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Supertrampr, Patterning 2 and other amazing apps of the week | Cult of Mac

This week we go hitchhiking with Supertrampr, lay down some beats with Patterning 2, and create some invoices from our iPhones. Check it out.

The Hoxne Hoard: How a Mislaid Hammer Led to the Largest Roman Treasure in Britain

The Hoxne Hoard is a huge treasure from the late Roman period. To date, this is the largest hoard of late Roman gold and silver that has been found in the UK, and indeed, anywhere in the Roman world. The Hoxne Hoard consists of over 15,000 objects, mostly coins.

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Just south of Newcastle, in the north of England, is NELSAM, or the North East Land Sea and Air Museum. Here you can climb inside a Cold War-era Avro Vulcan, a first generation Trident airliner, and more. Here's a look around (and in!).

2 Patrick Stewart Returns as Jean-Luc Picard for a New Star Trek Series | Hacker News

I was too young for Voyager or even Enterprise. I was introduced to the Trek through JJ Abrams movies. Later when I watched Enterprise, Voyager and the Jean-luc movies, I did realize why people criticize JJ movies. However, they still do a good job of introducing new people to the Star Trek Universe. Considering the revival of Star Wars, I do feel Star Trek could use some new fans. reply

Everything you need to know about UFC 229: McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov

He's been fighting ... the law. Tensions between McGregor and Nurmagomedov escalated to the point where McGregor threw a metal dolly at a bus of UFC fighters at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in the lead-up to UFC 223 last April. Nurmagomedov was the alleged target of the attack. McGregor was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. After a plea deal with the state of New York, McGregor can get back to his business of fighting not the law but other humans.

The Best Cheap Laptops of 2018

Today's low-cost laptops can handle everyday computing (and sometimes more) with aplomb. Here's how to achieve the perfect balance of price and features. Also, see our best budget laptop picks—they all ring up for less than $600, with many of these inexpensive notebooks below $400.

Fortnite is putting users at risk, to prove a point about Google's Android monopoly

But once you toggle Unknown Sources, your phone is vulnerable to all sorts of malware. That's why CNET doesn't link to leaked APKs of hot new Android apps as a general rule -- all it takes is one quick swap or URL redirect, and the hot new game you think you were downloading might actually install a piece of spyware on your phone. Or a copy of the game that actually works -- but spies on you in the background.

'Snapchat dysmorphia' leading social media users to go under the knife

But obsessively tinkering with how we look on social media can have damaging effects. Doctors have coined a new term, "Snapchat dysmorphia," to describe the psychology of patients who seek cosmetic surgery procedures to look more like the filtered versions of themselves.

Why a $1,000 phone could be just the beginning

With today's iPhone X nudging prices skyward, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and others have a reason to follow suit. For example, even if the OnePlus 6 costs roughly 30 percent more than the same model did two years ago, you'll still only spend about half as much for it as you would for an iPhone X, a relative value that many find easy enough to swallow for a "cheaper" phone with high-end parts.

Here's how to keep your down comforter fluffy and fresh

Cleaning a down comforter isn't difficult, but it isn't as straightforward as tossing your jeans in the washer. Since down comforters are large, you'll need a big machine. Front-load washers work best. Since they don't have an agitator, there's less risk of tearing or damaging the comforter. Front-loaders also allow the comforter to tumble efficiently. You'll need a pretty big one, though: If your washer is too small, the weight of a wet down comforter could damage it.

Fridge feature wishlist: 9 kitchen gimmicks I want to be real

If I lost you at "ditch the ice maker," then this one's for you. It isn't hard to find a fridge that makes and dispenses its own ice, and some even let you pick between cubed or crushed ice, but for my money, nothing beats chewable nugget ice with crunchy, compacted layers of flaky, frozen satisfaction. You know the kind if you've enjoyed a beverage from Sonic, or from an above-average gas station. Wouldn't it be great if there was a fridge that could dish it out on demand and save you the trip?

Colorful smart lights on your walls? Here's what it'll add to your power bill

The base setup draws 20 watts at full brightness (about 1,600 lumens at peak white-light settings). For the sake of argument, let's assume that you run the lights at 100 percent brightness, and that you use them each and every day of the year. Let's also assume an average energy rate of $0.11 per kWh (I'll be using this figure throughout this post). All told, you'll be adding the following to your energy bill:

How to use the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension

That's all there is to adding another layer of privacy to the Firefox browser. I highly recommend making use of this extension, especially if you depend upon social networking to help spread the word of your business or services. The last thing you want is to allow those sites to easily track your web footprint. With the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension, you gain a bit of added privacy while also enabling you to use multiple accounts for any site you use. Give this extension a go, and see if it doesn't wind up becoming a permanent fixture in Firefox.

A Quiet Place showed me I have tinnitus

"In cinematic sound design the tiniest sound can be superpowerful, used in the right way," explains Drever. A Quiet Place is a perfect example of how nuanced our hearing -- and our reactions to what we hear -- can be. "The natural response to a loud sound is fight or flight. It's a hormonal response. But in relative silence you're listening for tiny signs," says Drever. As an example, he recalls how the tiniest creak of a floorboard could wake his sleeping kids as he crept past. "How does the baby know at that age that they're being abandoned," he ponders, "or think they're being abandoned?"

This $26 in-ear headphone's sound will surprise you

I also spent time with the KZ's ZS10 in-ears, which run $58 on Amazon in the US, £59 in the UK, and AU$66 in Australia. First the good news: it's a more-refined and clearer-sounding headphone, no issues with brightness on this one. The ZS10 sports five drivers in each earpiece (one dynamic, four balanced armatures), and impedance is rated at 32 ohms, but the ZS10 didn't fit nearly as well in my ears as the ZSA. Worse yet, the ZS10's silicone ear tips stuck in my ear canals when I took the headphones off, which happened a few times. I'm pretty sure I know why -- the ZS10's ear nozzles where the tips attach are too smooth, so the nozzles don't provide enough grip on the tips. That's a deal-breaker for me, as I don't enjoy retrieving tips stuck in my ears!  All in all, the ZS10's poor fit and nozzle design make it impossible to recommend.

'Minecraft' movie delayed amid director changes

The production shuffle is bound to create significant delays for the movie. It doesn't look good for Microsoft's Minecraft strategy , for that matter. While the company certainly wasn't depending on the movie for its bottom line, it announced the 2019 premiere date two years ago -- if it had any movie tie-in plans, they've just been thrown out the window. There's also a real concern that interest in Minecraft might fade by the time the movie is ready (assuming no other setbacks), potentially dampening its chances at the box office. That doesn't appear to be happening any time soon, but the clock is ticking.

How to install Ubuntu server 16.04 and the Webmin GUI

If you need to add Linux to your data center, consider giving Ubuntu server a try. Follow these steps to install Ubuntu server 16.04 and the Webmin GUI admin tool.

Heyday Wireless On-Ear headphones

Heyday is Target's new electronics accessories brand. The Heyday Wireless On-Ear headphones are affordable and attractively designed, and sound decent for the money.

17 Twitter

This is probably obvious but given Apple's reach in the podcast space and the sweeping nature of the removal...this is a pretty significant move by a big tech company in that it treats Jones' content as a whole rather than judging on a case-by-case basis

Red Hydrogen One holographic phone gets FCC approval

The Hydrogen One phone was first announced in August 2017. It has a 5.7-inch screen that's designed to offer a 4-View (4V) "holographic mode" which displays a "better than 3D image" without glasses, according to Red founder Jim Jannard. The phone can also display standard 2D images.

19 Multiplayer Beta Tips and Tricks - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Wiki Guide - IGN

Ajax and Ruin are the perfect combination for those tricky objective modes, as enemies will often know exactly where you are coming from and will be well prepared. In order to break their defenses, Ajax’s Ballistic Shield can help create a cover and path for your team. As the enemies focus their attention on Ajax's shield, Ruin can use this distraction by Grappling into the center of the objective and unleashing his Grav Slam ability upon the unexpecting enemies. The objective will now be yours to capture.


Maduro and his attack... bring up to my memory Correa in Ecuador , he enter to hospital and claim that he was kidnapped.. he receive visitors and do some presidential orders from his celular.. the he ordered to attack the hospital full of patients

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct is streaming Wednesday

The Nintendo Switch fighting game is set to include every Super Smash Bros. fighter ever, including multiple versions of Link, the return of Snake from Metal Gear Solid and characters that were downloadable content for 2014's Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS .

Google made the Titan Key to toughen up your online security

A security key has other advantages over codes sent to a phone. Though a phone is convenient, Srinivas said, a security key is easier to use and keep track of. You don't need a network to use it, which is helpful when people are in different countries and can't receive text messages. You also don't need power for it, a good thing if your phone battery dies. The Bluetooth version of the Titan key can last for up to six months on a single charge.

The Best Desktop Computers of 2018

You'll find a wide selection of Intel and AMD processors in this category, from the budget Intel Celeron and Pentium CPUs, up to the slightly more expensive (and much more powerful) Intel Core i3 or i5 and AMD Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 processors. You should look for at least 4GB of RAM (almost all desktop-size machines will have at least this much), though you might have to make do with 2GB if you're limiting your search to very compact, extreme-budget sub-$300 machines. As for storage, a paltry 32GB of eMMC flash storage is found on the least expensive desktops (these are all compact budget models, usually far smaller than a laptop), but a 1TB hard drive is more prevalent as a baseline for larger desktops and a better option for most users.

F' Batman?! All the Other Times Batman and Robin Broke Up - IGN

None of the various Robins have appeared in the DC Extended Universe so far, but 2016's Batman v Superman makes it clear there's an unhappy history there. Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne keeps a defaced Robin costume on display in the Batcave, one that alludes to Joker's terrible rampage a decade earlier. While most fans assumed this suit was once worn by Jason Todd, director Zack Snyder has implied that it was actually Dick Grayson. One particularly interesting fan theory suggests that Robin went crazy and became the Joker himself, though that doesn't seem to be supported by the villain's depiction in Suicide Squad.

How Apple Made It to a Trillion

Apple has officially cracked a trillion-dollar market capitalization thanks to strong iPhone and iPad sales bolstered by fast-growing software services revenue.

GDPR is eroding our privacy, not protecting it

A separate and open issue is how the not insignificant compliance costs will reflect on competitiveness of the European businesses, especially the smaller ones. Even tougher open issue is government’s own incursions into our private lives, which are for the most invasive parts left out of the GDPR (just recall the so-called data retention or mass surveillance, which was struck down by the highest judicial body of the EU, but goes on as if nothing happened at the country level). So much for the control promise.

Back-to-School Gift Guide 2018

The best new cars for back to school in 2018

Virus briefly halts production at iPhone chip-maker TSMC | Cult of Mac

A computer virus infected the fabrication tools and computers at TSMC’s factories that are likely producing Apple’s next-generation iPhone processors.  

29 ungleich Blog - Mozilla's new DNS resolution is dangerous

If you are in IT, you have likely heard already about the SPOF, the single point of failure. If the SPOF breaks (like a router), the whole infrastructure will collapse. What Mozilla effectively does is adding a SPOF for all of their users. But the main problem is not that if cloudflare is down that nobody can surf anymore. No, the real problem is that it fully disables anonymity. Think about a whistleblowler who wants to send information to a newspaper. In the days before Mozilla's change, the DNS resolution was local and could be attacked. However with Mozilla's change, all DNS requests are seen by Cloudflare and in turn also by any government agency that has legal right to request data from Cloudflare.

30 Exclusive: Iraq election commission ignored warnings over voting...

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq’s election commission ignored an anti-corruption body’s warnings about the credibility of electronic vote-counting machines used in May’s parliamentary election, according to investigators and a document seen by Reuters.

31 Traceability on the Internet | Hacker News

Not sure how end-to-end encryption would protect the end user from getting SPAM email, being trolled on the SM, seeing fake news or equivalent. Most of the issues come from the fact that there are no universal quality or identity checks for the information being published online. Perhaps unique/traceable identifier should only be required when you are creating content that others can see. reply

Q Acoustics 3050i tower speakers, ready to rumble

Standing 40 inches (1020mm) high, the 3050i isn't small but its curved lines cut a distinctly modern look. The speaker features two coated paper 6.5-inch (165mm) mid-woofers, a cabinet-decoupled 0.9-inch (22mm) dome tweeter, and there's a large bass port on the speaker's rear panel. Q Acoustics engineers opted for HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology and bracing to reduce cabinet resonance for improved sound quality. The newly designed wire connectors only accept banana plugs, the 3050i's average impedance is rated at 6 ohms, minimum impedance is 4 ohms. The cloth grilles are magnetically attached.

Everything Coming to Amazon Video in August

You don't have to go to the movies for an end-of-summer blockbuster because Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is coming to the small screen.

You Can Now See How Much Time You Waste on Facebook, Instagram

There's now a way to see how much time you spend on the Instagram and Facebook apps each day, on average. Another new option lets you specify how much time you want to spend on the apps in a given day so you'll get an alert when you reach that limit.

How to turn on two-factor authentication in Mozilla Firefox

Two-factor authentication in Firefox is implemented with help from authentication standard TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password), the post said. Apps such as Google Authenticator, Duo, and Authy all use TOTP codes and can be used with two-factor authentication in Firefox. You'll need to download one of these apps before you can enable two-factor authentication in Firefox.

HP Offers $10K Reward for Hacking its Printers

The number of print vulnerabilities has increased substantially this year, so HP is reacting by setting up the printer industry's first bug bounty program. Finding a vulnerability in a HP printer can earn security researchers up to $10,000.

Pay your respects at the smart home graveyard

Kuri charmed me when I met the adorable household robot at CES in 2017. You could give voice commands to Kuri and it would respond with adorable chirps and expressive eyes. It also had cameras behind those eyes and wheels at its base so it could roam your home while you were away looking for anything out of place.

John McAfee's 'unhackable' crypto-wallet allegedly hacked a week after challenge

Hackers saying they have gained root access to the BitFi wallet. Well whoop-de-do! So what? Root acces to a device with no write or modify capability. That's as useless as a dentist license un a nuclear power plant. Can you get the money on the wallet? No. That's what matters.

Bachelorette favorite Venmo John spills all

Each week, with each new episode, we were reminded of what we'd lost on Week 5 when the clean-cut software engineer whose opening line to Becca was "I made the app for Venmo" got sent home. And each week, as we were put through the ringer with dumb men doing dumb things (I'm looking at you Chris R.), we knew that deep down, Venmo John would never stoop to such lows.

Sharpen and care for your kitchen knives

Sharpening is the practice of aggressively polishing a knife to reform its edge. You'll need to do this for very dull knives only. In the process, bits of metal are actually shaved away. That's why sharpening a metal blade calls for material harder that steel --- stone or ceramic. It's also why you should hone often, but sharpen rarely.

2018 iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone Leaks Again

As for the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus, the dummy unit features a dual-camera setup at the rear as the leaks have also pointed out. Otherwise, it features the same design as the regular iPhone X. It is expected to come with 4GB RAM, up to 256GB storage, faster Face ID , along with powerful internals.

Four essential elements to becoming a better writer

A good editor makes writing—which can be a lonely undertaking —a collaborative process. Collaboration builds strength on strength. Typically, I’ll run four or five ideas by Rich before I undertake a full article. In most cases he’ll say, “Yes, go for it,” or, “Great, I like your idea of structuring the piece around those four instances.” He’ll also tell me when he thinks an idea won’t fly. For example, he told me my proposed, “Get your meeting mojo on,” was too broad and too familiar a topic.

Tesla’s $1,500 carbon fiber surfboard is dumb

According to Tesla’s web page, the board was conceived by Tesla Design Studio and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, the surfboard shaper from Lost Surfboards, a company that handcrafts boards in San Clemente, California. Tesla says that the board uses the “same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on its cars,” with a “deck reinforced with lightweight ‘Black Dart’ carbon fiber, inspired by the interiors in our cars.” It’s black on one side and Tesla-red on the other. And it only costs $1,500 a pop, fins not included (a board of the same kind will typically  start at around $540 ).

The surprising psychology of dieting and plate design

The Delboeuf illusion  is a psychological phenomenon that affects how we perceive two circles of identical size relative to the size of the circle that contains it. The inner circle will always appear smaller to us if it is contained in a larger circle. In food terms, this means that if you put a pizza on a plate, your brain will think it’s bigger than the same pizza on a larger plate. The theory goes that if your brain sees food on a very large plate, you won’t be satisfied when you eat it. Put the same amount of food on a small plate, and you will.

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Small Computer, Big Compromise

Microsoft’s cheapest Surface yet tries to be both laptop and tablet, but doesn’t quite nail either one

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Report from an almost cashless society | ZDNet

Take the classic Australian activity of a few alcoholic beverages after work. Once upon a time, it was a common sight to see a collection of paper and metal in front of patrons at the bar, and nowadays, there is a clear if unstated expectation that drink purchases will be made in a cashless fashion. That's due to the AU$100 upper limit on functionality like PayWave that allows for payments without a PIN needing to be entered. For activities like buying coffee, a round of drinks, or a lunch purchase, it has less friction than cash -- customers wait less, and businesses have higher throughput.

Our future electronics could be printed like newspaper sheets | ZDNet

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Is Apple a money machine or still worthy of true faith? It’s both

Now, I am aware of course that can sound incredibly simplistic. I am aware that that can sound . . . easy to say given our advantage point right now. But that’s actually what we said in ’98, when the company was struggling. You see we didn’t say that the goal was to turn [the company] around because if we’d said the goal back then in the late ’90s was to turn the company around, that’s all about money. You can turn a company around by spending less and trying to make a bit more money. What we said back in the 90s was the goal was to stop making products that weren’t great. And the goal was to focus on trying to make a great consumer product.

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