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The Totally NSFW Deadpool Trailer Is Finally Here

The trailer for the very R-rated comic flick is finally here!

Top 120 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8.4

Check out our favorite free jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.3.

Lexus Takes the Wraps Off Its Mysterious Slide Hoverboard

This Lexus hoverboard may not be the "Back to the Future" style transportation many were hoping for, but it is a cool piece of technology.

'Star Wars: Battlefront' gets 20-player aerial combat

Yes, slicing your enemies with a lightsaber is one reason to buy Star Wars: Battlefront, but it shouldn't be the only reason. At Gamescom 2015, Electroni

Google and MIT can take reflection-free photos through windows

Don't like taking window photos due to the reflections? MIT and Google have just detailed an algorithm that gives you reflection-free shots.

Human Torch drone disturbs and wows with fiery flying - CNET

"Fantastic Four" is coming this week, and we have a nifty publicity stunt in the form of a flying drone version of the Human Torch.

My friend's called Al Overdrive but Facebook won't believe him

Think your Facebook account won't end up locked down? If the social network doesn't believe your name is real, it could happen to you…

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White House Demo Day focuses on diversity

When the White House hosts a Demo Day, tech entrepreneurs come out to play. The Obama administration kicked off its first ever showcase for startups today. It isn't your typical day of demonstrations and matchmaking that brings entrepreneurs closer to prospective funders. Instead, it's about pushing for much-needed diversity in the largely homogenous tech world. As such, the innovators showcasing their stories directly to POTUS come from diverse backgrounds. According to the site , "these stories exemplify how we can 'grow the pie' by including all Americans in our innovation economy."

What Not To Do At A Business Lunch

There comes a moment in every professional's life when they are asked to a business lunch. Whether it's with colleagues, your boss or subordinates, or a whole group of people you don't know that well, the fact remains that this situation is fraught with potential social gaffes. Luckily, we created a PSA to show everyone what to definitely not do in this situation, ever. So watch this, then enjoy all the business lunches you will hopefully be invited to. Just don't order the wings.

Microsoft launches Sway out of preview along with new Windows 10 app, revamps for sharing Office files

Microsoft today announced its content aggregation and presentation application Sway has hit general availability. That means the digital storytelling tool is launching out of preview for consumers and releasing to all eligible Office 365 for business and education customers worldwide. Microsoft is also introducing a Sway app for Windows 10 and revamping  for sharing not only Sway files, but all Office documents.

How to reduce IT complexity to better serve the business

"If you don't have a proper function to manage it, complexity will come back again," NBCUniversal's Banerjea warns. That's why he brings his enterprise architecture team into every budget meeting with a "living, breathing framework of our inventory across all our units." If one division proposes something new, the EA team is there to identify commonalities. With visibility across the company's tech stacks, "We can see when we can leverage an application for multiple uses and avoid starting from scratch."

Xbox One gets its first exclusive external hard drive

According to Major Nelson , the Game Drive is the "only external drive designed exclusively" for Microsoft's consoles. That explains why it's coated in the familiar Xbox green and features the official logo, but it also includes USB 3.0 in order to save digital games and associated files as quickly as possible. If you've decided to ditch the discs and find yourself in the market for something that truly looks like an official piece of first-party hardware, the Game Drive for Xbox will go on sale for $110 at GameStop, Amazon and other worldwide retailers later this month.

Samsung Pay makes its way to smart TVs

Samsung is making it simpler to shop for apps, in-app purchases, books and movies, among other things, on its smart TVs. Months after launching its mobile payment system, the Korean company's now introducing a new service aptly called "Samsung Pay on TV." You can either set it up with a credit/debit card or with a PayPal account -- once that's done, the TV will only ask you for a four-digit PIN number every time you make a purchase. If your CC numbers or PayPal email and password are already associated with a pre-existing Samsung account, they'll automatically be used with the service when you sign in. But in case you do have to type those in, the TV will make you use Samsung's new and secure virtual keyboard.

Microsoft revamps Outlook on the web with new look and features, drops Outlook Web App name

Microsoft today renamed the web version of Outlook in Office 365: Outlook Web App (OWA) will now be known as “Outlook on the web.” This useless app renaming exercise, which is sadly a typical occurrence for Microsoft, is not the big part of the news, though. The app is actually getting a massive refresh: an improved user interface and new features that “help you be more efficient, stay on top of your inbox, and better manage your calendar.”

Obama: "The next Steve Jobs might be named Stephanie or Esteban."

"Examine all the talent America has to offer, no matter who they are and where they set up shop," Obama said. "We've got to make sure that everybody is getting a fair shot -- the next Steve Jobs might be named Stephanie or Esteban. They might never set foot in Silicon Valley."

Silver Lake to invest $1 billion in Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions Inc ( MSI.N ) said private equity firm Silver Lake would invest $1 billion in the maker of walkie-talkies and radio systems as it looks to boost growth in its services business, which includes video monitoring and data analytics.

Gamescom 2015: Rainbow Six Siege Turns Counter Terrorism Into a Spectator Sport - IGN

“As an animation director you’re looking to inject a certain style into characters, and what’s interesting is trying to learn all these different tactics that real counter terrorist operatives are using. We have an ex-Israeli counter terrorist unit operator who’s doing a lot of our mo-cap with us, and he’s able to mimic multiple different counter terrorist unit styles. So he can show us exactly the difference in basic tactical manoeuvres between an Israeli special forces unit and a SWAT team, for example. So having that reference for us has been hugely helpful in nailing the look and feel.”

Converge Conference 2015

In July 2015, f.ounders and The Wall Street Journal hosted Converge, an invitation-only gathering of powerful technology leaders from around the world.

Apple’s music deals allow for new Beats stations at any time

The good news for Apple is that, so far, there has been no considerable drop in iTunes downloads due to Apple Music’s launch. Sources indicate that although iTunes downloads are still decreasing (as they have been for some time), that decrease hasn’t noticeably accelerated during the first month of Apple Music. That’s not to say cannibalization isn’t expected down the line. The labels realize that as more and more people sign up for Apple Music, the faster downloads will decrease. As one source put it, there are "choppy waters ahead," but if Apple signs up enough subscribers, the payoff for the music industry could be big in the long run. Though it's highly unlikely that even Apple can return it back to its CD-sales heyday.

Google announces it will provide monthly OTA security updates to Nexus devices, starting today with Stagefright fixes

Google Fiber plans service in San Antonio, its biggest city yet   —  Google will compete against AT&T, which plans gigabit service for San Antonio.  —  Google today said it is beginning design work on a fiber network for San Antonio, Texas.  With 1.4 million residents, it will be the biggest Google Fiber city so far.

If You Think The Apple Watch Is Ridiculous, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

He also noted that by having an Apple Watch on the inside of the wrist, the wearer could more discreetly view his or her notifications --"If you're in a board meeting, you don't want someone across the table reading your text messages" -- though why one needs to drop over $9,000 for something that can be done with the regular Apple Watch is beyond us. Maybe it's another way to hide your Apple Watch from your "mainstream" friends .

Jesse Eisenberg Fields Kristen Stewart's Sexist Questions In An Awkward Interview That Makes a Point

Eisenberg and Stewart mix up the questions that the male and female co-stars on the junket circuit typically get: Stewart hits Eisenberg with "Do you have any favorite designers?"; "Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"; and "Do you get any work done?"—while Eisenberg asks her if she ever got aroused during her sex scenes [spoiler: no] and how she "bulked up" for the role. The inequity between how male and female actors are treated by interviewers is a well remarked-upon phenomenon ( Paper Towns author John Green defended Cara Delevingne’s morning show interview by noting that her male co-star was usually asked when he read the book, while she was asked if she read it), but when it’s funny people like Eisenberg and Stewart skewering that tradition, at least it’s painful to watch in a good way.

CEOs now have to reveal how much more they make than workers

More recently, U.S. workers have seen their paychecks stay about the same despite a recovery in the broader economy. This wage stagnation has been cause for concern among economists, particularly as CEO pay has continued to rise. One recent study from labor organization AFL-CIO found that CEOs of major U.S. companies earned about 373 times the average U.S. worker .

How to Access Beats 1 Replays on Apple Music

Apple Music’s big selling point is Beats 1, the radio station that has live DJs and shows. Up until recently, you could only access the shows live. Now, you can get to replays, but they’re hidden away a bit.

Cloud-Computing Kingpins Slow to Adapt to Own Movement

For nearly a decade, Amazon Web Services, the giant retailer’s cloud computing division, has told prospective customers: Ditch your data center and trust us to run your applications, store your data and host your internal software development.

Watch the Moon cross the face of the Earth in this incredible video

Here’s an absolutely stunning video that shows our Moon fly by and cross the face of our Earth. The detail is incredible, the size difference is dramatic, and it’s just lovely to see the phenomenon happen from outside Earth. We see the Moon streak the sky every night, this is what it looks like from space.

Facebook puts a celebrity twist on live-streaming video

If you do have access to Facebook Mentions, you’ll see a new Live Video button when you tap to create a new post. Just add a description for your video and tap “Go live” to start broadcasting. The rest of us can comment on your stream, and you’ll be able to reply to comments (or hide rotten ones). Streams are automatically saved to celebrity Facebook pages in case fans miss the live stream.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Downgrades Apple for Six Key Reasons

The firm listed six key reasons it expects pressure on shares in the short term: 1) iPhone deceleration, 2) a slowdown in China marketshare gains 3) a deceleration in gross dollar profit growth, which is correlated to stock price, 4) A decline in the magnitude of earnings beats, 5) Only modest improvement to the iPhone coming, 6) low likelihood of more capital return plans.

SeaWorld Is Spending $10 Million To Make You Forget About "Blackfish"

SeaWorld shouldn't be compelled to spend a dime over some lie filled propaganda piece. They should do it because it's good for their business, which of course it will be. The new tanks look amazing and will bring in more people. This will be a win for SeaWorld, capitalism and a defeat to the anti-human environmental hippie movement. Blackfish will ultimately have been the thing that made Sea World even more popular into the future, not less. Oh and by the way, going to San Diego in October, ;) See you at Sea World.

iPhone market share drops in US but climbs across Europe - CNET

Why would the iPhone's market share rise across Europe but fall in the United States? One key reason is competition from Android in the US. Though Google's mobile OS remains dominant around the world, its share fell by 2.5 percent in Europe's five largest markets. Android's smartphone market share dropped by 6.2 percent in Germany, 6.1 percent in the UK and 3.9 percent in Italy. Though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now more than 10 months old, and the next-generation iPhone lineup is due in September, demand for the latest models remains strong in Europe and other nations. But Apple's Android rivals provided a tougher fight in the US.

Machine Learning: Curse of Dimensionality

Even though our search is now in additional direction, proportional actually increases to 21.5%. And not only increases, for just one additional dimension, it doubles! And you can see that we have to cover almost one-fifth of each dimension just to get one-hundredth of overall! In 10-dimensions, this proportion is 63% and in 100-dimensions – which is not uncommon number of dimensions in any real-life machine learning – one has to sample 95% of range along each dimension to sample 1% of observations! This mind-bending result happens because in high dimensions spread of data points becomes larger even if they are uniformly spread.

Android fragmentation report: There are now 24,093 distinct devices, up 28% from last year

According to OpenSignal’s data, there are now 1,294 distinct Android manufacturers, many of which you’ve likely never heard of — Kyocera, Vega, or Advan, anyone? This marks a slight increase (of around 100) from last year, and 350 from the year before.

Infographic: One Of These Fictional Weapons Is The Most Badass Fictional Weapon Ever

There's not much joy in seeing two indestructibles unable to destroy each other. That's why scenes of Superman and General Zod flinging each other into buildings is not a good time at the movies these days. It's much more suspenseful to see someone threatening to wreak obscene amounts of havoc on innocent civilians—or someone else defending those civilians—with the coolest possible instrument-of-death science or magic allows. A new infographic ranks the fictional world's most badass clobbering concoctions—and sifting through them is a blast.

Images of Microsoft's next flagship Lumia prototype leak out

If you've been hankering for some powerful new Lumia hardware, feast your eyes on the first images of a prototype of Microsoft's upcoming flagship phone, courtesy of a (soon to be fired) leaker on the WPXAP forums . For the past few years, Microsoft has focused more on delivering mid-range and low-end Lumia devices, the few markets where Windows Phone has managed to find a foothold. But, based on current rumors, the company is expected to launch a new Lumia 950 flagship later this year, along with a Lumia 950 XL phablet. The above image gives us our closest look yet at one of the new devices (there's some debate as to whether it's the 5.2-inch 950 or the 5.7-inch 950 XL), and, well, it looks just like a Lumia design.


BeagleLogic realizes a logic analyzer on the BeagleBone Black using the Programmable Real-Time units and matching firmware and Linux kernel modules on the BeagleBone Black. Supports capturing into up to 300+ MB of memory (out of the 512 MB) of the BeagleBone Black. With the sigrok project, BeagleLogic gets support for software triggering and decoding a large variety of digital communication protocols. There's also a small web interface that allows plug-and-play debugging if you are not capturing tons of data once everything is up and running. I recently designed a cape to help interface BeagleLogic with external circuits and protect the BeagleBone from 5V circuits. You are seeing the photos of the cape. The possibilities with BeagleLogic are great, and this page should follow future development of BeagleLogic as it gradually evolves with more cool features.

Netflix to offer paid 'unlimited' parental leave

Netflix to offer paid 'unlimited' parental leave New policy applies to first year after child's birth or adoption. Check out this story on

Six Killer Xbox One Announcements Microsoft Made Today

In addition to the multitude of sick new gameplay footage we saw today from developers at Gamescom, Microsoft revealed, confirmed and offered updates on some major new projects and features that will be coming to the Xbox One in the upcoming months.  The Xbox One is slumping behind the PS4 in the console wars and it seems Microsoft is looking to go forth with features focused on strengthening the Xbox/Windows ecosystem and working to further cement the One as the living room’s central entertainment powerhouse.

It's dogfighting time in Star Wars Battlefront game - CNET

Adding dogfighting -- a term used to define an aerial battle between aircraft -- to Star Wars Battlefront will breathe some new life into the popular franchise. Star Wars Battlefront, which will launch in November on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, is the latest installment in the Battlefront series, and will allow users to navigate the Star Wars world, take control over vehicles they see in the popular movies, and play in both single player and multiplayer. The game also includes popular characters, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Retail CIOs must balance security with innovation

As security and governance have moved front and center, the role of the CIO has also expanded beyond its traditional roles, into providing education on security at every level and every corner of the organization. Companies doing an assessment of their existing data and its risk profile are realizing they have more data at risk than they previously thought, says Perry Kramer, vice president and practice lead at Boston Retail Partners, which found in its 2015 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey that payment security is among CIOs top three priorities for 2016, with big topics of discussion focusing on encryption and tokenization. Major types of data at risk, he explains, include credit and debit account numbers, gift card numbers, personally identifiable information (also referred to as PII data), proprietary merchandise/product data and financial plans.

Yes, That Debris Is From MH370

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed the flaperon, identified last week as part of a Boeing 777, came from the jet that vanished while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. “It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370,” he said in a statement.

The Fixer Who Helps Startups Like Uber Beat the Government

Tusk himself started consulting in 2011 as a political strategist for Uber, which offered him equity in lieu of his regular fee. (“We said sure, and that worked out really well,” Tusk says.) Most recently, he helped spearhead Uber’s recent campaign against New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who proposed capping the number of cars that ride-hailing companies could put on the road. He was closely involved in the all-out blitz to lobby City Council members and raise public awareness of de Blasio’s proposed plan. The firm supported the campaign with TV and radio ads, mailers, phone calls, digital ads, and campaign-style rallies.

IT Resume Makeover: How to give yourself some space

In this month's edition, resume expert Caitlin Sampson helps an IT management consultant expand on his extensive experience while narrowing his focus -- and the move lands him his dream job.

Star Wars Battlefront: A New Hope for the Gaming Industry

Developers are betting that Gamescom, with big screens and hundreds of gaming stations, can make an impression on first-time visitors like Leon Dean, a 16-year-old student from western Germany. Leon tried out Star Wars Battlefront at the game’s booth, where dozens of screens stood next to a large Tie Fighter model.

The Future of Rail Travel—and Why It Doesn’t Look Like Hyperloop

Greater automation are expected to dominate not just rail but all types of travel. Automatic train operation is already used in some urban railways which allows for shorter distances between trains on the same line. It is anticipated that in the future all mainline trains will be able to communicate with each other, meaning significantly more trains on the track, increasing capacity and service levels. This in turn will make physical line-side signalling equipment redundant, leading to more simple layouts for new lines. Better use of energy on electrically powered intercity rail travel will likely play a significant role. For instance, energy storage systems and advanced substations will allow a shift to smarter rail systems.

EE recalls Power Bar chargers over fire risks

EE's free Power Bar portable chargers have been incredibly popular with customers, but recently a medical student was left with nasty burns after one exploded while charging. And it can't be coincidence that EE has just issued a recall request for all Power Bars sporting the model number E1-06. EE says it's "identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated," isolated to this specific batch number, which Mobile News believes accounts for half a million units -- EE's subsequently told us less than half that number are actually in customers' hands, with the rest accounted for in its stores. The carrier warns these Power Bars "could pose a fire safety risk," advises that customers stop using them immediately, and asks they turn them in at their nearest EE store. Returned units will be replaced once EE has figured out what's going on with the bad batch. The network operator believes Power Bars with different model numbers are perfectly safe, but it's still putting a temporary stop to the swap-in-shop program while it recalls and restocks.

Can We Build A Better Breast Pump, Already?

The decided to take a stab at revamping the breast pump. Entirely self-funded, they hired a team of engineers to develop a prototype for a product that was lighter, with fewer moving parts. Most importantly, their pump has soft silicone breast cups that mimic the way a baby compresses the breast with its mouth (many pumps use hard plastic flanges and suction pumps that push and pull the breast and nipple to extract milk). After the long process of patenting their technology and getting FDA approval, they were able to launch a line of electronic breast pumps that operate differently from the other suction pumps on the market. "The silicone cups are not just there to provide suction," Kelly explains. "They also offer the compression that is much more similar to a baby's nursing pattern."

Time Warner posts 14 percent rise in quarterly profit

Time Warner's shares were down 7.5 percent at $81.07 in afternoon trading. Up to Tuesday's close, the stock had risen about 3 percent this year, compared with a 10 percent rise in the S&P 500 Movies & Entertainment index.

Who is buying the weird, new top-level domains? And why you might (or might not) want to

Jeffrey Rowland is the founder of Topatoco , a company dedicated to selling books, t-shirts, and other merchandise for webcomics artists. He's also a webcomics artist himself, and -- mostly unrelated -- a fan of odd domain names. Thus, when the new .horse top-level domain became available, he did the obvious thing: he bought .horse domains for two of the Internet's most prominent brands, Netflix and Tumblr. still points to where Rowland put it, his company's own Tumblr page ., though, prompted a response. "Netflix found out and followed the laws established to protect trademarks, and demanded I turn it over, and I complied," said Rowland.

Startup Founders Pitch Their Ideas to … the President

Standing behind the President as he delivered his address were more than a dozen business owners. They included Christopher Ategeka, the Ugandan-born founder of Privail, which makes rapid response HIV tests, as well as Privahini Bradoo, founder of BlueOak Resources, an e-waste recycling company that WIRED covered last year. The majority of the founders were either women, minorities, or both, and that was no accident. All of them were hand-picked and summoned to the White House to serve as examples of the valuable talent the tech community too often leaves behind. As President Obama noted, only around 3 percent of venture-backed companies today are led by women; just 1 percent of them are founded by African-Americans.

Xbox 360 update will make it just as social as the Xbox One

With Windows 10 , Microsoft is all about the Xbox integration . Xbox 360 preview users can now see gaming activity from Windows 10, Xbox One and of course, their Xbox 360. The feeds show achievements, broadcasts, screenshots, text posts and GameDVR clips from you or people you follow. You can then share or comment on directly from the console, or create a new post. The Xbox One has had that feature since February, but as one Major Nelson commenter put it, at least Microsoft isn't forgetting its old warhorse completely. The feature has only rolled out to Xbox 360 preview program participants, but everyone else will likely see it with the next regular update.

This web game shows you why self-driving cars are better

You've probably heard that self-driving cars are safer than their human-guided equivalents ( as a general rule , at least). But what if you have a hard time wrapping your head around how that concept works in practice? Never fear: developers Mark Backler and Peter Cardwell-Gardner have posted a web game, Error-Prone , that teaches you about the perils of overcrowded roads and the virtues of autonomous vehicles. You're supposed to take control of one of the closely-packed cars circling in a loop, but doing so almost guarantees that you'll either slow everyone down or cause an accident. It's much like WarGames ' nuclear battle, where the only way to win is not to play -- the sooner you realize that the computer is better at driving than you are, the sooner traffic calms down.

Forbes Announces Launch Of Social Networking App For Its Under 30 Community Members

NEW YORK (August 5, 2015) – Forbes announced today the launch of an exclusive Under 30 mobile app created for Forbes Under 30 community members.  For the official launch, the app will be made available to the more than 2,000 game changers featured in the four Forbes 30 Under 30 lists published to date.   The Forbes Under 30 app, which was developed in-house by Forbes with support from Tinder, will officially launch during the second annual Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia, October 4-7, 2015.

Beware the fake embedded tweet: They're frighteningly easy to make

While it’s possible that TNW’s Editor-in-Chief Martin Bryant really does think I’m “the *best*”, it’s more likely that the image below (and above) is in fact a fake tweet made with a free online service .

Samsung Kills Top-Secret Plan to Reinvent the Remote Control, Lays Off Boxee Staff (Exclusive)

Samsung was also looking to partner with a number of streaming services, and even pay-TV service operators, to include their apps and content on the tablet. The company planned to include the tablet with all of its higher-end TVs in the U.S. The plan was to not only replace the traditional remote control, but also reinvent how consumers discover and watch content with smart TVs. “It was a very bold initiative,” said one source with knowledge of the project.

5 questions for a top machine learning expert

Take a chess-playing program, for example. Initial versions of this AI program played by the rules of chess: These are the available moves based on rules that have been loaded into the software and it was intelligent enough to figure out the best one. Then, machine learning was incorporated so the system studied patterns of moves, what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Once a system is more data-focused, then the lines between ML and AI begin to blur.

IBM launches new services to help enterprises embrace Macs

With the new offering, which is part of IBM’s MobileFirst services portfolio, clients can order Macs and have them delivered directly to their employees without the need for any additional setup, imaging or configuration. Employees can then quickly and securely gain network access, connect to email and download business applications, IBM said.

LibreOffice aims new, free office suite at huge installed base of Windows 7 users

So why should you download it? The suite still includes the standalone apps: Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, along with a Math formula calculator as well as the Base database. According to Vignoli, the suite boasts a new Start Center and an overall better UI, with features like the ability to preview styles in a sidebar and better compatibility between Microsoft Office and Apple’s own Productivity Apps, aka iWork. Documents can be exported to PDF, and time-stamped to boot. And they’ll all work with Windows 10.

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