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This guy designed the 'Minority Report future'

…and now he's predicting what will happen in ours

Introducing the Intel® Internet of Things hub which brings you the best IoT Instructables. Participate in our upcoming Intel IoT InvitationalLearn Mor...

Sony is crowdfunding a smart watch with a dumb face

Sony likes the idea of upgrading a watch's strap, not the entire thing.

Bitcoin Mining On Raspberry Pi2

Gather The Parts.You will need a Raspberry Pi 2A powered USB hub ( Please do not cheap out on this)Antminer U1/U2/U3USB FanRaspberry pi heatsink with...

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Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

Microsoft's engineers added support for DirectX 12 to UE4, and we have worked with them to integrate their changes into 4.9. The feature is still new and is considered experimental. DirectX 12 offers a much lower-level rendering API that is more efficient and allows for rendering commands to be submitted in parallel across many threads, a feature inspired by console rendering APIs. Going forward, we'll continue to improve support for DirectX 12 and look for ways to leverage the new API in upcoming versions of the engine.

Apple partners with Cisco to boost enterprise business

Apple is expanding its foothold in the enterprise arena at a time when iPad sales are shrinking. Cisco, on the other hand, has been investing in products and services such as data analytics software, security and cloud-management tools.


Directus manages your database content, not your workflow. Directus is a customer-facing MySQL database GUI for managing your project’s content – not your development process. Create database architectures based on specific project needs, design websites and applications without any limitations, and follow any development workflow you prefer.

Malware infecting jailbroken iPhones stole 225,000 Apple account logins

KeyRaider, as the malware family has been dubbed, is distributed through a third-party repository of Cydia , which markets itself as an alternative to Apple's official App Store. Malicious code surreptitiously included with Cydia apps is creating problems for people in China and at least 17 other countries, including France, Russia, Japan, and the UK. Not only has it pilfered account data for 225,941 Apple accounts, it has also disabled some infected phones until users pay a ransom, and it has made unauthorized charges against some victims' accounts.

Fear the Walking Dead: "So Close, Yet So Far" Review - IGN

I get that some of these characters don't know what we know. Of course. But the strain of us being so far ahead of the game really began to take its toll this week. And so even though some of these actions didn't seem stupid to the characters in the moment, they did to us. Of course, it would also have helped if Madison actually told Alicia what she and Nick saw out in the LA river. Like, an actual specific description of what went down. With these types of disaster movie situations, when information could be a key motivator, we tend to get a lot of "I'll tell you later" or "There's no time, we gotta move" type dialogue that only serves to keep people in the dark. And making bonehead moves.

HowTo: Privacy & Security Conscious Browsing

The second issue with authenticated Tor browsing is that when using Tor you can appear to be browsing from anywhere in the world. This is a great advantage from a privacy and anonymity perspective, but it will almost certainly cause lockouts on your banking, health, and other websites where sensitive data is stored. Similarly, it is a strong security measure for these websites to know which geographic regions you usually login from in order to detect when your account gets compromised by an attacker on the other side of the world.

Hit Video Messaging App Dubsmash Raises $5.5 Million Led by Index Ventures

Dubsmash, a roughly two-year-old, 15-person, Berlin-based startup whose video messaging app lets users create and share dubbed “selfie” videos (you choose a famous audio clip, then record yourself lip-syncing the words or lyrics), has just raised $5.5 million in Series A funding.

BootLogoCustomizer lets you customize the boot logo on your iPhone

After installing the tweak, you can get started by venturing into its preferences pane available in Settings. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak via the kill switch toggle and choose a custom color for the Apple boot logo as well as the background of the booting screen.

Back to School Shopping Guide: The best Apple gear and accessories for campus living

You may be in denial that summer is over, but the calendar on the wall doesn’t lie. In the coming weeks, students in the US and other countries worldwide will begin a new school year. No matter what your grade level is or which institution you attend, your return back to the classroom is a good reason to expand your arsenal of technology tools and ensure that you have all the gadgets that you need to make your academic year successful.

'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' hits PS4 on March 18th

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the final game in Naughty Dog's Indiana Jones-style adventure series, will hit PlayStation 4 on March 18th, 2016. We got a taste of the game right after E3 2015 with an extended, action-packed trailer that features protagonist Nathan Drake shooting up bad guys, driving through a mountainside city and surviving all manner of seemingly lethal evasion tactics. There are a few versions of the game up for pre-order this week, including the Special Edition, which costs $80 and includes a steelbook case, an art book, in-game currency, a sticker sheet and the game on Blu-ray. The Collector's Edition is $120 and includes everything in the Special Edition, plus a 12-inch statue of Nathan Drake from Gentle Giant, three in-game multiplayer outfits, two weapons skins and other in-game customization options. The Deluxe Edition, which runs $80, offers the game in digital form plus two multiplayer customization options and future access to three DLC packs. Two of the DLC bundles are multiplayer fare with rare and legendary items, while the third is "the first-ever, single-player story add-on for the Uncharted series.

RIP Wes Craven, Dead at 76. Here Are 3 Times He Perfected Postmodern Horror

Wes Craven died on August 30th, at the age of 76. In the end, it wasn't any phantasmagoric dream-slasher who took his life, but brain cancer. The pioneering horror filmmaker dedicated his life to giving viewers new and wildly imaginative things to be afraid of— perhaps partly to distract us from things like brain cancer, which are far more likely to do us in. He was amazing at it.

1938: British children reluctantly go back to school by train

British boys and girls say goodbye to mother.

Google, Sanofi Join Forces on Diabetes Monitoring and Treatment

Google Inc. said Monday its health-care research unit agreed to work with European pharmaceutical company Sanofi SA on new ways to monitor and treat diabetes.

LG dresses its luxury smartwatch in a gold suit

LG's Watch Urbane was a pretty watch, but it was hardly going to impress the super-rich with its sub-$300 price tag. That's why the Korean company has teamed up with Reeds Jewelers to craft the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, a shinier version of the hardware for the most conspicuous of capitalists. The insides haven't changed, but the outside has been dipped in 23 karat gold, while the strap is now made of gen-u-ine alligator leather. In addition, the timepiece comes in a piano gloss lacquer case and will be produced in a limited run of 500. As the company's Chris Yie says, "Wearable devices shouldn't be thought of as an extension of one's smartphone, but as an extension of oneself." Presumably the part of yourself that really likes spending $1,200 on a $300 smartwatch.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor gets technology to secure Android phones

Qualcomm is promising to improve security and privacy on high-end smartphones with Snapdragon Smart Protect, which uses on-device machine learning to help detect zero-day malware.

Android Wear smartwatches come to the iPhone

In a nondescript conference room at Google’s headquarters a few weeks ago, I paired my iPhone to a smartwatch running Android for the first time. I was there to ask Jeff Chang, the lead product manager for Wear, how he’d managed to get Android watches working with iOS and how much they could do with an iPhone. Then my first notification came in on my newly paired Huawei Watch and my carefully laid plans evaporated.

'KeyRaider' iOS malware targets jailbroken devices

Credentials for more than 225,000 Apple accounts have been stolen by sophisticated malware that targets modified iOS devices, according to Palo Alto Networks.

Xbox One Elite bundle comes with Microsoft's new high-end controller for $499 - CNET

New to this bundle is a 1TB hybrid hard drive, which combines a small amount of faster solid-state storage (similar to the flash memory on a USB stick or memory card) with a larger traditional spinning platter hard drive. Microsoft has not said how big the solid-state partition in this drive is, but it's typically small, and intended to act as a cache for frequently accessed data.

Apple poaches key augmented reality engineer from Microsoft HoloLens team

Analyst Gene Munster has a nice scoop in his latest research report, and it concerns Apple starting to build out its augmented reality initiative. Apple recruited a key HoloLens engineer away from Miscrosoft, possibly to work on Apple’s own AR product.

See Classic Book Covers As Subtly Animated Gifs

Of course, in the future all book covers will be GIFs and books themselves will be uploaded directly into our eyeballs, so there's an expiration date on how impressive this is. For now, have a look at other book covers in the slides above.

AOL Acquires Photo And Messaging Startup Kanvas Labs

Kanvas Labs is building a mobile platform that allows its users to create micro-social networks around real world experiences. It enables its users to create videos with photos and gifs or record with a custom stop motion camera. These clips can be edited with text, stickers, overlays, drawings, or music and then shared with friends and followers on the networks, as well as other social destinations …

Falling Skies: "Reborn" Review - IGN

So it turns out the first invasion, which has been heavily hinted at, happened “fifteen-hundred of your Earth years ago”. That’s 1500 years ago, really not that long ago. I was debating as to whether they were using fifteen hundred in reference to 15,000 but that doesn’t really line up with the proposed origin date for some of the Nazca lines that were apparently created around the first invasion. Also, what happened with the Nazca lines in this story? Wasn’t something happening in that region? Anyways, if primitive humans were able to thwart the original attack on Earth from an advanced civilization, even if it was a smaller invasion force, how was modern humanity taken down so quickly? From what we were told they actually defeated the queen’s daughter without the aid of a Dornian magic bullet. The more I try to think about it the more ridiculous the whole thing sounds. It would have probably been for the best if they had never tried to make a connection the Nazca lines or even inferred there was a previous attempt at an invasion. It has absolutely no effect on what is going on now and adds nothing to this season, except for maybe a bit of a revenge plot for the queen.

An Introduction to Taxicab Geometry

Like Flatland, TaxicabLand is a two-dimensional world, but there is something distinctly different about it. If you ask Mr. Square-Circle how far it is from his front door to the corner of his property, he will not measure the distance in a straight line. Rather than measuring the shortest distance, he first measures the distance north or south, then the distance east or west, then adds the two numbers together. Rather than using Euclidean geometry like Flatland does, it uses a different geometric system known as taxicab geometry.

Tim Draper invests in Wavemaker Partners to find Southeast Asia’s next big startup

“Some of my best investments have come from outside the U.S.,” Draper said, “like Baidu (China) and Skype (Estonia). I want to find another one in Southeast Asia, together with Wavemaker.”

Everything Siri can do for you in Apple Music

The best part about using Siri with Apple Music is you don’t even have to have the app open to get Siri started. She just knows what to do. That’s integration no other streaming music app offers. Here’s everything you can ask Siri to do for you in Apple Music.

LG's new gadget lets you control home appliances remotely

LG has announced the SmartThinQ Sensor, a device that can monitor your home appliances and allow you to control them from anywhere with an app.

Russian-speaking hackers breach 97 websites, many of them dating ones

Russian-speaking hackers have breached 97 websites, mostly dating-related, and stolen login credentials, putting hundreds of thousands of users at risk.

Leaked video claims to show Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z5 smartphones

Sony may be making headlines with its  push into drones , but the Japanese company’s Android smartphones are still what command a loyal following and get many fans excited.

Google makes Android Wear for iOS official, giving Apple Watch a bit more competition

iPhone users will be able to see notifications for phone calls and Messages, but unlike Android users, they won’t be able to respond to messages with voice dictation from their Wear watches. That’s a bummer, but at least Google Now looks to emerge unscathed. Google’s digital assistant is packed with surprise and delight features, sending notification cards on traffic conditions, flight reminders, weather alerts and other personally tailored tidbits at just the right moment.

Google Life Sciences Makes Diabetes Its First Big Target

Google’s life sciences division has its first big mission: developing new ways to treat and manage diabetes. But in a sign that the company is serious about making real progress, it’s not diving into diabetes research alone. It is working with French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Eatsa, A Futuristic Restaurant Where Robot Cubbies Serve Quinoa

Eatsa has no lines because it has no cashiers. You order on an iPad, your name comes up on a transparent LCD screen box, and you pull out a bowl of quinoa. Opening today in San Francisco at 121 Spear St, Eatsa is a new restaurant designed around technology.

The LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a 23-karat gold smartwatch for $1,200

"Wearable devices shouldn't be thought of as an extension of one's smartphone but an extension of oneself," says LG's Chris Yie, apparently indicating that the only people who'd buy the Urbane Luxe are coated in gold and clad in alligator skin. Certainly, if you do drop the $1,200 on a dressed-up Android Wear smartphone, you'll be a member of an exclusive club — only 500 of the golden watches will be made, in partnership with Reeds Jewelers in the US. The Urbane Luxe might not be as ostentatious a device as  a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition , but it is a chance to strap a slab of gold to your wrist and have it do a little more than just tell the time.

Motorola's new Moto 360 smartwatch leaks on Twitter

The watches show up in what look to be white, orange and black rubber straps. It's not yet clear if you'll be able to swap out bands if you want to class-up your sport version. The sportier Moto 360 will launch in November, but the second-gen "regular" Moto 360 will come out in September, according to Twitter leaker Upleaks .

What's The Best Comic-Book Adaptation Ever?

In Fast Company ’s September issue, we speak with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to hear how he took America’s favorite flesh-eating zombies from the pages of comic books to millions of digital devices around the world for the hit TV show. This got us thinking: Of all the many, many comic-book adaptations that have lit up screens big, small, and pocket-size over the decades, which one is the absolute best?

Apple TV 4: Gaming and Siri will be major focuses, expect Bluetooth game controllers + enhanced wireless

Is this Apple’s own version of the Amazon Fire TV? I dont see how Apple can do gaming for $199. Will it just run iOS games? for $199, you won’t have much storage space. There’s so many problems using touchscreen games with traditional physical controllers. if it’s just iOS games and without any big budget console games, I dont see many “hardcore” gamers being attracted to the device. if it’s casual iOS games, I dont see how that would be fun with physical controls.

Sandstorm News: Sandstorm Oasis hosting open beta and App Market launch

Some might ask: Doesn’t managed hosting go against Sandstorm’s goal of decentralization? We don’t think so: the most difficult part of decentralization is separating the developers from the hosts. Once you are using Sandstorm apps, you can easily move your data between managed hosting and your own personal server, because the same apps are available everywhere. Sandstorm will always be available to run on your own machine as open source software, so the choice is yours. Moreover, we expect that some day there will be many competing Sandstorm hosting services located in many countries.

Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch will come in three versions, promises 2-3 day battery life

Speaking of apps: Samsung has its work cut out for it. Unlike Apple Watch and Android Wear -- each of which has a strong backbone of apps and developers -- by going it alone on the nascent Tizen operating system, Samsung is creating a third universe of incompatible apps. The company says that a "variety of apps optimized for the Gear S2's circular user interface will be available at launch," but getting those popular, must-have apps on the Gear platform will be essential to keep it attractive. (Just ask Microsoft and Windows Phone.)

Are your apps acting creepy? New approach to phone security could tip you off - CNET

Qualcomm is hoping there's a better way. If you were using your flashlight app, for example, and then closed it, a phone with the company's new processor could watch to see what happens next. If the app started sending out your location and silently taking photos, an alert would flash across your screen.

How Under Armour Uses A Scrappy Outsider Will To Get What It Wants

The company does a brand heat study every quarter and for the first time ever, its awareness numbers in the women’s category has exceeded the men’s. "When you go out and talk to our female consumers, Under Armour was always ‘my brother’s brand’ or ‘my boyfriend’s brand,’ it was never for her," says Lofton. "I Will What I Want was the highest earned impressions campaign we’d ever done with more than 3 billion earned impressions. It was definitely a sign to everyone here that women can definitely be the category that sets the standard for the rest of the brand."

FCC Introduces Rules Banning WiFi Router Firmware Modification

For years we have been graced by cheap consumer electronics that are able to be upgraded through unofficial means. Your Nintendo DS is able to run unsigned code, your old XBox was a capable server for its time, your Android smartphone can be made better with CyanogenMod, and your wireless router could be expanded far beyond what it was originally designed to do thanks to the efforts of open source firmware creators. Now, this may change. In a proposed rule from the US Federal Communications Commission, devices with radios may be required to prevent modifications to firmware .

Nintendo's smaller New 3DS comes to the US on September 25th

When Nintendo decided to release only the New 3DS XL in the US this winter rather than its smaller New 3DS sibling , it left many scratching their heads. Why would Nintendo deprive American gamers of a smaller, more travel-friendly handheld? Well, it's making amends for that mistake very shortly. Nintendo has revealed that it's bringing the New 3DS to the US on September 25th as part of a $220 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle. So long as you like having the game's charming art plastered all over your handheld, you too can have a more portable option. The NFC Reader (needed to load up on Amiibo figurines and card) will also arrive that day for $20.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

How far can a Tesla go on a single charge? This one drove for more than 450 miles:

The perfect password? You've put your finger on it - CNET

A fingerprint is difficult (but not impossible) to steal. And because verification happens right on the tablet or smartphone, your fingerprint information doesn't travel online, where it could get nicked. Passwords, on the other hand, are the weakest link in almost any security system. Their vulnerability lies, in part, on password overload -- a symptom of our logging in to dozens of websites, each requiring a user ID and password.


Despite the attention over the past year, the lack of diversity in tech — both in race and gender — has not markedly changed. Only 3 percent of tech CEOs are women, and just 15 percent of startups have at least one female founder. Most agree that something needs to be done, but much of the attention is misplaced into a caricature. What’s missing? The role of women as… Read More

The Wall Street Journal & Breaking News, Business, Financial and Economic News, World News and Video

A large chemical fire and explosion ripped through an industrial zone in a northeastern Chinese city late Monday, killing at least one person, local officials said, less than a month after blasts in the nearby city of Tianjin raised concerns about industrial safety in China.


Anant Agarwal and Eric Klopfer talk about the Learn pillar

How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits

In addition to those recommendations, one surprising suggestion is to sit slightly upright during your nap, because it will help you avoid a deep sleep. And if you find yourself dreaming during your power naps, it may be a sign you're sleep deprived.

11 Of The Oldest Living Things In The World

For nearly a decade, photographer Rachel Sussman has been traveling the globe in search of the world's oldest living things. From the Mojave Desert to the Australian Outback to Greenland's icy expanses, she captures portraits of life forms so relentless they've managed to survive eons of planetary change. An 80,000-year-old colony of aspen trees in Utah and a 43,600-year-old self-propagating shrub in Tasmania rank amongst Sussman's unlikely subjects, just two of the many plants, fungi and invertebrates catalogued by her lens.

Can we all "have it all"?

Public policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter made waves with her 2012 article, "Why women still can't have it all." But really, is this only a question for women? Here Slaughter expands her ideas and explains why shifts in work culture, public policy and social mores can lead to more equality — for men, women, all of us.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Review - IGN

The Phantom Pain is the kind of game I thought would never exist - one where every minute gameplay detail has true purpose. Its lack of story focus is sure to be divisive for the Metal Gear faithful, but the resulting emphasis on my story, my tales of Espionage Action, easily make it my favorite in the series. There have certainly been sandbox action games that have given me a bigger world to roam, or more little icons to chase on my minimap, but none have pushed me to plan, adapt, and improvise the way this one does. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain doesn’t just respect my intelligence as a player, it expects it of me, putting it in a league that few others occupy.

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