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Stranger Things Renewed for Season 2 - IGN

Season 2 of Stranger Things will premiere on Netflix in 2017.

PewDiePie's Twitter temporarily suspended after ISIS joke

It started as a joke about verification, but Kjellberg says things 'got stupid.'

Free-to-play is coming to the space MMO 'EVE Online'

You'll be able to explore New Eden without paying a cent.

PewDiePie was suspended from Twitter after an ISIS joke

PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber, was temporarily suspended and unverified from Twitter after making a joke about joining ISIS.

Google's OnHub routers can now control Phillips Hue lighting

Google's OnHub routers get their first smart home integration, and they're on sale for the next month.

Samsung unveils Gear S3 at IFA 2016: Watch live stream here

Watch live as Samsung unveils the new Gear S3 smartwatch in Berlin, Germany.

The Best iPhone Camera Add-On Just Learned a Ton of New Tricks

The DxO One's new software update makes it the best camera friend your phone ever had.

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Instagram FINALLY lets you zoom in on photos

That said, Instagram still should to let you rotate your phone for landscape images, and now that you can zoom in on photos, it needs a serious upgrade over its maximum width of 1080 pixels. We have QHD and 4K displays on our smartphones, after all, when most people don’t even have TV’s above HD resolution yet.

Samsung goes BIG with Gear S3 smartwatch

Battery life is also better than the Gear S2. The larger smartwatch fits a bigger battery with 380 milliamp-hours (mAh), which Samsung says will last 3-4 days. Additionally, the Gear S3 has two power-saving modes to extend battery life even longer. At 15% battery, the smartwatch switches to power-saving mode, and to conserve power, you'll still be able to get notifications, though. At 5%, the Gear S3 switches to Watch-only mode where it only shows the clock and turns off all the smartwatch features and can last up to one full day.

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Units Lead Samsung to Delay Shipments

The delay is going to hurt Samsung since Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 7 next week and the handset will likely go on pre-order at the end of the same week. The news of exploding Note 7 units is also not going to go down well with potential buyers of the handset who might now be wary of buying it.

Apple will package Lightning EarPods and adapter with iPhone 7

A new image circulating online, purporting to be insert documentation for the upcoming iPhone 7, appears to confirm that Apple will be bundling Lightning EarPods as part of its next-gen handsets.

Netflix Finally Renews Stranger Things, and Here's the First Teaser for Season Two

In case you can’t be bothered—or can’t play video wherever you are, I don’t know your life—to spend a minute watching words appear slowly on screen, here are the titles of the nine episodes that Netflix has ordered:

Malarie Gokey on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Acer's convertible Chromebook R 13 is designed to welcome Android apps

Acer’s versatile Chromebook R 13 is one good device to run Android apps because it can function as a laptop or tablet.

Bill Nye Saves the World is coming to Netflix

The new talk show will mark the first time Nye has hosted a TV program since his PBS children’s science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy , went off the air in 1998. After the show ended, Nye mostly stayed out of the spotlight for a while, but he’s reemerged in recent years as a science celebrity. Nye, who is the CEO of the Planetary Society, makes many online videos about space, the climate, and more, and he's a frequent guest on late-night talk shows. He even appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2013.

Hasselblad's camera module adds 10x optical zoom and works with all camera apps

The Hasselblad works with all camera apps. Read that again: ALL CAMERA APPS. I tried a bunch of camera apps from the Z Play Droid’s stock camera app to Snapchat to Instagram and the Hasselblad works as if it’s the actual native camera on the phone. (The only thing you will have to do is update your phone’s software, which doesn’t take too long.)

Who Cares About the Headphone Jack? This Is What iPhone 7 Needs

There are rumors the iPhone 7 Plus will have an odd dual-lens camera , or two 12-megapixel f1.9 cameras side by side. But why? The two lenses are too close for any sort of 3D application, which makes you wonder why Apple has not added a 3D aspect to its phones. While 3D is borderline dead, that's largely due to pricey 3D imagers. But 3D movies taken at birthday parties and other events involving your children are very entertaining, so it would be great fun when combined with a 3D display that could easily be turned on and off.

A Silicon Valley startup is renting the car from 'Silicon Valley'

Turo, a startup that's best described as "Airbnb for your car," is renting out a 2006 Ford Escape emblazoned with full Aviato branding, with HBO's permission, among other cars from popular culture, such as a vehicle "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Here's everything we know so far about 'Stranger Things' season 2

“We obviously have this gate to another dimension, which is still very much open in the town of Hawkins," Ross Duffer told EW. "And a lot of questions there in terms of, if the Monster is dead, was it a singular monster? What else could be out there? We really don’t go in there much until they go in to find Will at the end. So we’ve opened up this doorway, and to us it’s exciting to talk about, like, what else is behind there? There’s a lot more mystery there to be solved.”

68 million Dropbox passwords stolen by hackers

If you hadn’t changed your password since mid-2012, there’s not much reason to worry: since Dropbox forced a password reset on those accounts, the old one hackers found in the file wouldn’t be of any use. In addition, 32 million of the passwords were found to be strongly hashed using bcrypt, while the rest used the slightly weaker SHA-1 algorithm. The passwords had also been salted, i.e. appended with a random string of characters to obscure them further.

Asus ZenWatch 3 has a fully round display and an extra battery pack

Still not convinced? The ZenWatch 3 is one of the first smartwatches to be powered by the new Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. It comes with a new technology called HyperCharge, which essentially takes the fast charging feature we've seen in phones and brings them to watches. In short, the ZenWatch 3 can be charged very fast: It takes only a 15-minute charge to replenish 60 percent of the watch's battery life.

Behold! This is now the thinnest laptop in the world

Ultra-portables like this can sometimes sacrifice horsepower in an attempt to be as thin as possible, but, on paper, it doesn’t seem as if the Swift will have too many issues. It comes with a brand new 7th gen Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Alongside that is a 13.3-inch, 1080p non-touch display. None of this is particularly special, but it should at least be competent.

App Store down? It's not just you. [Update: It's back!]

The App Store is working just fine for us here at TNW, so hopefully it shouldn’t be down for too long for affected users. In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with the apps and content already on your phone.

Asus' ZenWatch 3 Promises to Address the Most Annoying Thing About Smartwatches

Last year, Asus’s ZenWatch 2 was a really great and eminently affordable Android Wear device. This year, Asus is back with the ZenWatch 3, and it is addressing the pathetic battery-life problems that have plagued smartwatches for years.

Acer's Predator 21 X is the first laptop with a curved screen

The industry-first curved screen is a 21-inch, 2560x1080 IPS. With its wide color gamut and generous viewing angles, it promises a deeply absorbing gaming experience. Add to that its Nvidia G-Sync technology and dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI, and you have a truly formidable imaging setup.

Facebook open sources Zstandard compression algorithm and MyRocks storage engine

Today, Facebook is releasing its Zstandard compression algorithm into the wild as open source. The lossless compression technology is aimed at replacing existing libraries like zlib that are powered by the outdated  Deflate compression algorithm . In addition to Zstandard, Facebook is also dropping its MyRocks storage engine as open source. MyRocks is currently being used by Facebook to improve the storage efficiency of its MySQL databases.

The New Snowden Movie is the Best PR He'll Ever Get

Ben Wizner, lawyer for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, was pleased when he saw the upcoming movie about his client eight months ago. “This is a dramatization,” Wizner told Gizmodo. “Having said that, it tells a true story.”

CBS All Access launches ad-free option for $9.99

Teased earlier this year by the CEO of CBS, the higher-priced tier will strip out ads from most of its on-demand library.

Instagram Begins Recommending Stories on Explore Tab

Instagram launched its Snapchat-inspired Stories feature in early August . The feature allows users to share photos and videos that don’t appear on their main feeds, and those Stories will disappear after 24 hours. With this update, users will be able to view recommended Stories from accounts they can follow on the app’s Explore tab.

Samsung's Gear S3 Is Simply Gigantic

Samsung’s just announced a major update to its Gear smartwatch, which is slowly but surely making a name for itself in a space crowded with Apple Watches and fashion pieces loaded with Android Wear. While all of Samsung’s competitors (apart from Apple) have embraced Google’s OS, Samsung continues to passionately beat the drum forits homegrown Tizen platform. This means there are far fewer apps available for the Samsung Gear S3 and it’s predecessor, the Gear S2, and it also means it will only really work with a Samsung phone. Yet if you’ve got such a phone in hand the Samsung Gears S3 could be your new (giant) smartwatch.

Coursera gets into the corporate learning market

Though Google invested $258 million in Uber in 2013, its forthcoming carpooling app puts it into competition with the transportation company. (Both Google and Uber have also invested in autonomous cars.) Uber said on Monday that an executive at Google's parent company, Alphabet , had stepped down from its board, citing conflict of interest. SK

NVIDIA's 'Vault 1080' is a gloomy 'Fallout 4' mod

The mod, which is free to download and play, will add on a side quest that offers an extra hour of gameplay within the confines of Vault 1080, sending players through an area described as a "foggy, murky marsh" to the ruins of an old church where previously the congregation embraced "darkness and sickness" to survive.

Mossberg: The post-Jobs Apple has soared financially, but lacks a breakthrough product

But there are some notable highlights. Over his five-year tenure, CEO Cook has roughly doubled Apple’s revenues and profits to an astounding $234 billion and $53 billion, respectively. Recent quarters have shown a rare downward trend, but the five-year pattern is still impressive. And this summer Apple sold its billionth iPhone, less than a decade after its introduction. That’s fewer units than all Android phones combined, but phenomenal for a single, premium product line. In just one quarter last December, iPhone sales exceeded the annual total for Jobs’s entire last year in fiscal 2011. But, again, sales have recently been declining.

PCMag - Timeline | Facebook

Message this Page, learn about upcoming events and more. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can create one to see more of this Page.

Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage option

If 1TB of iCloud storage isn’t enough for you, there’s now a 2TB option for $20 per month.

Is Google's New Ride-Sharing Service an Uber Killer?

Google’s ride-sharing service will be convenient for daily carpooling, which is why the company launched a pilot program around its California headquarters in May. San Francisco is a prime location for carpooling, because many commuters travel from outside the city for work everyday. Many city workers already use shared ride services (such as UberPool), so while Google’s service isn’t technically the same, it’s still encroaching on Uber’s business.

Apple opens job positions for Turi 'machine learning division'

Not long after confirming its takeover of artificial intelligence and machine learning firm Turi, Apple is already beginning to make related hirings, referring to the company as its "new machine learning division" in official listings. Apple is currently seeking data scientists and "advanced applications" developers to be based out of Turi's Seattle home. Specifically, the division is said to be building tools that "enable teams across Apple to develop machine learning solutions to power amazingly intelligent user experiences." That description fits with what senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said in a recent interview , pointing out that there's no "single centralized organization" responsible for machine learning technology. Instead, the company is trying to "keep it close" to the teams that need it. Apple's uses of machine learning are often subtle, for instance reminding people of appointments they didn't enter into the Calendar app. In iOS 10, new advancements will do things like smooth out Siri's speech to make it sound more natural. The company has allegedly been eyeing more Seattle real estate , even though it should already have plenty of office space.

Facebook starts testing stabilization for 360 video

At its @Scale conference in San Jose today, Facebook is announcing that it’s developed a new system for stabilizing 360-degree video and that it’s starting to test the system before rolling it out to all users on Facebook and its Oculus virtual reality platform.

Dropbox made you change your password because 68 million accounts were hacked

Dropbox’s move last week to ask users who had signed up before mid-2012 to change their account passwords followed the discovery of a large dump of email addresses and passwords related to these accounts.

How Amazon’s Alexa will work with Sonos

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is coming to Sonos speakers next year, and you — a Sonos owner, an Echo beta tester, or maybe both — are naturally curious:  “How will it work?” “Do I need new speakers!?” “What does this mean???”

Uber is rolling out fully electric vehicles in London

Uber said it expects to have more than 50 fully rechargeable Nissan Leafs or BYD 6s on London's roads by the end of September. An Uber spokesman was unable to confirm exactly how much Uber drivers will have to pay to get one of the electric vehicles.

Apple Bites Back At EU's $14.5 Billion Tax Bill - InformationWeek

"The commission's investigation concluded that Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years," said European antitrust commissioner Margrethe Vestager in a statement. Vestager suggested Ireland also needs to reset Apple's corporate tax rate and start collecting more money on Apple's reported profits. Moreover, Vestager says other European countries should lean on the EU's ruling to reevaluate their own corporate tax structures.

6 things we know are going to happen in 'Stranger Things' season 2

“We obviously have this gate to another dimension, which is still very much open in the town of Hawkins," Ross Duffer told EW. "And a lot of questions there in terms of, if the Monster is dead, was it a singular monster? What else could be out there? We really don’t go in there much until they go in to find Will at the end. So we’ve opened up this doorway, and to us it’s exciting to talk about, like, what else is behind there? There’s a lot more mystery there to be solved.”

37 Log In - The New York Times

© 2016 The New York Times Company

IMAX is getting the first shipment of headsets for its new VR theaters

Acer and Starbreeze teamed up to launch their StarVR headsets for arcades and theme parks earlier this year . Today Acer announced that it successfully sold the first batch of those headsets and is in the process of shipping them to the IMAX Corporation. The company plans to install StarVR in a new VR Center in Los Angeles that’ll open later this year and would be  the first of six VR locations IMAX hopes to open this year.

Samsung stops shipping Galaxy Note 7 after phones explode | Cult of Mac

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have barely made it into the wild, but early reports of the devices exploding in customers’ homes may have caused the company to delay shipments.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book is a new kind of tablet

Today, Lenovo has announced the all-new Yoga Book, a different kind of tablet. It uses Lenovo’s now-familiar "watchband" hinge to put together two different pieces. The first is the usual touchscreen you’d expect, but the second is something new: it’s a touch-sensitive surface powered by Wacom. It has light-up keys that make it a keyboard, but it also accepts input from a stylus.

Elon Musk reveals a ‘major’ Tesla Autopilot update is coming soon

Elon Musk just teased a major update for Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system, which will be released in the next few weeks.

Coursera wants companies to 'build their own university'

“We believe in learning for all, and our goal is to touch 100% of L’Oréal’s employees every year whether they work in our corporate offices or one of our factories,” said Laurent Reich, L’Oréal’s Governance and Digital Learning Director. “In order to achieve that, we aim for 50% of an employee’s development time to happen through digital or self-directed learning. We love that the Coursera platform will allow us to provide a breadth of high quality programs and a learning experience that our employees can self-select into to drive their own personal development.”

Life on Earth Emerged Millions of Years Earlier Than We Thought

Researchers working in Greenland have found traces of microbial life in our planet’s most ancient rocks. The discovery pushes back the oldest evidence of life on Earth by about 220 million years, showing just how habitable our planet was during its earliest stages.

People on Amazon Are Really Pissed Off About This Miniature Desk Set

You know what really grinds my gears? When miniature desk sets sold on Amazon are so convincing they trick me into thinking they’re real desk sets for living human children.

Samsung Delays Note 7 Shipments After Explosion Reports

There was another explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. It was my friend’s phone. A Samsung employee checked the site and he is currently in talks over the compensation with Samsung. You should use its original charger just in case and leave the phone far away from where you are while charging.

Rewriting the tablet

Lenovo’s entire brand has been built around "productivity," anchored by workhorses like the storied ThinkPad line of business laptops. But the company acknowledges that "productivity as it’s been defined historically is changing." So says Jeff Meredith, vice president of Lenovo’s Android Chrome Computing Business Group, who set out with the goal to think about how tablets could be more productive in the way that phones are instead of the way PCs are. "We tried to flip that on its head a little bit," he says, "We find many people doing more on their phones than on their PC. So the comfort level with a touch-based keyboard and a more mobile mindset should not be perceived as not appropriate for productivity." If people are using phones more, Meredith argues, then tablets should act more like them. "I hesitate to even call [the Yoga Book] a tablet, because we really think it’s something else," he says.

Lenovo's Yoga Book is part tablet, part sketch pad

Lenovo adapted Android 6.0 Marshmallow to automatically start recording your doodles in the company's default note-taking app (which is the only app in the tablet that stores your input in the background) once you put the stylus to the touchpad. When you start writing, a small window pops up on the bottom right of the screen and captures your scrawls. This happens whether the tablet is awake or asleep, which is super convenient. It's basically like having a piece of paper ready for you to write on whenever you need, and it worked well in our demo. But because the screen stays off when you're writing while the Yoga Book is asleep, it's hard to know what you're jotting down.

Motorola's new Moto Z Play is cheaper, but not compromised

Some facepalmed when Motorola removed that classic port from the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, but the company remained steadfast. It's the way of the future, they claimed, and other players would follow suit. (Hint: Motorola was talking about Apple). Motorola might be right about this sea change in audio interfaces, and to be fair, the USB Type-C dongles they included with those earlier Moto Zs worked just fine. Still, I had to ask: Doesn't this look like Motorola's trying to bounce back from a controversy? To hear Motorola's spokespeople tell it, there's a headphone jack here simply because the design of the Z Play's logic board had room for it. That's it. Motorola wasn't compromising on its vision or responding to a backlash -- spokespeople say the company saw an opportunity and went for it. Sounds like spin to me, but whatever, we've got a headphone jack again!

How We'll Get Our First Big Clue About Life on Proxima b

Last week, astronomers announced that our nearest neighboring star hosts an Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone—an exciting prospect for alien life, and a possible second home for humanity. But before we assemble the interstellar welcoming party to greet our cosmic neighbors, we need to figure out whether Proxima b is capable of supporting life at all. Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, that question could be answered in less than three years.

Every Perfect Gene Wilder Comedic Pause--All In One Video Essay

WHY WE CARE: By now, most superfans know the story of Gene Wilder coming up with one of the more memorable moments of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory . It was his decision that his character should totter out to the crowd clutching a cane for his grand entrance , almost fall down, and then glide into a somersault. This little touch reveals the kind of inspiration and perceptiveness that made Wilder such a celebrated comic actor and collaborator. However, it's the 'almost falling down' part of this scene that demonstrates one of the dearly departed performer's under-praised gifts: his mastery of the comedic pause.

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