt 3, and greater support for fine pen-based input, which should complement the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s introduction of system-level ink support. These and other features make Kaby Lake a natural fit for ultraportables, and for 2-in-1s, the convertible category of tablet/notebook hybrids that PC makers and a decent chunk of consumers have been embracing of late.

Deadhead imprisoned for selling LSD has life sentence reduced by Obama

It was his third conviction, for selling LSD and marijuana to a friend who was also a police informant in 1992, that earned him a life sentence. While his first two convictions only netted him probation each time, this conviction, the "third strike" led to his sentence in 1994.

5 questions about the EU's tax ruling against Apple

Here's where it gets interesting. Irish tax rulings let Apple allocate most of Apple Sales International's profits to a "head office" that was not based in Ireland, or any other country, so wasn't subject to Irish taxes, said the EU. Apple ended up paying Irish taxes on a fraction of the profits from Apple Sales International. The EU says this "head office" had no employees, making it unlikely it could have recorded $22 billion in profits in one year. Apple Operations Europe boasted a similar setup, says the EU.

Google DeepMind wants to use machine learning to help treat certain cancers

Head and neck cancers are hard to plan treatment for because of their close proximity to important parts of the body. Before any kind of radiation treatment, clinicians will prepare a detailed map of where radiation will be administered on a patient in order to avoid damaging surrounding tissue. DeepMind says planning can take doctors up to four hours for head and neck cancers, and it hopes that by applying machine learning it will be able to automate parts of the process and reduce that planning time down to an hour.

Indiegogo campaign wants to bring holograms into every home

But are holograms a viable household technology? We’re skeptical, but this Indiegogo campaign wants us to believe it’s a possibility. The ‘HoloVit’ campaign page is devoid of any real detail and the technology selling for a mere $79 seems to cross into that “too good to be true” area that was once occupied by our thirst for Coolest Cooler .

Memebox - Front-End Engineer

Our beauty products help deliver happiness to millions of people's days. In order to do this, we give our engineering team a lot of freedom to take risks to help us move the company forward. As a front-end engineer, you'll have decision-making power to create the most engaging experience in Beauty. You'll be working with a team with experience at places like Google and other funded start-ups, where there's an exciting opportunity to be on the ground floor of a fully digital brand.

How chatbots will help mobile marketers

Since 2014, there have been more mobile devices in the world than desktop computers, and people spend more time browsing the internet on their smartphones than on their desktops. So companies simply cannot ignore mobile as a channel to reach their consumers.

Judge tosses key claims in Monster lawsuit against Beats

A California superior court judge on Monday threw out key claims in a lawsuit alleging Beats cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre swindled audio company Monster out of its investment in the Beats by Dre headphone brand just prior to Apple's acquisition in 2014.

Google Search on Android can find your info in apps and offline

Since 2013, Android users have been able to use Google Search to find things stored within the apps on their phone, and now that feature is getting an upgrade. Google announced tonight that a new "In Apps" section of the search bar will only show results from apps you have installed, like contact info, specific messages, music, videos and notes. Google also noted that in this case, the searching happens on your phone, instead of in the cloud, so it can work offline.

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Everything Leaving Netflix in September

That's a long way of saying that Netflix is a lot less interested in content it doesn't own than it used to be. It's never going to do away with all third-party content, but it doesn't pay to get upset when a favorite leaves the service. There's more than enough streaming content online for you to binge watch.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Why chatbots need a ‘dominant design’

The Product will at first see lots of variety. Some bots respond when you say, “tell me a joke”; others will answer you only with a blank screen. Some interact with buttons, others with text-based interaction. If this confuses you, you can always ask “help” or “menu” — to find out only some bots will actually open up a menu or help screen. Even the rejection of the rest will surprise you: from a blank screen to the shrugging of shoulders, with emojis to ask if you could repeat the question. This will keep happening until someone finds a mode of interaction that works. That mode will become the de facto way of talking to a bot, thus forming a dominant design. From that moment on, products will become standardized and innovation will only be incremental.

5 personality traits of a successful freelance developer

When there’s a talent shortage, it’s usually much easier and faster to find a freelancer than a full-time developer. Finally, when a project requires a specialized skill that won’t be needed continually, such as a specific type of security testing and updates, freelancers are the perfect fit.

Report: Everyone is spending more money on mobile games but Japan is insatiable

Mobile gamers from the US enjoy strategy games a great deal more than both Asian countries, but according to ARPU, RPGs are still where it’s at. The top average monthly ARPU in the US and UK is ‘Game of War — Fire Age’ a game that has attracted a great deal of attention due to its rather comprehensive monetization system. A player would have to spend over $100,000 to buy everything the game has to offer and the game features “highly engaging resource management mechanics” that keep them spending.

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Is the Cybathlon what the Olympics will look like in a few years?  #IoT #Tech #cybathlon

This video shows how CGI and stop motion are a beautiful combination

If you’re familiar with stop motion movies, you might know that the process of making one costs a lot more effort than just using CGI for the entire movie. For example, there are physical objects that have to be created, positioned and moved between frames.

Battlefield 1’s open beta takes you to one of World War I’s lesser-known campaigns: the Sinai Desert

I downloaded an early version today from EA’s Origin portal on the Windows PC. I spawned as an assault soldier with a machine gun. And I died quite a few times before I even knew what hit me. I saw lots of tanks, machine gun trucks, biplanes, and horses that made everybody much more mobile in the desert landscape. We had to rush between settlements and control them. But I kept getting taken down by surprises from all directions, as you’ll see in the video below.

Science confirms you've been right all along: Your dog can actually understand you

Researchers found that dogs were able to understand both the meaning and tone of words, meaning that if your dog looks a little angry, they may have actually understood that it was time to go to the vet. 

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The Boosted Board 2 Dual+ is more exciting (and water-resistant) than the original

Boosted also has changed its stance on parts: they’re user-replaceable meaning that long-term maintenance by the rider will be easier, and to sweeten the deal, includes the battery. This brings me to the changes made regarding power: besides the stock 99Wh removable battery (which is safe for airplanes), the Boosted Board 2 also has an upcoming 199Wh battery for a 12­-14 mile range; a decent extension of the usual 8-9 miles. One more thing: Boosted added a port under the front truck, which can be used for lights, future accessories and yes, even charging your phone.

Google may turn Waze into a worse version of Uber or Lyft

A troublesome part of this report is that Google has no plans to do background checks. Uber has come under fire for its own background checks (or lack thereof), but Google will let riders filter out bad actors via reviews.

The Schlieren effect is a mind-blowing way to visualize air density

Air density probably isn’t something you think about every day. Well, thanks to the Schlieren effect there’s now a reason to do just that.

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