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Sandra Bland's family sues Texas officials over her death in police custody

The family of a young black woman who died in police custody filed a federal lawsuit against the white state trooper who pulled her over and arrested her in early July.

Taylor Swift meets 'Harry Potter' in mashup you didn't know you needed - CNET

A new fan-made song about "Harry Potter" is making the rounds, and this one brings the wizard into "Blank Space" by mashing up Potter stories with Taylor Swift melodies.

Limited edition 'Halo 5' Xbox One makes us forget how ugly the console is

Microsoft's releasing a limited edition 'Halo 5: Guardians' Xbox One console with matching controller and custom sounds on October 20.

Review: HEALTH's DEATH MAGIC is the band's most sensuous album yet

Industrial music — and the genres, like "noise," that have sprung from it — is meant to be overwhelming, forceful, and voluptuously textured. The words typically used to describe LA's HEALTH...

Get a terrifying taste of 'We Happy Few' on Steam, Xbox this holiday

We Happy Few will hit Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview at the same time this holiday season.

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Badass engineers shut down sexist trolls with #ILookLikeAnEngineer

In Wenger's post, she highlights some of the examples of systemic sexism that happens as a female in the industry, writing, "I’ve had men throw dollar bills at me in a professional office (by an employee who works at that company, during work hours)," and, "I’ve had an engineer on salary at a bootcamp message me to explicitly 'be friends with benefits' while I was in the interview process at the school he worked for."

Lights, camera, interaction: Welcome to LA, home of the open-door mini studio - CNET

Microstudios similar to Ipsy's follow that theme: providing the tools that creators know creators need. One of LA's earliest studios for digital creators is the space at the headquarters of Collab, a company that now helps personalities on Vine and YouTube build their audience and make money. In 2006, the three brothers who help lead Collab moved into their space in downtown LA at a former textile factory to start their first company, GoPotato TV, which produced digital comedy sketches and animation. As the business evolved from creating their own digital content to supporting that of hundreds of others, they opened up the space to people in their network as a free perk and stocked it with items that can be crucial to entertainers who are starting out.

Alibaba hires an American executive to plot its world domination

"Others like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and MercadoLibre all branched out into other markets years ago - Alibaba was the exception in focusing on a single market," says Zia Daniell Wigder, an analyst with Forrester Research. "They're making a number of investments that are getting them exposure to other markets - for example, SingPost, Jet, Snapdeal - but they're still learning what it takes to succeed as an eCommerce player outside of China."

New Xbox dashboard and backwards compatibility come in November

The rest of the dashboard's features were outlined at E3, the most notable being the integration of Cortana, Microsoft's digital voice assistant. She can be used to perform minor tasks -- like recording and sharing in-game footage -- without you having to stop your epic career mode run on Fifa 16 . The revamped UI also offers a new quick-launch menu that pops up when you double-tap the Xbox button on your controller.

Acer's Cloudbooks are Chromebooks with Windows 10

What is a Chromebook if it doesn't run Chrome OS? A Cloudbook, apparently. That's what Acer's calling its latest Windows 10 laptops, two inexpensive machines with the kind of minimal storage space and modest hardware you'd normally associate with Chromebooks.

ICYMI: Keurig-like cocktails, handmade holograms and more

Today on In Case You Missed It : We break down the lazy man's cocktail machine , filling your bellies with machine-crafted designer drinks for your boozehound friends. An Australian stunt rider rigged a dirtbike to surf the ocean and the video is pretty astounding. And while you wait for Microsoft's HoloLens, you can make a DIY hologram display with little more than a CD jewel case. Doesn't everyone have about 20 of them in the corners of cabinets, no matter how many you swear you've recycled?

Back to School Guide 2015: Picks under $50

It's that dreaded time of year when lazy summer days with their open invitation to sandals, surf and shirtlessness begin to give way to the crispness of fall, hoodies and the back-to-school doldrums. Ah, but there's hope on the horizon: You can always buy things to forget the scheduled machinery of life. And, oh, have we got some selections for you -- no matter your budget.

What Really Happens To Your Brain And Body During A Digital Detox

We sense that our smartphones are making us less focused, that constantly checking our email and Twitter is making us less productive, and more disconnected from our real lives. But what do we really know about how our devices are affecting us? We have plenty of anecdotes, but the science of how always-on technology impacts human behavior is still in its infancy.

DDoS attack forces Valve to pause The International Dota 2 tournament

A team could lose out on the chance of coming home several million dollars richer because someone on the Internet is bored, but it’s also a problem for the hundreds of thousands of fans trying to watch the event at home. That aforementioned $18 million was at least partially funded by Dota 2 players buying an in-game item called The Compendium. A quarter of that revenue went directly into The International’s prize pool, but now the people who paid for that are forced to watch less-than-ideal matches.

Bad vibe brews about Windows 10

Windows 10's vibe on social media has soured since Microsoft launched the operating system last week, Adobe today said as it cited new data from its metrics platform.

How to ask for a raise: 7 things your boss wants you to know

Asking your manager for a raise can be a nerve wracking experience -- especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Here are seven things CIOs and hiring managers want you to know about asking for a raise so you can better position yourself for success.

Someone strapped an Apple Watch to this $100,000 watch because rich people

The world of luxury watches is full of stunning tributes to human avarice, but a  new range of timepieces from American company Nico Gerard still manages, somehow, to stand out. The California-based firm is selling Swiss-made watches that integrate an Apple Watch into their wristbands. That's right, the idea is to wear two watches at the same time: a traditional timepiece on top of your wrist, and an Apple Watch on the bottom.

Review: Epson Kills the Printer Ink Cartridge

Epson’s biggest competitor, Hewlett-Packard, has a different answer to the ink problem: subscriptions. Ranging from $3 to $10 a month, you can get automatic shipments of ink cartridges based on the pages you print. You pay more if you go over your limit, and can “roll over” ink if you don’t use it all. But it favors printers with very predictable use. H-P’s ink subscription may make sense for small-business owners, but even then, Epson’s alternative is worth calculating out. To me, the thought of an ink subscription is sickening. It’s worth paying a lump sum to avoid a continuing relationship with my printer maker.

The Best Android Phones of 2015

Big, small, stock, or skinned, if you're in the market for a new smartphone, chances are there's an Android option to fit your fancy. And unlike Apple's rigid yearly release cycle, Google's hardware partners release a seemingly endless stream of new devices year-round. But therein lies the problem: With so many options out there, how do you settle on the right one? Lucky for you, we test and review nearly every smartphone available on all the major U.S. carriers. Read on for what to look for when buying, as well as our top picks for Android phones.

Google expands Project Tango tablet sales to more countries | ZDNet

Now that 3,000 Project Tango development kits have found their way to U.S. buyers, Google is ready to bring the 3-D motion-sensing slate to other regions around the world.

Twitter tries out a dedicated News tab

If you're noticing a new tab at the bottom of your Twitter app for iOS and Android, you're not alone. The social network is experimenting with a "Featured News" tab that surfaces trending news items in its mobile apps to keep users engaged. The new tab sits right in the middle of the apps' bottom row and when tapped, surfaces what's currently happening in the world. Tapping on a news item not only opens up a screen with an image, block of text and link from the source, but a list of tweets from other publishers and Twitter users about the item. According to a Twitter spokesperson, "we're experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android as we continue to explore new ways to surface the best content to users."

Reinventing Performance Management

What might surprise you, however, is what we’ll include in Deloitte’s new system and what we won’t. It will have no cascading objectives, no once-a-year reviews, and no 360-degree-feedback tools. We’ve arrived at a very different and much simpler design for managing people’s performance. Its hallmarks are speed, agility, one-size-fits-one, and constant learning, and it’s underpinned by a new way of collecting reliable performance data. This system will make much more sense for our talent-dependent business. But we might never have arrived at its design without drawing on three pieces of evidence: a simple counting of hours, a review of research in the science of ratings, and a carefully controlled study of our own organization.

What to wear when your office is freezing but it's hot as hell outside

Sure, it's easy to wear lightweight clothing in the heat. There are plenty of tutorials and how-to guides out there. But that doesn't solve a major problem many women encounter: What are you supposed to wear when the temp outside is sweltering but you still have to look professional in your air-conditioned office tundra?

'Destiny' to Peter Dinklage: You're dead to us

For Bungie, replacing Dinklage's voice with North's boils down to a question of narrative cohesion. "We wanted Nolan North’s version of the Ghost to wake you up at the start of the journey at level one and follow you all the way to level 40," Destiny creative director Luke Smith told Game Informer .

No microSD card slot in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 photo leak

The trade-off to all of this, if it's accurate, is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to come in an airtight package with a premium, not plastic-clad design. And unlike the smaller Galaxy S6, it'll have a S Pen stylus.

Watch The Big Xbox Gamescom Conference Live, Right Here

Suffering from E3 withdrawal? We’ve got your fix right here, thanks to Gamescom, which kicks off this morning in Germany with a big ol’ Xbox press conference.

The latest OS X El Capitan beta hints at 21.5-inch, 4K iMac

Part of Apple’s close integration of hardware and software means there are lots of specific references to devices baked into the operating system. In the case of El Capitan, a few creative individuals with access to the developer beta found code that referenced an as-of-yet unseen 21.5-inch 4K iMac to go along with the 5K model that hit shelves in October of last year. The newest build of the beta provides some additional information that takes a step toward confirming the rumors.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Huge malware campaign used Yahoo's ad network

Notice the emphasis on the past tense, though. Yahoo was quick to take this "malvertising" campaign down, so you're not at risk as I write this. Even so, it's not exactly comforting to know that malware writers could even slip their code into such a large ad network. Yahoo's still investigating what happened, but it appears that online ad giants may need stricter filters on what gets through.

hitchBOT team overwhelmed by offers of support, bot could be rebuilt

It shouldn’t be too tricky a task to reassemble hitchBOT. Its design is fairly basic, comprising parts such as a GPS tracker, an on-board camera that snaps a picture every 20 minutes, and a computer that powers basic conversation with anyone kind enough to offer it a ride. It’s not known if hitchBOT had anything to say to its attacker before its head came off, though “You ain’t heard the last of this, sucker” would’ve been appropriate given the circumstances.

Bird rides on a hawk like a freakin' boss

A shrewd red-winged blackbird hitched a ride on the back of a red-tailed hawk because wing flapping is super overrated. The badass nature moment was captured by Mike White at the Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska and shared by the U.S. Department of the Interior on Instagram.

Instagram just made a major move that will turn it into a huge advertising business

Before, buying Instagram ads was an exceptional case in the media plan that required contacting an Instagram sales representative directly. That meant Instagram advertising was mostly limited to those willing to make big investments in both budget and time. Starting soon all advertisers can plan Instagram campaigns alongside their other digital ads and cross-promote, plan, and monitor their Instagram marketing activity — including photos that aren't paid-for ads — across other social networks, all in a self-serve fashion, using third-party platforms.

Australian carrier Telstra giving away free 12-month Apple Music subscription with Go Mobile plans

Additionally, Telstra notes on its website that once the 12 month subscription period ends, it would automatically charge the consumer for Apple Music directly in their bill indicating that the carrier and Apple have worked support for carrier billing for the music streaming service. If you don’t want to pay for Apple Music once your free subscription period ends, make sure to send a message to your carrier informing them to cancel your subscription.

From Alejandro Jodorowsky And King Khan, Awesome Black Power Tarot Cards

By highlighting various notable black figures throughout history, but not titling the cards with their names, the black power deck aims to get people to discover—or re-discover—these musicians and public figures themselves. The notable figures featured are recognizable only by their features and their trademarks, like Richard Pryor’s red suit or Little Richard's piano keys. "We deliberately haven’t released the names, so it’s good theres a mystery about some of the cards and you don’t know who they are," says Eaton, who also learned some new names in the process of creating the deck. "It’s also a good way to make your record collection better."

Researchers develop multifaceted insect eyes for UAVs

To help the drone see everywhere at once (thereby making it impervious to swatting attempts) the team also developed "vision tape" which is, basically, a strip of tape with a bunch of these eyes attached. The strip can reportedly be affixed to any curved surface -- whether that's another robot, industrial machines, even furniture and clothing.

The 'Halo 5' 1TB Xbox One is up for pre-order right now

Among the bullet storms and massive explosions of today's Xbox conference, Microsoft unveiled a limited edition, Halo 5 -branded 1TB Xbox One bundle, and it's so, so shiny. The bundle is available for pre-order today (priced at $500) and it drops on October 20th. Microsoft launched the standard 1TB console for $400 back in June, complete with a new controller. That console isn't so shiny -- because it's matte.

'Halo Wars 2' exists, hits Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2016

Halo Wars 2 is the sequel to 2009's troubled yet generally beloved real-time strategy game, and it's on its way to Xbox One and Windows 10 in fall 2016. Microsoft presented Halo Wars 2 as the cherry on top of its Xbox Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany, today, offering us a short and sweet cinematic. Halo Wars 2 comes from current Halo developer 343 Industries and Alien: Isolation studio Creative Assembly.

BitTorrent Sync's cloudless file syncing adds mobile productivity features

Why this matters: With every release, BitTorrent proves that you don’t need a server-based cloud storage service for an effective cross-platform sync and share system. The beauty of Sync is that it allows you to share files across all the major device types on software and devices that you control—almost no server support required. Now not only can you easily share files, but you can be more productive by syncing back file changes to others and adding new files. You still can’t create new folders on mobile, but BitTorrent says it is “exploring” that feature so perhaps we’ll see it in a future update.

Microsoft says 'Quantum Break' coming April 5th, 2016

Microsoft first announced Quantum Break as an Xbox One exclusive quite a while ago , and it has finally revealed the launch date: April 5th, 2016. At Gamescom 2015 , the company also showed off brand new gameplay from the title (below), which comes from the developer that created Max Payne , Remedy. Suffice to say, it looks beautiful and features a strong time travel component. The studio originally promised that it would have an in-game live action show, and Remedy's Sam Lake confirmed that's still the case.

A second phone from OnePlus is coming this year video - CNET

Co-Founder Carl Pei start talking about their next phone before the OnePlus 2 is even available. Samsung's Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus renders are leaked, and Google gives out Waffles.

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole

A vulnerability in the cluster management configuration of Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and Nexus 9000 switch in Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to access the APIC as the root user, according to a recently issued Cisco security advisory . The vulnerability is due to improper implementation of access controls in the APIC filesystem, the advisory states.

Games, chat and personalized content: the future of 9GAG

We try to not do things our users hate. We don’t want to annoy them. So the idea for us is to pick fun games that a majority of them will enjoy, that are easy to pick up. We don’t feel like there’s a need to integrate them into our platform. In fact, we don’t even really worry too much about picking games, we instead just look for smart developers who know how to make well balanced titles.

What It’s Like To Use Amazon’s New Dash Buttons

The first step is connecting your Dash Button to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This step was really annoying because you had to enter this information for each button you set up – it’s not stored for you.

Taylor Swift says she was surprised by positive response to Apple Music letter

Pop musician Taylor Swift was surprised by the positive response to an open letter criticizing Apple Music royalties, including Apple's quick decision to reverse course, according to an interview published on Tuesday. The concern was people would see her as obsessed with royalty issues, Swift said to Vanity Fair . In 2014, the musician infamously pulled her music from Spotify, complaining that the service doesn't pay artists as much as they deserve. Until Apple's sudden turnaround , prompted by the Swift letter, the company had been planning to pay rights holders nothing for tracks streamed during an Apple Music listener's free trial. This would have severely reduced payments for many musicians, publishers, and songwriters, and in fact resulted in no payments at all for the first three months of the service. Several other artists and record labels complained about the prospect . "My fears were that I would be looked at as someone who just whines and rants about this thing that no one else is really ranting about," Swift said. She added that the letter was written before dawn in response to Apple Music contracts going out to some of her friends, one of whom sent her a screenshot with the phrase "zero percent compensation to rights holders.

Microsoft revamps Outlook on the web with new look and features, drops Outlook Web App name

Microsoft today renamed the web version of Outlook in Office 365: Outlook Web App (OWA) will now be known as “Outlook on the web.” This useless app renaming exercise, which is sadly a typical occurrence for Microsoft, is not the big part of the news, though. The app is actually getting a massive refresh: an improved user interface and new features that “help you be more efficient, stay on top of your inbox, and better manage your calendar.”

Mashable on Twitter

Set the console to "record" -- Xbox One is getting a free DVR for live TV:

In Return to Dealmaking, Yahoo Paid $200 Million for Polyvore

Yahoo is paying about $200 million to acquire social shopping site Polyvore, plus as much as $40 million in incentives to its employees, said two people familiar with the matter. Yahoo didn’t disclose the price in its announcement on Friday.

How baseball’s tech team built the future of television

It was the first week of April, 2015, and New York’s Chelsea Market, typically packed with hordes of noisy tourists, was quiet. It was close to midnight, but five stories above, things were tense. The building is a former cookie factory, and the outlines of ovens still scar the brick walls. In their place, a vast array of screens are now mounted, each tuned to a live video feed. Joe Inzerillo and his team had their eyes glued to the glass, hard at work trying to wrangle the internet into doing something it was not built for.

In Europe’s Online Food Delivery, Italian Trumps Local Dishes

Recent data shared by Europe’s leading online food delivery firms with the Wall Street Journal show that while most European countries have proud culinary traditions, when it comes to ordering meals online, Italian cuisine is the most ordered in at least a dozen European countries, including Italy itself, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Poland.

Is Windows 10 For You?

Microsoft recently released the latest version of its operating system, Windows 10, and it's free for those with Windows 7 or 8 already. Apparently listening to criticism of its previous interface, the new Windows has made some significant changes to its mail app, web browser, and the voice-controlled assistant Cortana. Oh, and there's Xbox One integration now, too. So far consumers seem generally pleased—but what do Fast Company 's Noah Robischon and Mark Wilson think? And what do you think? Tell us all about it with #29thFloor.

Behind the wheel of Logitech's G29 Driving Force controller

The G29 also plays nice with Fanatec's Wheel Stand and I was able to clamp the wheel and attach the pedal base in just a few minutes with a single Allen key. As with most racing wheels, all the connections are routed to the wheel housing and a built-in cable spool helps you manage the tangle of wires coming from the pedals, power brick and the hardwired USB cord. While it's not included in the base setup, there is a spot on the underside to connect an optional six-speed gated shifter. It's interesting that, despite retailing for $100 more than the G27 (which included a similar attachment in the box), the leather-wrapped shifter here is a $60 extra. For what it's worth, Logitech says older versions of the shifter module will work on the G29 -- so your G27 setup may not be completely obsolete.

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Ello | Beautiful & ad-free.

We believe there is a better way. We believe in audacity. We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency. We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership.

Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you

About 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of them are young girls. In a deeply unsettling talk, she walks us through the surprising impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the key things all of us can do to disrupt this reality.

Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works

Behind the everyday bargains we all love — the $10 manicure, the unlimited shrimp buffet — is a hidden world of forced labor to keep those prices at rock bottom. Noy Thrupkaew investigates human trafficking – which flourishes in the US and Europe, as well as developing countries – and shows us the human faces behind the exploited labor that feeds global consumers.

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