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Watch the first gameplay from Bethesda's 'Prey' reboot

The new 'Prey' is nothing like its predecessor.

Amazon now has its own cargo planes for quicker delivery

Amazon is leasing 40 cargo planes to shuttle its own shipments through the air, with a view to improve its delivery times.

Awesome granny celebrates her 100th birthday with beer pong

Rack 'em, granny.

The song of the summer is Can I Get a Box?

Just when you thought there would be no Song of the Summer for Summer '16, a savior descends. And that savior is my teammate in social media management, The Verge's Dami Lee. She found this little...

Japan's favorite candy wants to get kids coding

Japanese supermarkets sell an insane variety of candy. Pocky, one of the nation's favorites, now wants kids to get coding.

Here’s the most recent drone video of Apple’s massive new $5 billion headquarters

The new drone footage, shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and edited by Matthew Roberts, shows that Apple has made

9 Criminally Overlooked Sports to Watch at the Rio Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will feature 306 distinct medal events, but if you're not careful you'll miss the best ones.

Why City of God’s Director Took On Tonight’s Opening Ceremony

Fernando Meirelles, the filmmaker best known for a grim portrayal of Rio's slums, will present his vision of Brazil to the world tonight.

Facebook starts testing a Snapchat-style camera with MSQRD selfie filters

After Instagram introduced Stories, Facebook begins testing more familiar features in its all-out attack against Snapchat.

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How to Stream the 2016 Olympics Online, No Cable Required

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here, and the world’s greatest athletes are ready to show us what they’re made of. If you want to catch all the suspense, drama, and victory, but you don’t have cable, here’s how you can medal in streaming for free.

Facebook is stepping up its war on clickbait in the News Feed

Two years ago, Facebook  made an initial effort to eliminate the News Feed's surplus of "clickbait" — a hard to define but almost universally despised form of online content that leaves readers feeling tricked, cheated, or otherwise dissatisfied. But people have continued to complain about many of the articles they see in the News Feed, Facebook says, and so today it's adjusting the feed again. Over the next few weeks, Facebook will implement changes meant to reduce the distribution of headlines that withhold information or attempt to mislead the reader.

Why Amish Children Rarely Get Asthma

For years, scientists have known that growing up on a farm protects children from asthma, but the reasons for this weren’t entirely clear. A fascinating comparative analysis of Amish and Hutterite farming communities has finally uncovered the specific aspects of farm life that are responsible for this built-in immune protection.

Google's self-driving car unit is losing three key execs

Three early members of Google’s self-driving car unit are departing, including the project’s chief technician. Chris Urmson, who serves as CTO and technical lead, announced that he was leaving after seven years.

Apple boosts AI efforts by acquiring machine learning startup | Cult of Mac

Turi, a Seattle-based startup specializing in machine learning and AI, was reportedly acquired by Apple for around $200 million. The startup creates software that gives developers the ability to add AI capabilities that scale automatically, which could certainly be an attractive addition to Apple’s platforms.

There's Growing Evidence That Venus Was Once Habitable

If you could hop in a time-traveling spacecraft, go back three billion years and land any place in our solar system, where would you want to end up? Earth, with its barren continents and unbreathable atmosphere? Or Mars, a chillier version its big brother? Wait, what about Venus?

8 quietly shuts down its torrent search engine

Popular Poland-based torrent meta-search site has removed its key functionality, effectively shutting down a major portal for finding pirated material on the web. According to a message on the site, which refers to itself in the past tense: "Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines. Torrentz will always love you. Farewell." A click on the search box currently re-directs to a pop-up ad from Alibaba.

Microsoft has two big Windows 10 updates slated for 2017

While announcing the gradual rollout of its Anniversary update for Windows 10, Microsoft confirmed that there would be two feature updates coming in 2017. This means moving to a twice-a-year schedule the company had previously set up for its " Threshold " updates for Windows 8, which used the codename for that operating system. According to Windows Central , the first update for 10, called "Redstone 2" after this operating system's nickname, will come in early 2017, followed by "Redstone 3" four to six months later in late summer or early fall. The latest internal builds are around the 14900 range, the site said, meaning testers should soon receive bits of Redstone 2 to try out and give feedback.

​How to watch the Rio Olympics on the internet | ZDNet

Before diving into that, let's go into the basics. NBC will be showing Olympic sports over the following networks : NBC, Telemundo, Bravo, CNBC, Golf Channel, MSNBC, NBC Sports Network - NBCSN, NBC UNIVERSO, and USA Network. Over-the-air coverage begins on Friday, August 5, and concludes on Sunday, August 21, with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. This coverage is a "best of" show. It airs from 8 p.m. to midnight ET/PT; daytime from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET/PT; late night from 12:35 a.m. to 1:35 a.m. ET/PT; and replays from 1:35 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. ET/PT. It features time-delayed many of the Games' most popular sports, such as gymnastics, track and field, swimming and the men's and women's basketball finals.

Spotify's Release Radar is Discover Weekly for new music

Discover Weekly is one of Spotify's best and most unique features , serving up a personalized playlist full of artists you probably haven't listened to before. But what happens toward the end of the week, once you've cycled through its recommendations a few times? Enter Release Radar , a new playlist that drops every Friday. The personalised mixtape, which sits in the Discover section, will offer a collection of brand-new releases from artists you follow or listen to regularly. Spotify says it'll also throw in some "new discoveries" which, similar to Discover Weekly, are based on your listening habits inside the app. It could be a handy new feature, provided your favorite artists aren't those signing exclusives with Apple Music .

Hampton Creek CEO on mayo buyback: 'Of course I would do it again'

It sent contractors to grocery stores like Safeway to buy up jars of its mayo, presumably so the grocery stores would have to order more. That could mean that Hampton Creek would look like it has more revenue, which would help when it went to raise more money from venture capital.

Apple to pay bug spotters up to $200,000 video

Apple will hack people to hack its products. At the Deathcon security conference in Las Vegas, Apple's Head of Security, Engineering, and Architecture announced Apple's new Security Bounty Program. The company will pay researchers up to $200,000 if they find bugs in Apple's software or services. At first, Apple's new program will be limited to about two dozen researchers on an invite-only basis These researchers had reported bugs to Apple in the past, but did not receive compensation. So how does someone land $200,000 from Apple? That prize is for researchers who find bugs in Apple's secure boot firmware. That firmware is what stops unapproved programs from launching when iOS is started up. Apple is also offering smaller prizes for other bug finds. For example, a researcher could earn up to $50,000 for finding a bug related to accessing iCloud account data. By the way, the amount of money Apple is offering is significant. Microsoft pays up to $100,000 for Windows 10 bugs. Google pays up to $100,000 for Chrome vulnerabilities. Apple's biggest bounty is double those and it is related to it's most important product the iPhone.

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“Skill is only developed by hours and hours of work.”

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Battery pack sales doubled after Pokémon Go's release

Pokémon Go really seems to be the only explanation here. NPD notes that while battery pack sales have generally been increasing from 2015, sales were only up 4 percent in the weeks prior to the game's release. So Pokémon Go very much seems to be what triggered it. The  custom pokéball batteries that popped up may have helped, too.

Spotify’s Latest Algorithmic Playlist Is Full of Your Favorite New Music

Release Radar won’t be the last automatic, ever-evolving playlist from Spotify. In the company’s view, this kind of playlist is the future of music. For decades, we all listened by the album: drop it on the turntable, put the needle down, sit back, and let the LP wash over you. Then listeners flocked to music video countdowns and MP3 downloads, and eventually found themselves in command of the Internet Jukebox and its infinite catalog of videos and songs. Somewhere in there, we lost the ability to just press play, close our eyes, and enjoy. Playlists are giving that back. After trying lots of other formats, Newett says, “We’ve now found that the playlist format is actually a super successful way to ship product. It’s a similar, very lean-back experience.”

The So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Even More Mysterious

For the first 1000 days of Kepler’s campaign, Tabby’s Star decreased in luminosity by approximately 0.34 percent per year. For the next 200 days, the star dimmed more rapidly, its total stellar flux dropping by 2 percent before leveling off. Overall, Tabby’s Star faded roughly 3 percent during the four years that Kepler stared at it—an absolutely enormous, inexplicable amount. The astronomers looked at 500 other stars in the vicinity, and saw nothing else like it.

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The tale of an unusual campaign to finance the biggest takeover ever in the tech industry.

Microsoft is changing its toy gun emoji to a revolver — the exact opposite of Apple

“Our intent with every glyph is to align with the global Unicode standard, and the previous design did not map to industry designs or our customers’ expectations of the emoji definition. We will continue to work with the Unicode Consortium to refine and update glyphs that reflects customer needs, feedback and supports a consistent system that works across the digital world.”

HP Chromebook 13 review: a great laptop that doesn't come cheap

At 2.85 pounds and half an inch thick, it certainly has a lot in common with the many popular thin-and-light laptops available, and that's a place where it diverts from the similarly business-targeted Dell Chromebook 13. That computer is as solid as a rock, but it's a lot thicker and heavier than many other 13-inch laptops. The HP feels much more portable -- but it's not nearly as solid as the Dell. It's easy to flex the screen and chassis if you're so inclined. The screen flexing is particularly noticeable; my co-workers were pretty stunned at how easily I was able to bend the display. Obviously, this isn't normal behavior, but it does make me concerned about the laptop's long-term durability. Fortunately, the HP Chromebook 13 felt solid and comfortable in normal use. It's just not the tank that Dell's Chromebook is.

Nike's New $1,200 Sunglasses Are Really—Wait, $1,200?

For top runners, like the elite specimens competing in the Olympics, every last thing you wear needs to be engineered for comfort and speed. So Nike and Zeiss took inspiration from human anatomy for a new pair of sunglasses that wrap around an athlete’s head.

How To Watch the Olympics Without Cable

This is the most straightforward approach, but also the most limiting. Because most of the Olympic coverage will be on cable channels, you’ll only have access to NBC and Telemundo if you spring for a $30 HD antenna. If that’s all the Olympics you need in your life, check out this great Lifehacker article on how to make sure you get the very best antenna for your home .

Apple slams door on jailbreakers with iOS 9.3.4 update | ZDNet

Just when we thought Apple was done with iOS 9, we get one last update before iOS 10 is released -- a single fix for a vulnerability that was used to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3.

Kim Kardashian designed a pair of LuMee iPhone cases and they're gross

It's possible to make a case for LuMee's products if you're a true selfie enthusiast, but I can't imagine anyone making an aesthetic argument for Kardashian's debut designs. The marble looks a little tacky in either color, and it doesn't pair well with the black camera ring and button used to operate the case's lighting. (If I was being forced to pick one of LuMee's new designs, I'd probably go with its American flag unit first despite my well-documented Canadian patriotism.) If the marble's somehow working for you and you're rocking an iPhone 6 or 6S, you can pick up  the cases on LuMee's website . I'm sure Kim will appreciate your purchase.

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[TECH NEWS] Israel telco giant Bezeq dives into smart city market:  #SmartCity #Israel #IoT

Hacker Builds a QR Code Generator That Lets Him Into Fancy Airport Lounges

Nowhere is the distinction between the haves and have-nots more apparent than when waiting for a flight at the airport. But it turns out you might not need an actual first class ticket to get into a swanky airport lounge—just a custom Android app that spits out a boarding pass-spoofing QR code.

15 Blab Tips for Marketers: Ultimate Guide to : Social Media Examiner

Before you start your first blab , you’ll want to get to know what it feels like as a user on both desktop and mobile. You can join blabs in progress by going to the home screen and selecting a topic using the tags in the left sidebar. Blabs on air will be shown by default – scheduled blabs and replays will be under the respective tabs at the top of the screen.

Master This Powerful, Super-Portable Programming Language & Start Building Large-Scale Apps with 67 Hours of Instruction

Whether you're completely new to programming or you're looking to learn a new language, you'll be right at home in this course. With over 12 hours of content, you'll get a complete immersion in C++, one of the leading languages for building large scale applications. No matter your skill level, you'll come out an expert. Access 54 lectures & 12 hours of content 24/7 Understand compilers & Integrated Development Environments Differentiate between types of variables Master conditions like "if," "else," & "switch" Understand structures, referencers, pointers & classes Learn how to dynamically allocate memory Recognize namespaces & exceptions

NASA celebrates Curiosity's fourth year on Mars with a game

NASA derived these mechanics from Curiosity's actual mission and experiences on Mars. The rover has been looking for water and signs of life, and the planet's rocks have been chipping away at its wheels. Unlike its game counterpart, though, the real rover has missions other than finding water: its current task is drilling into a rock called "Marimba" to obtain samples for analysis. If you want a shot at driving a space vehicle, you can either load the game right on your desktop or download the Gamee app on iOS or Android.

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You are not alone if you find the new chip credit cards confusing.


No, they're not trying to enforce anything, they're trying to avoid people accidentally breaking the law. I have a friend with a DJI drone, by default it goes up to the legal limit of 120m but you can easily turn that off, if you have permission or just don't care. They just don't want every doofus to try "gee, how high can this go" and crash with airplanes or helicopters or whatever through plain ignorance because if can go kilometers sideways it could also go straight up. Same thing about these no-fly zones, sure you could pretend everyone would get maps and check for airports and whatnot but seriously. You know they won't, so DJI is telling them "Hey moron, there's an airport here so this is no fly zone. Go fly somewhere else."

Uber Driver To See Son Compete In Olympics, Thanks To Passengers

“I haven’t seen my son in a couple months because he’s been training,” Hill told People . “I cant wait to see him and encourage him in person and let him know I’m 100 percent in his corner.” 

Blizzard is reportedly remastering the original Starcraft for an HD release

While I’m not mad that Blizzard is not looking to introduce changes in the gameplay, I wouldn’t mind if we get a few new maps. God knows I’ve played the old ones way too many times… waaaaay too many times.

This Pen Is Totally Over-Engineered. We Dig It Anyway.

Endure it did, but as prescient as Edward Johnston was about type design, it’s not like he predicted that one day travelers would check train schedules primarily through an app. The other new elements of Johnston100 exist purely to make the typeface internet-appropriate—like the @ and # characters. The original Johnston never had, or needed, those icons. Slapdash ones were added in recent years, but Monotype has carefully redrawn them to fit in with the rest of the font family. This is one way TfL is modernizing its signage; the other is through the five new weights of Johnston100. In its original weight, Johnston would be far too thick to read on a smartphone screen. The new “thin” and “hairline” weights, however, are much more pixel-friendly. That’s a crucial update for users: 100 years after Johnston was born, the London Underground doesn’t exist solely underground. It’s on desktop browsers, touch screens, and in travelers’s pockets.

Facebook Shuts Down Live Stream of Shooting at Police Request

At some point, the police asked Facebook to shut down the woman’s social-media accounts, and the company complied. Gaines was later shot and killed after she pointed a gun in the direction of the officers, according to statements made at a news conference in Baltimore on Tuesday.

Real-Life MacGyver Hacks Together a Hydro-Electric Generator to Charge His Phone

Can you really consider finding a source of power to charge your smartphone a survival skill? For some people, not having a working phone is more dire than not having clean drinking water. So if you find yourself in the great outdoors without an outlet, a little ingenuity can turn random junk into a working hydro-electric generator .

38 Facebook deactivated Korryn Gaines' account during standoff, police say

“We did in fact reach out to social media authorities to deactivate her account, to take it offline, if you will,” the Baltimore County police chief, James Johnson, said on Tuesday. “Why? In order to preserve the integrity of the negotiation process with her and for the safety of our personnel [and] her child. Ms Gaines was posting video of the operation as it unfolded. Followers were encouraging her not to comply with negotiators’ request that she surrender peacefully.”

It's 2016, so of course everyone is dabbing at the Rio Olympics

It's 2016, so of course everyone is dabbing at the Rio Olympics

Conduct a Spending Audit to Make Better Purchasing Decisions

“After tracking your spending for a whole month, look at all your purchases. Next to each purchase make a mark: place a star if the purchase was spent on something related to your values, and made you feel good. If the purchase made you feel bad or guilty, highlight it in red. For this exercise, if you track your spending digitally, print out a physical copy of what you spent that month.”

This is your perfect weekend Spotify playlist

As Boris explained last week , people spend a bulk of their time at work. So when the weekend finally rolls around, it’s time to relax, ditch your office attire, and unwind. And what defines a lounging atmosphere better than good music? As such, we’re creating weekly Spotify playlists for you, our beloved readers.

The 3 most important things every sales team should do to sell more

To illustrate this change, DocSend has recently put together an infographic based on data from LinkedIn, Salesforce, CEB, and McKinsey, explaining why this change is happening and how you could improve your sales culture as well.

You Must Solve a Puzzle to Turn Every Page in This Beautiful Wooden Book

Made entirely of laser-cut wood, the Codex Silenda is half book and half mind-boggling challenge. Within its pages is a short story about an apprentice in Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop who stumbles across a similar tome, except the version they find is actually a trap created by the artist that you’ll need to help them solve in order to escape. But don’t worry, the only thing truly at risk is your own sanity as you work through the Codex’s five unique puzzles.

Netflix bug comically blends nature documentary with Azis Ansari's comedy

I’ve never been a huge fan of nature documentaries or Azis Ansari’s comedy, but it turns out combining the two together is just straight-up hilarious – and I can’t thank  Netflix  enough for this fortuitous discovery.

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[NEW POST] How will your organization tear down its data silos?  #IoT #Tech #bigdata

This stock image is a prime example of why drugs are bad (or fun)

At first glance it looks like two friends, relatives, or lovers enjoying a game of ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ on Sony’s PlayStation 2. For the clueless, I’m talking about the original one, not the current remake of the classic version featuring CJ wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Santos.

Clone Wars: Why Instagram Will Legally Get Away With Copying Snapchat Stories

Legally speaking, there's nothing wrong with this. Duke law professor Arti Rai says that copyright and trademark laws do not protect the adoption of a feature like Snapchat Stories given the inherent differences in the interfaces of the two apps. "It’s okay to take somebody’s idea so long as your expression of it is different," Rai says. Ideas are a nebulous thing; though they can be protected by patents, Rai notes that they cannot be too "abstract."

Instagram taps Facebook data to sort its new 'Stories' feature

Months back, Instagram switched its reverse-chronological timeline to an algorithm that sorted posts it thought you wanted to see, much like Facebook’s. Now, it’s taking the Facebook comparison a step further by actually including actual Facebook data in its algorithm in an effort to measure engagement, and thus algorithmic placement on your timeline.

Google's Open YOLO project will kill passwords on Android

That’s good news for anyone who uses a mobile device. Passwords are a pain, no matter how you manage them with existing methods. By negating the need to deal with login screens in the first place, Google’s project could ease a lot of the stress of keeping your accounts safe, while boosting security at the same time.

Ting's Data Rates Just Got Even Cheaper, Offers Big Savings Over Major Carriers

Ting’s pricing is based on tiers. You get a certain rate depending on how much data you use and how many texts and minutes you use per month. In an email sent to customers, the company announced:

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55 Philadelphia bans dumpster pools, ruining your DIY summer plans
56 America's first pizza ATM finds a home
57 Speed Test Compares iOS 9.3.4 With iOS 9.3.3 on iPhone
58 Influencers Beware: The Feds Are Cracking Down on Paid Social Media Posts
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60 Unpacking the innards of Theranos’s new Zika-detection box
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85 Snapchat offers Frank Ocean filters in lieu of a new Frank Ocean album
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87 Orkut founder launches Hello, a social network focused on your passions
88 The Shittiest Airbnb Deals at the Rio Olympics
89 One month after going free, 'Evolve' averages 15,000 players
90 GamesBeat weekly roundup: GamesBeat 2016 recapped, and Overwatch hits 15 million players