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Google launches a kids’ map app that lets them explore 3D imagery of the Himalayas

Google today released a new application designed to get kids to explore the world using maps and 3D imagery. The new app, which the company describes as "an..

Chrome for Android now loads video faster with less battery drain

Google is introducing a new version of Chrome for Android this week that includes some important changes to the way video content loads in the mobile browser. Google has tweaked Chrome for Android...

Beyond the specs: The 7 best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features

The Galaxy Note 7 packs great specs, but the highlight of the experience is really the software additions and Samsung's improved design chops.

Nucleus is an Alexa-enabled touchscreen intercom

It will be available today through Amazon and Lowe's.

Jeep Hackers Return With New Tricks

Jeep parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, meanwhile, says not to worry.

Oliver Stone wants you to 'turn off your phone,' possibly forever

The "Snowden" director explains why phones are great for watching cat videos but bad for keeping your online activities private from an all-seeing government.

Xbox One S teardown reveals tiny Master Chief hidden inside

We all love easter eggs, but this one from Microsoft might take the cake. Inside each Xbox One S is a tiny homage to Halo and Master Chief.

Want to Buy a $3,000 Microsoft HoloLens? Now You Can

Previously, Microsoft had to approve HoloLens purchases, but now they're open to everyone in the US and Canada.

Drake just ignored Jonah Hill's email about yogurt

He forgot about CCing Dr. Dre.

Acclaimed platformer 'Inside' is coming to PlayStation 4

Limbo studio Playdead will release its latest game, Inside, for PlayStation 4 in late August.

You want this bulldog by your side in a horror movie

Forget the teen lovers, the ex-military dad or the brainy nerd -- the only companion we want to have with us in a horror movie scenario is this bulldog.

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We Finally Know How Birds Sleep During Flight Without Dying

Owing to some horrendously long flight times, scientists have speculated that certain birds are capable of sleep during flight. A remarkable new experiment by an international team of researchers has now proven this to be true, showing that birds can catch a snooze while hitching a ride on rising air currents.

2 | Prices Drop As You Shop

Prices drop lower as you shop

Let's help Kim Kardashian replace her dead BlackBerry Bold

It's a sad day in Waterloo, folks: Kim Kardashian West, international celebrity and staunch defender of the physical keyboard's merits, has given up on her beloved BlackBerry Bold. While Kardashian has other phones — she uses an iPhone 6S for pictures and selfies, among other tasks — the Bold has served as her business workhorse for years: "If you write an email and you need to type fast — I like having the board," said Kardashian at Recode 's  2014 Code/Mobile conference . "They don't even have them in stores anymore. I buy them on eBay... And I like to have three in my room that I line up in case they break."

Basis recalls Peak smartwatch for burn risk from overheating

Back in June, Basis stopped sales of its fitness-focused Peak smartwatch following reports that the wearable was overheating. Today, the company issued a recall for the device, citing the risk of burns or blisters due the device running hot. When it first acknowledged the issue, Basis said it was working on a software update that would remedy the temperature problem and urged customers not to use the wearable until a solution was in place. However, the company revealed today that "despite our best efforts," it couldn't find a fix that wasn't detrimental to the overall user experience.

Facebook reveals its Area 404 hardware lab

In one building of its sprawling Menlo Park, California, headquarters, Facebook has erected a 22,000-foot laboratory where many teams can come together to build and refine hardware. It’s open to the Facebook infrastructure team that works on data center gear, the Oculus team building virtual reality gadgets, the Connectivity group working on drones to beam down internet from the sky, and even Regina Dugan’s secretive Building 8 hardware research division.

For Elon Musk, star-touched vision and messy reality collide

For Elon Musk, star-touched vision and messy reality collide A fatal crash, Tesla production snags and an unusual deal with SolarCity raise questions about the bounds of Musk's futuristic reach. Check out this story on

Moon Express becomes first private company to receive permission to go to the moon

It’s important to note that the permission given to Moon Express doesn’t necessarily set a precedent for other companies. Naveen Jain, co-founder of Moon Express, told TechCrunch that this permission is a one-time exception for their company. Jain stated the U.S. government plans to take future requests to travel beyond Earth’s orbit on a case-by-case basis until laws governing this activity can be passed.

Samsung's big, beautiful Galaxy Note 7 lands August 19th

Beyond that, the rumors were true: That iris sensor is here, sitting just above the Note 7's screen. You can use it to unlock the phone or access content you've secured (more on that in a bit). The sensor takes a minute to set up, and works pretty well even with big glasses like mine. (Samsung admits that glasses with certain coatings might make things tricky.) As neat as the technology is, it doesn't actually seem that useful right at first blush. When I was trying to unlock a Note 7 with my gaze, getting my eyes lined up correctly took more time than a fingerprint scan normally would. This will probably get easier with time, but be sure to keep your expectations in check all the same. More importantly, there's simply not much to do with that iris sensor right now. Samsung says we'll eventually be able to use our eyes to log into accounts and authenticate Samsung Pay transactions , but neither of those features are ready just yet.

Apple Music for Android is officially out of beta

Although it was initially identical to its iOS counterpart, Apple has been slowly adding features to the Android version of its music app to take advantage of non-Apple hardware. Earlier this year, the Android version got a homescreen widget and the ability to save offline music to SD card storage. On the other hand, that missing equalizer was likely a symptom of porting the app from iOS, where that feature is tucked away in the Settings app.


Tesla Motors Inc reported its 13th straight quarterly loss as a rise in sales of its Model S and Model X electric cars failed to make up for the huge cost of ramping up production. The company, run by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk, said on Wednesday it was on track to deliver about 50,000 new Model S and Model X vehicles during the second half of 2016. Shares of Tesla, which has offered to buy solar panel installer SolarCity Corp for $2.6 billion , were volatile in after-hours trading. They were last up 1 percent. Tesla delivered 14,402 vehicles in the second quarter, missing its goal of 17,000. It delivered 14,810 vehicles in the first quarter, which was also less than its expectations. Tesla said its net loss widened to $293.2 million, or $2.09 per share, in the second quarter, from $184.2 million, or $1.45 per share, a year earlier. Total revenue rose 33 percent to $1.27 billion in the quarter ended June 30.

The Network Behind Arthur Is Mad About Your Memes

Arthur memes are all the rage online as of late, and while the good people of Twitter and Tumblr are delighting in repurposing screenshots from the classic children’s show, the network behind the series, WGBH, is not too happy with what’s going on.

App Store billings reached all-time high in July, $50B paid out to developers

In a rare tweet extolling the performance of a specific Apple product, CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said July was a record-breaking month for the App Store, with highest-ever monthly billings and payouts to developers. Cook followed up the initial tweet by congratulating App Store developers, who have now earned more than $50 billion since Apple's software sales platform launched in 2008. No figures were discussed beyond the massive payout number. The comments come a week after Apple revealed a record-setting quarter for its services business, which includes iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Care and the various App Stores. Over the past year, revenue from services jumped $4 billion to $23.1 billion. Of note, App Store revenue reached a new all-time high after finishing up 37 percent for the quarter. During Apple's most recent investor conference call , Cook said Apple's services alone will be the size of a Fortune 100 company next year . Historically, Cook uses Twitter as a PR service, tweeting out generic updates on current events in the Apple world or commentary on human rights issues.

1Password launches subscription service for individuals for $3 per month

If you’re a little weary about paying for a password-management service, you’re in luck — sign up before September 21 and you’ll get six months for free. Even when the free period is over, however, $3 per month obviously isn’t that bad. AgileBits, the company behind 1Password, is obviously hoping that it’s affordable enough that most people won’t bother canceling their subscription after the six-month trial expires.

Dropbox's collaboration tool opens up to everyone, gets new apps

Now, it appears Paper is closer than ever to being ready for primetime as Dropbox announced it's opening up the beta to all users and releasing two new mobile apps for the service.

How to Use the Twitter Dashboard : Social Media Examiner

If you’re using Twitter for a business of any size, you’ll want to check out the new features Twitter Dashboard offers.

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Nearly a Trillion Dollars Worth of US Homes

Real estate database company Zillow is warning that nearly 1.9 million homes in the United States could be flooded by the end of the century. That’s about two percent of the nation’s total housing stock, amounting to $882 billion in value.

The Evacuation of a Flaming Plane Looks Terrifying

Earlier today an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed in Dubai for reasons unknown. There were no fatalities during the incident in spite of the plane’s front half being engulfed in flames. Now video has surfaced from inside flight EK521, and it looks like hell on Earth.

Check Out Thor's New 'Do in Ragnarok

Now, to be honest, my memory of the Comic-Con footage (which I only saw once, and the shot was on screen for maybe one second) is a tad different from this photo. My memory of the hair is that it’s actually even shorter than it’s seen here, and he has no beard. But I’m getting older so I could be wrong, or Marvel could have shown test footage at Comic-Con. With those caveats, it seems pretty likely this look, with the beard, is in the movie. (Especially if you look at stuff like Marvel’s upcoming comic The Unworthy Thor , seen above.)

Everyone says Instagram Stories copied Snapchat – but it's got a killer feature

Most powerful of all is Instagram’s current perch in the social world – it’s already got a network full of people actively using the app to make friends, follow new people and discover different parts of the world. That’s the killer feature Snapchat doesn’t have: the sense of community.

Windows 10 free upgrade is still available using Windows 7 and 8 product keys | ZDNet

My guess is it just might take Microsoft some time to phase out availability of the free Windows 10 bits, the same way company officials said it likely would take some time for them to phase out the Get Windows 10 app and prompts. Or maybe Microsoft execs decided to make the phase out more gradual than they said publicly in case there was a big backlash (in spite of the many notices and prompts alerting users of the pending end of the free update offer.)

How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics

In a major shift compared to London 2012, some of the big television providers have big plans for 4K this year. Comcast, DirecTV and Dish have announced that they'll be serving up 83 hours of Ultra HD content from the Rio Olympics. The only caveat is that most of it won't be live, but this is still a perfect opportunity to put your shiny, new 4K TV to good use. The opening and closing ceremonies will be available in 4K on a 2.5-hour delay, while content from other events (such as basketball, swimming and track and field) is expected to hit the on-demand Rio 2016 portal the next day.

Suicide Squad fans aren't pleased with Rotten Tomatoes over bad reviews

If you’re unfamiliar with the site, Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregator of sorts that allows fans and critics to post their thoughts on films. It doesn’t actually do the reviews itself, it just serves as a central location for you to get a quick peak at whether a film is worth watching. Suicide Squad is not — at least according to critics.

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex reports $75 million has been stolen

We are investigating the breach to determine what happened, but we know that some of our users have had their bitcoins stolen. We are undertaking a review to determine which users have been affected by the breach. While we conduct this initial investigation and secure our environment, will be taken down and the maintenance page will be left up.

What to watch at CNN's Libertarian town hall

The billionaire Kochs, unnerved by Trump's support for protectionism and mass deportations, were forced to push back this weekend in Colorado Springs against speculation from associates that they could support Hillary Clinton. Yet because they have not said how they personally will vote, some in their powerful network of donors are holding out hope that they will back the party that David Koch represented as vice president in 1980: the Libertarians.

The Brilliant Sorcery of England’s 7-Circle Magic Roundabout

The magic roundabout is more glorious still, an artifact of 20th century optimism and a belief that all things can be more perfect. It gives the cars multiple pathways to the same destination. As people choose their personal routes, they decrease the likelihood of colliding. They move freely and safely—to the right as well as the left. More options, more efficiency. The elders approve.

Everything That Makes China's New Traffic-Straddling Bus So Fascinating

We see there that the bus is using hub-mounted motors for propulsion. This, of course, makes a lot of sense, as it allows the drive train to be highly modular, redundant, easy to swap/service, and eliminates the need for a separate steering mechanism, since wheel motors on each side can be varied in speed to allow for a sort of skid steering type of setup, like that used on tanks, and, maybe more closely, Mars rovers like Curiosity, which use (much smaller) wheel hub motors as well.

Penn Nat’l pays up to $170M for Rocket Games, a social casino studio from Zynga alums

“The entire Rocket team is delighted to join the Penn National family and leverage their expertise and nationwide reach to take our game development capabilities and company growth to the next level,” Gelpi said in a statement. “Social and online gaming is an extremely attractive segment of mobile and online gaming, and tying our innovative gaming expertise to a traditional casino operator with a qualified database of customers will create unmatched opportunities for both Rocket Games and Penn National.”

28 Apple makes slight progress on diversity while its rivals are making practically none

Bowles said one challenge in assessing the tech industry’s progress is that companies are selectively transparent — showing certain numbers while not revealing other relevant information. For example, she said, it’s tough to assess overall progress without knowing about turnover and retention. Gains in new hires may be cancelled out by turnover because women and minorities also leave tech companies in higher numbers than white men. Research has suggested this is more an effect of feeling pushed out or not being supported than it is related to family reasons, she said.

Nike used 3D printing and Olympic sprinters to design its new track shoe

In Fraser-Pryce's case, you wonder why she'd be tempted to use a new shoe at Rio 2016 . After all, she's won gold in the women's 100m in the past two summer Olympics. Why fix something that isn't broken? But in a sport where one-tenth of a second could be the difference between silver and gold, any advantage helps. And while the final design of the Zoom Superfly Elite doesn't feature a 3D-printed plate, the research was crucial to develop the plastic version that over 100 Nike-sponsored athletes will wear at the Olympics.

Trip back to the '90s with online issues of Nintendo Power magazine

Put down your Ring Pop and Ecto-Cooler and relive those childhood days when guiding Mario to the castle was your only goal.

USA Basketball opts out of Olympic housing, stays on cruise ship for Rio Games

An obvious counterpoint is that the members of the U.S. women's team don't make nearly as much money as their male counterparts. But can you imagine the outrage if the USA Basketball federation set the men up in ritzy digs while the women had to stay at the Olympic Village like everyone else?

Brain-Eating Amoebas Have Reared Their Ugly Heads in South Carolina

First, you must be swimming in water in which the amoeba is present. Second, you must jump into the amoeba-containing water feet first, allowing the water to go up your nose with enough force that the amoeba can make its way to the brain. Most commonly, exposure results in the amoeba dying before causing infection. You should avoid swimming or jumping into bodies of fresh water when the water is warm and the water levels are low. Also, you should either hold your nose or use a nose plug. You cannot be infected by merely drinking water containing the amoeba.

Look as Stylish as Tony Stark in These New Marvel- and DC-Themed Business Suits

Aside from “coming soon” there isn’t a whole lot of information yet available about this new formal wear collection from . But what we do know is that it will feature suits, ties, and other accessories that incorporate patterns, designs, and logos from Marvel and DC Comics’ properties.

Hoverboard Store Catches Fire

Other than being the “transportation of the future,” hoverboards’ most notable feature is their propensity for bursting into flames spontaneously. That’s great if you’re a pyro, and less great if you like avoiding third-degree burns. Now, a brick-and-mortar purveyor of these flame-prone scooties has succumb to what most would assume was inevitable—it caught fire.

Physicists Are Sciencing the Shit Out of Gunshot Blood Spatter

The patterns produced from gunshots are particularly difficult to interpret. Blood dripping from a cut finger will form large, spherical drops as it hits the ground; that formation is about the interplay between gravity and surface tension. But a gunshot wound is a violent impact, and the force of the bullet is much stronger than gravity and can overcome any surface tension. Because the blood is denser than the air through which it travels, it breaks up into smaller drops (atomization), forming a cloud that sprays out from the wound. During their flight, these clouds of tiny drops are strongly affected by air drag, as well as gravity.

Snapchat Launches ‘Geostickers’, for More Location-Activated Customization

The accuracy of such a system is improved by location tracking, giving the algorithm another data point to confirm that the establishment or object it’s identified in the image is correct. Location data may also enable Snapchat to implement the same system with less recognition accuracy – someone taking a photo of any coffee cup, not just in your establishment, within a certain radius of your café could be targeted with ads or offers, for instance.

This may be our first good look at the new iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re curious what it all means, we’re still leaning on rumors. Some believe the dual camera set-up will allow us to snap both wide-angle and pixel-dense images at once, while some think the cameras will serve as a Lytro-style method for allowing us to switch focal points after the picture has been taken without losing image quality.

Comcast wants its broadband users to pay for their privacy | ZDNet

But if the FCC were to intervene, Comcast argues that a ban would "harm consumers by, among other things, depriving them of lower-priced offerings." The flip side is that those who want to opt-out of the program would end up paying full whack for their service.

ZTE wants you to build its next phone - should Apple and Samsung follow suit?

As an added bonus, ZTE will give away cash prizes to those whose brilliant idea makes it into the phone, as well as offer entrants a chance to test out the device before it goes on sale, or even win a trip to CES in Las Vegas, Engadget reports.

Bigger iPhone 7 could be more powerful than the smaller one

Word on the street from the supply chain, according to the well-connected KGI Securities analyst Min Ching Kuo, is that the iPhone 7 "Plus/Pro" will come with 3GB of RAM and the smaller 4.7-inch will stick to 2GB like the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Pokémon Gone: Indonesia to ban catching 'em all at schools

The country’s minister of women’s empowerment and child protection Yohana Yembise said she’s working on a ministerial decree that will prohibit children from playing the game at schools, allowing them to focus on their studies instead. However, it is not yet clear when or how the order will be implemented.

Staring match: Galaxy Note 7 locks eyes for tougher security

So how does it work? Everyone's iris -- the colorful structure in the eye that controls the size of the pupil, which allows light to reach the retina -- has a unique texture, much like a fingerprint, said Asem Othman, a biometric scientist at Hoyos Labs, which specializes in iris-reading technology. Unlike a fingerprint, the iris isn't affected by aging. For one thing, it's not exposed to the elements like the skin on your hands is. "The iris is the only internal organ readily visible from the outside," Othman said in an email.

Google DeepMind: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Bought by Google in 2014 for 400 million pounds, DeepMind is an AI platform best known for beating the world champion in the game Go. TechRepublic's comprehensive guide explains how it works.

Grow Vegetables in the Desert With a 'Waffle Garden'

Like its namesake, a waffle garden is essentially a row of square cells in which you will plant your vegetables separated by berms of compacted clay soil. The shape helps any water flow directly to the plants, and since the clay alone can be too tough for the roots, the indentations also give you a ‘container’ in which to pour and mix your soil with hard clay. In the video, landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how he designs his garden in New Mexico. He starts by compacting the clay soil around the individual waffle cells, then breaks up the native clay with a pick ax and mixes it with sand and compost. When each cell is ready, Cook plants his vegetables at a depth of 1.5 times the diameter of the seed and gives it all a light watering.

I'm Mary Roach, and This Is How I Work

Yeah, I do. But the work is more upfront in the selection of the topic and the place I’m going to go and to some extent the person. So I’m trying to set myself up for their being some kind of surreal or surprising or goofy scenario. The work goes more into the research and setup. But to answer your question, yeah I do. If there’s a passage that seems to drag or just be sort of straightforward and there’s nothing funny or surprising or the writing isn’t sparkly, you know, I’ll go back and punch it up, whether it’s making it funnier or just making the writing more interesting. It could be any number of things but sometimes you get this sense when reading it that it’s flat, and I don’t want it to be too flat. But the thing with humor is that it sits where it sits and you can’t force it in when it doesn’t work.

This levitating phone charger can power your iPhone in mid air

AR Design/Kickstarter Your phone isn't doing anything interesting while its charging, but a Canadian design company called AR Design wants to change that by making your phone float and spin in the air while it charges.

This website lets you plan an entire vacation around Pokemon Go

The only downside is that Tripaya uses the Euro for pricing, and I didn’t see a way to filter it to Dollars or other currency. Still, if you’re serious about Pokemon Go — as in serious enough to plan a vacation around it — check Tripaya out.

Good News, Teens: Hundreds of SAT Test Questions Have Leaked

According to Reuters, “developing a single version of the SAT typically takes about 18 to 30 months and costs about $1 million,” making an exceptionally costly mistake for the College Board. So far the test-making company has yet to cancel or postpone upcoming SAT exams. Presumably if evidence suggests the materials, which included 21 reading passages and over 150 math questions, have leaked, tests this year will be invalidated, if not by the College Board than by the colleges and universities reviewing the (highly inflated) scores.

Intel crammed six depth-sensing cameras into a unicorn horn for the HTC Vive

Dimitri Diakopoulos , a product scientist and prototyping engineer at Intel’s Perceptual Computing Lab, tweeted a picture of his creation yesterday. It’s a peripheral that sticks out of the front face of the virtual reality headset, somewhat like a unicorn’s horn. The peripheral, which will be revealed at Intel’s Developer Forum in two weeks, includes six cameras for accurately sensing hand motions and obstacles.

Intel recalls fitness watch, ends support due to overheating

The company first shared its concerns of overheating in June, pinning its hopes for a solution on a software update. That plan did not pan out as hoped, Intel said in a statement that urged customers to return the devices immediately for a full refund.

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58 An Exclusive Look At Airbnb's First Foray Into Urban Planning
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84 Playing ‘Pokémon Go’ with a drone is the most 2016 thing ever
85 Watch Marcus Peters test the latest fitness trackers (while Marshawn Lynch heckles)
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